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Tuesday, July 2, 2013



I’m sitting here at the coffee shop catching up on comments and blog hopping/visiting (what's new right?), and I thought I best write this up while it's all fresh on my mind. It’s nothing complicated really, but an idea came to me while I was at the gym. It kept nagging and so I think I’m just going to do it. I know I wanted to participate in the music blog hop on Tuesdays, but I think I’ll head in a slightly different direction.

For a long while I’ve wanted to review movies, games, books, music, etc. A wide variety of interests all centering around the entertainment field. In fact, I was attempting to begin my movie reviewing with Batman Begins. It took me awhile to form more of a coherent thought beyond “It was fucking awesome!” I determined a review would have to entail a tad bit more than just a simple statement (or DO they?).

Okay, they do.

The Reelity of it All

At this time I don’t feel primed for doing full fledged reviews on movies, let alone all the other categories I wish to dabble in. Now, mind you, my Batman Begins review did churn out a lot more; commenting/thoughts on the story, acting, cinematography, etc. I will have to give a few dry runs and see if I can’t find my “voice” over time. I feel practice makes perfect.

For now I thought I’d go a more simplistic route which still associates with movies: movie trailers.

I’m a movie trailer fiend. I have been my whole life. My homepage is set to a movie trailer website so I can hopefully view the newest releases as soon as possible.

Movie trailers are meant to give a quick glimpse/synopsis of what a movie is about, while simultaneously excite and entice viewers into wanting to spend their hard-earned cash at the cinemas once the film is released. As everyone knows, sometimes trailers are disappointing or give false representation, but by the time you find out it’s already too late. Regardless of that, their function appeals to me greatly.

I would literally enact movie trailers for my own G.I. Joe/LEGO movies. I have movie trailers for my writing projects I see in my head constantly when I’m working on them. Did you know some books have actual previews/trailers? How badass is that? Okay, I may be obsessed. Friends and family have to deal with my constant excitement and persistence to show them new trailers (this technically includes video game trailers as well). I get extremely disappointed when they don’t want to view them. I understand how it can be frustrating, though, because I can literally watch a large quantity in a row. I eat them visually like candy! Except I don’t like candy much. Hmmm... potatoes! I love me some potatoes!


So I plan on sharing and spreading my obsession with the Blogosphere. It’s about time I annoy those outside my immediate social circles. Spread the sickness... Most trailers will be movies, but given there aren’t always new movies being released (and depending on how many trailers I place up per segment) I will splice in some video game trailers as well. Maybe each segment can include a mix? I will just play it by ear.

My hope is there will be enough variety that those of you following along may be exposed to some new entertainment content you’ve not been aware of to discuss and/or just enjoy.

Trailer Tuesday

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug:
I have a terrible confession to make. I’ve never actually read The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. ACK! Don’t kill me! As an aspiring Fantasy/Adventure writer this is likely viewed as completely unacceptable. I’ve read Robert Jordan (well... 7 books of The Wheel of Time series which were released at the time), Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore (yes, I count him!), and a handful of others. I’ve no idea why I never read them. Even worse? I own(ed) them. I’m not sure if the books ever made the multiple moves through the years, because I’ve not seen them in ages, but still. For a good chunk of time I had them in close proximity and never read them.

I loved The Hobbit play I believe I attended twice at our Children’s Museum. Loved the cartoon adaptations. Loved Peter Jackson’s adaptations of LotR and the first Hobbit movie.

So, regardless of having not read the book, I’m still incredibly excited to see this second installment. People, including myself, are confused how/why LotR each had only one movie per book, while a smaller standalone novel got a trilogy, but it is what it is (there have been explanations given, mind you). It’s Hollywood — they love their money and trilogies. Okay, mostly money — and like I said I really enjoyed the first, so this is one I plan to see on the big screen for sure!

Ender’s Game:
This is another book I’ve had many friends recommend I read. I’ve honestly never read much Sci-Fi — I believe the closest was a Stephen King short story — but this one I’d make an exception for. Some of my friends are extremely excited for this movie adaptation and have commented on the choice of Harrison Ford as being a great fit.

I have to admit, I have an odd issue with kids in big battles/war. This was an issue I had with the Narnia series (another series I own(ed) but never read...). It may not be so bad in reading form, but seeing it played out... I dunno. This may contradict as I really liked The Hunger Games (both the book and movie).

I’ll still go to see this on the big screen if a bunch of friends plan an outing, which it sounds like is undoubtedly going to happen!

I was a big fan of District 9, a sci-fi movie that was released a few years ago, which I believe was a project spawned from a short story and/or short film. It seemed to get high marks all around and given the bigger budget Neill Blomkamp has been given with this feature, I can’t wait to see how this will look. I’m pretty damned excited! I’m also a fan of Matt Damon, and it’s been a long time since I recall seeing Jodie Foster in a movie — her role seems interesting.

The Butler:
Outside of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy projected blockbusters listed above, I’ve seen trailers for this movie a few times and I think it looks really good. This movie seems to scream Oscars given the subject matter and the vast array of talented actors involved. Not sure I will see this on the big screen (I generally stick to glitzy/epic movies for that), but you never know. As I said, the cast seems amazing and it looks like it has a ton of potential to be a great drama.

Need to be honest... I’m torn on this movie. I’m not an Apple freak... do people obsessed with Apple products have a name? Let me check. A quick search came up blank (beyond stating they are just obsessed), so I will refer to them as Appleites? Appleets? Appl33ts? Appleets sounds good to me.

Anyway, that really has nothing to do with the movie, with exception of it being based on Steve Jobs. My concern is Ashton Kutcher. I’m pretty 50/50 with him as an actor. Loved him on That 70’s Show, but pretty much skipped most of his movie projects. Stopped watching Two and a Half Men once he took over Charlie Sheen’s place.

Who knows, though, maybe he will be great portraying Steve Jobs? The trailer bothers me as they seem to make him out almost like a heartthrob rebel? Maybe he was? I have to admit I know very little about the man. He was obviously a genius and left behind an amazing legacy, so he did a lot right. I’m just a lowly blogger, and barely that. Really curious how the film turns out.

The LEGO Movie:
How could I not share this? I love my LEGOs! This looks like a really fun kids movie with some great voice actors! Unfortunately the ones I would ultimately see this movie with are no longer prominent in my day-to-day. It’s one I’d definitely be interested seeing in the theaters.

Now back to catching up! Sorry everyone!

Are you excited about any of the movies featured above? Any thoughts about Ashton Kutcher portraying Steve Jobs?


  1. Can you believe I've never even heard of any of these? The last movie I watched was Flight with Denzel and I didn't like it. I actually like Kutcher caz... he's hot sometimes....I don't one at other redeeming qualities he has.

    1. Hey! Your comment just popped up as I edited the post (the coffee shop closed so I just posted it quick lol)!

      Goodness, none of them? Well, I will get you in the "know" then ha! I want to see Flight pretty bad, not sure why I haven't yet. I love Denzel, which reminds me I meant to post his newer movie... Better do it next Tue!

      I think that is everyone's draw to Kutcher haha I want to believe there exists more, though!

    2. Lol nope none. I didn't even know Denzel has a new movie. I don't want to put cable in..

  2. holy shit! Ender's Game finally becoming a movie... there is at least one if not 2 generations of scifi fans who have been waiting for... oh I don't know, 30 years for this!

    dude... you need to read the book first. the book is excellent. it is so excellent (if you like 'nuts and bolts' science fiction) that I will offer a Wakefield Doctrine guarantee! You go buy the book. You read the book. ...and if, after reading (the book), you don't say, 'goddamn! what a good book' I will send you, free of charge, an Official Wakefield Doctrine nearly-free docTee!!

    serially! I am serious and thank for giving me a bunch of older Readers something to look forward to...

    1. Yeah! The trailer looks great. Actually, my book club is currently reading this selection (and one other I think), but I've yet to fully participate in it even though I've really wanted to read some of the selections.

      I think my brother has the book so maybe I can borrow it from him. I'll have to check.

      It's hard to pass up an offer of an Official Wakefield Doctrine nearly-free docTee!

      Reading the book before seeing the movie is the route I prefer to take. I'll see what I can do :-)

      Glad you are looking forward to the movie! I hope they remain true to the written word.

  3. I really want to see the Jobs movie - I find Steve Jobs and his mind fascinating. Totally with you on being torn about Ashton though - not sure he's the right fit to play the part and was disappointed to hear that they awarded the roll to him. Great post!

    1. I would like to see it, but may wait to hear what friends have thought of it before spending the cash. Otherwise, I'd rather watch an actual document or something (which I think exist) until Redbox/NFlix.

    2. Totally agree. Also, in response to your comment on Finding Ninee, when it comes to U2, check out their old stuff. Under a Blood Red Sky is what I remember most. Although that might be the live versions of songs on Boy and War. Anyway, hope you can check them out. And thanks for saying you'd have bought a sucker. I'd have given it to you for free.

  4. Ooooh, these look like some awesome movies. Though, I am not a fan of LOTR or The Hobbit, some of the others I would be interested in seeing.

    Ender's Game looks good. I, too, need to read the book. Seems like one I might enjoy.
    The Butler does look good, Oscar worthy indeed.

    I would totally see The LEGO Movie with you. ;) pish posh kids only.

    1. ACK Not a fan of LotR or Hobbit?! Not cool, man, not cool! lol It's all good... I suppose...

      I think most of them look really good with Jobs being the most questionable.

      I may have to take up that LEGO offer!

    2. I think mostly not a fan because they are sooo long. I can't hold my attention that long for a fantasy/sci fi. I wouldn't mind trying again, but lay time I attempted, I fell asleep.

      Well, we certainly need to hit up a movie or three. :)

  5. I'm waiting with extreme excitement for the next installment of The Hobbit but I will say that I'm a much bigger LOTR fan. Maybe that's because I read LOTR in like a week (devoured is more like it!) and I still (even after 3 attempts at various times in my life) can't get through the teeny tiny Hobbit novel. Don't know why, I think I just liked the action and adventure with tons of different types of species (is that right?) in Rings and Hobbit mostly revolves around the dwarves. Dwarves are cool but I liked that LOTR was a fight for ALL of "humanity" and not just one guy's quest to save some precious metal or whatever. That said I love Peter Jackson's filming style so I'll see the movies as they're released but not going to play like I'll ever finish the book.

    The others you included are kind of meh to me. Of course this is coming from the girl who forced her mom and sister (not forced) to go see This Is the End for my birthday. Action/adventure or fantasy aren't really my scene but give me some stupid boy humor & I'm right at home!

    1. I've heard those that could read LotR had a hard time with The Hobbit. Maybe the singing or style or something? I can't recall, but you are definitely not alone.

      The movies should do a decent job (especially a trilogy with The Hobbit) to bringing most everything they can to the big screen you may have missed (and then some) bookwise.

      I'd love to see This is the End! It's a great Birthday (Happy Birthday!) movie choice in my opinion lol Mine was Django Unchained :-) It's a bit odd, though, one would think gross vulgar boy humor and action/fantasy would be tantalizing to the immature boy in all of us haha

  6. I'm sorry to day, R.A. Salvatore sucks. But, if you're interested, some people did a life-action trailer of the Drizzt (sp?) stories, you'll need to find it online. I love The Hobbit (book, I'm boycotting the movie), and can't wait to read it to the girls! If you like drow stories, try the "Tangled Webs" series, I love it!

    1. It seems many dislike R.A. Salvatore, but yet enough love him! Not sure I "love" his writing, but I always liked his stories. I've only read the first 2 trilogies of his drow series. I may have to check that trailer out!

      Why are you boycotting The Hobbit? It's awesome you plan on reading it to your children.

      I assume Tangled Webs has a different author?

  7. They are called Apple Fanboys I believe....maybe even hipsters!

    I haven't heard of any of these movies except for the lego one then again I am not a big movie watcher...I only recently saw avatar because I got forced, I am bit behind things!

    Trailer Tuesday can be totally educational for me!

    1. Pfffft Hipsters! >.<

      Never heard of The Hobbit? Seriously? Crrraaaaaaaazy! True, I you aren't much of a movie watcher, so you will have to watch them vicariously through me!

  8. These are some decent choices. My movie queue for the year is packed with superhero awesomeness (you probably know this). I'll definitely be catching Ender's Game and Lego Batman at some point.

    1. Well, I likely won't see all of these (at least in the theater for sure). I plan on sharing multiple trailers for both movies I really want to see, or may have no real interest in, but think possibly others may. I just love movie trailers :-)

      I'm already behind on half the movies I wanted to see in the theater.

      I do indeed know you love your superhero movies. Nothing wrong with that!

  9. Okay, how could I, a non-science fiction fan, have read the Hobbit and LOTR, when you haven't??? There must be a tear in the fabric of the universe! I am very excited about that movie. I loved the first one.

    I definitely want to see the Robin Williams movie. Not sure about Elysium. I couldn't decide from the preview if I would like it or not, so we'll see.

    1. ACK shush! I don't wanna hear it! >.< It's a tragedy, I know! I will do my best to rectify the situation on a timeline not based on the standard passing of time for the human race. It will be in Jak Time!

      The Butler looks really good. Did you know Williams has a new television show coming out this fall? "The Crazies" I think? Sarah Michelle Gellar (who I don't like) is also in it, and it seems pretty decent.

      If not much for Sci-Fi, Elysium may be out haha


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