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Tuesday, July 16, 2013




I’ve yet to sleep. When it’s 4am and you should be going to bed, but you are thirsty as all hell — the only thing to drink in the fridge is a Nos: Zero power drink — you know shit is about to get real. So I did some apartment work, read/commented on some blogs, and am now attempting to unwind. I’m off the “juice” and washed my Brita filtered water pitcher. So back to the water, but it tastes a bit funky. May have to go buy my bottled water today. Maybe before I pass out. Maybe not. Have appointments to keep today.


Let’s get to the trailers. The plan is to get this entry ready, sleep for a bit, and post it sometime between Noon and 1pm; early for me, by all accounts. Let’s see if I can’t make it happen...


I am a bit torn on this third installment of the Riddick series. I loved Pitch Black, but I completely avoided the sequel: The Chronicles of Riddick. This was because it seemed too over the top, xXx-esque (if anyone recalls that movie). xXx marked the beginning of the end of my “bliss” period for attending movies at the theater. It was the first movie I ever wanted to walk out on. It was an incredibly odd feeling. After that there was no turning back; a switch had been flipped. I have since had the urge to walk out of movies on multiple occasions and the only thing keeping me in my seat was the money I had spent to view the films.

Back on track... This movie seems good and I’m sure the special effects are amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that Riddick was made for Vin Diesel; he owns it. I just fear how much I will be expected to suspend my disbelief. I understand it’s sci-fi and seems a bit toned down from the second, but I may have to wait until I hear some feedback from friends that go to see it on release.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones:

I’ve never read this series, but it was mentioned in the book club I was in. The individual(s) who had read it said it was a great book [series]. The trailer originally made me think of Twilight, but with demons instead of vampires; even werewolves were hinted at. This doesn’t make it too appealing to me, but perhaps it will be better than expected? Still, I will likely wait to see this once it shifts out of theaters.

Odd Thomas:

In the piles of free books I received this weekend, Odd Thomas was the one I was the most excited about. I have quite a Dean Koontz collection, most still needing to be read, and this was a series I have been wanted to read for some time; I’d heard good things about it. When I saw this trailer originally, I posted it on FB in hopes that someone who had read the series could verify if it seems to follow decently to the book. No one was able to tell me.

I am uncertain how many Dean Koontz film adaptations I’ve seen — as I may be completely unaware they are based on his books — but two stand out: Watchers and Hideaway. I saw both of these movies long before ever reading the books. Surprisingly I liked the movie version of Hideaway a bit more than the book (mainly the ending), even though they really tweaked a lot of aspects. I loved Watchers. It scared the shit out of me as a kid. After reading the book, though, I was pretty pissed off at just how badly they butchered the novel.

Supposedly there have been a few viewings of Odd Thomas, all of which were met with positive reviews. This gives me hope it’s a faithful adaptation. Rumor has it, though, that it may never make it to the big screen. The issue seems to be an ongoing lawsuit that was filed in Jan 2013, and until it’s resolved Odd Thomas seems to be stuck in limbo. I hope that it isn’t a permanent limbo; the trailer looks great.

The World’s End:

Not sure what to say about this movie except it seems freaking awesome! I’m a fan of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Martin Freeman. I figure if you liked Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and/or Paul, then you you should pretty excited about this movie. It looks hilarious and I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

*     *     *


Only one game trailer this week. This was another First Person Shooter (FPS) that caught my attention during E3 a few weeks ago. Not just “caught my attention”, but really excited me. It looks like it will be a bit more in depth (playwise) than some standard run-of-the-mill FPSs. It’s hard for new games in a genre to stand out in a market already dominated by long-running series. In this case, series like Halo and Call of Duty. It’s possible, though, and I’m hoping this is one of those games!

*     *     *

The Apollo Academy:

In my first | Trailer Tuesday | I mentioned how books now have trailers. I wasn’t sure exactly how many believed me, but this may be because I was so shocked when seeing my first a few months ago. I am kind of slow, so there is the chance that everyone under the sun already knew about this “new” development. Even so, I thought I would share one I came across the other day, while catching up on some commenting, at Behind These Pages where they hosted a cover reveal! Exciting!

Information about The Apollo Academy, and it’s author Kimberly P. Chase, can be found via that link provided. Check it out!

11am. Possibly no sleep for me...

Are you looking forward to any of the movies highlighted? Are you a Riddick fan? Have you read The Mortal Instruments series? What did you think about the book trailer for The Apollo Academy? If publishing a book, is that a marketing technique you’d consider utilizing?


  1. *jumps up and down*
    Riddick, Riddick, Riddick, Riddick, Riddick


    (that will be all XD)

    1. Whoa now, calm down :-)

      I assume you liked the second installment of the franchise?

  2. I've been seeing that trailer for the Mortal Instruments quite often and it looks like one I'll want to see, but only in my living room. The Odd Thomas looks good as well and I hope that one ends up released. Its enough to have me interested in the books now.

    Titanfall. I have a bad history with FPS games. Basically, I suck at them. I'm the one that ends up running in circles and accidently takes out my own team before we're even 30 seconds into a mission.

    1. I agree. It may be decent, but there isn't enough appeal for me to cough up the cash to see it on the big screen. Maybe if someone was persistent on wanting to see it, or if I had read the books.

      I REALLY hope Odd Thomas is able to be released!

      I love FPSs but they aren't for everyone. Though, I think practice makes perfect. Some people aren't able to play them without getting dizzy/vertigo like symptoms. Motion sickness or the like. That would suck :-( You know I had a friend I teased about "girls always just shoot the ground or ceiling" and found out those remarks inspired her to show me "what's up" lol Eventually she became better at most any FPS that I was remotely decent at. All pro like and such. Even though we barely talk anymore, and never game together, it's a story I will always enjoy!

    2. Its the vertigo thing. I don't know what it is about first-person view that messes me up, but it happens every time. Now, if there's an option to switch to third-person and I can cam just behind and above my character, I'm fine. Go figure.

    3. Hmm yeah I was curious if that was the case. for me 3rd person causes me issues as I feel I don't get a full view of what's ahead of me.

      Perhaps Gears of War is a game you've played (I know you mentioned you haven't gamed for some time)? 3rd person over-the-shoulder and has received high marks for each of it's installments (minus maybe the final one Judgment). I own 1-3, but haven't opened them yet... it's one of my... "issues"... unopened/unplayed games I own.

    4. I've heard of it but not tried it. Since I know I have that problem, I just haven't bought (or rented) any and stuck to MMO's on the computer.

      Wow, I'm the opposite way with games. I put off buying them until I can't wait any longer, rush to get it, get home and then get pissy when I have to wait for installation (if computer) and the inevitable update.

  3. OMG! Odd Thomas! Love that book. It's also how we chose the name of our new puppy!!!



    1. Well, it seems another who has read the series. I'm going to guess you highly recommend it if you are willing to name members of your family (four-legged or otherwise) based on the books. :-)

  4. Vin Deisel is so OTT that he's great. As far as the Mortal Instruments series, I tried to get into it and couldn't get past the first 20 pp. That said, I've heard the author speak and thought she was great. Go figure. I want to see the film; maybe that will be my way into the novel... and what about a nice, cold San Pellegrino limonata. I'm drinking one now and it's awesome.

    1. I do like some Vin Diesel. I've liked all the Fast & Furious (except the 2nd one and I haven't seen 6 yet), which may seem contradictory on being picky with "suspending my belief". It may be because Pitch Black wasn't exactly over the top? It's been so long now that I should check it out again, but it seemed more low budget "indie" sci-fi horror. Maybe I've forgotten being it's been so long. With it's success came the bigger budget and crazy over the top shenanigans, which may very well be more true to how they wanted it to be in the beginning? I dunno.

      It's interesting hearing you couldn't get past the first 20 pages of The Mortal Instruments. Was there any specific reading? It's cool you didn't let that affect attending an event she held or was a guest at (or whatever you are referencing). It's possible if the movie is good, I may even check out the novels. They tend to be better on average, but it depends what was holding you back from continuing it in the first place.

      I had to look that drink up, but found I've actually seen (but never tried) them before. I hope it's refreshing! I may have to try one.

  5. Well I've just stumbled onto your blog via "Delightfully Ludicrous" and I had to check it out based on your comments based on your comments that your car is POS. Yup. That's what brought me here. Pretty cool, yo.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Becky!

      I appreciate you stopping by... I knew my PoS car was good for something! It is indeed a PoS *sigh*

      Thanks again!


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