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Friday, January 11, 2013



-Like the Changing of Seasons-

Sometimes in life you meet people that you just connect with. These connections can be on various levels. Family, friends, romantic interests, etc etc. There is that pull that opens the pathway to something new. It is almost like you just fall into place. You get a sense of belonging somewhere; it is new and exciting.

It is like that new car smell. Okay, maybe more like the first snowfall of Winter; beautiful.

For romance, you think about the person a lot, if not all the time. You wonder how they are doing, when you will see them next. You want to hold them, kiss them, make love to them. You can’t wait for the next time you will hear their voice or receive contact from them.

Feelings of acceptance, understanding, and possibly lust or love overcomes you, and it can be euphoric. Perhaps you want to dance naked in the rain. I have yet to do that.

It is different for everyone. Some try rather hard to ignore and block it out; I do my best to embrace it, I’ve lived the life of intentionally pushing it away. That can lead to abrupt, disoriented endings.

It’s like going out, slipping on the sidewalk, and cursing to the heavens about how you hate Winter and the snow. Already forgotten, the peaceful yet exciting stirrings the snowfall just brought out in you moments ago. Now you are just sick of it. It wasn’t what you thought it was. It was a trap! Those emotions you felt were drawn out through trickery!

When connections abruptly end in that fashion, it can be devastating. It can feel like a vibrant, taut cord, connecting you and another, being cut; the end snapping you. Confusion. What just happened? Were you not just engaged in a beautiful exchange of life, love, and understanding?

Most times, this violent dismantling of a connection is the result from a lack of communication.

I understand people become busy in life. It is true. I also understand that even while busy, in this day of age of instant connection to one another, that a prolonged lack of communication is usually a sign or hint that the other party has “checked out” of the building (If once a romantic interest, they likely found... well... a new "interest"). There are occasions this isn’t the case and it is a misunderstanding. If so, then they should easily be repairable by none other than: Communication.

This generally applies to newer connections. Long-term connections are a different beast altogether. These are also friends, lovers, family (the same mixing); they, however, have the backing of time.

Deeper, long-term connections tend to naturally flux over time, if at all, but never die. They pulse. The soft, slow rhythmic beating of life’s heart. Like the changing of seasons. They are always there, and you know it. Their love is constant as time slinks by and life takes over. You know that if you lose touch you will eventually find your way back again. They, you, and the connection in between simply are.

These connections can be hard to build up to, especially with new people, but I would rather put in that effort over receiving (or dealing) an abrupt snap of disconnect any day.

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