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Tuesday, September 3, 2013



It seems that the holiday weekend made my days get a bit off kilter. I thought it was Monday today, and I wasn’t looking to do anything but catch up on some fellow blogger action. This weekend got very busy, but it was a lot of fun spending time with family and friends. Surprisingly, though, there was no grilling. Considering I sometimes post one minute to midnight (though I’m sure it’s seconds to midnight once in awhile), it’s likely no one would have ever known just how close I came to missing this week’s Trailer Tuesday post! But let me tell you… it was close…

Last week, during The Butler, I saw a handful of trailers I’d never seen, so I’m going to share them today. Some are even associated with that Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) I mentioned. While I get back to replying to comments on earlier posts and blog hop around, take a moment and check out these following previews and let me know what you think.

Finding Vivian Maier (Sept 2013):

I think this documentary (highlighted at TIFF) looks really interesting. It would be crazy to make a discovery like this and it really makes you wonder about said individual. What was their drive? Their thoughts? Is she currently rolling in her grave over this film? Hopefully some of these questions are answered. This may be a very limited release if not straight to DVD/RB/NF release, but I’m really interested in checking it out!

Runner Runner (10/4/13):

Before you see his run as Batman, catch Ben Affleck flexing his asshole bad guy muscles. I hope his bat suit doesn’t have nipples on them… Anyhow, back on task, this movie looks okay. Not certain I’ve any interest to see it on the big screen short of a $5 ticket. I like what I’ve seen from Justin Timberlake in terms of acting (I still want to see In Time), and have nothing against Affleck, just not an extremely interesting storyline for me.

Dallas Buyers Club (11/1/13):

Another TIFF entry. This is one of two trailers featuring Matthew McConaughey today. Never been a big fan of his, but this movie (and the other) look really good and I think it would be nice to see him in a role where he isn't a surfer-like burnout, high school girl stalker, or romantic heartthrob. Granted, these are only the roles I personally am familiar with seeing him in. Not that all of them were bad performances at all, though I did skip most of those romantic comedies, I just feel this one looks a bit more interesting. I rarely see Jennifer Garner in movies anymore, or at least ones that become blockbusters, nominated, or the like. Then there is Jared Leto who I didn't even recognize and am pretty excited about being in the movie.

The Book Thief (11/15/13):

While this movie looks really good, I fear the trailer may pretty much show you the movie in close to it's entirety. At least most of the major plot points. I may be mistaken, and it doesn't change the fact I would be open to attending this movie while it's in theaters. It will likely depend on what all is out during the same time frame, which given the holidays and other announced releases — like the selection below — it may be a tough sell for me. I'm not very familiar with Geoffrey Rush, but what I have seen I've really enjoyed. He is the only actor I recognize out of the cast and maybe that is why I'm not as overly stoked to give the film priority over some of the other options available.

The Wolf of Wall Street (11/15/13):

This is a movie trailer that some of you may already be familiar with. Originally when starting my series I pushed it off for 3 weeks, and then forgot about it. I was trying to place up previews of movies with sooner release dates. That and usually big budget movies generally have two or three trailers associated with them. Thought I'd finally get it up and share it, in case there are a handful that haven’t already seen it.

The Wolf of Wall Street is one I'm really excited to see. I like a majority of the actors involved with the film and I imagine the performances will be amazing. My only concern is that Martin Scorsese and I have a love/hate relationship. His movies have generally been hit or miss with me, but the real scarring was over The Departed of which I loved the original (akin to Old Boy, another movie getting a Hollywood makeover). It, in itself, was still really good, but the more Hollywoodization of the movie just irked me some. On the other hand, I loved Casino, Goodfellas, and Shutter Island a lot! So I have some faith I will thoroughly enjoy this one, with the cast involved and from what I take away from the trailer.

August: Osage County (1/2/14):

The third and final TIFF trailer, and the last for today's post. This trailer was shown during The Butler and with the cast (it's been a long time since seeing Meryl Streep) I have a feeling this movie has a lot of potential. Julia Roberts, however, is one of my least favorite performers. I'm not sure of the reasoning for this. Maybe I need to actually watch Pretty Woman or something? Either way, I don't allow this to completely discount seeing any of her movies, some of which I thought were really good.

With Ewan McGregor, Benedict Cumberbatch, Juliette Lewis (another I haven't seen in ages), and Sam Shepard it's pretty hard for me to pass up this movie. In general, I try to see more glitzy movies in the theater, but with the current letdown of blockbusters (and the fact I'm attempting reviews) I think I'll be widening that genre-restrictive mentality. This has already begun considering... well... I went to see The Butler.

Did any of the highlighted movies interest you? Do you know any prolific photographers whose art you enjoy? Have any opinions on Matthew McConaughey, or any movie recommendations that he's in? Are you a fan of Martin Scorsese films? Do you have an actor you can't stand and avoid most any movie they are involved with? 


  1. OH god stop showing me movies I will forget to watch...they are so good.

    I really want so see Vivian Maier and the Book Thief, and the one with matthew what's his face i am too lazy to scroll up. he looks super scrawny.

    I used to hate Leonardo DiCaprio, but since blood diamant I really like him. I haven't seen any movies lately....I only just saw Robo Cop...cough

    1. I think both of those movies look good, but Finding Vivian Maier more so and hope to catch it when in theaters if it hits our local independent theater.

      I forgot to mention in my little blurb how scrawny he looks in that movie (Dallas Buyers Club), but it's still not as bad as Christian Bale in The Machinist. That just creeped me out. Not sure how he didn't die while filming that movie...

      To be honest, I used to loath DiCaprio. This was also the case with Brad Pitt. Then there are movies that completely change my perception of them. DiCaprio was likely Romeo & Juliet (though it took me a looooooong time to even contemplate watching it since he was in it) and Brad Pitt was Fight Club.

      Hey, Robo Cop is a classic! The reboot/remake is coming soon... it was pushed back to 2014, though, so may hint at some bad tidings.

  2. Vivian Maier looks good. I wonder if it will show at the Lagoon or the Uptown theater? I also wonder if I should see if I can sign up for email reminders about shows playing at those theaters so we don't miss them? Hmmm.

    I would also be interested in the Dallas Buyers Club and August: Osage County.

    1. Hmm I am hoping so, that would be pretty sweet. I agree about the other movies too. Some being more prone if able to sneak in a 5$ viewing...

  3. The Book Thief might be worth a watch once it's on DVD. The August Osage County one looks like it could be fun, but again on DVD. Thanks for flagging these up :)

    1. I think it looks good, though I still think most every important aspect was highlighted in the trailer. I more than likely won't see it unless nothing else is out (which is unlikely) and I can see it cheap. I've definitely no qualms to waiting for a rental.

  4. I thought the same about the Book Thief trailer. It seemed like it could be fantastic, but I feel like I already know what happens. But who knows, it could have some major surprises. But I doubt it. :)

    1. I feel like the show most of the important parts. I'm sure there are some things to be discovered within, but thinking I will find out view Netflix ;-)


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