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Sunday, September 15, 2013



Okay, two hours before Sunday ends, and I’m just getting started on my list and I’ve only been able to visit two or three blogs (and catching up on past TToTs on top of it). Where did I go wrong? I used to be so up and prompt with all this Thankful stuff!* I haven’t really been online much all week. I have been productive and figuring out some shakiness on the workfront, but I hope it’s just a minor hiccup.

Lots of girlfriend time, though, and I’m certain that is what most of my list will revolve around. So let’s get to what I’m thankful for this week…

  1. Random conversations with strangers (admittedly not always categorized in the “Thankful” department). This occurred last week, but as I was picking up the grounds around my apartments an older lady walking her dog struck up a conversation as she was passing by. She asked if I owned the place, and I explained I only maintained the grounds and lived on site. She expressed how great the property always looked, and that some people in the neighborhood never seem to care. It was a great compliment (and maybe I was already Thankful for this, but it never hurts to re-remember! After talking about family heritage, work anecdotes, and her dog attempting to bite me when I went to pet it, they were on their merry.
  2. As I said above, I’ve spent a lot of time this week with my ladyfolk** and without divulging any sort of sexy-time schedule***, which grandmotherly sorts tend to find distasteful, I just wanted to say that I’m very Thankful for the time we’ve been able to spend together****.
  3. My girlfriend being able to handle my smartassery (most of the time…). I’m a smartass. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it (well maybe a few butts). Sarcasm isn’t generally a liked quality for some, but I do feel it has it’s place and is an art that can be crafted and honed over time. Sometimes this backfires, and my only hope is it’s known I am not being serious. Though, I admit there is a fine line between joking with sarcasm and slipping into the negative realm of being a prick. Hopefully I don’t fall into that category too often…
  4. My girlfriend being okay with my completely random singing about pretty much anything and everything. I’m uncertain if you’ve ever watched How I Met Your Mother, but I feel that I share a singing quirk of one of the major characters (Marshall) of the show. The singing/songs are usually made up and nonsensical. In the past, this has likely been pretty annoying for some of those frequenting any prolonged amount of presence with me, but Kate seems to be completely okay with this. That’s awesome!
  5. This weekend my girlfriend not only cooked dinner (curry) Saturday evening, but also cooked breakfast (apple cinnamon pannenkoeken, turkey bacon, eggs, english muffins and orange juice!) on Sunday morning. Okay well, dinner was at like… 11:00pm and breakfast was at about 2:30pm. We are really bad at timing meals! Either way, they were both very delicious, especially the hearty breakfast!
  6. Before eating breakfast, Kate brought me to the Farmer’s Market. It was the first time being to one, and I was a bit nervous, but it was awesome. So many fresh fruits (though seasonally not much variety) and vegetables! I’d definitely like to go back (maybe even buy a thing or three) once I know I will be able to actually consume the produce in a timely fashion before it spoils.
  7. Overall, I am extremely thankful for a lazy weekend. We passed up attending Renn Fest, going to a movie, and she turned down attending a baseball game. It was nice to just keep it low key and relax together.
  8. Standing up for myself. Some major events this week — oddly, come to think of it, this was a stressful week...— included some work issues. They contacted me out of the blue saying I owed them a pretty big chunk of change. This was based on rent and bills I supposedly hadn’t paid (some over 8 months old). Well, I have always paid my rent (and the one phone bill they asked I pay) on time, and had documentation of such, though bank statements shows they never cashed the checks. That is an incredible annoyance, because I do technically owe some of that money, but why was this brought up months down the road? Then there were the charges on the ledger they sent me that seemed to come out of thin air. So when breaking everything down about what I owed, and that the mistake wasn’t on my end, and questioning the phantom charges, they agreed with my records and (I think…) we came to an understanding/agreement. Monday will tell...
  9. I’m Thankful I figured and hashed out all my medical insurance problems. I may have already been Thankful for this, but it also deserves repeating. That shit can be a real nightmare and I dislike any problematic circumstances dealing with such!
  10. Finally, I’m Thankful for the cooler weather. Fall is my favorite season and it is fast approaching! This weekend, especially, has been much cooler and it makes for lovely evening walks. I’m excited and hope to find a day, when the leaves are changing color, to go on a roadtrip for some nature photography.

*11:59pm cst Saturday evenings…
***Which is ALL the time
****You’re welcome Christine…*****
*****Don't fucken bust my kneecaps!

Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop!


  1. Awhh what a sweet list, it gives me the fuzzies!!!

    It seems like things are looking up over there, great to hear and please ask Kate to send some of those Pancakes my way. Thanks a lot!!

    1. Hey! They certainly have been over the past few weeks.


      I will see if she can Fed Ex some >.>

  2. Farmers Markets are AWESOME Jak, and I'm glad you enjoyed your experience. And Kate's cooking, which sounds epic. And lots of time spent together.

    I LOVE that you sing randomly. I do that, and often need telling to shut up when I've sung the same line/verse of the same song for hours on end (intermittently).

    The random convo with the old lady sounds sweet.

    And YAY! You made it in time :)

    1. The Farmer's Market was really cool. So much food goodness and for reasonable prices. I mean baskets full of veggies for 2-5$ The watermelons were the only overpriced item I saw I think.

      Whew, if she wasn't good at cooking I dunno I'd be all "adios weird lady!" except... totally not >.< I wish I could cook, but all I can semi-cook is breakfast and only eggs haha which are easy. Nothing fancy like she does.

      Hey! If we ever visit one another we can drive everyone nuts with our random singing! Fortunately, the gf doesn't seem to mind and may even enjoy it?! Crazy!

      I will "try" to be earlier next weekend, but I have an event to attend Sat so no promises...

    2. Adios weird lady?! Am I really that weird? LOL?!

    3. Adios weird lady? Remind me to give you an extra tap on your rear end after work...

    4. I hear an echo...

      ... ...echo... ...

  3. Kate is good for you. You've come out of your box several times, thanks to her. And go, you, for standing up for yourself at work. And how fortuitous that you have a record of all those transactions! Hopefully by this time today, it's all been sorted out; otherwise, I might have to come up there and KICK SOME BUTT. Or send Lizzi to do it. I'm all talk.

    1. Dyanne, you've been doing a whole lot of big talking this weekend! Is this the second post I've seen you say you are going to go kick some butt??

    2. Thanks, she seems to think so too >.> We shall see muahahahaha... but yeah, you are probably right. There were some hardships in the building blocks, but hopefully it pans out over time.

      As for work, they never got back to me confirming they got anything yet and it's already Thursday... soooooo...

      Get ready to KICK SOME BUTT! Christine will train you!

  4. Awww what a sweet list. It made my heart melt a little lotta bit.

    Of course I can stand your smartassery sarcasm... and you usually know when I won't put up with it. *wink* And I LOVE your singing. Don't ever stop. It makes me smile.

    Poke the Rock - if you ever make your way to the Twin Cities, I will make you a Pannekoeken. We'll have brunch!

    Dyanne and Lizzi - Thanks for the compliments. <3

    1. Awwww little lotta bit!

      What if it was Lizzi and I both singing different random songs?!

      I think I'm supposed to go to Germany. Besides Stephanie has a couch there with my name on it... or a guest bedroom O_o

      I kind of maybe sort of know when it's not a good idea to be so sarcastic...

    2. :)

      If you sang different random songs, I may just request that each of you sit on either side of me -- one for each ear.

      Well let's go to Germany! I can be down with that.

      Oh you'll master it... muhahaha.

  5. ...love the asteroids*

    (Dyanne "...I'm all talk." yeah....right (Mutual of Omaha guy voiceover "...mother lion seems to be napping while her cubs play nearby... Jim decides to go and try to tag the young lions.")

    good deal on the documentation...I am terrible at record keeping, and facing down someone (like you describe) is something I can do...but I have to get my mind right before, if I hope to vanquish them...nice work.

    * a malapropism that has stuck with me for way too long... the guy meant to say Asterix, of course...

    1. I love Asteroids too >.>*

      I bet Dyanne would kick someones butt if they ever messed with family. I wonder if she keeps her nails filed to razor sharp claws...

      With money I try to be very thorough and on top of things, even if I don't have much of it lol There is just a growing list of things going on that begins to wear on me in the situation.

      *I totally meant Asteroids...

  6. Nice list. Glad you made it! Always nice to read a man's perspective. The meal timing part was hilarious. We don't always time meals all that well at our house either.
    Linda Atwell - Out One Ear

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Linda :-) Don't delve too deep into my perspective... It's a Trap!

      If you want I can give you or steer you towards some info on making a hyperlink so that people can just click right on the link instead of copy/paste to venture back to your blog.

  7. Aw, you remembered. Thank you for the discreetness. (Although, you can get rid of the "grandmother" bit.) :)
    Kate really has gotten you out of the comfort zone you put yourself in. Very good! You enjoyed talking with strangers, stuck up for yourself (with documentation even!), went to a Farmer's Market for the first time...loads of good stuff!
    Sarcasm and singing are both wonderful in moderation. :)
    Glad you made it in this week!

    1. I've found that the grandma title is a whole lot easier to swallow when it is actually accompanied by a grandbaby. I certainly don't feel old even to be a grandma, but I'm loving having a granddaughter. However, given the context of this post, I am a grandmotherly type. :-)

      As for sarcasm, our family rule about humor is that if you have to say "Just kidding" it probably is mean, not funny. We find plenty to laugh about, though.

    2. Well, it's kind of mutual I think we bring one another different aspects that help get one another outside of the comfort zones. Though, my comfort zone is so easy to snuggle up into...

      I hope the work stuff gets better, it should all be taken care of.

      I try my best to keep it all in moderation... sort of.

      Awww come on you two... nothing wrong with being grandmotherly! I can see how having a grandbaby would make that a whole lot easier to take in, though

      That sarcasm/humor rule is probably a really good rule to employ!

      Hope you both are having a great week :-)

  8. Well done with the cooking...

    An yay for 'sexy time' lol.. never anything wrong with this at all!!


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