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Saturday, December 22, 2012




If it is one thing I know, it’s that a weekend without a prophesied Apocalypse makes for a predictable weekend indeed. While there were likely many out partying it up, getting beyond drunk; sleeping with whomever would; and living like there was no tomorrow, I attended a small gathering of 3. The four of us took to the night engaged in a battle of wits and betrayal; Magic the Gathering. It made for a very fun night, as it is every time, with a multitude of shenanigans. It was a late night, not getting home until almost five in the morning, and so I slept through until this afternoon; half the day wasted. Worth it.

I plan to eventually make a blog based on the more “entertainment” aspects of my life; video/card/board games, music, movies, etc. I would like to be more fully engaged in my ability to continually write before doing so, though. So far, there has been decent content for me with my personal blog. As for my contribution to the collaborative blog? That is another story. I wanted to attempt my hand at writing comedy, but I don’t think that will happen. At least, not yet. So I may give some fiction a go; perhaps some more modern or sci-fi pieces. Regardless, I’ve been hung up on it.

So I thought I would instead give a shameless plug for the collaborative blog.

You can find it here: (Sorry, now pretty much defunct)

So far, as semi-promised, there is a mixed variety of styles and topics. Some light-hearted, some disturbingly dark; some personal, others fiction. There even exists some skeevie. I would encourage you to check out the blog. The individuals involved are a unique bunch. Some may even have their personal blogs up for viewing if you so wish. Once I figure out some material, and feel less intimidated by some of the great writing already taking place on the blog, I will get in another entry. Sooner than later. I promise.


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