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Wednesday, October 23, 2013



Back a few weeks ago (XVII | 10 Things of Thankful | XVII) I mentioned being inspired by a picture a friend drew for me. It came at a moment when I was on the fence about continuing the blogging or going on a hiatus. Even this coming NaNoWriMo seemed threatened. I wanted to share the picture, though if you are friends on FB you’ve already seen it I’m sure. I love it, and I just need to look at it if ever feeling negative about my writing (or lack thereof). I miss him and his wife. They moved to England years ago, but hopefully someday there will be a reunion.

Now onto the darker side of things. Obsessions. I like to call them passions, but it’s pretty subjective…

Below is part of my Magic the Gathering Collection. The majority of the boxes on the bottom are five-row boxes. The rest (in the back) are 4-row and 3-row boxes, while some 2-row are on top of them all. Almost all of these are plump full of Magic cards. Some contain supplies (a variety of sleeves, deck boxes, life-counters, etc), but the bulk is just cards. The 5-row boxes can hold up to 7k Magic cards, so those alone 77k, including the 4 and 3-row (just in this picture) is easily pushing 100k+ cards. I will share some more pictures, and detail random factoids throughout.

Only part of my beautiful collection!
  1. My tiger blanket being used to hide my Crooks-Clawed love seat/couch. It’s usually in the bedroom and is what I use to lure all the Fair Maidens to the Chamber of Love.
  2. The “Iron” Throne.
  3. Crooks’s table, otherwise known as Crooks’ Domain or Casterly Crooks.
  4. Various playmats I’ve accrued from playing Magic the Gathering.
  5. The box I have used to carry all my decks in to Magic Nights and casual events with friends. We are talking since high school. It’s my thing.
  6. The box I carry the playmats in #4 in. The 3-row box below it is the only empty box in the picture.
  7. Cards being sorted.

There are even some more cards in the hutch...
  1. Lamp that almost started my place on fire months ago that I’ve been slowplaying throwing out.
  2. My trade binder that I finally added cards to. Took me years to buy a binder for the purpose of trading and then longer to put cards in it. I still haven’t made a trade, and I likely never will. Would rather sell, and even that hasn’t happened.
  3. Stacks of cards I plan to gift.
  4. Crooks Deodorizer.
  5. Crooks Fur Remover.
  6. A LEGO creation.
  7. Don’t be fooled, that single row box is full of Pokemon cards!

This is the rack I store most of my collection on, tucked away in its own little world...
  1. Sealed product I didn’t want to move into the living room for the sake of taking pictures. Less moving means less chance of damage.
  2. Sealed Booster Box of Planeshift. Shame it wasn’t one of the more popular sets.
  3. Mage Knight dungeon pieces I felt would work perfect for running a D&D campaign with. I had lofty ideas of starting up a game with friends/family long ago, but never came to fruition and I never tore the pieces down.

I have others that were acquired through buying collections back in the day...
  1. Close-up of a playmat I received for attending the Grand Prix Mpls in 2012. It’s a huge event and I went 6-3. One less loss and I would have made Day 2, and possibly even been in-the-money. Would you believe I was even slowplayed during the tournament?
  2. Close-up of a random playmat someone let me borrow at an FNM (Friday Night Magic) event. I love it since it’s labeled as being “foil”, which is the type of card I obsess about the most. He left before I was through and I never saw him afterwards at any other FNMs, so I hold on to it until next we meet!

Besides Magic, I have a few other obsessions… like:

Don't judge!
  1. Half of my 80+ unopened Xbox 360 games collection.
  2. The other half…
  3. Random trinkets.
  4. A row… stuffed… with stuffed animals and like-objects.
  5. Shirt I bought for my friend’s recent wedding.

So there you have it… Not so wordless, I apologize.

Do you have any passions obsessions?


  1. I quite enjoyed this peek inside your lair. I may do something akin to this one day. :)

    1. Thanks Becky! I would say you most definitely should.. Everyone deserves a good lair lol

  2. That is a great drawing! No wonder you like it so much.

    Holy cow with the cards. Why so many? I've never played, and the only knowledge I have is from my boys' Pokémon cards. I know you put different decks together each time you play, (maybe?) but there's no way you can use 77K cards. Of course, I'm not a collector or a gamer, so I could never understand. Don't feel like you have to try. I'm glad you shared a bit of a look-see into your life.

    1. That drawing is awesome! He is constantly making random doodles (most involving wolves it seems) and posting the on FB.

      Yeah it's over 100k. I'm nuts, I know, but the guy commenting below me is jut as bad, if not worse! He has one crazy detailed filing system that I can't even mimic if I wanted to. Many of the card are bulk, meaning they hold no real value outside of mass quantity (and sometimes barely then). Others, however, range in prices of 1$ and under up to 300$. That is just in my collection. There are cards worth over 5000$, but I've never held one. Kind of akin to baseball cards and comics; select ones are valuable.

      I honestly don't need so many, hence the attempts to go through and separate pure bulk and sell it off. I'd likely use that (or would have...) to buy more collections and repeat the process, but having no car means I'd have to probably focus the funds in that direction.

      Some hesitation of trading/selling off cards is the see-saw nature of the game, where one moment a card worth 20$ is then worth 4$, but one with worth 2$ is suddenly 25$ and so on... As I explained to my friend Corry, though, for the most part junk is junk and it will never flux in any value to the positive.

      I'll start my MtG blog someday, and probably share more or my valuable/favorite cards, not that you'd want to see haha

      Glad you enjoyed the glance!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry for the deleted posts, i was doing some troubleshooting on why posting from Chrome doesnt work. FYI, click on the little cookie at right end of the address bar, click on show cookies and other site data, click on the blocked tab, and allow cookies from blogger.com. problem solved (or you can turn off cookie blocking, but i dont recomend that)

    Anyway! Jak, its good to see your collection, its grown considerably since the last time i saw it!

    And would you like any more 5 slot boxes? i have 6 of those, and a 4 slot box im not using anymore if you want them.


    1. GAH! It sucks it won't let me remove that second posting! DYDS!

      That is really odd about the Chrome and such, but I think I'll be leaving my settings be, considering I have no issues of that nature. Just to be safe...

      It's definitely a bit crazy, but as we spoke, I hope to dwindle it down some. We will see how that goes on this bazzillionth attemt to do so.

      I do! Even if I don't use them right away, I was mopey last week cause I couldn't get a ride up to the shop where I have some store credit to buy some 5 and 4 slot boxes. I think I eventually, with pulling out what I may sell, figured out how to manage with the boxes I have, but am always welcomed to more if they are in decent sturdy condition :-)

    2. Yup, they are in great condition. I will hold on to them until next we play again!

  5. 100 thousand cards..........unbelievable! And I thought the few thousand baseball cards I used to have was alot. My passion is Walt Whitman with Osho sprinkled over the top.. A mystical melange that transports ones spirit to realms of eternal bliss....sheer magic. And of course a little cartooning on the side.
    -Baruch Splendens

    1. Yeah it's kind of sick... I don't want to know how much more than 100k it is. I will be documenting them after completely rearranging. I had planned to do the count and then separate the bulk, but that would be silly. Best to separate the bulk as I go along and just do separate counts. All adds up the same, but not going through them as much.

      Baseball cards are where I started :)

      Whitman I know (and reminds me of Breaking Bad due to just finishing up the series), but don't believe I'm familiar with Osho? May have to check (it/him/her/them?) out.

      Congrats on being my first "Anonymous" and not even spam haha Thanks for stopping by!


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