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Saturday, October 12, 2013



I took a week off as I’ve struggled with thoughts of a hiatus. One with an undetermined time frame. Originally, I thought a few weeks. Come back, start fresh, catch up if able, but not worrying if unable to — much. This is me we’re talking about here…

Then I realized NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, and the likelihood of me being able to blog and write 50k words in a month seems pretty impossible. If I was going to take any sort of hiatus, that would be the optimal time to do so.

So I’m going to attempt a double post weekend, but don’t get your panties in a bunch because it doesn’t amount to the same degree of those who generally double post. It’s simply me catching up to where I should be at. That and I am a little OCD. At least with my own blog series I can control which week I am on as I post them. The TToT keeps on truckin’, whether I am around or not.

Fair warning: I’m not going to bullshit, I may not be able to hop around (and I’ve still not replied to comments from two weeks ago) with everyone this weekend. At this point, I’m just attempting to get words on page, because come November my doing so will be focused in another direction. Sort of. More explanation on that sometime this week. Let’s see if I can actually crank out 20 things I’ve been thankful for these past two weeks.

Round One:

  1. My grandmother. I’m always thankful for her, but it bares repeating.
  2. On that note, I’m really thankful that her health has vastly improved from the weeks prior. She has been having some ups and downs, but it appears she is on the mend.
  3. Even though he can be a complete pain-in-the-ass, I’m thankful for my brother. He has been helping me make my weekly Grandma Day visits while I’m without a car.
  4. Three weeks ago (and I believe I forgot to mention before now) my brother got a flat tire during one of these outings. Although he was upset, he was able to get the spare on, find enough money for a new tire — his cost a pretty penny — and still brought me over to our grandmother’s house with no complaints. Well… about dropping me off that is…
  5. The Blacklist. Since Under the Dome wrapped up a few weeks ago, my grandmother; girlfriend; and I debated a new show to watch together. The Blacklist won and so far it’s a pretty decent show. I really like James Spader, and it’s all about spies and espionage. My cup of tea.
  6. Coupons. After years of telling myself I would eventually get into the habit of using coupons, I’ve finally crossed over to doing so. It’s surprising how much you can actually save when you shop smart. Whodathunkit? However, no extreme couponing for me!
  7. I’m thankful my girlfriend helped ease me into the couponing stage. She can be quite gentle and persuading… when she wants to be…
  8. Getting to see some of my gaming friends. I have so many different circle of friends now that it's hard to divvy up time between them… is what I would say if I had a car and were able to go out… Two Thursdays ago, however, my brother and I were able to go out to one of the local card shops to game with friends. Our appearance at the event — which has been rare lately — was a surprise. It was a ton of fun, and it was great catching up with people.
  9. I’m also thankful that I did pretty decent at the event. I tied the first game and won the two after. The atmosphere is laid back and casual, but it’s always nice to know you can still win a game or two.
  10. I'm thankful I got myself to write this (and hypothetically another tomorrow…) when it seemed almost certain I would go my second weekend without doing so. Unfortunately, come November, it may be four weekends without…

Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop!


  1. I am grateful for coupons too. Money saving!

  2. Glad you get to coupon, that your grandmother is much improved and that you've had time to catch up with your friends. All wonderful things.

    And all the best with NaNoWriMo (or whichever the heck one it is) - that's a huge commitment, and I quite understand you needing to focus. I am in awe of anyone who has the tenacity to write so much :D

    1. Thanks, Lizzi, I was relieved all turned out good too.

      Like Steph said, it's National Novel Writing Month and it was spearheaded me blogging essentially.

  3. Please share your writings of NaNoWriMo! I love that you are watching a show with your grandma (and girlfriend), and that you go see her so frequently. Reminding me that I should make time to see my grandparents again (after the sickness has completely passed).

    Go couponing!!

    1. *Hug* Steph, it feels like it's been so long :-(

      Well, I haven't touched last year's NaNo story since Nov ended. Don't recall even taking a peek. It's a shame, because it's one of the many stories I'd like to complete sooner than later.

      For some fiction I have my fiction blog (can't recall if you've seen it or not) with the piece I began after NaNo (and the piece I may explore more this Nov).

    2. Also: I hope you've been able to visit your grandparents and you are feeling better.

  4. dude...good to see you here, at the land that X Chrome Rules!

    I will not let myself go without writing a Post for more than, 3 days max. I wish the reason for this was cool, like 'other commitments' or 'demands of work' or 'the toll taken by the demands of romance'...but alas the real reason is I am afraid that I will forget how.... lol (please keep in mind that writing for me is one of those skills that we were all taught when we were young but did not keep up, like, I don't doing full rolls on the parallel bars or solving a quadratic equation).

    anyway, good to 'see' you around.

    1. Well, I fear if I do the same I will find it way too easy to avoid coming back and it's a fear about this Nov. My hope is that considering NaNo last year got me started with blogging that it will breathe new life into it (me) again. When I took that week/half break, it was a lot harder to do this TToT business. I'm so slow and for me it's very time consuming to read (sometimes very lengthy entries, which I can't complain about, because well... this is me we are talking about...) and comment and visit all the other entries.

      It can be easy to forget "how", but I'm guessing blogging is akin to riding a bike.

  5. I, unlike Clark, will take a needed break from time to time. I find it refreshes the soul, even though it does allow readership to drop a little. If my writing doesn't flow naturally, it isn't worth my publishing, as it won't be funny in the least and only bore people to death with the endless rambling. Still, taking a break is a personal choice, and I admire those that can do it endlessly with a tremendous amount of shock and awe! I, too, tend to be on or off with coupons. It really depends on my income of the moment, which is a terrible way to create a habit. Still, time in hunting them out and such has to be available. Good job!

    1. Hello Rich,

      I don't think I've seen you in these murky waters before, or I can't recall... I know I've seen some guest posts (or vice-versa) between you and some other regulars.

      My hope is for that refreshing affect... I agree if it's not flowing and/or cohesive and comprehensive, then what's the point? I've fallen off the track of keeping up on the more important blog topics (of a personal nature) months ago. The break will prove very beneficial or very destructive.

      As for the drop in readership, I don't mind all that much. I don't have exactly a strong "following", which I was hoping to post about some time ago. I think I garnished my first new "follow" or two a month ago after about a 3+ month lull of nothing.

      Basically, I'd trust those few who are in touch now will be the ones that will be in touch later, and if not that is okay too.

      I'm a pretty simplistic coupon user. Some people fine them everywhere, but I literally use the flyer or pamphlet that circulates in the mail. Beyond that I have nothing. There is something to be said, though, about wanting to products that are being couponed too...

    2. the*

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I am thankful that you made a thankful post! Glad your grandma is doing better and that you're able to visit her often (sometimes brothers are GREAT). I like James Spader, too (LOVED him in sex, lies and videotapes). I watched the first two episodes of his new show and liked it, but I am not good at keeping up with stuff like that. Coupons can be amazing. Just have to remember that you aren't really saving money if it's not something you would have purchased in the first place and only did it because you got a deal (my grandma was famous for doing that). I like restaurant coupons the best. I don't know a thing about gaming, but obviously, you do and you're good at it.

    1. Thanks Dyanne!

      I was Thankul for getting my (double) list up, but never got to participate in the hop.

      Well, you can always keep up via online streaming if missing an episode or five, no? I like him a lot too, and I'm sure I've seen him in many movies (without realizing it, or being familiar with him at the time), but I largely recall "discovering" him from "2 Days in the Valley". I thought that was a really good movie.

      Kate it signed up to all those Amazon/Groupon resources for the great restaurant deals!

  7. Glad to see you back, Jak! I almost flipped when I saw it pop up on Saturday!
    Glad to hear Grandma (Can I call her that, like she's my grandma? I feel like I know her.) is feeling better. It is scary when a beloved elderly person gets sick.
    Sounds like your brother is a real gem, carting your butt all over town. :)
    Congrats on the wins! I hear those gaming nights can be quite intense in the competition aspect. Sounds like yours is loads of fun, though.
    I rarely use grocery coupons anymore. When you buy mostly produce and dairy products, there aren't many coupons to use. I used to be very good about them, but it was before all those extreme couponers ruined it for all of us. There are so many more restrictions on coupons these days, we can't get the big deals we used to.
    Good to see you again. Good luck gearing up for NaNoWriMo. (I can't read that without thinking Mork and Mindy.)

    1. Two weeks in a row I planned to beat multiple people, and this week was the closest, but sleep overcame me. Soon, though, I hope. Soon. I'll have you shitting bricks in no time!

      Thank you, she has been a lot chipper lately and it's great!

      Well, it's on his way to work, so he isn't THAT awesome! And he refuses to bring me just about anywhere else >.< lol I'm pouting...

      This gaming tournaments (at least at this location) is very casual fun/friendly. The big tournies, though, can bring out some real pricks. I as complimented by almost everyone I played with at the Grand Prix (big tourny) last year, whether winning or losing, for my sportsmanship!

      I used to never use coupons, but I'm not really sure why. I'm sure being lazy was a huge factor and that I never cooked and ate out/fast food all the time...

      I loved that show! As for gearing up... well, here's hoping. Thanks!

  8. Coupons are amazing -- and you're welcome. But yes, as Christine warns, they are only good deals if you would normally buy the items. Though, I like to think that coupons help with food planning for the week!

    I am enjoying The Blacklist. I still say it reminds me of Silence of the Lambs some, especially some of the characters and their roles.

    1. It's true. I buy a LOT of things I neither use and/or open... I have a problem lol

      Well, I agree to an extent, but Spader's character is exponentially more invovled... and you know... doesn't eat other people ;-)

  9. Good news about your grandma!

    I'm not as good about using coupons as I used to be, but I do love saving money on things I would buy anyway.

    1. Indeed, thank you!

      It's true, I'd imagine everyone loves saving money, so it's a wonder why more don't use them. There is an odd ambivalence or something about it all. Same with rebates where I've heard many people never bother with them although it's money...


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