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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


BEDiM 2013 : DAY 1

(A Blog Every Day in May 2013 Challenge Entry)

So right out of the gate I almost fall behind on making an entry. I guess this is partially due to the fact that the very first question isn’t an easy one for me. For many it may be childsplay, but for someone who doesn’t remember chunks of his past — and rarely talks about it — it’s a tough one. I’ve noticed a few bloggers I’ve visited use a lot of pictures. You won’t exactly have that perk here, but it’s for the best; trust me.

I suppose I will start out each post with the assigned prompt for the day.

Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph... no one will be counting your words... probably)

I, Jak: A Memoir

One cold, blustery Winter eve, a baby named Jak (but not) was born. His heart was golden, but his soul was torn. He was the most bestest, cutest runt that you ever did see. He was a badass who had his first puff of a cig at the tender age of three.

Rumor has it, he checked into Stonerville around that same time. Breaking into his parents pot brownies with little fear of the crime. No need to raise a ruckus, no harm no foul. At least I can say I experimented with drugs younger than most, with a howl.

Eventually, time passed and I was confronted by the Big Bad Wolf. Now it seems sometimes trauma makes my memory disappear in a poof. But still Little Jak grew, he learned, and he dreamed. Someday he would become a writer, overcoming his vile writer’s block as futile as it seemed.

Struggles with Good and Evil would sometimes surge deep inside. Most often, Truth and Justice prevailed and cast Darkness aside. Now his soul seeks out love and light. Two attributes he would continually deny and put up a good fight.

Sometimes the words Jak speaks can be a bit confusing. It’s a shame more don’t know Jak Speak, but it’s all so amusing. There may be a link in the past explaining why this is how he came to bloom. Hushed rumors whispered he’s tripped on acid in the womb.

I’ve also a cat named Crooks.

The End.

True Story.

So The May Challenge is Underway

Hopefully there are little tidbits to be found in there (and I didn’t just imagine them). Definitely not a full blown life story, but enough of one, given the 250 word count. I’d like to think I took a unique approach.

I hope the prompts get easier! Otherwise the above statement will be my catch phrase. Okay, who am I kidding? It already is one of my catch phrases.

Either way, it’s on! Let’s do this!

Did you enjoy this partial life story? If doing the Blog Every Day in May Challenge, was this question hard for you?


  1. Well written and yes, I enjoyed! :)

  2. You've also WHAT a cat named Crooks?!

    1. Are you trying to argue with me? lol ;-)

  3. Loved it! I totally signed up for the May challenge just now so I was late too...lets hug it out!

    At the age of three I might have been drunk...my grandpa always gave me some beer...

    1. Awesome! I am glad you are participating as well :) Looking forward to reading your posts (already read the first two Days worth)

      Three is the magic number!

  4. I am impressed with the way you did your memoir post. I never thought you'd be able to keep it to around 250 words. :) And you did it creatively, too.
    Good luck with the rest of the days of May.

    1. ACK! Was that a joke at my expense? lol You are right, though. Keeping it around 250 words it a real challenge. I have had very minimal practice (I have a flash fiction post on my fiction blog that had to be 250 words or less), but I can do it... begrudgingly.


  5. Too fun! I love this 'intro to you' post. I'm sure most people will approach it with a boring slant on something like a bio. I love that you took it an entirely different way. Good luck this month, I just went to read her blog & check out the prompts...whoa, some would be nearly impossible for me to write. I hope you kill it!

    1. Thanks Jenn :) Yeah I kind of went a different path. Glad you enjoyed it! I have a feeling a handful of these prompts won't be as easy as I thought. Like Day 1 and Day 2 (something I am good at? haha)

      I think you mentioned you were doing something else for May, but if not you should check it out!

  6. Sounds like a great way to be dedicated to blogging...perhaps I should try it! I have a question. How do you get the "follow this blog" widget on your blog? I've looked everywhere to put one on mine and googled how to do it, but I'm coming up with nothing.

    1. I think you SHOULD totally try it, Alyssa :) I noticed you said you sometimes forget you even have a blog, but after the challenge it may not be so easy to forget.

      Hmm "follow this blog" ? Like the email link or... the Google/Google+ Jakker Tracker sections? I believe all the widgets like those that I use were in the Blogger widget "layout" options.

      Or if you mean Blogs I Follow it is a widget called a Blogroll I think. Then you can add which show up on the Blogroll highlighted on your page.

      The other things like the "like/share" additions were coded and I had to find them randomly online.

      Feel free to contact me via FB, if this isn't what you were asking or having any other questions. I'll do what I can to help!

  7. Wow, pot brownies at three...you were definitely precocious ;)

    I can't even imagine doing my life story in 250 words. That's actually a pretty hard prompt, because it would take a while just to construct what you'll include. I like your approach to it!

  8. I know... I'm pretty hardcore!

    Yeah 250 was a bit restrictive (at least for me) so I went with just a segmented bio.


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