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Monday, April 22, 2013



(An A to Z 2013 Challenge Entry)

Lately I’ve been writing about some of my encounters with ghosts, haunted houses, and/or just creepy places (and situations) in general. Then I read about some rather elaborate pranks/lies some fellow bloggers have endured from family and friends. It reminded me of a time I blended both of these elements together.

Having grown up with three brothers, sometimes the sibling rivalry ran deep. What better way to pass the time than to argue, wrestle, and scare the hell out of one another? What was my mother thinking having four boys? The odds were definitely not in her favor.

Now, we never really had any major pranks pulled on one another another to any large extent. Sometimes you hear of families where this is the case, and they each try to “up” the last to get even. I’ve always been fond of pranks — sometimes initiating them now and again — but usually kept mine around obvious dates like April Fools Day. They sometimes lose flare that day, being most expect it, unless you do it right.

Run, Run As Fast As You Can

Back in the day my pranks were more cruel, in the sense I would try to scare people. I think attempting to scare one another is just something many people enjoy doing. People obviously like to be scared on some bizzare level, otherwise horror movies/novels/etc would hold no place in our entertainment field.

One of my most memorable attempts at this occurred way back at the Stanchfield House (site of those hauntings) when a teenager. During the Summer, I was sometimes assigned to watch my brothers while my stepfather and mother were at work. Mainly, I was to watch the youngest of the bunch. At one point our youngest brother fell asleep in his room, and I had an idea come to mind.

I would scare the hell out of him.

That’s about it. Sounds pretty solid right? I thought so too! So how would I accomplish this? I mean... our youngest brother was maybe eight or so years old. It isn’t really hard to scare a kid. But, sometimes you just want to do it right.

So the prep work included getting some fake blood (from Halloween), and applying it to my other two brothers and a fake plastic cleaver. I believe I applied a handful to myself, as well, for some added effect. Then there was the positioning of the “bodies”. One brother was sprawled out on the stairs (our bedrooms were on the second floor), while the other was placed in the doorway; half in the room, half in the hallway.

Once the scene was set, I put on my game face and got to work. I jumped on the bed screaming — channeling Christian Bale’s Batman before its time — waking our brother up. I was hovering over him with the bloody cleaver in one hand, and told him I had killed his brothers. There was a little resistance at first, even though he was clearly afraid — eyes wide — still fighting off the grogginess of his deep slumber.

I told him I was a demon and had possessed his brother’s body. He said my name and I responded with, “Jak isn’t here anymore. He is dead like the others!” I think when he got out of bed and saw one of our brothers laying on the ground it started to register more. I grabbed him and said, “You’re going to be next. You better run.” Paused and then yelled, “RUN!”

And run he did. He took off out of the room, into the hall, down the stairs — past the “bodies” of his brothers, now deceased — and then the front screen door slammed. Then he was gone. My brothers got up and we all laughed and had a good time with it.

At this point, I don’t recall if we ever thought or wondered about what exactly to do next. Maybe we thought he would just eventually come home. What I do know is that our mother was on her way back home from work and picked up our crying, traumatized little brother who was still making his way down the dirt road.

He was crying and telling her how everyone was dead. Needless to say, she was pissed off — more at the fact he was walking down the country road all alone — and laid into us when she got home. More so me, being I was the oldest and on babysitting duty. Thankfully, I wasn’t grounded or punished much. I can’t recall how our youngest brother reacted after the fact, but I’d imagine he was really upset as well. It blew over fast, though.

I thought our mother even laughed a bit about it soon after. We certainly all do now, years later. It makes for a good story from time to time at family gatherings and the holidays.

Have you ever pulled a prank on (or really scared) anyone? If so, what? Ever have one done to you? If so, what?


  1. Wow. that is seriously awful...and pretty damn funny at the same time! Poor little guy. That would've scared the living crap out of me when I was that age, cause I was always convinced that monsters and demons were hiding in every corner. Not sure why I was like that, but my sisters tortured me with scary stuff...however, they never did anything this bad. I'm glad, since I'd probably still be traumatized. haha

    1. Haha yeah I know, I feel like a prick thinking back to it, but I can't help but find it hilarious. The factor of a little kid running down the road (who knows where he could have ended up) isn't the best of outcomes I guess.

      Considering the history of the house I've explained in earlier posts, I am sure he believed in all those things too.

  2. Holy cow, that was mean! Having two brothers and five sons of my own, I am fully aware of the things boys will do all in the name of fun. I'm a little afraid of what my boys will do to each other as they get older.
    Did your brother ever do anything to get back at you?
    As for scaring each other, funny you should write about it. I wrote my U post last night, and it has to do with our family tradition of scaring each other. I was thinking my family might sound a bit mean the way we always get a kick out of scaring each other, but next to this, we are lame. :)

    1. Indeed... I think the fact we are all boys kind of intensified the shenanigan and fights. With five of your own... I'd be afraid... be very afraid! Muahaha... just kidding. Sort of.

      Nope, he never did anything to get back at me (that I can recall)

      I am looking forward to your U post! I am sure it isn't lame.

  3. I don't really like to be scared, more so psychologically challenged. I really dislike horror or any type of gore genres. It just never did anything for me but suspense & thriller where the idea is somewhere creeping into the back of my mind so I can imagine the awful parts on my own, now those genres I love.

    My family was just my mom, sister & me and we usually spent more time making up dances to pop songs than scaring the crap out of each other. I've never been more thankful for that in my life than after reading this story lol.

    1. I very much prefer those same types of movies/books. Hmmm I think it would be harder for books to pull off than being actually able to visibly see something play out. I do have a spot for horror, though. Not so much blood and gore abundance heh.

      I think dancing and pop songs is the better route to go. I would (still do) always make up random songs for my brothers.

  4. you are mean....that poor brother probably needs therapy now!! i don't think we have ever done that....maybe we were too busy being idiotic and having near death experiences...well mostly me. but i can't stand being scared I am too wimpy for that.

    does your younger brother still talk to you guys???

    1. I won't deny my brother probably needs therapy, but likely not due to this situation lol Near Death Experiences?! That doesn't sound fun... have you talked about them? I'll have to explore the rest of the blog once the A to Z concludes.

      We all talk all the time now :) There were gaps over the years of losing touch, but I see him and my other brother (soon all 3) on Mondays (I believe I spoke about in my R post). Except last night being it snowed and I had to stay home and shovel ha!

  5. Ha! End-game burn!

    I didn't have any brothers growing up, which is probably for the best. But I always enjoy hearing "Tales from the Fraternity" like this one here.

    Like, I remember dumping gravel in the back of my sister's hoodie and watching her toddle around trying not to fall over from the weight of it.

    I remember telling her in the store that Mom had left without us, just to watch her freak out and cry.

    But I don't believe it'd have ever occurred to me to feign possession by a demonic serial killer. That's just a whole new level of sadistic splendor right there. I bow to your mastery of sibling torment!

    1. Yeah probably for the best, Tex. That dumping gravel in your sister's hoodie almost sounds meaner to me than my story. Just being I didn't cause any possible physical injury... not that there weren't those happenings amongst us, though.

      Awww see as a kid I think there is sometimes some disconnect of reasoning for some of the things we do. Sadly I will likely be talking about more of this down the road. I've done (or tried to do) worse than scare.

      Are you and your sister close now?

      *bow* Thank you :) I'm retired now, however.

    2. Haha, oh yeah, we're good. Time told on that one: she turned out to be a bad-ass black-belt ass-kicker, and I turned out to be the giant wussy "oh god, I bet Mom and Dad just got killed in a horrible car accident and a cop's going to come to the door any second" nerd-wad. It seems like you also ended up on good terms with the Cryton Clan, though, so whatever else you've done, it sounds like it hasn't hurt the family reunions too much!

  6. On Halloween, when I was a little boy, I tied some cotton to the handles of some suitcases, which were in a cupboard in my parents' bedroom. I ran the cotton across the room and under the bed, and under the bed I waited. When my sister came upstairs I pulled the cotton and made the handles tap tap tap in the cupboard. She ran screeming downstairs to my great satisfaction. No blood involved!!

  7. Oh brothers are so mean! That poor little guy. I wonder if your mom was scared at all at first, hearing his story? Or did she know it was a prank from the get go?

    I haven't ever really pulled any major pranks, I just more am a teaser of children. My brother pulled some doozys on me, though! He and his friends (I was the only girl in our group) told me his friend's tree house was infested with killer squirrels, so that's why I couldn't go in it. When we were older, he and one of his friends locked me in the coat closet and then just hung out. Oooh, I was mad! I was a tattler, though, so he regreted it :)


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