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Sunday, July 28, 2013



Cutting it just under the wire today. I’ve been preoccupied doing what I do best: catching up*. Also, I’ve went to the clinic and had some blood taken**, so hopefully they can figure out what may be causing the constant fatigue I’ve experienced since being a teen. It’s easy to peg the reason with  the “you don’t sleep much” explanation. However, even when I get enough sleep it doesn’t seem to matter, and I’ve been getting a ton of sleep lately***.

Let’s see what I’ve come up with during this hazy, sleepwalking week.

  1. I’m sure it’s been brought up before, but I’m thankful for this Blog Hop, which Lizzi has been kind enough to host for the Blogosphere. She should totally tell the Blogosphere “you’re welcome!” and lay claim to her rightfully deserved recognition! But no, she is more reserved and humble than that — it’s not her style****. Either way, it allows that chance to reflect upon the passing week (what parts of it I happened to be awake for...), and mull out the bad by focusing on the good.
  2. I’m thankful that so far no one has had issue with me posting the TToT badge at the beginning of the blog post, rather than at the end, as specified in the hop instructions. I believe it was said they were more “guidelines” than they are rules. However, it is even more possible (and very likely) that that nugget of wisdom comes from Clark and his Wakefield Doctrine. Considering (see what I did there?) Lizzi is one of the Doctrine’s DownSprings, I figure the rule applies to this blog hop!
  3. Also, I’m happy that so far no one has made a fuss about my belated attendance to the hop and their other personal entries over the past few weeks*****. If it was bad before, it’s progressively grown worse with this fatigue spell. I did get to some blogs that I hadn’t been able to catch up on in months, however, so that was nice. This whole topic has inspired me to post about comments (much like one Lizzi recently did******) and commenting — actively, late, and/or never — and reactions/feelings to such. If nothing else, I try my best to be active during the TToT blog hop, prioritizing those with my time.
  4. I’m thankful for Stephanie over at Life, Unexpectedly for the opportunity to make a Guest post on her blog. I’ve been attempting to hammer something out, but it should have likely already been sent in (I forget the time zone differences a lot of the time). Hopefully, I’m not too late! I keep getting hung up on what exactly I should write about, and everything I come up with sounds quite dull/boring; not something that would interest people.
  5. I was thankful to be able to see my aunt this week. She took some time off of work to bring my grandma up to a doctor appointment, so she hung out for a bit before returning to work afterwards. I don’t get to see her so often, even though technically she is there every other weekend when working her second job, which is right down the road from my grandmother’s house.
  6. Cuddles from Crooks. Lately he has been really lovey dovey, and very purry. It’s sweet and we have our bedtime routine, which is sometimes interrupted (and I’m sure it annoys him). What I don’t appreciate is his constantly waking me up over the past week and a half. Perhaps he knows I shouldn’t be sleeping, or that I’m sleeping too much. Yesterday, he was standing on my chest and licking my ear when I woke up. That was new. He only wakes me when needing food (and rarely even then), but these last few times hasn’t been because of that. Maybe he’s just an attention whore...
  7. Hanging out with my writing group. I haven’t been attending the coffee shop/bar hangouts with them the last 2 weeks. I could (still can) only be up for two or three hours before being exhausted and wanting to sleep more. I decided I would just fight through the fatigue and force myself to get out and be social this week. I’m accustomed to doing that (forcing myself), but as I said lately it’s been getting harder to do. It was great to see them after the hiatus, and hopefully it won’t be weeks before doing so again.
  8. More birthdays. This month a friend turned 40, and it was decided there would be multiple parties. The weekend before his birthday he had a BBQ, which I believed I referenced a few posts back. The weekend of I’m sure he did more family related celebrating. This week after, he had a friendly Magic drafting tournament hosted by one of the local shops we sometimes play at. It was a ton of fun! I brought some cake, gifted a card he mentioned he wanted, and slung some cardboard. I did pretty bad, but that wasn’t the point. It was just a ton of fun, and I think everyone involved would agree.
  9. Finally making a Dr. appointment. I’ve only been talking about it for weeks, but I’m a Grand Master Procrastinator; as if this blog hop, daily challenges, and mentioned Guest post weren’t evident enough. The doctor was nice, but a first year (which kind of concerns me), and we arranged to have a handful of tests done. They took four vials of blood so for the love of God they better find something. If it comes up negative for those tests, there are a handful of others I can do. I’m so excited... I forgot to bring up a handful of other complications I’ve been noticing, but there should be plenty of time to discuss them on future visits in the coming weeks.
  10. Last, but certainly not least: I’m incredibly thankful for Joy over at i can say mama nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I can’t express just how happy I am to be nominated, and being able to spread the love to other fellow bloggers. These types of awards are always a lot of fun and I’m hoping everyone involved has enjoyed the interaction it brings with friends — new and old. I noticed some others receiving awards placing them within their TToT blog entry, but I’m going to have to wait and take some specific time to focus on it. Hopefully, it will be this week, and if I can I will try to avoid doubling it up on others who may have already received the award. Thanks again, Joy, it’s awesome to be a part of this!

*This may be very debatable
**By “some” I mean gallons!
***Most of which was against my will
****Also possibly very debatable
*****At least not expressed vocally to where I’ve knowledge of any complaints*******
******Last Lizzi mention... uh... besides this one... damn it
*******Let’s keep it that way, mmmkay? Thanks!

Extra Thankful Bonus:

Last week was the Blogging Book Fair (BBF), which is a blog hop event featuring many authors, books, and giveaways. There was so much going on it was seriously hard to keep track of everything. I was able to sign up for a few giveaways again, and actually won two.

Another from Catherine Stine who you may remember being mentioned in a previous TToT blog entry. I won a copy of “The Eleventh Plague” by Jeff Hirsch. I’ve read there is a cover blurb by Suzanne Collins (writer of The Hunger Games series), which a lot of people cite as to what drew their attention to the book. I’m a fan of The Hunger Games if it wasn’t apparent from my last Trailer Tuesday, and so I’m really curious how this book is. No worries, though, Catherine! Your book will be read before it (preferably the first of the series even), and I will give a stab at a review :) Please don’t get sick of me!

The second giveaway was for an e-copy of “Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology” from Dominica Malcolm. I’m very interested to see how this book is (I believe she has one short story within), and also another she wrote “Adrift”.

So I just wanted to make sure I said thank you for the awesome chances with the giveaways! I could have saved these for next week, but they technically took place this previous one, and I’d only have done it to have an easy 2-3 on my list for next week.

That would be tsk tsk...

I think more will spring up between now and next weekend!

What are you thankful for? If not participating in the blog hop (though, you are more than welcomed!) feel free to share your list below in the comments!


  1. What a fab list. I love it :) And you can feel quite free to crash in as late as you like - the hop's now open til 8am Monday GMT to allow for a midnight closure where K2 is. NO idea what that means for your timezone.

    I so hope the docs get some answers for you from your bloodwork - what a pain not to know what's going on :( But YAY that you got to your writers group (that sounds so awesome, by the way) and the parties.

    Now you've mentioned your appointment - you gotta make one. You're officially accountable now. :)

    Gratz for the free stuff - loving the bonuses, and that when you first started this hop you were so uncertain of being able to even find ten things - such a difference in you now :D

    1. Oh that is nice then. I think 6am maybe would be your time for my Midnight. The time zones get all mucked up >.<

      Well, they better cause I've a feeling if they haven't they will be taking more blood from me. The writing group was awesome, but not much writing got done lol

      I still think I should have saved some for next week just to be sure ;-)

    2. Ha! Get more free stuff for next week and have some more Things.

      Or find your way home The Wrong Way...!

      More blood? Just as well you don't need it, huh?

      Timezones!Who knows? I'm not good with maths.

    3. I will have to think of something ;-) I'm sure there are some things that are bound to popup throughout the week!

      Use a calculator! Huzzah!

  2. I'm thankful this month is almost over. It's been crazy and I'm ready for a little calm.

    1. Awww Patricia :( sorry it's been so stressful, but you are right... only a few more days. Which reminds me I have to pay rent! ACK!

  3. Yay, Jak, you made it! I was starting to worry about you!

    What is it with cats this week? Mine are all over me. And they are hot and furry.

    I hope they took enough gallons of blood that they can get you a diagnosis. You need to keep a running list of questions to ask the doctor. Maybe in your phone? I have to do that, because I NEVER remember them, even when I'm so sure I will. Getting your fatigue under control will help you in so many other areas.

    And congratulations, Mr. Versatile Blogger! I can say I knew you when....

    1. Hmm, I suppose this was technically the latest I've been so far. Soon it may be at the cusp of Midnight cst >.<

      The cat thing is kind of weird. Not sure what his deal is, but the licking of the ear is creeeeepy lol

      I wrote down some of the things, but never brought a slip with me. If I had a smartphone that would be a bit easier, but alas, I do not :-( Someday soon, I am thinking in a month (Sept), I'll be able to afford a plan for one.

      Thanks much! No worries, I won't be famous! lol

  4. Jak yo

    Good Post. Liked the list and there is something about the development at the TTofT that is pretty amazing...and daunting, lol
    The conversations are an awful lot of fun and the metaphors are reproducing like coat hangers!
    I agree that Considerer does not get the recog that she should...I was saying to someone today, the very simplest of things, her decision to run it on a weekend, is something. Hell, *everyone* knows that no one blogs on weekends... oh yeah, they're wrong (or rather self-fulfilling). Shouldn't be surprising but there is a different feel to the weekend crowd compared to the weekday...could be my imagination.
    Yay Considerer!
    Now I gots to get back to the Posts... fun with the cross commenting...kinda reminds me of eating Raisin Bran cereal as a kid. You think you got 'em all and there it is one remaining raisin that somehow evaded the spoon... or something lol

    1. That was ignorance and naievety which somehow worked in my favour, no more, no less.

    2. Yeah, I know a good handful of people that strictly state that they don't post on weekends. Having a hop on the weekend is a good time, because I think most try to post throughout the week. People have plans through the weekends more often than not, and I assume many read blogs when they should be "working" or the like :-)

      The cross-commenting is something I will find easier to engage in when I'm not replying to TToT posts days after the fact >.<

  5. We may make fun of you, but we will never make a fuss about your late post entries. :)

    So glad you are getting yourself to the doctor. That much sleep and fatigue ain't right. I've had gallons of blood taken out of me over the years (sure, a lot of it was donated to blood banks, but plenty vials for testing,too) and you'll survive without your four vials. Hope they find something (simple to fix) real soon.

    Your cat is starting to creep me out.

    Congrats on the award!

    1. Muahaha I don't mind being made fun of :-) as I like to poke fun in return. I do, however, know some tend to take it personally when there really is nothing personal about it.

      I'd imagine you've had your fair share of blood removed :-( even without the donations (which I dunno if I could do heh... though I hear plasma pays well!) I hope they find something too, but it is certain there definitely was no Vit D deficiency.

      Thanks about the award! I hope to get to it this week or next. They can be somewhat time consuming.

      And as for Crooks... just wait until he shows up at your place licking your ear!

  6. What a great list! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. Thanks, and I don't think I've visited yet? But I will!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Congratulations on your award - you deserve it! And yes, always better late than never. I think it's awesome you're in a writing group (something I really need to do). I hope the docs figure out why you're so tired. A friend of mine years ago had chronic fatigue syndrome and it was really hard on her. She did end up getting it figured out so I hope that whatever's going on with you is quickly sorted as well. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much, Kristi! The deserving part may be debatable ;-) but I greatly appreciate it.

      I really hope they find out whats up. I should know this week, but I believe I have to go in again. I really hate visiting the Dr. It's better than the hospital, though, which is the alternative!

      I've been curious about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but don't know much about it. I know they didn't talk about it on my visit.

      Have a great week as well!

  8. I am really happy that you are happy with my nomination! Just take your time with writing about the award and don't stress out about it!

    I really do hope you will find a reason for your fatigue soon! It must be really exhausting!

    Also, you are my partner in crime when it comes to catching up on blog hops and comments and all that stuff! xoxo

    Take care!

    1. I am very much so, Joy! Thank you much again. Yeah, I will be taking my time and seeing how everyone else sorts out theirs as well to avoid some doubling up. I've seen this award months ago and I never saw anyone within the "circle" I communicate with actively talking/awarding it, so it was a bit of a surprise! But no stress... no stress...

      It's very exhausting. I can get 2-3 hours in and all I want to do is sleep. I've been forcing myself to do a bunch regardless, but it's not fun. You'd think working out would counteract whatever is going on, but nope...

      Partner in crime indeed! lol I'm definitely down with that :-)

      See you around soon! I'll definitely let you know when I post about the award too.

  9. Ha! I'Ve been posting the logo at the beginning, too, because I'd forget to post it at the end ;-)

    You're still fine, I simply appreciate getting the post sometime before Wednesday.

    Glad you got to hang our with your aunt, and finally made this doctor's appointment, I hope it's nothing too serious.

    Love the cuddles with the kitty. Once we have the house, we'll get kitties, we SO will!!

    Can't wait to read your post!!


    1. *High-Five*

      I was told there were no specification, so we are all good, plus maybe just a little extra cool for posting it at the beginning, but no need to let the others know >.>

      Steph, as you know I got the post to you and all should be good on that front, even a day early... I do say... I may be getting a hang of this yet...

      I don't see my aunt nearly enough, so I should make an extra trip now and again to visit her while she stays at my grandmother's house. I think she would like that.

      Dr. results should be in. I only received one result of multiple so had to call them up. We shall see!

      I love cuddles in general! We should have a blogger cuddle party! The fact that most seem to be ladyfolk is a bonus hahaha oooooooohman.

  10. Constant fatigue? You poor person! I do hope that you get some answers soon.

    Congratulations on your award/guest post/contest wins!

    1. Thank you Kristi :-) I was surprised to see I had been nominated.

      I avoided going to the clinic for a long time, so I'm hoping it's nothing major!

  11. I hope you get your fatigue issues figured out. It is good to finally book a bunch of doctor appts. and deal with responsibility. Heck, that might make you feel better too. Just sent the Plague book to you, speaking of illnesses :)...
    It looks pretty kick@ss. Plus great cover art.

    1. I know, I know...

      The fact I pushed things off for so long doesn't bode well for the long-term. Possibilities of worsening the issues are very likely. I will have to suck it up.

      I just got a voice mail as I was typing this up and it was the clinic so I hope the nurse just called me back!

      Thank you again for the giveaway opportunity. It's pretty crazy I've won twice with those you've hosted. Nothing wrong with that, though. I do agree about the cover!

      Have a great week!

  12. Hooray you made an appointment! I am so sorry I am always so slow replying to your emails...you can send crook over to me I want a cat, I am slowly adopting a stray cat. She will be mine hrhrhr...I really hope they can fix you up tho.

    It is my birthday this friday ya welcome to join :D

    1. POKE! *Hug* Well, as you know there is no need to apologize to Slowplay! It took me weeks before figuring out I hadn't ever gotten back to you :-(

      If I sent Crooks to you, that would almost certain seal the deal of you overtaking an entire country. I'm not sure I can handle having that on my conscious! From there it wouldn't take long before you advanced on the entire world!

      Oh sweet! Happy Early Birthday! Just in case we aren't around (and I'm sure you will be super busy), and I would totally come. Footing the bill for the plane ride? lol


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