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Friday, February 22, 2013


Last week my family said goodbye to my uncle. Things seem calmer, but it's likely because everyone is going about their grieving in different ways. That and the fact I am not in close proximity of most of my family anymore. We aren’t talking states away, but I have a very small radius of travel; something I want to change sooner than later.

I spoke of another loss, one hopefully salvageable. It pales in comparison to a death in the family, but it's an important matter, nonetheless.

Before getting to that, though, I will start on a lighter note...

Sunday, February 17, 2013


So this past week was another rough one. There were no sudden bursts of wanting to run into seclusion, but rather a chain of unfortunate events leading to loss. The two most prominent weren’t necessarily directly linked, but associated in the background.

One irreversible, another salvageable (or at least I tell myself); both healthy, in terms of allowing growth if handled correctly. If being honest, I can’t say if I will handle either in the best way, but I plan to try.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


-String-of-10 FIVE Flash Fiction Contest-

This will be but a brief interlude. I wanted to post a contest taking place that a fellow blogger (Shannon @ The Warrior Muse, check her out. Like... not her, but the blog more specifically!) highlighted today in their new post.

This is the contest: String-of-10 FIVE Flash Fiction Contest It is being hosted by Flash Fiction Chronicles. There is a deadline of 2/9/2013 11:59pm PST. Sounds like they also offer a variety of prizes, as well. Click the link to check out the details!

It seems pretty interesting, and nothing too complicated. The biggest challenge, for me, will be trimming things down to 250 words. That is, if I can convince myself to partake, which I am attempting to. The main reason being, once looking at the key words to use, I had a story instantly come to mind.

I like the idea of the contest, and the necessity of using specific words. If you glance down below on their posting, you will come across the previous winners of the contest. Some good, quick reads.

It looks like the contest began on 2/3/2013 12:01am PST, so we are already halfway through. That's a bummer, but this is Flash Fiction people! I don’t even necessarily know what that means, but I am pretending it is something along the lines of short and sweet! A spontaneous flash!

So, I am hoping some fellow writers I know, and/or random bloggers/readers that happen to come across The Cryton Chronicles will enjoy checking it out.

Get those juices flowing!

This blog entry was 280+ words. I am so screwed!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


So after avoiding a moment of complete withdrawal from the world, things have been chugging along decently. I haven’t shut everyone out, and I'm not journey-bound to a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere to live a life of seclusion... yet. To be honest, if I had a partner and learned a bunch of that awesome survival stuff, that may not be too bad. Maybe a pet dog too, unless I could tame a bear. Or both. Both would be best. A PANDA BEAR!

Anyhow, thankfully things have calmed some and I’ve been attempting to focus on other things. Things like working out, writing, and thinking about trying to possibly find a job. That last one is probably the most important. Time is ticking.

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