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Sunday, July 14, 2013



This week went by pretty fast, and unfortunately it’s almost Monday again. Given this is a two day blog hop my procrastination kicked into overdrive. It was on the fence last weekend where I got my post in at midnight; right on the cusp between Sat/Sun. With everything I had going on this weekend I thought I would “take advantage” of it being a weekend long hop. Though, considering some post two full lists (one for each day) there is a decent chance I’m “doing it wrong.”

I try to be a rule-follower whenever possible, or at least when I know my actions may be placed under a microscope to be judged, ridiculed, and ripped apart. Then again, maybe not ;-)

  1. Under the Dome. I never read the novel, but I’m always game for a Stephen King inspired mini-series. I hope to read the book afterwards as I’ve found a lot is left out in transition. Given this is a 13 week miniseries (hour long episodes), though, I’m hoping they get most of it in. There have already been some scenes and/or plot points that make me question the characters involved, but I’m taking it in stride. The important factor to me is that it airs on Mondays, which is Grandma Day. 

    My grandmother and I used to watch the Monday night line-ups together (Heroes, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Castle) whenever possible. As time went on, the networks jumbled things around, shows were moved to new nights (usually to die off), and some (like Heroes) became difficult to endure. Eventually we stopped watching anything, being Castle was on late and I didn’t like a two hour waiting gap. That two hour gap still exists, but I’ve made a commitment to watching the series with her to recapture some of that pastime. I enjoy it and I know it makes her happy, so it’s a win-win.
  1. Controversial topics. This may seem like an odd thing to be thankful for, but I’ve touched base on it offhandedly before. These topics of life, love, religion, politics, morals, etc etc provide the grounds for discussion, learning, and understanding. Sometimes the discussions/debates can get pretty heated depending on the individuals involved and their level of passion. Passion isn’t a bad thing, but if no room is left open for considering/understanding of another’s point of view, it leads to a brick wall pretty fast. I’m always fascinated by controversial topics, and do my best to be open to listening to a multitude of opinions revolving around them. This includes listening to/reading the various sides each story may have.
  2. Sore muscles. Another odd thing to be thankful for, but they indicate to me that I’ve actually pushed myself exercise-wise enough that I’m breaking down and building muscle.
  3. Self-deprecating humor. Those who know me know this is an area of humor I feel I may excel in. If you can’t make fun of/laugh at yourself, I guess I feel you shouldn’t make fun of much else. I’m in full understanding I am no where near perfect, and understand I sometimes do/say some really stupid shit. Doesn’t everyone?
  4. Winning! I may not have tiger’s blood or Adonis DNA coursing through my veins (or do I?), but it appears I do sometimes have those “win” moments. I’d like to thank Catherine Stine of IDEA CITY for hosting the giveaway. While I was really hoping my guess about a red critter resulted in the win, I am just as grateful for the rafflecopter’s randomness win. Having knowledge my response made her laugh does more than I could hope for really. Looking forward to reading her book Ruby’s Fire (though I feel the need to get the first beforehand, even if the second works as a standalone of sorts).

    Check out the Apocalypse Blog Hop, it looks to be chock full of great giveaways. At first, I thought you needed to have giveaways of your own to join in, but believe I saw alternate ways to participate. Whew... a lot of links...
  1. Quiet time. Maybe not completely quiet, I like to have my music playing. It’s nice to have some time to myself where I can focus on reading and/or writing. I’ve found my focus seems to waver pretty easily, especially with the interwebs at my fingertips. I may have to invest in some stereotypical getaway where there is nothing but myself and an internet-free laptop to work on some fiction. Possibly at some remote cabin or resort. Hopefully sans any Stephen King creepiness.
  2. Movie Trailers! Most of you know I’ve begun my Trailer Tuesday blog series and if you aren’t aware yet of my obsession, you soon shall be. I try to focus on the “coming soon” variety, but it’s nice to know if there is a lull I shouldn’t have an issue finding some suitable fillers.
  3. Almond milk. It’s a bit healthier for me, and I switched to using it months ago. I found out there was a chocolate flavor offered on a recent shopping trip. A friend tried a similar product from Trader Joe’s and said it was amazing. Granted this was a different brand, I had to try it out, and so I bought some this weekend and it is delicious. Unfortunately, with the sugars, not as healthy, but it’s too late now... I’ve already had a taste. It’s pretty much all downhill from here.
  4. Free offerings. A tenant needed some help getting back into the building today, and in discussion I found he would be moving out. He proceeded to offer me a computer desk, chair, coffee table, end tables, and boxes of books. So now in my apartment, which I’ve just recently cleaned and reorganized, I have a pile of new things in the middle of the living room. Not sure how thankful I am of that part...
  5. Boxes of books! I won’t be keeping all of the books I’ve just aquired, but I think I found a gem or two within them. I know “Odd Thomas” by Dean Koontz is one that I’ve wanted to read for a long time, but the Koontz collection I received from my grandfather was missing that series. With the movie coming out, I think it would be great to read the book before seeing the film adaptation. Or maybe that is a recipe for disappointment?

No spoilers please! ;-)

Have you read (or are you watching) Stephen King’s “Under the Dome”? What do you do with your alone/quiet time? Ever read the “Odd Thomas” series by Dean Koontz? If so, is it one you recommend?


  1. Interesting list. Especially #3, not sure I've ever felt thankful for that. lol

  2. HEY FREE STUFF! Brilliant. Congrats on all the GREAT THINGS in your life this week. More muscles (always a bonus), new furniture, free book - amazeballs.

    And, don't take this the wrong way, I think it's so sweet that you have made a commitment to watching tv with your Grandma as bonding time. I feel bad hearing other people's commitments to their grandparents, and knowing that the only two of mine surviving live less than a mile away and I don't make nearly enough time for them. You're a star :)

    1. Looks like you got some free books too! Awesome :-) Well, the furniture I didn't really have room for, but seemed nice so if I can't make it work I will have to pass it along. The books I certainly didn't want to have just thrown out.

      This particular grandmother is like a second mother to me, so we have always been close and I've been visiting her for years really. Once a week.

      All I can say is, you always have the opportunity to change it, so best to do so while you can. With your "what if" brain-scourging I'd hate to think of what you will have going through your mind if waiting until too late...


    2. Yes - I really should attend to that. You're quite right.

      Hope the furniture's working out - that's the great thing about free stuff - if it doesn't work, you can always recycle it along to someone else :)

      Sounds like you and your grandmother have a really special relationship. What a precious thing :)

  3. Hey Jak.... we were talking about you earlier today*, your ears must have been burning**. Good to see you on the hop.
    #4 I tend to enjoy that form of humor.
    #3 I also get that one... not so much on a regular basis, but I used to enjoy going crazy with yard work for like a day just to feel the physical tiredness thing

    Hey speaking of movies (you probably have already seen it) but you have to see Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters! very excellent movie (there are two out, this is the one with Famke Janssen in it)

    Gotta run for now...probably will stop in one more time (when I 'make the rounds' one last time for the weekend).

    * Considerer and Denise (girlieontheedge.wordpress) and I were practicing our 21st Century discussioning on google hangout and we were talking about the 2 day thing about this here bloghop here and how it's cool in that people can check in on the second day...and I said, 'yeah, Jak he be always posting Sunday pm and such***'

    **and old expression for when someone talks about another person...will have to look that up

    ***yeah, I actually do talk like that, when I can remember to, that is

    1. ACK! Yes yes... I was referencing the TToT Spies that scour the interwebs and it was alluded to. I can't recall if my ears burned* or not. I may have been asleep. I do keep odd hours ;-)

      I usually post Saturday night, but as Christine knows that is pretty much saying 11:59pm. Last week I just missed that mark by a few seconds. I maybe cried out to the gods in rage.

      So anyhow, that probably translates roughly as 6am for a handful overseas. Today was probably my first official Sunday posting :-) Likely late evening for those folks lol You know me. Slowplay...

      I'm glad you are down with #4. I think it works best in viewable form, but maybe that is because I view myself as an animated "comedian" facial expressions and all.

      Kind of uncertain about #3... trying to maintain that thankfulness...

      I actually haven't seen Hansel and Gretel (either of them, but I know the one you are talking about). I was iffy about seeing it in the theater, but now that it's on Redbox I plan to check it out.

      *Totally know that expression! Except I was thinking nose itching**... that must be something else.
      **Bear*** in the Cave*** maybe...

      P.S. It's sweet you guys keep an eye out for me! I hope to make each hop, even if something comes up and I'm a bit late :-)

  4. If only I still lived near my grandma. I grew up a couple of miles from her, and spent many, many days there. Instead of watching TV, we played cards. Lots and lots of cards. The fact that you have Grandma Mondays makes me like you even more than I did before. Aaaand I watch Castle most weeks, despite the fact my husband makes fun of it.
    I agree, sore muscles are wonderful, as long as they aren't too sore. :)
    Clearly, I am all about self-deprecating humor.
    What is this quiet time of which you speak? :) I only get quiet time after 11:00 at night.
    Yay to free stuff, especially a box of books! Can't say I've read Odd Thomas. As you probably could guess, Koontz isn't my kind of author, just like Stephen King isn't. (Ha!)
    Thank you so much for linking up each week. Of all my blog friends, I am especially grateful that you do. I didn't expect it, and I really like reading your lists.

    1. Oh yes, I think my grandma would play cards 24/7 if she could... and she is a gambler type; the more money involved the better. That is one thing I miss is that we don't play many card games anymore. I should surprise her with that soon, just randomly ask to play Rummy 500. I think she'd love that.

      C.O.W. is just jelly of Nathan Fillion ;-) I know I am!

      Well, I think I'm maybe hitting the point of too sore... I can't tell, but its getting hard to write >.<

      Yes, yes you clearly have no shame :-) I like your sense of humor, even if mine may be a bit vulgar in comparison ha.

      Now, while you dislike King I know you love all his works that were made into movies/series, so you should maybe check out Under the Dome. It is more suspense/sci-fi than horror.

      And thank you very much, that means a lot to me. I don't know why you didn't have more faith in me. It's like me... and 5 million women in the blog hop... and 1 Clark >.> What's not to like? RAR! My lists may come later than most, and my comment "runs" longer than most, but I hope to participate for the long haul.

  5. I don't think you have to do two posts. It's just to give more people a chance to participate.

    #9 is awesome. U get rewarded unexpectedly for helping others.

    #10 is even more awesome. Do you have all the Odd Thomas books?

    1. Nope, thankfully it's just a two day hop (a bit different than most I believe), because otherwise I would be suuuuuuper screwed lol

      Hmm, that is a good way to think of it. Perhaps I've been doing some good helping others! I'd like to think I do when able.

      I've gone through 3 boxes and so far just the one, but at least it's the first one (I think), which is the most important to check it out. He had a lot of Nora Roberts... much to my surprise ;-) Have you read the Odd Thomas series?

    2. I've only read one ... I love Nora Roberts. I hope I can get some next week or when the place that I usually get from have them half off..

    3. Wish I could send you the Nora Robert books the tenant had. There are at least 10 or so!

  6. Hey, Jak, you know there isn't a prize for being the last one to submit a post for TToT, right? OR IS THERE AND NO ONE TOLD ME?

    Sore muscles are a good sign you are making some progress, as long as they are just sore and not painful. I hope your workouts are also giving you extra energy. I know mine do.

    I use almond milk (vanilla flavor) in my spinach smoothies, but I've never tried to drink it by itself. Now, I might be tempted if we had CHOCOLATE almond milk available to us. But here in Podunkville, we don't have Trader Joe's OR chocolate almond milk.

    Free offerings of furniture and books? Sweeeeeet!

    1. ACK! Lol Well, if there was chances are I wouldn't share that fact with you so I could win all the things!

      They are definitely sore, and not painful (which is sharp and possibly injured from what I gather). As for extra energy, that is a negative. That was one of my concerns and why this week I "should" finally get to making a Dr appointment. I just keep putting it off.

      No chocolate almond milk!? That is a crime! I wish you could try it, it's great... but not in a spinach smoothie...

      The free offerings are great, but not when you are limited on space :-(

      I don't think those rules Clark specified would exist, at least not the "friend" part!

  7. cha-ching!! sorry Dyanne... if there is to be a prize, surely the fine print is gonna say, :Official Contest Rules prohibit families and friends of anyone associated with the organizers of the bloghop. However, the Commentationer does get to share in said Prize."

    hey, what can I say, it's in print...not my fault! lol

  8. Net-less laptop? It's a trap! Surprisingly more distracting than having internet.

    1. I don't know about that >.> seems harmless enough...

  9. First, before I forget, the entire Odd Thomas series is my very favorite from Dean Koontz - ever. It's SO great and wonderful and seriously just good. I also really enjoyed The Dome by Stephen King - it'll be interesting to see whether you enjoy the movie adaption. So often, they're cheesy and not well done.
    Cheers to exercise (which I need to do more of) and awesome heated conversations among friends. I, too, enjoy controversial topics but not when the people discussing them are not open minded to other viewpoints. Sounds like you are so let's talk religion! :)
    Number four is also awesome - it's my favorite kind of humor.

    1. Very awesome, Kristi! I've heard people mention the latest or last of the Odd Thomas series as not being as good, but naturally I would have to read them. I went through all the books and that was the only of the series, but at least it was the first one.

      So far I don't know how cheesy the series if of Under the Dome, but more characters doing things that I doubt they would actually do IRL. Hard to say, and I've heard rumored the ending may have been changed as people supposedly didn't like the novel's. I figure once the series is played out I will look into it some.

      Yeah, current controversial topics have been Orson Scott Card, the Zimmerman case, and a case brought to the forefront from a few years ago because of the Zimmerman trial. So many people, it seems, feed into the media, which generally seem to manipulate (in some cases like phone calls with Zimmerman outright edit) information. It can exist on both sides. I find a lot of it intriguing. I may actually post about the OSCard given it was a recent discovery for me.

      Religion is definitely a hot topic haha and yep yep I try to be open minded :)

  10. I can completely understand #6. Definitely stay away from those isolated cabins. Nothing good ever happens at those.

    Quiet time has been almost non-existent for the past few weeks and I was beginning to feel the strain. Thankfully, things are back to normal and I can feel my sanity returning bit by bit this morning.

    1. With my luck I'm sure time spent in an isolated cabin would result in evil trying to breach through into our realm and me dying some crazy horrible death. So yeah, I'll pass haha

      I'm glad things are calming down and hope you can find some "me" time for yourself! It's important to have! Not sure if you saw my reply to the Gimp2 questions I had, but it worked out and I was able to cut that specific image I wanted out. Thanks so much!

    2. It always comes down to otherwordly evil or serial killers. Either way, you end up in shredded chunks or an experimental specimen.

      I didn't see your follow-up GIMP reply, but fantastic that you got your graphic as you wanted it! Ask away anytime you need help!

  11. The hubby got the entire "Odd Thomas" series for the holiday from his mom, who doesn't know that we both do not enjoy Dean Koontz in particular. I tried to read the first book, but it feels like he's trying way too hard, I don't know..

    Congrats on winning. I love winning as well, it's always a good feeling ;-)

    Good job on excercising! What did you do?

    I used almond milk during my lactose-free time when Violet was first born. My favorite milk-substitute just as a drink was actually oat milk, have you ever tried that? But almond milk is great in pancakes or coffee. Never had the chocolate almond milk though..

    Oh, and I totally agree on no. 2. I don't want people to agree with me all the time. Writing is the prime way to meet new people and learn new things, one reason why I love blogging so much!

    Thank you for sharing your Ten!!

    1. Hmm trying too hard? Seems like many authors do that :-) I'd have to read it to see. I've a decent Koontz collection, and while I enjoy a lot of them, there are some that are just off to me. "Odd Thomas" sounds like a fan-favorite for most, though. Considering you both aren't much for his work it probably doesn't help. I'll give the first book a try and see how it reads.

      Thanks! It was a fun giveaway, and the next seems to be too.

      To be honest, I've never heard of oat milk before. I've just shifted to coconut milk, but there aren't a variety of flavors for that. So far it's pretty good.

      Yeah, I've noticed you sometimes have some controversial topics. Some I'm so unfamiliar with I don't even know how to reply to lol :-)

  12. Hi Jak, I like your list here. Love what you said about not making fun of much else if you can't poke fun at yourself. I have always believed that and make fun of myself often. Stupid shit...yes, I think I have a ribbon or trophy lying around for that somewhere. ;)

    Almond milk YUM! Have so far resisted the chocolate because I too am afraid that there would be no turning back once I get a taste.

    Controversial topics...I love them. Not that you would ever know it huh? ;)

    1. Unfortunately many people like making fun of a lot of things/people, but can't handle being the butt of a joke. Granted, this isn't to say all teasing/joking/etc should necessarily happen either, even if one has perfected the art of making a fool of themselves.

      Steer clear! Or maybe... just try a sip... >.>

      Yeah, I would never know ;-) I like your topics very much!

      I'm glad you were able to stop by to my List!

  13. Very very interesting list, Jak. Especially being thankful for controversial things, sore muscles and free offerings! Got some new insights. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Shilpa! Glad you enjoyed the list :) I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Sorry for my late comment, I just managed to comment on everyone from last week's blog hop - just in time for the new one to start!

    I LOVE what you wrote about your grandma and your night together! I am sure you both love it! <3

    1. Oh no... I'm definitely the LAST person you ever have to apologize to for being late lol Believe you me. Personally I like late comments, where I think many just avoid it, but not I!

      Thank you, it's great being able to spend time together with her and it's usually the highlight of the week!


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