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Tuesday, July 9, 2013



It’s Tuesday and I’m attempting to continue my Trailer Tuesday blog series! I haven’t yet nailed down a system for which trailers to feature — it will be a fair mix — but I will likely have themes now and again; classic trailers, actor/actress specific trailers, genre specific trailers, etc etc. You get the idea. I’d like to try to design a badge/banner of sorts too, but I lack any real art program, besides Paint. I downloaded Gimp 2, but sadly I can’t really figure it out. I need to find some tutorials.

As mentioned before, trailers are a strong passion of mine. It may sound odd, but it is what it is. I told my workout buddy about it today and he laughed, because he knew just how addicted to trailers I am. That and the sharing of them. On a random side note (not that anyone is keeping track) this will be labeled as number one of the series, even though there was an official post last week. I have an odd fixation with starting at zero.

Let’s get to some trailers, shall we?


I haven’t researched if this is based on a comic or graphic novel or the like, but it certainly has that feel to me. Most everything about it has a very M.I.B. feel to it. I really like the two actors, though, and it looks like it should be a nice blend of comedy, action, and special effects. It’s one I’d like to see in the theater, but we will see if I get there.

2 Guns:

I’m a huge Denzel Washington fan. There will undoubtedly be a Denzel themed Trailer Tuesday at some point! Over the years I’ve really come to like Marky Mark as an actor... yeah... as well. I believe the first movie I saw him in was Fear. I really really like that movie, in part due to it’s above average realism. It’s one of those movies that most events taking place could possibly take place. So 2 Guns? I’m hoping, and from the trailer it seems to be true, that these two have great chemistry. There also seems to be a decent supporting cast of actors/actresses I like too. Also, I love the trailer features a rendition of “All Along the Watchtower” in it!

The Lifeguard:

Okay, so let’s cut away from the action for a moment. I don’t just enjoy high-octane, action movies with an abundance of explosions and special effects. I’d like to think this was proven last week, but one never knows. The odd thing about this movie, and the fact I would really like to see it, is that the lead actress is Kristen Bell. Some who know me know I have some nonsensical opposition to most anything/everything related to her. After seeing her love for sloths, though, some of the frigid coldness of that chamber of my heart began to melt away.

This movie seems to be a good “coming of age” type dramedy. I like seeing those now and again, and I know sometimes they all seem to be similar, but really what doesn’t nowadays? The acting looks really good and while I may not see it in the theaters, I definitely hope to check it out.

Many friends tell me to watch Veronica Mars. I think I’ve finally reached the point where I may actually give that a go; hopefully getting it in before the movie that was successfully campaigned on Kickstarter!

*     *     *

There are plenty more movie trailers I would love to share, but I want to make sure I add a little diversity. The next three trailers will be of video games, and while that will likely automatically cause about 95% of my readers to “shut down”, really some of them are just as good — if not better — than movie trailers. Hell... sometimes the video game storylines are better than movie plots.

With the advancement in technology, some of these CGI scenes in games look as though they are live acted. Some of those trailers will be saved for later down the road, as the games won’t be out for awhile, but the reality of it all really blows my mind!

I’ll share three trailers I enjoyed from this years E3, and while I know I lack an actual “gaming” crowd for my blog, I hope some of you still enjoy them.

The Division:

This trailer doesn’t give away much of the gameplay, but gives a good backdrop as to what it’s about. The gameplay trailer looks amazing, and the multiplayer aspect seems fantastic. Basically, you are a Directive 51 agent sent into the middle of the madness after a crisis hits to save what people you can and establish what I’m assuming is some semblance of stability — if possible at all — if a Dark Winter crisis were to take place. I’ve been a fan of a handful of Tom Clancy games, and I think this will be one of my new favorites for the next gen gaming consoles.

Dying Light:

The combination of the CGI and the featured song instantly pulled me into this trailer. In fact, I may be currently obsessed with the song (“Run Boy Run” by Woodkid). I’ve played a few zombie shooter/survival games (Mainly Left 4 Dead 1 & 2), and this looks like a great addition to the genre. I know many seem to be getting tired of the zombie craze, but I don’t mind as long as it’s a great game, and not shlock thrown together to make a quick buck. Dying Light doesn’t appear to be shlock!

Watch Dogs:

I found this “Exposed” trailer to be really impressive with it’s CGI; one where some characters look really lifelike. The overall theme of the game — a hacker infiltrating databases and uncovering the scum of the city — is great. I’ve seen gameplay trailers and it seems interesting; a bit different. It’s open-world, but no active missions. You hack and uncover the unsavory folk and act accordingly in attempts to bring them to justice. This trailer was enough to hook me into at least trying the game out.

*     *     *

Hopefully you were able to enjoy some of the trailers this week. Some of those video game trailers released really play out like movie trailers now; I love it! I will continue to bring a variety of trailers as I continue this blog series in the future.

Did any of the movies highlighted interest you this week? If a gamer (or even i not), did any of the gaming trailers catch your attention? I’m uncertain how many videos bogs down the blog, but if 6 isn’t too much I may attempt adding an addition two next week. Thoughts? Any advice on a good art program one can use to make banners/badges (the freer the better! lol)?


  1. Wow I am SO looking forward to Two Guns. Thanks for letting me watch the trailer again :)

    6 is enough otherwise it starts taking a while to load.

    I just use paint for banners.

    1. Me too, it looks really good :-)

      Hmm that is a bummer. I was hoping I would be able to get away with 8 or 10 of them lol More "bang for the buck" style!

      Really? Hmm... it just seems so limited, not that I need anything fancy. Perhaps I should just mess around with it some more.

  2. I Have to admit trailers are fun to watch, but it gets a bit unnerving when you read reviewers who say the best bits were in the trailer so no need to see the movie! lol

    Don't apologize for being late with comments. Everyone has real lives to attend to. No prob. :-)

    1. Yeah, a lot of times people comment, after seeing said movie, about how all the "good" parts were in the trailer. It really sucks. It just means the movie wasn't up to their standard and/or the studio knows this and it doing its best to use said parts to lure people in.

      I always imagined my trailers would be cryptic, but argument can be soundly made that wouldn't exactly draw people in. There are even some debates people want to know exactly what they are getting. I've never worked on such basis, but I understand it. You have to at least know something, enough to intrigue you, or let a consumer know their money it being spent on something they could possibly enjoy.

      Lastly... that is assumed I have a said "real life", which in my case I feel is quite debatable! haha

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Lexa!

  3. You gotta look up Sharknado...GOTTA!



    1. OH Val, I was posting Sharknado poster images up on my FB weeks ago! Hahaha


      What I have to do is get back over to your blog!

  4. Great blog. Just found you through your comment on the mixtape post over at Finding Ninee. 2 Guns looks like it'll be good enough to go see in a theater (and any movie that uses Watchtower gets my attention). I'm on a break from gaming, but Watch Dogs looks like it might be worth a try.

    I do quite a bit of graphics work in PS (which from what I understand is similar to gimp). Not sure what kind of problem you're having with gimp2, but if you have specific questions, I might be able to help or at least point you to the right tutorials.

    1. Hello Dream,

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I wonder if she found my secret message >.>

      I just started the Trailer Tuesday and we will see how it goes. My obsession with trailers will likely outweigh any kind of feedback, or lack thereof, regardless.

      I agree about 2 Guns. I only seem to catch 3 or so movies a year in the theater now, and one of those is a BDay movie selection. Not quite where I'd like my numbers to be! My gaming fluxes a lot, but started playing some again these past few weeks. Since blogging it's eaten up much of my time. The gameplay for Watch Dogs was very interesting. It wasn't exactly clear if it's a multiplayer open-world game, but if it is that may seal the deal for me. I focus more on Multi over Solo play nowadays.

      As for Gimp2 I just have never used a similar program and literally don't know anything about it. I tried cutting a specific section of a picture using the scissors icon all around the image I wanted and couldn't figure out how to separate it. A friend tried helping, but we were unsuccessful.

      Any good tutorials would be awesome.

      I will stop over to your blog! Thanks again for checking mine out.

    2. To get to the crop tool use shift+c. In your image, left click and drag to diagonally select the portion of the image you want to keep. Then hit Enter to crop. (I think you can also left click inside the cropped portion to crop instead of Enter). There's some other controls you can use while cropping, this looks to be an easy to follow tutorial: http://clownfishcafe.blogspot.com/2012/10/GIMP-Tutorial-Crop-Tool.html

      Hope that helps!

    3. Hmm. I know how to use the Crop function, but that tutorial seems to show a whole lot more being possible. I'll have to take a look.

      Perhaps there is a tool within it that will work.

      I was using the scissors tool and you click around the area you want (in this case 2 figured in a picture) and click places leaving a point and between the two points it seems to automap the lines closest in the picture. So you can specifically outline certain things, rather that just a huge generic chunk. The issue was being able to do anything once the desired figured were completely outline :-(

      I will explore some, as I'm sure there are a good many tutorials. Like I said, it's all new to me. I really appreciate the help!

    4. Ohh, okay, I get what you're trying to do now. Okay, after you set all your nodes all around the border of the image you want to select...re-click on your starting node to close the selection. Then left click inside the closed image to set your selection (the nodes will disappear and you'll get the dashes flowing around the edges). Once that's done you can right click inside your selection and bring up your menu of options (copy/paste will be in the Edit section or you can use the ctrl+c and ctrl+v shortcuts).

      I hope my mangled shorthand is followable (I might have made that word up).

    5. ACK! That may do it! I can't test it out right this moment, but I will in the next day or two. I hope that works, that would be great.

      Thanks much!

      I make up words all the time, so it's all good :-)

    6. Nice, hope it works for ya. If you need more help and want to contact me, use my full blog name above at gmail dot com.

    7. It worked! Thanks so much... now if only I knew what else I was #@$#@%#@#$ doing lol :-)

  5. I love Denzel too. I mean, how can't you?! And Mark Walhberg is a pretty damn good actor too. He did a great job in Shooter I think, amongst others. And I can never turn down a good action movie! That's an easy way to convince me to go see a movie.

    Hmm The Lifeguard does seem a bit typical but also very relate-able, considering many people experience that "lost" stage several times in a lifetime.

    1. Awesome, yeah I try to see most all of his movies. I haven't seen Flight or Book of Eli yet, and certainly some older ones I may be unaware of. I think Virtuosity was the movie that caught my attention with him.

      I have yet to see Shooter >.<

      Typical, but definitely relateable... why is there a hyphen in there?

    2. It auto-corrected me to have a hyphen. It didn't want it the other way. So I said fine, LOL.

    3. Yeah, maybe it's supposed to? Tried making me put one in too and I was all "oh, hell no!" :-)

  6. Sorry, but I don't know a single one of this movies. I'm bad.. But the hubby found an awesome captain planet spoof today, almost pee'd myself laughing, even though I don't even know captain planet to begin with..

    1. That's okay! Part of the appeal is bringing movies (and their trailers) to those who hadn't possibly heard of them before. It will get a lot more obscure once I hit more the Indie genre.

      I hope you shared that spoof! It's awesome you liked it so much having no prior knowledge about Captain Planet. Must be good then!

  7. I'm such a dork because I hadn't heard of ANY of these before you shared them! Thank you so much! Oh and Book of Eli is AMAZING if you like Denzel. Seriously good.

    1. Well, that makes me feel like the entry was somewhat useful :-) I love bringing new trailers to the attention of others.

      I really want to see it, but a brother gave away a pretty major spoiler so I just haven't got to it yet. I'd like to think over time I would just forget, but haven't >.< I'll get on it!


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