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Tuesday, July 23, 2013



Well last week was pretty rough on my system. There were two days where I didn’t sleep at all through the night, and I think it jacked with my already wonky sleep patterns. I can’t recall the issues causing the first night, but the second was definitely being engaged with the Rolling Stone cover subject; debating, reading articles, researching, writing and worrying.

The weekend ended on a sour note, as well. I was ready for another day of Thankful! That’s for damned sure! For me, Trailer Tuesday fits the bill well enough ;-) and there were a few new trailer releases I’ve been waiting for and am excited about. I’ll be sharing one of them today. Deciding which trailers to pick each week has gotten difficult, since attempting to stick to around six each Tuesday.

I think I have a good mix tonight.

About Time:

Last week (meaning it was likely to Fridays ago) I believe there was a Finish the Sentence Friday blog hop entry asking: if you could go back and change any one thing in your life, what would it be? I always like those questions, because you’d think there would be a plethora of choices and events people wished they could change/prevent. As it turned out, though, most answered “nothing”, mainly because they wouldn’t know who they would be if having done so.

I posited: If you did so, you wouldn’t be able to remember who you were or making the act, so would it really matter?

The discussion was somewhere along those lines, and it made me think about this movie. It seems a touching story of time travel mixed with love and the consequences involved. In this case, though, the individuals retain complete awareness.

Escape Plan:

I can’t NOT post this trailer. I almost did last week, but I felt Riddick brought enough testosterone to the table. I’m more of a Arnold fan, but I can’t help but feel a little giddy seeing these two share the same screen space. This seems to be happening often now after what I believe was their first appearance together: The Expendables. If taken for what it is, an over the top action movie, [The Expendables] is a pretty good movie. I love the one-liners and interaction between all the old and new school action stars.

I’m assuming there will be a handful of this back and forth in Escape Plan, and while the plotline isn’t anything new, I like the actors enough to give it a watch. In the theaters, though? Not likely, unless there happens to be some hardcore Arnie/Stallone lovers out there in my friend-base really wanting to see it. Considering no one spoke up for Bullet to the Head, The Last Stand, or either Expendable movie, chances are slim.

The Fifth Estate:

I think this movie looks really good. I’ve always been intrigued with WikiLeaks and have become a fan of Cumberbatch ever since the BBC’s Sherlock series. I would even consider seeing this in the theaters, even though it isn’t an action/special effects type movie. The drama and acting look like it will be amazing. I’m pretty lacking in any information regarding WikiLeaks — minus their name in some high profile cases — and a movie certainly isn’t likely to be the best source, but I will spoon it up like it’s mind candy.

I can sort out the reality of it all later.

Veronica Mars:

Like Odd Thoma last week, I felt this (or the next trailer) would be a fan favorite. I know some of my friends highly recommend Veronica Mars, and I spoke about the Kickstarter project. This trailer features said Kickstarter and at about the 3 minute mark they give some teaser/trailer action. I’m unfamiliar with most of the characters, and was surprised to see who was playing her father, but they all seem to click really well. Hopefully that will make for some great chemistry on film for all their hardcore fans that have been waiting for this movie to come to life.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

I’ve been waiting for this trailer for some time now! A few months ago the teaser trailer was released and it did the trick. I have been wanting to see more and I have to say I think it will deliver. My main skepticism remains locked around the third book being made into a movie. This one should be just as good as the first movie.

I actually saw The Hunger Games before reading the first book, but after the first I continued right on with the rest of the trilogy. Spoilers aside, I wasn’t much for how it was wrapped up as a whole. I thought the second book was strong, but a lot of the third kind of threw me off a bit. Some of the points and aspects of it were great, nonetheless. It will be interesting to see how they go about fulfilling it in movie form.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Villain reveal promo):

It seems kind of a crime to me, but I never saw the first Amazing Spider-Man. I remember wanting to so bad, but not really having anyone to go with. That probably isn’t completely true... it just never came to fruition. I know more people getting fed up with continual reboots (especially comic based movies), but I was really hopeful this would breathe new life into the franchise.  No offense to Sam Raimi, I was checked out after the third movie (which overall wasn’t completely terrible, but meh).

I was stoked to see The Lizard was actually finally going to be highlighted as a villain, and it seems the sequel will be following suit at introducing other villains that have been core to Spider-Man’s story. I was a bit skeptical about Andrew Garfield, but it sounds like most felt he fit the role well. Also, Emma Stone... yeah, maybe a little crush there. I’ll have to finally watch the new series and maybe catch the sequel in theaters.

I’ve heard X-Men and Spider-Man franchises are still owned by 20th Century Fox. I hope Marvel gets back the rights, so they can web everything together for some massive crossover pieces like Avengers!

Well that wraps it up. I always look forward to Tuesdays now, as I get to geek out — even more so than usual — and share some trailers. I love finding out what my friends and readers are possibly looking forward to and why.

Are you excited about any of the trailers highlighted? (No Spoilers) Have you read The Hunger Games trilogy and are you excited for Catching Fire? Did you see the first Amazing Spider-Man? If so, what did you think of it?


  1. I just recently saw The Amazing Spider-man. My opinion is that it was better than the last movies, but since the bar wasn't set too high... I would call it just okay. I don't think Marvel will ever get Spider-man back, or The X-Men, or The Fantastic Four, which is too bad.

    I like the new blog title. Looks nice! I am planning to see The Wolverine on Friday for my birthday. I hope it's better than the Origins movie they did about him. I liked the way the story was told, but I didn't like how they diverted from the story line that the other movies followed. How do you kill Deadpool on his first day of work? Now, that's just wrong.

    1. I thought it looked like it may follow along with the comics better, but yet to really find out. ACK don't say that, I really hope they get the rights back. Such a tragedy.

      Wait for your birthday? I'm confused... didn't you go to like... one or two movies for your Bday already? How many do you get? How old ARE you?! dun Dun DUN lol

      I personally avoided Origins. The Wolverine looks like it may be better, but they already changed the trailer campaign. Originally they showed it to be more story based, but now all they show is Wolverine beating people down. Kind of worries me, but I'll likely wait until NF/RB anyhow. Let me know if worthwhile! And Happy early... or belated... or... something... Birthday!

  2. The Fifth Estate looks like it'll be good for a post-movie discussion over a black coffee. Spiderman is always a hoot. I read (and watched) the first of the Hunger Games. Sure, I'll go see the second film, why not? It's summer, yo. But I'm REALLY looking forward to Elysium.

    1. I agree, though I would probably have some flavored mocha >.< The sequel to Hunger Games looks really good to me, so I definitely want to see it in the theaters.

      Elysium is another I want to see badly in the theaters. I posted a trailer for it in my first Trailer Tuesday "series" episode marked 0 lol cause I start from zero... I don't know why.

  3. I know it's cliche, but I really can't wait til the next Hunger Games!! So fantastic!



    1. Pfft not cliche! It looks really good :) Can't wait to see how the new characters are on screen!

  4. I saw the Amazing Spider-Man and I really liked it a lot! You should totally see it!

    BTW, I nominated you for an award! http://icansaymama.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-versatile-blogger-meets-semper.html

    1. Thank you so much, Joy! That is awesome :-) I've replied over at the link and will do so again once I get things sorted out.

      I will definitely be checking out The Amazing Spider-Man!

  5. Since there's a question about if you could change something, you wouldn't know if you really had or not (in the present), I'm surprised you didn't post "Looper." But I liked the ones you chose. :-)

    1. I actually have yet to see Looper >.< despite multiple friends saying that it was good.

  6. I had to go back to your previous trailer post when you mentioned Odd Thomas. I love, love Odd Thomas. I had no idea they were making it into a movie. I hope the lawsuit gets settled, because I want to see that!

    I also really want to see Mortal Instruments. I really enjoyed those books. And of course Catching Fire. I loved those books, too. Huh, all three of those are books I read. So often movies don't anywhere near hold up, but I think they did a great job with the first Hunger Games movie. Of course there were differences, but I thought they did a great job with it.

    Get some sleep mister! Maybe you should try yoga or meditation at night? I feel so bad that you can't sleep.

    1. Yay! I'm glad you checked out the Odd Thomas trailer! I think it looks great, and I really hope they figure everything out and are able to release it.

      I agree with the first Hunger Games. I saw the movie before ever reading the series, but feel what they changed/removed made sense for the confines of the movie. I'm sure there will be some skimmed aspects of the second book, but the trailer looks great.

      I'm almost getting too much sleep and am constantly tired/weak :-( Having blood work down, so we shall see!


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