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Saturday, June 29, 2013



Another work week comes to a close, and another weekend’s shining beacon of hope, light, and shenanigans envelopes us. Unless you work weekends, well then... sucks to be you ;-)

Crap, I work most weekends! I can still partake in shenanigans, though, and hopefully you can too. Last weekend was a busy one, and this one shaped up to potentially be as well. I should be getting ready for said events as I type, so I’m going to cut right to the chase.

There were plenty of things for me to be thankful about this week and I’d like to highlight a handful of them. Unfortunately none of them involve the word “thwack” this time. I know, Sad Panda.

10 Things of Thankful IV

1. The local coffee shop I frequent on Tuesdays and every other Thursday. The atmosphere is incredibly friendly and laid back (yeah, yeah… most are).  I enjoy their pastries that I shouldn’t eat but do anyhow, because I’m a rebel and love walking on the edge. One barista plays “I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)” as her closing song. Who doesn’t love that song…?

2. The bar down the road from said coffee shop. I’m not really a drinker, but a lot of the writing friends I’ve made are... LUSHES! Not really, but the bar was one of our Thursday write-in meet-ups (as was the coffee shop come to think of it), and it carried over after NaNoWriMo ended. The servers are really friendly and over the weeks/months many of them came to joke and converse with us on a regular basis. Now that there has been a “changing of the guard”, though, it’s a little different. Still really good times!

3. Outgoing friends. This week while at the bar a friend invited someone over to join us. I was unaware of this at the time (and it lead to some awkward comments/moments at the end of the night…), thinking she had just decided to join us after accepting her drink. It was positive, either way. We talked most of the night [read: they talked and I chimed in randomly per usual!] and it was a great experience. Had my friend not been the type to feel comfortable engaging in conversation with random people I would have never gotten to meet such an awesome individual. Even if some of the stories shared were… emotionally/ethically... confusing…

4. Invites. If it’s not been noted by the people in my life (I imagine it can be a little harder for those who only know me through the Blogosphere), I’m sort of a hermit; a recluse. Maybe not of Howard Hughes status (though maybe if I were that intelligent and rich I would be?), but reclusive all the same. I don’t invite myself out to places, and generally am too timid/shy to invite others to partake in spending time together. This really puts a damper on my long-planned Game/Magic Nights, and may explain why it’s already almost July and no such events have taken place. To be fair, however, I just purchased the tables to make such activities/events possible! Anyhow, I appreciate and am thankful when I am invited out. Whether I actually go out, and how patient the invitees are with coaxing/pushing, is another matter entirely.

5. Mechanically-inclined friends/family. Fuck cars and all that jazz. I don’t know how to do any of my own work on my car, and am very thankful for those in my life that do. I really hate asking for help, but if I do it’s for my car, more often than not. Freaking PoS! I’d love to have such an abundance of money that if my car ever broke down I could just leave it on site and go by a new one. Maybe that’s exaggerating some… maybe.

6. Volunteer work! I finally got my feet wet doing some volunteer work. A friend’s mother-in-law adopted a stretch of highway in honor/memory of her daughter. There was a pretty large turnout. Oddly, I had no issues bucking up and talking to his mother-in-law and their friends on my own, as he had yet to arrive. I was worried my complete lack of sleep and threat of storms would deliver a one-two, combo punch on my anxiety nerve. I survived and had a lot of fun in the process! Now to volunteer a bit further outside my comfort zone...

7. Inspiration. In this case, the various hard/personal topics a handful of fellow bloggers have been posting over the last few weeks. Like A Fly on Our (Chicken Coop) Wall, Finding Ninee (along with Considerings and others, there is an ongoing Our Land series I’m still learning about), Adventures of a Willow Wimp, and The Tex Files to name but a few. I’m sure there are many more that I’ve missed or have yet to look into, but the point is that they make me question my hesitation about utilizing my blog for it’s true original purpose: simultaneously work through some tough subjects while allowing people to learn more about me on a level I’m usually never open to being when face-to-face.

In written form I assumed it would be easier to delve into some things, and for the most part it has. I’ve written some very personal subject matter; some I felt may steer one’s original positive thoughts about me into a more… negative direction. I’ve touched on some topics that are important to me, but I also know I’ve been avoiding a handful that I specifically wanted to tackle over the past few months. Some I’ve hinted at during the A to Z Challenge 2013 in my D post, and completely avoided in my W post. I’m a Master of Avoidance, or so it seems.

So reading these posts by others gave me some additional awareness of said avoidance, and they inspire me to finally bring to light that which attempts to remain hidden.

8. Discussion. Rather, the engaging of civil discussion/debate devoid of hate spewing. It’s understandable to be passionate about something; great really. If it blinds someone to being unable/unwilling to understand and/or respect another’s difference of opinion, though, I feel it’s bad news bears. Not everyone is going to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions, perspectives about everything under the sun. Berating and shame-mouthing someone into agreement isn’t the route to go. Some choose to take it, however, and I choose not to engage on the “hot topics” with them.

9. Close proximity of bare necessities. I’m lucky enough to live right behind a small shopping center that is made up of stores that cover the most fundamentally basic necessities I’d ever need. All of it’s in walking distance. Thankfully, some of the locations are 24/7 allowing my late night urges some relief. That sounds creepy, stalker-like, but I just like the ability to go somewhere active in the middle of the night if I should desire to. Somewhere that doesn’t have to be a bar or club, and doesn’t involve needing to drive.

10. Close proximity of another nature >.> I’m thankful for the intimate moments I’ve been able to share with others throughout my life. This doesn’t necessarily mean sex, but it’s certainly in the mix with some. Lovers, girlfriends, friends. A handful of them remain actively present in my day to day, while others have wandered off the grid — doing their own thing.  Also: I may be a cuddlewhore. Don’t judge. 

And as we cut away from this weekend's blog hop, I leave you with:

That should do.

Do you have a specific locale you enjoy to frequent? If so, what draws you to it? Are there specific topics you’ve avoided writing/talking about? Do you have people in your life that are impossible to engage in level-headed controversial discussions with? Has anything/anyone inspired you lately?


  1. I hit up the bar at noon today.?

  2. These are a great Ten Things, and I love seeing how much more you're getting into the gist of the hop (not a shred of self-doubt that there were ten to find, ey?). It's great to have you with us again.

    Well done on the volunteering. That sounds like a worthy cause and a good experience to just have on record in life. I think you're right not to engage with people who have already made their mind up about what you should think on a particular topic. I had that kind of a conversation earlier and enjoyed riling the chap a little (which was mean of me).

    I also think that your #7 needs careful deliberation before you bare your all to the sundry - I have no doubt that an accomplished writer such as yourself cannot manage this, but blogtherapy can at times have its limitations and biting moments. I would advise you to proceed with caution, not least because I am utterly ignorant of (and so curious about) what you Did Not refer to in your 'W' post.

    For a self-confessed recluse, it sounds as though you have a healthy social life :) And what is this 'Magic' you speak of? If it's the same Magic I know, then I might just have to planeswalk right over there and offer a friendly hug of shared interests.

    1. Sometimes I get hung up on the hop, because I don't want to feel like I'm repeating the same things over and over. In reality, though, a lot of the things I'm thankful for on a weekly/day to day basis are very similar or repetitive. I don't want to sound like a broken record. I'll have to think outside the box!

      Thanks, the volunteering was a lot of fun and now I will have to attempt to do so somewhere that isn't associated with anyone I know. That will be a bit of a challenge.

      As for people who already made up their minds, it's still viable to discuss/debate, but not if they aren't open to differences of opinion and/or try to berate you into agreeing with them. I can't lie, at times I've done the same to rile someone up... particularly family.

      Hmm... I don't feel I'm an accomplished writer, and got a bit lost in what you were saying (except to be careful if deciding to open up about certain personal issues due to possible reactions?). I understand blogtherapy is limited in its ability to fully heal, but it's not the only source I have for healing.

      I have one or two social nights a week, so it is a lot better than it used to be. Once upon a time I was addicted to MMOs (not WoW) and rarely left the apartment. It was terrible, yet oddly rewarding in ways just the same.

      A fellow cardboard slinger?! Hugs all around! *hug*

  3. Thank you so much for including that song! One year, when we were in college, my now-husband had an internship in Indy, about 2 hours away from my school. I didn't have a car, so he came and got me one weekend when there was a function in Indy I needed to attend. We listened to this song on repeat for the entire 2 hour trip. LOVE it!
    So many wonderful things on this list. Friends, of course, especially when they get you to do things you wouldn't be comfortable doing on your own.
    Volunteering. So glad your first experience with it was a good one. It will help you have the courage to do it again.
    Inspiration. Wow. In both real life and blogging, you never know how your words and actions affect others. Writing about personal/difficult topics ain't easy, by any means. When I wrote the one I do believe you are referencing, it took me an eternity, mainly because I didn't want to come off as the person you talk about in #8. If I want people to listen/read and think about what I say, I need to speak/write in a respectful, compassionate way. Plus, if you do, people will almost always respond in a respectful, compassionate way. I look forward to reading whatever it is you have brewing.

    1. That is awesome! I like that song a lot, but I rarely hear it anymore obviously. There was an episode of How I Met Your Mother that featured it, which was hilarious and reminded me of what you just described above.

      The volunteering was indeed encouraging to continue with that line of activity, but it will be a bit more challenge next time around.

      I think you did a great job with that post. It was a hard topic, and as you know it was hard for me to even comment on it given the controversy of it all. A lot of times that can open the fast track to losing friends all depending on how open/understanding they are of opposing opinions/thoughts/etc.

      Considerer has passed on some words of caution, so I will have to make sure I do my best with determining how I words things. Last time when I brought up the depression/helping, people assumed my take inaccurately (well, some seemed to). I chalk this to people not exactly knowing me, and I have to remember online there will be many who don't.

  4. As a volunteer coordinator, I always like to hear when people volunteer. :)

    I think when you get into deeper topics, it's always very interesting, and you never know when you will have someone reading that can identify. So I hope you'll get to the topics you have been wanting to write.

    I am totally a cuddlewhore, too. My poor dog has to bear the brunt of it for now. I bet he hopes I'll meet someone even more than I do :)

    1. I've wanted to volunteer for years, but my anxiety fear-locks me :( We will see how easily I do it again without the comfort of familiarity.

      It's true about the identifying part. Some topics I am sure will resonate with a handful, while some topics may just trigger others. Can never really know.

      Hahahahaha Kodi! Awww you need to find someone awesome to cuddle with!

  5. I love that song. Are you a HIMYM fan? Have you seen the episode with that song?

    1. I love HIMYM! If you don't recall the one outing we brought up going to the mall :-) It was the same day my calves were mentioned and I wanted to do the whole Marshall showing them off bit, but thought it would have been even more obscure and come off uber creepy lol

      Plus I didn't have any zippy swishy pants like he wore (if I remember correctly).

      The episode with that song is awesome!

  6. I SO miss going to the grocery store at 11pm because I can, or because I just need to get out the house, or whatever reason. In Germany, the stores are closing at 8pm at the latest, and no chance whatsoever on Sundays.

    Great job going out there and volunteering. I hope to sign up for some volunteering with the girls when there are older, maybe at the animal shelter or so. Keep it up!

    I also love discussion, the good type as you write. Luckily, I don't get a lot of hate on my blog, maybe because I do my best to be respectful and tolerant.

    Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!!

    1. Holy crap 8pm? That is incredibly early to close! Are they all old people (not including you >.>)

      Thanks, I hope to attempt to keep it up and continue getting out there trying out different volunteering campaigns/activities. Animal shelter would be alright as long as there was no euthanization (<-- this kept flagging, but it looked right to me).

      It would be nice if being respectful and tolerant kept out the "trolls" but unfortunately they like to come out and play regardless from time to time.

      Hope your week has been fun!

  7. have always enjoyed the company of outgoing friends... (always used to amaze me at how dam easy they made it look to have people come around and *want* to hang out with them!)

    cuddle list (imo) for the 'range' it is part of a lot of our lives to be hermits or semi-normal-with-hermitistic-tendenciese, but dude, the volunteer thing... totally the secret of the universe. and, and! in the context you seem to be doing it, the best of volunteering, i.e. just 'cause you feel like it now, not a major life change or effort to get anything from it.


    1. Some people really to make it seem so easy. It baffles me. I really hope to reach at least a portion of that ability/skill sometime within the next year.

      Volunteering is "new" to me, but it was a blast. I wish everyone would volunteer once in a while. It took me years, though, and I REALLY wanted to. I'm sure there are others who could care less unfortunately :-( True.. I wonder how many try to extract something personally (gain) from volunteering. Kind of defeats the purpose no?

  8. Ooh, yeah, I like mechanically and digitally-minded friends and family because I'm the creative who types the stories, not the one who fixes things! Gah.

    1. Exactly! I definitely am not the go to for fixing things, though sometimes I "invent" things lol Stories and randomness the most!

      Thank you for stopping by :-) I shall check out if you've a fancy pantsy blog, which I am almost certain you do.

  9. Great list! Haha to your writer friends being lushes (I am a writer and a little bit of a lush - but only a little because I am old and have a kid who might need me) and cheers to having outgoing friends! Congratulations on volunteering as well - that's awesome. I'm glad it ended up going so well. Love that you have the ability to walk to places whenever you feel the urge - being able to walk to conveniences is a great thing and one that I miss.

    1. They are LUSHES! But... only most days ;-) Haha Considering I don't drink (or barely ever drink) my view of what qualifies someone as a "lush" may be skewed. I accept your "little bit" of lushness! Or any amount for that matter as long as fun times are had by all!

      Okay... soooooo...

      Yeah, outgoing friends are nice as it helps me open up and/or be introduced to new scenarios/circumstances/etc I may otherwise never have experienced.

      Thanks! The volunteering was a lot of fun and plan to do so again. If I wasn't able to randomly go places late at night if wanting I would probably implode. I can't ever move to Germany where things close at 8pm... ever lol

    2. Holy crap things close at 8pm in Germany? Certainly that must only be in certain small towns, right? I haven't been there but have crawled the late-night streets of NYC, London, Paris, Athens and Croydon. I mentioned Croydon because I think you're in the UK and don't remember where???

    3. Well, that's actually according to Stephanie up above. It's possible that is only in small towns, and that they are open later in larger cities. Not exactly sure. I've yet to visit there, but that is a big X mark! An ex lives in Germany now (but on base or whatever), I should ask her.

  10. #3 is intriguing me. Am I reading more into it than there was? "Awesome individual"?

    1. dun Dun DUN! Maybe reading in a bit more than there was, yes :) They were pretty awesome, but I find it hard to initiate any interaction with most people I don't know... or that are intimidating (not in a mean way, mind you).

      Was a great night :-)


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