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Tuesday, July 30, 2013



This weekend I was rummaging through some trailers in attempts to figure out what may be some decent ones to share. So far I have no direct system, except if a movie is fast approaching release I will bump it up. In the past two weeks I have already pushed off some trailers for movies that aren’t out for months compared to some highlighted so far. This causes some minor confliction, though, considering I’m really giddy* to show the newest trailers released.

Another issue I’m finding is that some movie trailers seem to spoil almost the entire movie. I’m not talking “the trailer showed the best parts” spoilers, but downright “holy shit, the trailer showed/explained everything in the goddamn movie and left nothing to discover/surprise” spoilers. I will be sharing one of them below, and can still recall a major plot twist spoiled for me in the second trailer for Lucky Number Slevin (a movie I’d recommend, by the way).

I can’t say I fancy this type of marketing whatsoever. In fact, I’ve read a few articles claiming supposed polls show people were more likely to see a movie in the theater if the majority of a movie (including — or maybe specifically — the ending) is spoiled in the trailer. I have no freaking idea how that could be true, but screw that. Did they spoil that the results of said polls could potentially lead to incredibly shittier movie trailers to participants? I doubt it!

Also, within these articles were claims that theater owners are demanding shorter trailers (2 minutes max), and less spoilers of the movies they preview, citing it negatively affects ticket sales. Also, they wanted trailers to be restricted to when they were released (for example 4 months prior to the film’s release date as opposed to a year+). Someone posed an interesting question as to whether or not theaters have to play trailers for upcoming movies, or if they could just pick/choose which to show and/or bypass them altogether if wanting to.

I don’t fully agree with the time restriction. I assume many production companies do that to stir and gauge buzz about their movies. It makes sense. Then again, a movie trailer — teaser or full — isn’t going to result in film changes; that’s what pre-screenings/focus groups are for. Either way, I’m getting all amped up talking about this, so let’s get to the viewings!

Kick-Ass 2 (8/16/2013):

I’m sure those having any interest in this movie have seen this trailer (and the others released) long ago. Considering it’s coming out in a few weeks, though, I thought I would load it up. This trailer doesn’t necessarily show all the spoilers for the movie, but does spoil a key element from the first movie. So if you haven’t seen Kick-Ass, and would like to, you may want to skip ahead.

I think I have stated how I’m not a fan of kids in war like situations where they behave as though they are adults in some fashion, or portrayed as such. Apparently that criticism is very selective, because one of the characters of Kick-Ass is a young girl who looks twelve, is overly vulgar, and excessively violent. That factor didn’t stop me from really enjoying the movie and I’m looking forward to the sequel.

I am Jak’s hypocritical denial...

And to be honest, even if I hadn’t seen the original, or thought this next film seemed lacking, I’d watch it for Jim Carrey’s role alone. I can’t wait to see him having fun with the part. 

"Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Paranoia (8/16/2013):

This is the movie I was referring to above. The one I feel reveals the movie in it’s entirety. Not only that, but quite possibly in sequential order? I hope I’m wrong. Either way, regardless of liking Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford (he seems to be popping up all over the place lately), I probably would be waiting for RBox/NFlix for this movie. It looks to be a decent thriller, but the trailer really seems to lay everything out from start to finish in two and a half minutes.

The Frozen Ground (8/23/2013):

I seem to be in the minority with this, but I’m a Nicolas Cage fan and definitely of John Cusack. Neither of these two seem able to land a really good, prominent role, or at least one that places them back in the spotlight. Are their heydays over for good? Tarantino needs to give them some love maybe — he seems able to revitalize some clout for former A-list actors — and while he’s at it, throw Christian Slater into the mix! Love that guy, but he can’t even make it on television.

Calm down, Jak, calm down.

This trailer isn’t the best, but it’s a thousand times better than the previous one I saw for the movie. I think it was a promo/demo trailer or something. The footage was raw and the editing was incredibly poor. There was something messed up about the music too, if I recall correctly, like it drowned out most of the trailer dialog. After watching it, I almost deemed it one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen. I wonder if I have such a list...

The movie is based on a true story. How much fiction is mixed into said facts, well... I’ve no real idea. I like these kinds of movies, though, so I plan to give it a watch. I may even contemplate a theater viewing, but may be hard pressed. Looks like it will be a limited release, so it may not be in theaters long to begin with. It has a very “straight to DVD” feel.

The Family (9/20/2013):

I think this movie looks really good. I like Robert De Niro, and he has — surprisingly — been in a ton of movies lately, but none of them seem to do very well (short of Silver Linings Playbook?).  Not sure if this one could result in a more positive outcome, but I remain hopeful. Plus, Michelle Pfeiffer?! When’s the last time you saw her in anything?! I know, right?!

I’d totally see this movie in the theater. It seems like a good dark-comedy with some  action mixed in. Tommy Lee Jones never hurts either. He’s looking mighty old lately, with that sad little bulldog face. Maybe it’s just me.

The Counselor (10/25/2013):

Oh, Ridley Scott, I seem torn on this one. I love a lot of his older movies, but haven’t invested in many of the newer. Unfortunately, this includes Prometheus, though I’ve been told that may be in my favor. I still wish I had seen it in the theater, it appeared to be visually stunning.

Can’t lie, though, this movie looks interesting and it’s chock full of great actors! HA! As I was typing this I was attempting to figure out where the hell I recognised the lead actor, Michael Fassbender, from. He looked so familiar, but oddly I couldn’t place him. Talking about Prometheus, however, triggered the memory of him being in the trailer.

Did a quick check and he has been in a handful of movies I really enjoyed such as Inglorious Bastards and 300. Seems he may be moving on up.

Speaking of 300...

300: Rise of an Empire (3/7/2014):

So 300 spawned a sequel. Is it really a surprise, though? This is Hollywood we are talking about. I personally love the stylized original. Zack Snyder isn’t directing, but wrote the screenplay and is a producer for the second installment. So far, I’ve liked everything from Snyder. Personally I loved Watchmen, and while I have yet to see Man of Steel, It’s received great reviews — many from friends whose critique I trust a bit more than mainstream critics.

This film appears to be stylized much like the first, full of action; blood; and sex, but I’m not certain I want to see this in the theaters. With Snyder behind the scenes, it can’t be that bad could it? I may wait until I get some feedback from friends who will likely clamor to catch the midnight release.

*Yeah, I said “giddy”**
**What of it?***
***Come get some!****
****Thought so...*****

Do you think any of the highlighted movies look good? Do you feel movie trailers are too long and/or spoil too much of the actual movie? Would the ending of a movie spoiled in the trailer make you more, or less, likely to see it in the theater? Any former A-List actors you would love to see have a comeback?


  1. Fantastic! I cannot wait for Kick Ass 2! The first time I watched the first movie, I have to admit that I was a little taken aback by the violence. I hadn't expected it. At all. But, I loved the story so much! A regular kid that becomes a real life superhero is pretty far up my alley, so to speak. I have since seen it several times. It's so great. I am anxious to see the sequel. We should plan to see it on the same weekend so that we can discuss it afterwards!

    1. Very awesome Jessica! I kind of thought you would be about this movie (and maybe 300, unless the violence factor deters you). I know you are definitely into the super hero movies. The whole alluding to your writing content is noted ;-) I swear once I can I'd love to read, and review, them! I think it would be great.

      I can't wait to see the sequel too. That sounds like a very doable plan! I wish I was confident enough to do movie reviews finally, but I've even been avoiding a musical review >.< terrible!

      Considering I've missed out on so many movies, I tend to avoid a handful of your second blog entries to shield myself from possible spoilers lol

    2. Did I like 300? It was actually the very first movie I purchased on Blu Ray. It is a favorite of mine for several reasons. I am not stoked about a sequel though. I really feel 300 deserves to be a stand alone. I'll probably see it, though probably not in the theater.

      I understand your avoiding my other blog. You obviously like to be surprised. I quit fighting it a long time ago. Finding out things does not ruin the experience for me, but I know that isn't true for everyone. :)

    3. Oh really? Well well then! Ha :-) I am in complete agreement that the first was best as a standalone, but as I said... this is Hollywood. Anything doing great at the box office seems a candidate for sequels. It's a milking machine.

      I totally don't avoid it completely and I really hope you don't think that! You are really good about labeling that there will be spoilers within, which is awesome (and VERY appreciative). I know a few people who don't mind them and I try to disengage most any conversation about movies I know I want to see lol

  2. hey Jak... you know what's fun? watching the trailers with the sound off. Actually, I should say, you might find it fun and interesting, having the background understanding of them.
    being a clarks, I suspect that you already do this with commercials on TV, since they began 'blocking' the commercials, i.e. havin most shows go to commercial at the same time...minimizing the benefit of surfing.
    but watching commercials without sound is def interesting. and nothing in a too paranoid sense, just a chance to see elements of the message (of the commercial) in a slightly different light.
    Love Nicholas Cage...Season of the Witch wasn't bad and the first (but not the second) Ghost Rider was enjoyable.

    1. I don't think I've ever watch many trailers with no sound. I have (and sometimes do) watch TV with no sound and ad-lib for the characters involved. It's a ton of fun! Friends, back in the day, would always get a kick out of it. Not so sure I possess the same spontaneous wit for it now, though.

      I've wondered about the channel surfing thing. I only watch TV on Mondays, and the station remains pretty... stationary. It's interesting if they've tried lining up most commercials to play at once. I like the idea of watching cmomercials with no sound and looking for those other elements.

      I think I have Season of the Witch on my NF queue, but have yet to watch it. It seemed pretty decent. I'm kind of waiting if he attempts a transition into TV somewhere. A great HBO/Showtime show would be sweet I think.

      Kiiiiiiind of avoided both Ghost Rider movies lol

  3. Weird that people like trailers that spoil the ending. Just seems WRONG somehow. Like buying a book with a cover that says "The cancer is cured! Don't worry, nobody dies in this story!" or similar. Sadly, your post makes me realize what an out of the loop dork I am as I haven't seen a single one of these previews or heard of these movies until now. Maybe that's my way of saying thank you for keeping me from not knowing ANYTHING at all about the current flicks out there!

    1. I agree completely. Very very veeeeeery rarely I've heard of someone that reads the last few pages (or final page) of a book first. I have no bloody idea why. It is the same concept, though, in my opinion if a cover blurb told you how it ended. How is that enjoyable exactly?

      I think their supposed studies/polls are skewed. It likely derives from people being pissed off a movie ends on a "bad" not and not all happy, or I wonder if from falsifying what the movie is about. There are trailers that do that I haven't yet spoken about. It depicts one thing, but the movie is completely different and was used as a marketing scheme.

      Well, Kristi, I am glad you don't mind checking them out and maybe possibly enjoy them :-) Most aren't as nutty about trailers as I am, but I'd like to think a good many enjoy them! I don't want TV, though, and am not overly saturated with them either.

      Hahahahaha... uh... you're welcome? ;-)

  4. Gah! More movies to see. We better hop on these.

    Once you see some of the movies you preview, will you then follow up with a review? I sure do hope so!

    1. I've wanted to do movie reviews for years... but not exactly sure how to do it, and I'd have to be very careful about spoilers. Wish I could figure out that "spoiler/hide" html code. Didn't work for Generation Jak at all :-( Maybe if I just attempt with text and not a picture?

      It would be sweet.

  5. I'm excited for Kick Ass 2, but not sure if I'll see it in the theater or wait. After all, hubby and I have a hi-def 40inch TV that movies look SO much better on than the big screen. lol

    1. I think Kick-Ass 2 is a theater movie for me, but naturally many are and they go unviewed on the big screen.

      Haha hey, that is bigger than my TV! Though, technically I can use another's TV for the time being, but still... I definitely don't knock it!

  6. Aha thank you sir. I shall look forward to the 300 sequel. Loved the first, HATED Watchmen and haven't seen Man of Steel yet (but might at some point)

    1. 300 was good, but ACK why did you hate Watchmen? I still need to see Man of Steel too. Hopefully I catch it in the theater!


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