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Sunday, May 12, 2013


BEDiM 2013 : DAY 12

(A Blog Every Day in May 2013 Challenge Entry)

Last night was a great time at a friend’s Bday party/BBQ gathering. Played a game called Dixit. I love that game! I will have to purchase my own copy, and maybe an expansion, soon. Though, Cards Against Humanity is the game I want most. That card game is all sorts of wrong. Make sure if you play it that it’s with people that aren’t easily offended. That’s all I have to say on that.

Today’s prompt:

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...).

Well, technically I feel like this is something I just blogged about during the A to Z challenge. My “N” post on Nostalgia went into some aspects I missed from my childhood.

There are always more things from the past to be reminisced, though...

Moving to the Country

On the way out to to our friend’s soiree, Stonewall Dahl (nickname in progress, but I think she likes it) and I commented a lot about the scenery. This would be in Mound MN, and we passed a lot of lakefront houses — many of which were for sale — as the city itself (or the area) seems to be surrounded by multiple lakes.

I’d only been out there two other times, once at night and the other I think I fell asleep; both times in Winter. Now that the snow has melted and greenery springing to life, I was able to enjoy the beauty of nature on the drive. I remember an exchange between us on the way, where Stonewall commented on the houses and land. Some of the houses looked amazing, and we figured that even the smaller estates would be expensive as hell.

She stated how beautiful the scenery was, at the same moment we were passing what seemed to be a more swampy area and I was thinking how someone could — or already had — hide a body out there. The location, while populated, seems strangely secluded. Maybe this is just because of the abundance of wilderness. Anyway, not to distract from the importance of the terrain and all the beauty it offered, but I couldn’t help but laugh at our different trains of thought.

Hmm... wonder how creepy that comes out? I just have this odd thing of wondering what would happen if discovering a body. Thinking along those lines almost always brings Stephen King’s Stand By Me to mind. Then I wonder why the hell my new writer friends (okay, maybe a select few) seem so against seeing it. I don’t believe I’ve read the novella, but I love the movie! Anyhow, I just think about what would come about from finding one. How would I react? Would I become obsessed with figuring out who they were and what happened to them? Just odd thoughts.

The conversation lead me to memories of my childhood and all the time I spent exploring the woods; both with friends and alone. I love nature. Living closer to the cities now makes it a lot harder to enjoy. There are patches of wildlife here and there, but nothing like the country. While it doesn’t quite compare to the journeys traversing uncharted territory, I also miss just walking around lakes.

Back in high school, woods and fields were our home away from home. They were our battlefields, our forts, our land containing countless unheard of treasures — it was just buried somewhere — our sanctuary from the mundane where our imaginations could roam free.

So all of this made me very nostalgic about those adventures. Once upon a time I was called Nature Boy (okay... this was maybe a self-appointed moniker... I can’t recall), and I would have all sorts of experiences. The more my imagination got out of control, the more exciting.

Perhaps I will share some of those random adventures sometime.

For now, I just thought I would share another piece of the past that I miss. Luckily, this is one aspect that I can bring back into my life at any given moment. Just get up, make a short jaunt out to the country, and have an adventure.

Maybe eat me a lot of peaches along the way.

Have you ever played Dixit or Cards Against Humanity? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Ever have random thoughts of coming across a body somewhere? Have you ever seen Stand By Me? Are you a nature lover, and/or enjoy exploring unfamiliar wilderness?


  1. We lived in Mound for two years...

    1. Yeah I don't quite remember much of that time frame. White house or apartments? Or both? Was that where "Killer Hill" was?

  2. I love being outside in the wilderness. I want to do more of it as soon as this cast is off I am ready to get out ans explore. I want a partner for this of course. I love camping and hiking.

    As for the bodies, I bagged and tagged dead animals when I worked at the vet hospital. Whether they died of old age or had to be put down. It was hard to have to be a juggernaut in making sure they all made it to and from the crematorium. I counseled many grieving families. Thru final wishes whether they wanted a clip of hair from the pet a paw print in clay a special container for the cremains or some comfort in talking about their pet or a copy of the "Rainbow Bridge" poem. It was hard and rewarding at times. Some things like that don't leave you. I almost cried or straight up balled everytime I lifted the door to put in another pet in the freezer. I kept my composure for the client, but everytime I clipped hair or gave away another poem. I held it together they left and I cried. I think I cried soo many times at this part of my job I had no tears left for years. I don't know what a human body is like, but pets even when gone radiate love. I think that is why they have c short lives sometimes, pets are born knowning how to love. They don't have to learn a much as we do about it.

    1. Yeah, you ever rough it in a tent. I think most camping I've ever done was in a camper heh.

      Not sure I could handle doing that job without losing my composure. Pretty sure I would cry and that wouldn't be good. As for the body of a person being found? No clue. Meaning more so if I don't know them of course. I figure that was in context above, but just in case.

    2. I have only ever camped in a tent and in bare bones cabins (meaning bathroom elsewhere) I have even backpacked into camps. I like that. That year and a half of crying is probably where my Vulcan inability to cry appropriately was born. It is also from the meds. As for how finding a human body would effect me after this job. I would probably approach it in a clinical way or it might just cause me to flashback to all those animals and make me cry.

    3. The tent sleeping I've done has been outside friends places, or I suppose music festivals, though I usually don't sleep much during those (as if I sleep anyways).

      It is possible you would lash back, but I would believe it would be a bit different. Though, if it were a child/baby I think the reaction would definitely be along those lines.

  3. Ack!! Are all my favorite movies based on Stephen King works??? For all these years I thought I wasn't a fan of King, but come to find out I am!
    Growing up, we lived in the back of a new neighborhood. With only four houses on our dead end street, which backed up to a small patch of woods and a creek, we were outside all day long, having one adventure after another. Plus, there was a bike path through the neighborhood, so we were off riding bikes, exploring the new houses being built, and enjoying childhood every day. We had so much fun.

    1. Muahahahaha you <3 the Stephen King! Exxxcellent. I wonder how many others there are that you aren't aware of.

      Yeah I believe you mentioned that dead end road. I want to say I also lived on a dead end road growing up. Maybe in Kindergarten or 1st grade time frame. Hmmm... I don't recall if there were woods or the like, though. No bike trails where I grew up in the country either, I don't believe. Sometimes the fields would have paths, but otherwise it was all untouched.

      See, my friends and I would probably be the ones trespassing on the properties being built >.> acting like little angels... <.<

  4. I spent a lot of time in the woods by myself too! (Especially between ages 12-14).The woods behind our house was a vast 300 acres, which is plenty big enough to explore without the fear of getting too lost. I grew very familiar with that woods after spending so much time back there. One spring day, I even fell through ice on a pond. That was not a good day... It's okay though. I got out. (obviously). I never worried about discovering a body, even though I was very familiar with Stand By Me, and a girl I knew DID stumble upon one just a few miles away. It was a car wreck that you couldn't see from the road. I was always, for some reason, expecting to stumble upon an abandoned baby that I could then adopt. Maybe that says something about me... I'm not sure.

    1. Wow 300 acres?! That sounds huge to me. I would so get lost lol I think the most we had was between 3-6 Acres.

      Glad you got out of the pond. That would have scared me enough to avoid going on the ice for some time.

      Yikes, how did that affect her? Did they figure out what had happened to the person?

      That is an odd thing to want to find on your journeys. Not an animal companion, or treasure... but an abandoned baby to adopt. Awesome :) Can't say that ever crossed my mind!

    2. As far as the baby goes, maybe I watched The Jungle Book too many times. LOL.

      The girl who found the body... It affected her, though she seems pretty normal these days. It was actually someone who had been missing from the area and was the dad to a kid we all knew. It was surprising and not surprising at the same time when she found him. If it had been me, I am not sure how I would react. I'm good when I know I'm about to see a dead body. I'm not sure how I would deal with seeing one unexpectedly.

      And, as for the ice. I DO NOT ice fish. LOL

    3. Awwww Jungle Book is good, though :) Did you ever watch Disney's Robin Hood? That was my favorite.

      That is a shame she had to experience that. Maybe better her than say... the father's child. I dunno. Obviously best if it never happened in general. So it was like a missing persons case? Those always intrigue me and I always want to go on the hunt to find them.

      There is definitely a distinct difference between being prepared/knowing you are about to see a dead body and just happening across one. I am glad with my job I've not yet randomly come upon one. There were 2-3 times I thought I may.

      Screw ice fishing! *high five*

  5. love the country side, i wonder what it would be like to find a body now and then and how i would react. It is always good to have a plan, even for situations that most likely are never going to happen...right?

    1. I agree! Not a bad idea to have a game plan, but not exactly sure that is something you can really prep yourself for.

  6. Dude, I'm sorry I've been so nowhere lately. I just wanted to say that I'm just now catching up on your BEDiM posts, and I cannot BELIEVE you have the energy and enthusiasm to do the daily-blogging thing for a second straight month! I would have died!

    But seriously, way to go - and this here is just another example of how you can churn out a Deep Thought about ANYthing, and have it come out as meaningful and profound as if you'd spent two weeks polishing it. You are PHENOMENAL, dude, and all of this relentless bloggery has me totally psyched to read your fiction (when you deem it suitable for the public eye, of course!) Keep up the momentum, buddy - you are on a red-hot winning streak!

    1. TEX! Welcome back :) It's no worry, I read your post stating you'd be on a momentary hiatus and all. Hope things have been good and that you get up a post sometime soon.

      I may be nuts trying to blog every day for another month, and it's kind of cut into my fiction time (just like April), but I feel I could continue with both if I put in a little more effort. So hopefully I will the second half of May.

      Thanks so much, you are awesome :) My fiction can be found on my second blog (what little I have up): Dreams in the Shade of Ink any comments/thoughts/critiques are welcomed as long as constructive. I will be making a post specifically for the blog once I feel I will be more consistent with it.

      Hope to catch you around soon!


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