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Thursday, April 25, 2013



(An A to Z 2013 Challenge Entry)

Not to overuse a theme, but the other day I was cleaning through my closet and came across some emails I wrote describing a handful of the incidents described in HAUNTINGS and PARANORMAL PARANOIA. I won’t repeat a lot of the same information, but I found it interesting to see where my memory lapsed after so many years.

These emails were from thirteen years ago and close to the events that took place. Surprisingly, I was only off a bit from my “Who’s Your Daddy?” story. There was a small part between us hearing the shouts and running down to our mother’s room. It involved us simply running down stairs to look out the sliding glass door of the deck, before running up to her room for a better view. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. And, I do.

Something else I found was that I had completely blocked some of my experiences over time. Apparently I’ve become a professional at that. Part of me wishes I hadn’t read the emails, because as soon as I did I got the chills from remembrance; some freaky accounts I let be buried. I’ll share one of them here.

“It Isn’t What They Say About You, It’s What They Whisper.”
-Errol Flynn

This event took place when I was about eighteen, according to the email. I think I will write it just as it appears on the email (minus the ungodly amounts of typos).
One night my brothers and I rented The Curse of Michael Myers, which I believe was the final installment of the Halloween movies (at the time). It was eventually followed up by H2O. Before the movie even got underway, I had fallen asleep on the couch. At the time, I was sleeping out on the couch — via hide-a-bed — out in the second living room. When I woke up, the TV was on, but my brothers had gone to bed. I was so tired, but managed to pull out the hide-a-bed so I could go back to sleep. A quick trip to the bathroom, shutting off the TV, and I was ready to pass out again.

Then I began to hear my name being called. At first I just sat there listening, because it had sounded like a soft whisper. Soon my name was called again, but this time by more than one whisper. It was more like three. Suddenly I was being asked questions:

“How are you doing, Jak?” “What are you doing, Jak?”
Sorry I need to interject I began laughing some while writing this thinking: Maybe Facebook was contacting me from the future...
Those were followed by whispers of “Don’t go to sleep, Jak.” intermixed with other questions being asked. It sounded like ten voices.

I was too tired to comprehend what was going on and I was scared to death. I said out loud, “I can’t think about this right now,” and put the pillow over my head to go to sleep. I did exactly that, stopped thinking about it. In fact, I forgot about it the next day, which probably shows just how tired I was.

So how did I remember, you ask?

This was the spooky thing to me. After school, my brothers told me they hadn’t finished the movie and so we rewound it to watch it again. Well... in this movie there is a little boy with certain rune markings on his body — either on his neck or hand, I can’t exactly remember where — and when the runes are showed the little kid is surrounded by whispering voices.

It was at that point in the movie when I flashed back to the evening before. Needless to say, I got the chills and became a bit frightened, but said nothing and continued to watch the movie with my brothers. Eventually I told them, and while I wasn’t too particularly keen with sleeping on the hide-a-bed, I did with no further occurrence.

Now, I know I was dead tired, and it makes me wonder if it was a dream, but I remember specifically going to the bathroom and turning off the TV. I felt it was real, and my brother told me he had heard his name called/whispered multiple times.
So, this is another event that took place, one which I had again blocked out. Re-reading about it creeped me out, but thought it would be nice to share.

Ventures Into the Supernatural

I had written the emails in a TV/Radio show fashion with the title above:
“Hello there one and all... all and one. What you are about to hear is nothing more than pure fact and hard evidence  that there may be more to the world than many believe. What you are about to hear are the experiences of men and women no much unlike yourself. They work, have family, and like to do the things they love. They are human just like you and I, for the most part anyways. It’s possible they are more attuned to the supernatural, more so than others. No one knows why some people see the unexplainable, while others never have a brief glimpse throughout their entire mundane lives. Maybe only believers can see what those so closed-minded cannot. Here are some of their firsthand accounts...”
HA! "...pure fact and hard evidence..." “...human just like you and I...” “...entire mundane lives.” I’m not sure what prompted me to write those statements, but I think I’d be changing it up if ever revamping the series! Gave me a good laugh, though.

Signing Off

That is how I would end each and every episode: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Jak Cryton... signing off”

I like it.

To one and all — all and one — a  good night.


  1. Yet another cool story Jak! I really enjoy reading about paranormal events. :)

  2. How in the world could you just cover your head and go to sleep??? I never would have made it in that house. I've got the heebie jeebies just reading about it.
    Aaaaand your young self is cracking me up. It so fun to go back and read things we wrote as youngins, seeing how cool and serious we thought we were.

  3. I am not sure, but I've had some odd experiences of forcing myself to sleep during freaky circumstances heh

    Yeah, and my mother posted back on Hauntings about some of the house's history. Some of which I didn't even know. To hell with that place I say! To hell!

    Whoa whoa whoa... "Thought" ... Darlin' I AM cool! Epitome of cool even! Ha

  4. If you hadn't seen that part of the film yet but had the same thing happen to you then that is strange and unexplainable. But I do think there are resonations between everyone and everything, so it could be that someone who had previously rented the video had had a strong feeling regarding this part of the film (probably quite frightened) and left some sort of impression on the video or box which you picked up while at a vulnerable moment - you were feeling very sleepy so opening your mind to these resonations. Perhaps something like this could be the explanation.

    Brave of you to go to sleep, I couldn't have.

    1. I hadn't seen that part of the film. I fell asleep before it had even gotten underway. Otherwise I would completely brush it off as me freaking myself out. It is possible while they were watching in the living room it worked into my dream, and somehow my mind played the same scenario when I woke up in the middle of the night, even having not seeing it beforehand. Like and alarm clock or someone talking to you IRL works into your dreams.

      Uncertain about the impression. That would leave a wide area open for many many things having impressions placed upon them affecting others in negative fashions. I guess I don't know much about that.

  5. OMG I'd be so freaked out if I found emails like that and was reminded of a scary event that I had forgotten.

  6. Yeesh, creepy on many levels! I think the one that creeped me out the most was the 'don't go to sleep Jak.' Or what???? Creepy! And so weird how you found the emails, but didn't remember the events. But the worst part is that I am again reading your scary post right before going to be. So help me, if I have a dream about voices calling my name, you are in big trouble! :)

    1. Yeah, I think the "don't go to sleep" one was the worse, but that is what I did! I must be pretty damn good at blocking stuff out. I've found this out with more than this supernatural event, as well.

      Stop reading the freaky posts before bed! lol

  7. I love reading about supernatural stuff. I definitely believe in stuff like this. I'd have never been able to go back to sleep after something like that though! I'm going to have to look through your posts to see what other supernatural stories you have up!

    1. There were one or two others possibly. I think you've seen those, though. Hope you enjoy!

  8. Man, sometimes my house settles and I hear creaking from the kitchen and force my husband to go down the other end of the house to check it out while I lay motionless and barely breathing in my bed. If I were lying down to sleep and heard whispering of all sorts of randomness like you did, I sure wouldn't be sleeping. Holy crow...I just shuddered a little bit.

    Love to find old writing and laugh at the things written so many years ago! That's a cool find & fun read.

    1. I can see how that would be unsettling. It is awesome he goes out and about to investigate... I'd be all like... "I don't have time to think about this" and put the pillow over my head and go back to sleep ;-)

  9. Replies
    1. In the living room by the piano room before it was moved down to the other house (or whatever it was) I believe. It was replaced by some wicker cushion chair.


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