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Tuesday, September 17, 2013



Tonight’s movie trailers are a bit on the underwhelming side for me. I may have interest in one or two of the selections, but even then I may wait to watch them via RB/NF. Some may be a bit obscure, and I’d like to think it never hurts to have a little added exposure. Perhaps there will be a hidden gem for someone who may have otherwise never known/heard of the movie before. Sometimes I even find them myself!

The videogame trailers, however, spark a lot more interest. Especially Call of Duty, as I’ve been following along with the franchise for years now.

The Last Days on Mars (9/19/2013):

This movie interests me. I’m not too sure about it’s release date, but it was marked September 19th, 2013. The date, however, was listed as a UK release, so perhaps it will be overseas first and not be in the US for some time. I like Liev Schreiber and haven’t seen him in much lately. I get a “zombies on Mars” vibe from what I see, with the infection and depiction of it’s effects, but who knows. Has this been done already? Ghosts of Mars? It’s been so long I can’t recall what all that movie was about...

Gravity (10/4/2013):

Another space movie coming out — one receiving a ton of advertizing — but despite the cast who I really like, I have almost zero interest in seeing this movie. Sure I will watch it on RB/NF perhaps, but that’s if there aren’t any better selections available. I don’t know. The director has done some movies I’ve liked (Children of Men, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), and maybe my perception of what this movie will be about is off, but I don’t think I can sit through potentially two hours of Sandra Bullock drifting in space. If I get some strong recommendations from friends, perhaps I will give it a shot. Until then, I have no plans on seeing it.

Big Sur (11/1/2013):

There seems to be a surplus of movies this past year or two highlighting famous authors and their lives. Not exactly sure any of them are accurate, but some seem pretty good. This is one I feel looks decent. I have to admit, I know close to nothing about Jack Kerouac and while these films coming out portraying his life may not be the best option to learn, it may inspire me to look more closely at him and/or his work.

Homefront (11/27/2013):

I’m pretty hit or miss with Jason Statham. Loved Snatch, but could barely get through half of The Transporter. I guess the scale leans ever so slightly to the positive end of the spectrum. Now James Franco? Definitely like the majority of the movies he’s been in! Not exactly sure that will be enough to draw me to theaters, because beyond him being among the cast it looks like a staple Statham movie.

*     *     *

Grand Theft Auto V (9/17/2013):

Grand Theft Auto V was just released today. I’ve only briefly played any of the GTA games. My brother is a huge fan of the franchise, so I would play now and again when he would be. I never much got pulled into the game like he did, but this was a good five or more years ago. This probably isn’t a good sign, but as I’ve aged I have played more games similar to it and find them quite fun and absurdly hilarious. Considering many of my friends and brothers like the franchise, this will likely be the first in the series I buy and actually play.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (11/5/2013):

Now this franchise I’ve followed along with for years. I missed out on some of the very first installments, but once I got a taste I was pretty much sold. There are two divisions of Call of Duty games and I think each have their own pros and cons. Each year they change things up (like game mechanics/game modes) a bit, but in general it’s the same game over and over. Over time they have shifted away from the constant WWII setting. This has helped, but various changes like Dynamic Maps and Character Customization should be a real breath of fresh air for the franchise. I’m skeptical about the new Canine Companion. It could be really cool or really annoying. Time will tell I suppose...

Did any of the highlighted movie trailers interest you? Does the trailer for Gravity intrigue you enough to go see it? Do you have a favorite Jason Statham movie? Are you a fan of the Grand Theft Auto and/or Call of Duty franchises? If so, will you be picking up the new release for either?


  1. I agree in that none of these movies pull me to watch them in the theater. Perhaps it can gain NF status after our current queue.

    1. Yeah, I think the one movie that I have any interest in won't be released here for a while possibly.

  2. I would watch Last Days on Mars. It reminds me of Europa Report, which, by the way, was GREAT!

    1. I think I've heard of Europa Report, or maybe there is a film studio/production company named Europa? Either way, I will try to look into it

  3. Here is the info on Europa Report from Rotten Tomatoes:

    1. Thanks, I will check it out! Can't help but notice Sharlto Copley!


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