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Saturday, June 15, 2013



Last night I gamed with my brother, which I hope to alternate every other Friday, and it was a lot of fun. I sucked royally this time around, though. The cards just weren’t in my favor. Being we drove together it really dragged on being out of the tournament so early and waiting for my brother. Two hours later he would walk away with 4th place and one booster pack worth 3-4$. Uncertain the prize compensates for the time spent.

Today was supposed to be a craze-filled day. There were family gatherings, book club meetups, and friends wanting to spend time together, but I ended up doing none of them. My car isn’t in the best condition so long distant travels (read: 45min+) aren’t likely the safest for me to partake in. I just tote around in my neck of the woods. Along with my brother — who I usually ride with to said events — being unable to make it, this nixed the family gathering from the equation.

Distance also accounts for the book club meeting/movie watching. There are those who attend that would give me a ride, but I seriously hate asking all the time. I just watch the going ons of the Facebook event page from afar and live vicariously through the interactions.

Then the friend asking to hang out had some complications come up and so plans were postponed.

This leads to one potentially mundane weekend, but does that mean I’m not thankful?

10 Things of Thankful II

It may be a good thing I didn’t go out tonight. I almost completely forgot about the blog hop. It’s not yet ingrained in my routine as it’s new (at least to me). So what are some things that I’m thankful for today?

  1. Being able to use “thwack” in my blog twice in the same week. I’ve no idea why, but using it made me a little giddy.
  2. Finding one of my folders containing my writing; specifically The Black Omen: Betrayals pieces I wrote back in 2002-2004. When I went to rewrite them to share on my fiction blog this week the folder was missing from my bag — I maybe panicked — most of them being the only printings/copies in existence. I eventually found the folder.
  3. My motivation to hit the gym more regularly. My friend wants to do a weekly routine, but this past week was really rough for him. Regardless, I still managed to get myself in four times over the past week. It should only get easier with someone to go workout with.
  4. For my current job allowing me such flexibility. I’ve come to realize I work best under pressure and/or with a deadline, but with my sleeping habits it’s great to be able to go by my own schedule.
  5. Also my manager/fellow employees being understanding when I forget to put building keys back in the lock-box and/or thinking someone took the faceplate when in reality I had it the whole time and was worried for no reason (mostly).
  6. Being able to smell when it’s about to rain. I love it. I think most people can do this, but I’ve run into a handful that seem completely unaware of the shifting scent in the air.
  7. The thunderstorms that finally hit this weekend. I love them, and hope for many more. I wouldn’t be able to handle a Seattle-esque constant drizzle, though. I need that thunder and lightning action!
  8. Meeting some new friends. This was an odd case of only having known them on Facebook through mutual friends, but deciding to hang out. These instances always have the potential for disastrous results. This was not one of those times.
  9. Being able to catch up on some of my blog reading. Still more to go, but I think I’m more ahead than behind now! I still waste so much potential time doing completely random things.
  10. Seeing my nieces this week. They enjoyed seeing the bumblebee that almost killed their uncle. The more I read that... the more I’m uncertain if I should be thankful for that or not...

What do you do on weekends when the majority of your plans fall through? Any good thunderstorms around your area lately? Have you visited family recently?


  1. I never have plans. No storms. No visits.

    I just wanted to comment :)
    Hiya Jak

    1. Never have plans?! Why is that?

      Thanks. As you may have noticed I'm visiting your blog.

    2. Caz I'm boring and I avoid public places like the plague.. I haven't responded as yet.. :'( I'm being rude I know. But thanks for the thoughtful replies especially on the hard decision post.

    3. You aren't boring or being rude. It's all good! I still am catching up, and am spreading out my reading across a handful of blogs yet. Those were some hard posts to make... the one I am reading of yours currently seemed like another really hard one to talk about.

  2. I, too, love the smell of rain that's not quite here yet. Thunderstorms being the best kind. Sorry all your plans fell through. Maybe next week?
    I am so glad you continue to link up each week. I really enjoy reading about things which make others happy.

    1. It's all good. Indeed, we will see what next week brings :) I never care too much when things fall through, except when I've shifted/canceled plans for something else which then in turn gets canceled.

      I will be trying my best to do so weekly!

  3. When something awful happens, like a bumblebee in the car with you, thwacking you in the ear, you can be thankful that you now have new blog fodder!

    We had thunderstorms yesterday afternoon, and they were wonderful! Not the severe weather kind that hides tornadoes, just rumbling, booming thunder. And buckets of rain. BUCKETS.

    1. It's true! I couldn't wait to tell my survival story. If I'm lucky and ore learn about it, I could get a book/movie deal! Then I shall be living the dream.

      So far nothing that major yet for us either. Just thunderstorms passing through. I do want to see a tornado, though :( We had buckets too! Some streets even became flooded! Kind of crazy!

  4. (for storms and rain), the best I can do is stare at the clouds and mutter, 'looks like rain' (actually there are a couple of cloud types that I am always surprised that people don't realize is a pretty good indicator of rain and such.)

    of course, I am in coastal New England, so maybe the set ups for wether are different out there in your locations... (hey Christine! in the mid-West do you people really stand around in the yard (the men holding on to their hats and say, 'better the cattle in the barn, looks like she's gonna blow'? I saw that in more than one movie, so I thought it might be true... just wondering).

    Good listation, Jak

    1. I really should know the various cloud types, but unfortunately I don't. I would have learned them for sure if having gone into storm chasing, which has always been very appealing to me.

      I've never heard of that phrase lol so I hope she comes back for the assist!


    2. Ha! While men (and women) stand around studying the weather trying to decide if/when they should head to the basement or do something with their animals, I have never heard these exact words.
      Always count on me for the assist. :)

  5. Hi and thanks for linking in.

    'Thwack' is a great word and one I love to use, though cautiously now after getting a rather displeased enquiry from an ex-boss having used it on an official form at work...

    Your list is brilliant. I'm glad you've been having such a nice time meeting friends and family and hanging out.

    And well done on going to the gym - I know the motivation to do so can be a really hard thing to muster up, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

    The smell of rain - do you mean the smell just before rain or the smell of rain as it hits nearby? Petrichor I can smell (and love) but I don't know if there's a scent which occurs slightly before that which I miss.

    1. You used thwack on an official form at work? Sounds awesome! I suppose that would make one a bit hesitant, but I think you should work it in now and again when able :)

      So far it's been really fun meeting new people. The maintaining of new friendships, though, outside of work and/or school is pretty rough.

      Doing all I can to keep the motivation high for working out. This week my friend should be able to go up with me, which will make it a lot funner.

      I'm mainly talking about just before the rain. Never knew there was actually a name >.<

      Thanks much for visiting!

  6. There isn't that much drizzle in Seattle.. But I agree, Kansas thunderstorms are the best! I've never seen something like that before! I can smell rain, too. And snow, and spring, it's awesome ;-) Have a great new week, Jak!

    1. Hmm I was only in Seattle for 2-3 months during the Winter months. That may be drizzle season? :-) I just know the stereotypical no sunlight comments usually made.

      I like your sense of smell! I love that smell of rain. Hope your week is a good one.

  7. I love the smell in the air right before it rains as well. Great list! And ha! to using "thwack" twice. I'm not sure I've ever used it and feel the need to insert it into a conversation this evening!

    1. Your mission is to use "thwack" in conversation or on your blog at least once this week! I have faith in you!

      I'm looking forward to the rest of the week here... supposedly some thunderstorms on the way before we hit the 90s this weekend.

  8. I had a workout buddy for a while, and I loved it. It made me get my butt up and out the door, knowing she was expecting me to show. Sadly, she stopped working out, and I haven't been so religious myself anymore. I need to find me a new one :)

    I love the smell of oncoming rain, as well as the rain itself! I especially love the smell when it's warm out. I love thunderstorms, too. There's something exciting and just a bit scary about them. Plus, my dog is afraid of them, so it's one of the few times he cuddles :)

    1. It makes it a lot easier. My workout buddy has been awol for a few weeks, but today we hit the gym! I have been able to fly solo some. I try to hit that 3 days a week mark.

      I think it would be awesome if you found yourself a new workout buddy! It truly helps motivate.

      Me too! I've been craving thunderstorms, and I missed one this morning. It seems dogs are always more afraid of storms than cats. My cat with jump some or fidget with a loud crack of thunder, but otherwise nothing.

      Gotta take cuddles where you can get em!


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