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Tuesday, October 1, 2013



The Art of the Steal (9/11/2013):

This movie was already released, but I hadn’t come across the trailer until last week. It looks to be a Canadian release, so I’m uncertain just when it may show in theaters in the States. I like a good majority of the cast, especially Kurt Russell. Something about that Jay Baruchel guy weirds me out, though. He is so scrawny. That aside, however, I think this looks like a good movie. Nothing really original, but may prove to be entertaining. I’d even chance a theater viewing.

Big Ass Spider (10/18/13):

I couldn’t help but post this. I really like Greg Grunberg (of Alias and Heroes) and I recognized his likeness on the poster before looking up the cast. This looks like an over-the-top, campy movie that you aren’t meant to take seriously and one that even pokes fun at itself. It reminds me of Eight Legged Freaks, which I haven’t seen yet because honestly spiders creep me out! At least this movie only focuses on one Godzilla-sized spider? This is definitely one I will be waiting to see via RB/NF.

Diana (11/1/13):

The first of two movies featuring Naomi Watts. While I’ve never been to drawn to her, I am curious how she does in this role. I know very little about Princess Diana, aside from her tragic final moments, so at first I assumed this was entirely fiction. It is also nice to see Naveen Andrews in a substantial part outside of LOST. As it is, most reviews seem to be fairly negative. Another RB/NF title for me.

A Case of You (11/6/13):

Oddly this movie has conflicting release dates. Supposedly it was released (or was supposed to be) in April 2013. I’m assuming it was pushed out, because the trailer is new. Either way, Justin Long was once in the limelight, but has since drifted to the sidelines. He’s been in a handful of movies recently, but none of them have garnished much attention. This looks like a decently cute, romantic comedy, but I fear it will be cliche. Nothing I’d rush out to see right away. Some of the content within the trailer resonated with me, though, and once it’s out of theaters I wouldn't mind checking it out.

Sunlight Jr. (11/15/13):

Another drama featuring both Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon. There is also the added bonus of Norman Reedus! The performances seem solid across the board and I would definitely like to check it out. Again, once its released on Redbox/Netflix.

Need for Speed (3/14/14):

Finally an entry I’m really excited for! I’ve never really played the Need for Speed video game franchise, but this movie looks badass. Sure, the trailer may just be really well done, but it sells me. Seeing Aaron Paul in the lead role is also exciting. Being a fan of the The Fast and the Furious movies, I’ve already seen people draw comparisons and claim that this rips those off. I think Need for Speed will be different, and the fact is the games were out long before The Fast and the Furious movies. Should be some great cars, racing, and action! I’m highly anticipating this movie and will definitely be seeing it upon release.

Did any of the highlighted movie trailers interest you? Any thoughts about Diane? Ever play any of the Need for Speed games? How do you think the movie adaptation will be?


  1. loved need for speed...vrroom vrromm into the wall!

    it is the only movie i'd like to see from the list. the others haven't really caught my attention but then again if every movie would...i wouldn't have time to do anything other than watching movies.

    1. Haha I pretty much always hit the walls/railings in racing games. They were never my strong suit, but I loved Wipeout, I think it was? Never much played NFS.

      This list was a bit underwhelming... but I have to share all variety of trailers!

  2. So...Big Ass Spider....yeah. Eight Legged Freaks isn't that bad....especially compared to Arachnophobia - that THAT was a scary-ass movie.

    1. I may have to check it out finally. Now, I agree with you, and I loved Arachnophobia. I've wanted to watch that again for so long, but I think that internal understanding of the fear I may experience for weeks after has always kicked in...


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