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Wednesday, April 24, 2013



(An A to Z 2013 Challenge Entry)

I’ve spoken about this topic briefly in my first posts when I began blogging. I wasn’t the type of underachiever that would cause a scene in class (with exception of Spanish class) and be disruptive. The “bad boy” (that would be hilarious) who skipped class, smoked in the bathroom, and got into fights (though, those were — are — the type of guys a lot of women seem to swoon over; I blame Hollywood lol). I didn’t throw aside my homework and get terrible grades.

I did, however, try to do the bare minimum that I could. I never found school particularly hard, just boring. It didn’t help that I grew up in a small town with a graduating class under 100 people, where the lack of fun, creative classes was rampant. Art, Photography, Music, were classes many picked partially due to their ease. Some considered them slacker classes.

These weren’t slacker classes for me. I loved to draw, take pictures, and sing. So learning about these various topics was exciting for me. I guess I viewed Home Ec as a slacker class, but over time I really liked learning about cooking and crafts. Regardless of the class, I put in the least amount of effort needed.

Greater Expectations

Hmm... It’s possible that I’ve used that header before.

I may have put little effort into school, but I ended with good grades (minus that final year where I really slacked off... oops). Usually a Straight A or B student, honor rolls, finished all my homework, good test scores, blah blah blah. Everyone expected me to attend college. It never seemed to be my calling, though. I never felt a strong desire to go to college. The cost and thought of endless nights studying were enough to deter me.

I’d have to say I think most of my brothers are also underachievers. Only one (besides me) attempted college, dropped out (like myself), and eventually took massage therapy classes. I still classify him as an underachiever, though, being he takes the perceived easiest route to make money. I sometimes call him Easy Money.

Only a handful of us are happy with where we are at, and I believe that is what differentiates some underachievers from others. Some people don’t care where they are at, some enjoy it and are truly happy, while others loathe their place in life. Big dreams of moving up the corporate ladder, turning a hobby into a career, etc etc. Sometimes you just want more. I want more. To all of those who don’t give a damn, that is fine. Kudos to those who are happy, that is wonderful and I am, therefore, happy for you.

“This Will Never End ‘Cause I Want More...”

For myself? I want more. It feels like I have a void within — not of a spiritual, absence of “God”, nature — manifested by the lack of happiness associated with my place in life. I am content, but want more. I want to be a writer, to be doing what I am passionate about. I’d love having a gaming shop selling/buying cards, and I could write while doing that. Even blog/write about that specifically if wanting. A lot of my hobbies would blend together and have synchronicity.

I am attempting to take the steps to make this dream/goal a reality. This blogging is a move in that direction. I hope to get back into my gaming, and this time simultaneously begin my other blogs on those topics. I’ve also plans to start podcasting. It seems Blogger isn’t the best format to place a podcast on; the standard codex (did I say that right? Or is it just code?) isn’t supported and many tedious workarounds have to happen to make it possible. Then there are the Youtube videos, which I may start with my brother at some point.

It definitely seems like this may be biting off more than I can chew, but many of the alt blogs/podcasts/videos would be sporadic as material becomes available. In the end, though, they will hopefully all flow together and offer a variety of outlets where I can create without becoming completely bogged down with one genre/topic/aspect.

And my fiction? That goal will be to continually work on it, as well. After the A to Z, I will have an easier time following/writing blogs, commenting/replying, and writing fiction when there aren’t daily postings. Perhaps some I follow will continue daily, but I am assuming the majority will downshift to one or two postings a week, maybe three. The overwhelming stimulation of the event will have at least died down.

So, these are a handful of my creative goals in the coming weeks. We’ll see how far along I get. I hope to upgrade from an underachiever.

From an underachiever to an underdog, because seriously... let’s be realistic here. And besides, I’ve always rooted for the underdog!

Have you ever considered yourself, or anyone you know, an underachiever? What are some of your short term goals in the coming weeks? Long term? Do you (or have you) dabble in podcasting or creating Youtube videos? Do you root for the underdog?


  1. I think your goals sound awesome. It could definitely be said that I'm an underachiever as well. I certainly never managed to live up to my potential. haha.

    Like you, school bored me. College intrigued me for the two years I went part-time but, eventually, it became clear that there was never going to be a "normal" job that I aspired to. I didn't want to be a nurse or a teacher or anything like that. So college seemed like a waste of time and I quit.

    It took me a lot of years of drifting from thing to thing to find myself. I really wish I'd realized how much I love writing earlier than I did. As it was, I didn't start till my late thirties. It's taken me about six years to hone my craft and I HOPE I'm approaching a level of skill that will get me published. For me, that's my one dream in life. To get an agent. See my name on a book.

    But I don't consider people who follow their passions to be under-achievers. I mean...I know I'm a lot happier than someone who has a job they hate. And no, I don't have much money--but I'd never trade my happiness for money, so I don't care.

    Anyway, I just wrote way too long. haha. Interesting post and good luck with all your goals. You can do it!!

    1. Hey Tamara!

      Thanks, I think they are reasonable goals and not too lofty. Just need the dedication put forth to making it happen. I've never really bothered trying to live up to my potential, for various reasons; none of them sound.

      What different jobs/professions did you attempt before coming across your love of writing and/or what inspired you to dabble in writing? It is awesome you have kept it up for so long, and I am sure you will soon end up with an agent and publisher!

      I definitely wasn't implying people that follow passions/dreams as being underachievers (I hope that isn't how it comes off). The fact of having no drive/motivation or desire to reach those goals or make said dreams come true would be more precise.

      For years I remained stagnant, and the urge still comes over me ever so often. Even that would be okay if that was what I wanted for myself (I guess), but it most definitely isn't. I always encourage people to follow their passions/hearts/dreams that make them happy over a job they would hate, but pays more.

      You certainly weren't "too long" :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the idea of the podcast, videos, and blogging in addition to working on your fiction. Sound too lofty? Nope! It sounds fantastic. I had started something similar a year or so ago and made a few youtube videos and wrote some mini-workshops, that sort of thing and I let it slide. It just wasn't flowing well.

    When I read about the shop that you want I had to smile, because I've had a dream about a shop as well. A different kind, but nonetheless.You know Jak, maybe this isn't underachieving at all. Maybe it's coming to terms with, and fully embracing the role of the dreamer?

    After all, there is absolutely nothing inferior with being a person whose life is centered on bringing their dreams to life, i.e. writers, movie producers, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors...they all do it.

    1. I think I would really enjoy podcasting. I've thought about it or a long time (as well as videos), but even more so these past few weeks. I won't have any of the nicer equips to make a high quality cast, but in time I could build up to it.

      Why do you think it wasn't flowing well, if I may ask?

      Hmm embracing the role of the dreamer possible, but I have to actually embrace it and take action, which is where I usually sputter out. All in the head and planning and ideas, but no action. I find ways to talk myself out of them.

  3. I suffered from underachieving in school as well. I always got decent grades, but never truly applied myself. Maybe I didn't think school work deserved to see what I was truly capable of. School wasn't worthy of my best. (seems dumb now). I settled on community college and studied something I thought would provide employment rather than the things that really interested me. It wasn't until my late twenties that I finally found my true work ethic. Now, I am the complete opposite.

    1. I am not sure if I ever thought school was never worthy of my best. It's hard for me to recall what I thought of it all. I just did my thing and got by. I know I thought I would be applying myself creatively outside high school, though, which never came to fruition.

      So once you found what you loved you fully applied yourself? I wonder why I stall out.

  4. I always root for the underdog! I like seeing people succeed who aren't expected to.

    I love your goals. They are all doable, and it sounds like it would make you happy.

    My only plan for after this challenge is to not blog every day anymore! I will be glad when we are all outputting a whole let less :)

    1. Heck yes! I love underdog movies too! Though, aren't most movies in some way underdog movies? Regardless if romcom, sports, action movie, etc? they all kind of have something to overcome where it is implied they may be unable to.

      Thanks, I think if could be fun if I could get to it.

      I agree... I will be welcoming the more relaxed pace of blogging, but the experience — and friends made — was well worth it!

  5. School was easy for me, all the way through college (except for that damn college world history class.) When I said I was going to be a teacher, some people did say they thought I was wasting my potential, but even so, I know they didn't see me as an underachiever. Just worried about my earning potential.
    I know a few think of me as underachieving since I chose to be a stay-at-home mom, though they'd never say it directly to me. (I am also known as someone not afraid of speaking her mind when it becomes necessary.)
    You and I are different in the way we do things. Neither is better, just different. You take the time to gather your thoughts and ideas and work your way towards your end goal. I don't set goals, but simply jump in and do, many times without a plan.
    Positive and negatives to both.
    It's good that you are taking steps to get where you want to be. Keep on keeping on. But I really hope you are happy with yourself along the way.

    1. Yikes, why would people say that being a teacher would be wasting your potential? Nothing worthy about teaching the next generation of people to inherit the Earth and all lol

      I am indeed known as Slowplay. I take my time with everything. Like I am attempting to calculate all the possible possibilities (yes I just said that) and what the outcomes of each may be. Usually it results in me aborting, more often than not.

      The being happy with myself along the way is being worked on :)

  6. doable goals, just imagine how satisfying it will feel once you achieved one...oh shivers down my spine, ok i am weird.

    I am totally rooting for you, my goal for the near future is to get started with my studying again, i took a wee break there... cough...also i need to get back into painting haven't done anything serious recently.

    1. Haha it is okay to be weird :) But, yes, doable indeed.

      It would be awesome if you got back into your painting again! You are very talented.


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