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Tuesday, October 15, 2013



True Detective (Jan 2014):

This is an HBO Original series. I caught the trailer a few weeks back and thought it looked really good. The trailer itself is really well done, and the two main actors are sure to be solid in in their performance. While I’m a bigger fan of Woody Harrelson, the pairing of these two should offer some great moments. Having just wrapped up Breaking Bad, this is one I’d love to add to my viewing line-up! The trailer cites January 2014, so this is still a few months out, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait. With the possible taglines of “Darkness Becomes You” and/or “The World Needs Bad Men”, how could it not be?

Out of the Furnace (12/6/13):

I picked the second trailer for this movie, because I liked it better and it seemed slightly less spoiler-ridden. Looks like a great cast (again Harrelson is in the mix), but I’m mostly interested in seeing Christian Bale outside of his Batman role. I believe this is his first feature film since doing that trilogy. Whitaker seems to be making a comeback? I hadn’t seen him in much for a long time. His performance in Lee Daniels’ The Butler was excellent, so I’m excited to see him pick up better roles. I’d be very interested in seeing this in the theaters if getting the chance.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (12/25/13):

I’ve seen all of the currently released Jack Ryan films: The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and The Sum of All Fears. I liked them all, but became most familiar with Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Jack Ryan, which is a character featured in a series of novels — which the movies share the names with — written by Tom Clancy. I just found out he passed away earlier this month. I always thought it was amazing how he had no military training (and supposedly never stepped foot inside a submarine) when writing The Hunt for Red October, which launched his career. I fear what his departure may mean, though, for this movie and following franchise. I believe he was working with this project, but I’ve read it’s only tie-in is the Jack Ryan character and that it isn’t based on any specific Tom Clancy novel. I won’t condemn the movie before seeing it (I like the cast), but I am torn if I will bother seeing it in theaters.

I, Frankenstein (1/24/14):

The first time watching the trailer I thought of Underworld, then I saw it was produced by the same people and that likely explained why. I like the darker tone/style of the Underworld movies, and it is present from what the trailer shows, but something makes me afraid I, Frankenstein will be… I want to say hokey, but that seems wrong. Silly? Gimmicky? Gah! I can’t think of the word. Maybe if it were rated R I’d take it a bit more seriously? Perhaps Van Helsing scarred me too deeply. This movie could surprise me, and be nothing close to the ridiculousness of Van Helsing, but I’m not paying top dollar to find out. Redbox/Netflix it is!

The Invisible Woman (2/7/14):

I don’t have a whole lot of interest in this movie. It looks like a decent period piece based on Charles Dickens. I believe Ralph Fiennes is the only actor I recognize from the cast, and I’m more curious of his directing chops. The only other movie he has directed, to my knowledge, is Coriolanus, which I believe is a modernization of Shakespeare’s play. I never got around to seeing it, though it looked interesting. Beyond that, however, there is no real draw for me here.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron (5/1/15):

This is just a teaser trailer released over the Summer, but this movie isn't out until 2015. I loved The Avengers, and so it goes without saying I’m extremely excited for the sequel. I still have to catch up on Iron Man 3, and see the upcoming Thor and Captain America movies first, as they are all now apart of the same universe. Marvel seems to be doing it right, and perhaps DC will try to follow suit, but we’ll see how that goes. This sequel should be pretty intense — full of the same comedy, drama, and action mixture of the original. I can’t wait for an actual full-length trailer to be released. Perhaps next Summer?

Did any of the highlighted trailers interest you? Do you think you will check out True Detective? Do you have a favorite Jack Ryan movie adaptation and/or actor portrayal? Are you excited for The Avengers: Age of Ultron?



    Out of the Furnace looks good too. I am in the mood for action movies lately.

    Still need to watch more superhero movies though.

    1. True Detective will definitely be on the "watch" docket!

      I agree, and wouldn't mind seeing in the theater. As for superhero movies, we only need to turn to Netflix (for the most part).


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