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Sunday, July 21, 2013



It’s been a pretty busy week, but semi-productive at least.

Aaaaaaand that is as far as I got — literally one sentence — before deciding to take a quick nap. A nap I hoped wouldn’t turn into another four hour sleep like on Friday, which interrupted planned activities. Well, it most certainly did turn into that. Waking up at 10:30pm, realizing I couldn’t hit up DQ for a blizzard like I really wanted to, I went back to sleep again.

1:30am was my next waking point. Since I have some fellow night owl friends, I strongly contemplated getting up and gaming on Xbox. I was certain the odds of me falling asleep again wouldn’t be in my favor. That is until I suddenly woke up at 430am. So I went to do some late night/early morning grocery shopping, buying nothing of any real healthy value (except the coconut milk), and thought I’d try to write more.

It looks cloudy out, but the weather site says no storms until late Sunday evening. Bummer. Maybe I will just try to go for Gold and sleep some more. If I can’t, Silver is okay by me.

Yep, slept again. Who’s the big winner?! Except, I found out that while I slept a thunderstorm came through. Whaaaaat?! Not fifteen minutes later, though, a small resurgence bubbled up and I got some thunderstorm in afterall.

Better knock this out before I pass out again...

  1. Being invited to Urinetown by my friend over at Daily Discovery. It was a great play!. We are hoping to draft up and get out some sort of review. Kind of out of my realm, but would be good practice and working together on it could be great fun (or frustrating heh).
  2. On that point, I’m thankful that I didn’t let me anxiety get the better of me the day of the play. Traffic wasn’t cooperating and I thought I would be late, therefore completely mucking up the entire night. Then there were the bouts when communicating/misunderstanding which turn I was to take and parking. My anxiety spikes when I am in an unknown “foreign” land — even if it’s five or ten minutes right down the road.
  3. Also, I’m glad my bladder didn’t act up during the musical. I would have been slightly embarrassed if I had to run off in the middle of a scene to relieve myself. More so considering the name of the play.
  4. I’m thankful that a friend’s car accident was resolved with no issue/injury (possibly even insurance wise, which is awesome). Also, that some bad luck of having a dead battery in her car and phone, while downtown in the middle of the night alone, ended up panning out and everything was fine. This is the same friend as above, but this totally makes it sound like I have more friends!
  5. I’m thankful for the abundantly cooler weather that I was greeted with as I stepped outside this morning to grocery shop. Granted it was 430am, but lately it’s remained muggy through the late hours. I hope it sticks around for a while and we get more thunderstorms, but chances are that’s a wet dream.
  6. This week I decided to make an entry on a controversial topic. My anxiety kicked into overdrive, and threatened to silence me. I have habit of being highly interested in various topics — some passionate, some not — and instead of writing anything down I just discuss and deliberate internally, which eventually leads to me avoiding it. This time I wanted to force myself to write while it was all still fresh, and pertinent, in mind. I’m very thankful I didn’t allow my anxiety (or worry of response) to win out and was decently pleased with my piece.
  7. Paint. The program may be fairly limited, but it allowed me to momentarily change things up on my blog some, and maybe I can make some badges for the blog series — Trailer Tuesday & The Soundtrack of Imagination — I'd like to continue. I really wish I had better art/graphic design knowledge/experience, because even Paint makes me feel pretty inferior.
  8. On topic: I want to thank Idreamofwhiterooms for their help this week with Gimp2, which is another art program I recently downloaded. I (and a friend) couldn’t figure out one of the functions for the life of me, and instead of just Googling for tutorials I asked for some help instead. I am very appreciative for the assistance!
  9. Thankful for the extra sleep, even though my Saturday was pretty much toast because of it. I obviously needed it. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway...
  10. Beating the level of Candy Crush I’ve been stuck on for weeks now! I even looked it up online to see if others were having issues. Turns out majority say there is a glitch where the bonus fish at the end of a level (if having moves remaining) give less bonus points if on PC or tablet and not on a smartphone. Considering I cleared the level in 4-6 moves multiple times and received only 70-75k of 100k needed points, I tend to agree. Mind you, I don’t pay for any extras, BUT I also don’t use the free specials/gifts you get either (except gifted lives to play the level). This is just my own personal goal really, which can make things a bit more difficult and I’m sure others think it’s lame and/or crazy. Still, considering how early I’d clear the board I think the glitch it legit. Below says it all:
    After clearing the level in 4-5 moves. Rage quit.

Finally a 4-5 move win results in enough specials to push over 100k! All for 1 star...

Now that I am up and at em, I hope to go for a walk — or five — around some parks in the area. I didn’t work out all week, and while I’m thankful for that extra time for my arms to heal I probably gained about fifteen pounds. No good I say, no good...

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. But wait, it's only 2:00. Even after all that sleep, you posted early!

    So glad you went to the play and it was a fun night for both of you. I very much appreciate the irony of having to go to the bathroom during the musical. Glad you didn't have to be "that guy". :)

    Hope you figure out the paint thing to make a badge. It can't be that hard, seeing as every other blogger does them, but I haven't gotten it figured out yet.

    I have never played Candy Crush, and this is why. I cannot get sucked in to such things. Can't. My children need a mother. :)

    1. Yeah yeah yeah >.< Way earlier, but commenting way late! definitely wanted to make sure I got it in before I ended up passing out again lol

      The play was great! I'd actually see it again.

      Paint isn't exactly hard, but being inexperienced and it being limited together just means my things turn out pretty janky.

      LOL Yes, avoid CC at all cost!

  2. Hey Jak

    This is a great list. I'm glad that you and your friend had such a nice time at the musical, in spite of the anxiety of getting there!

    Well done you on the extra sleep - sounds like your body needed it! Hope it helps you to feel a bit better in yourself (and who cares if your Saturday was toast? Saturdays are for whatever-the-hell-you-want, up to and including sleeping all day :D

    Well done on beating Candy Crush - I know certain points of the game drive Husby to distraction with annoyance!

    1. The anxiety almost killed the entire night! Even briefly afterwards too... no good.

      I think my body is attempting to tell me I need more, since it's just in a constant state of fatigue. True Sat is kind of for whatever, but I don't like to sleep them away :-)

      There have only been a few CC levels that have caused me frustration, but when they do it's pretty bad lol To where you swear the game is somehow cheating.

  3. Sometimes the body just knows it needs more sleep. Bummer about not getting to have a DQ blizzard though. I used to love going to DQ when I lives in the states. I hope the rest of your weekend is great and you and your friend get to write the review you want. :-)

    1. Thanks Lexa! I actually got some DQ the next day, though barely in time. I procrastinate way too much.

      I'm heading to the Dr to check out this constant fatigue issue I've been having.

      It would be nice to somehow write a review together, but I've a feeling our styles/ideas may clash? We will see.

  4. I'm hopping over from the Thankful blog hop, so it's nice to meet you Jak. It sounds as if you've had some much needed sleep this weekend! I enjoyed reading this and it's awesome that you managed to get on and do things and not let anxiety overwhelm you. Way to go!

    1. Hello Yvonne! Thank you so much or stopping by. It's a pleasure to meet you too, and I will venture back over to your neck of the woods.

      I did get some added sleep, but I've a feeling my body has been telling me something else for a while now >.< As or anxiety it can definitely be a challenge, but sometimes I win out!

  5. Yeah, Christine is right, you're early! (...who's the semi-roger now? 'but...but thats the way it has been, changing up on when he submits the Post..it's inconceivable*)

    good to hear that you went all external on your (internal) dialogue. (Being a clark), am familiar with that thing...in fact we have an weird expression... it's called, 'eating the future'. (Hey, I warned you. But I am confident you immediately got the context and inference).

    good the 'hear' from you.

    * that was, indeed, an excellent movie

    1. Hahaha inconceivable indeed! My schedule is all over the place. Christine always has hers written up and scheduled out ahead of time. You'd think she's been at this or years or something!

      I want to sleep right now. BAH, but its Tue! Need to catch up and post and then who knows.

      Those convos about changing some past event and time travel had me thinking about a movie trailer I hope to post today if I can recall the name of the damned movie lol

  6. Oh my goodness, I had to giggle when I read "DQ Blizzard". The only time in my two pregnancies (that would probably make me a fairly easy pregnant wife) I sent the hubby out at night to help me still a craving was for a DQ banana pie blizzard. He went and got it for me, good hubby that he is (and a little something for himself as well), and IT DID NOT TASTE GOOD!!! I was so disappointed when it didn't taste the way my pregnant self imagined it shoudl taste. I was so proud of myself for not throwing a fit like I did back when I didn't get pizza right that moment on New Years Eve during pregnancy no. 1.

    PLEASE do write a review! I'Ve never heard of Urinetown, and it sounds like something Missy V. would enjoy, since she uses the "I need to go potty" every time she feels like she's not getting proper attention (like during the wedding ceremony this weekend).

    Have a great Monday, Jak (and Tuesday, Wednesday,....)

    1. Weird! While pregnant and having a craving it didn't taste good? That would be a huge disappointment. lol Oh goodness, I'd be curious to see one of those tantrums.

      Working on the review part, but so far no go. I'm not exactly sure how to even tackle a review on a musical. It's the first I've been to in years.

      I will be backtracking to check out some of that wedding action you were sharing this past week/weekend!

      Hope your week is a good one!

  7. You totally cracked me up with your whole intro and how you only got one sentence in before falling asleep, then waking again to crave a blizzard, then falling back asleep...haha! Awesome. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the play, that your anxiety was kind enough to back off a bit and allow you to enjoy it, that you didn't have to pee during it. I missed your controversial topic - will go check it out once I'm done here. I'm on level 175 on Candy Crush (which I will completely deny playing AT ALL if you tell anybody) and appreciate the head's up about the glitch in 183. And dude. You must have totally needed the sleep.

    1. Thanks Kristi! Yeeeeeep and I was asked if I was working on my TToT and I was all "Yeeeeeeeeep" all one sentence I had so far, but I wasn't lying! It was a rough week (and eventually a rough weekend) and I'm glad I actually got my damn DQ, though the flavor was a bit disappointing :-(

      No rush on the controversial topic post, it's whenever having time (if at all). I don't mind either way :-)

      Wow you are pretty high up there, I think catching up to me on CC. After beating that level the rest have been decently easy. I think it's set up that way. One really difficult one, and then the following few are easy and go by fast. It's all a trap I say!

  8. I usually keep my opinions on controversial subjects to myself as well, but I'm glad you posted your topic because it afforded me the opportunity to force myself to reply.

    I did notice you made a new header for the blog and I'm looking forward to seeing the button you were working on in Gimp. You're more than welcome and if you have more questions, just let me know.

    1. I'm really glad you did read and reply on the topic :-) I am trying to get myself to not shy away so easily from certain subject matter, as I've wanted to discuss a good handful for a long time now.

      We will see if I get to any of the others soon ha

      Yeah, that header I actually made in Paint >.< Very very very very simplistic as it was just text over something lol I am so inexperienced I don't think there is a lot I will be able to do even in Paint let alone Gimp. The Gimp project is for my blog I've not yet written a post in based on Magic the Gathering. Should have already began that blog about 6 months ago heh

  9. Well thank you for including me in several of your lists this week. I am not sure I deserve so many!

    I am so glad you finally passed the candy crush level -- though I worry about how long it will take me when the time comes. We both passed our Candy Crush problem levels -- so success for both of us on that this week! Congrata!

    1. I tried to make it sound like there were like 6 different people and I had such a social week! lol

      Congrats on your level completion too! I can't wait until you hit 183 lol or whatever level it was... I don't respect it enough to scroll back up to find out >.>

  10. I welcome the (relatively) cooler weather, too.

    1. Hello Kristi... I don't think we have ever typed at one another before. Nice to meet you. If mistaken I apologize. Not about it being nice to meet you, but if spoken before.

      Yeah, you get it. Thanks for stopping by!

      Not sure about this whole 2 Kristi situation developing >.<

  11. LEVEL 183?! I'm so completely stuck on level 152 that I'm thinking about bribing a friend who is way past me to play it for me.

    Really looking forward to the review of Urinetown and impressed with your ability to hold yours during the play.

    If you slept that much, then you NEEDED to sleep that much. I took a nap this afternoon (because I NEEDED it), and now I can't go to sleep and it's nearly midnight. It's a good thing it's summer vacay and I don't have to work tomorrow!

    And now I want a DQ Blizzard.

    1. Hey, you aren't too far behind :) Bribing a friend may work lol it's hard to say. Everyone has their little "superstitions" as to what may help them pass a level they've been stuck on for a long while it seems :-)

      Well, I will see if we can get on that review soon. I'm actually more impressed than you know about my ability to hold mine as well!

      Well last week I had nights I didn't sleep at all (like when writing the last entry) and was up until early evening the next day. Once that happens my scheduling (already out of whack) just gets way way worse.

      I hope you got DQ, because I most certainly did!

  12. Thankful for my son, my family, my friends, my independence, the ability to travel, the ability to walk once again, my dog, my home, my boyfriend, good doctors and therapists.

    1. Those are all awesome things to be thankful for!! Thank you so much for sharing :-)


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