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Monday, May 13, 2013


BEDiM 2013 : DAY 13

(A Blog Every Day in May 2013 Challenge Entry)

Well, yesterday's trip down memory lane opened an option for the next entry in the May challenge. The mention of dead end streets reminded me of a place I lived, which was also on a dead end street. Now, my memory may be muddled and it’s possible it wasn’t actually one. My mother is likely to chime in if not. I’ve already highlighted this childhood memory loss topic enough times that it doesn’t bear repeating. Unless that counts. In which case, perhaps it did.
Today’s prompt:

Day 13, Monday: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

Thieves in the Night

When living in the house mentioned above, which my memory perceives as being a dead end street, I did a handful of devious things. Devious for a little kid. Okay, things I thought were “cool” and “exciting” and “naughty” perhaps? Work with me.

This apology goes out to the next door neighbors we had at the time. Once upon a quiet Winter eve, my brother and I snuck over to their property to steal some Christmas lights they had decorating their house. For some reason, I recall them as being a family good into money, but that may be a complete misconception. I do recall having a crush on one of their daughters, though. That’s right... Dabble Jak started young. She was quite a bit older than myself, but age is but a number!

Anyhow, perhaps this was vengeance over a forbidden love not allowed to come to fruition. More than likely we just wanted to be sneaky. If I could recall some neighborly disputes it would make things juicier. I could see my brothers and I engaging in espionage for the sake of family. So my brother and I (whether more were there, or not, I can’t recall) snuck over to the neighbors to steal some of their decorative lights outside their window.

It was their living room window, and we could see the family inside watching TV together. This made it all the more exciting. I was definitely a lot more daring back then compared to now. I can’t recall how many trips and how many lights we took, but we viewed the mission as a success!
So this is a public apology to that nameless family I can’t remember, and a possible lost love. I'm pretty sure they already received an official in-person apology, though...

Mr. Snow Frost

This is also an apology to a Snowman I will refer to as Mr. Snow Frost. You see... the next day we celebrated our thievery triumph by building a snowman. The weather was just right for a snowy creation. We built it in the yard down by the road, and we had the perfect decorations to spruce up our snowman. Screw coal! We had ourselves some Christmas lights to use as eyes and buttons!

As we were finishing up, a car pulled up alongside us. It was a cop car. The officer stepped out and asked if our parents were around and we said they were in the house. He strode up to the front door. Were we busted? Had our master ninja skills betrayed us at some point during the previous night? There was a quick realization that sunk in...

Shit just got real.

One look at the Mr. Snow Frost and it was known what had to happen. There could be no witnesses. He has to die. And so... we killed him. Killed him and crushed the stolen contraband underfoot; mashing them up with Mr. Snow Frost’s remains.

The cop was indeed there for us, having been reported by the neighbors claiming they had seen us taking the lights from their house. I still believe they just made an educated guess. I'm assuming we were always mischievous, and I want to have faith in our young ninja abilities. I can’t remember, but I would assume we were made to go next door and apologize for taking the lights.

So this is also an apology to Mr. Snow Frost. His life was ended prematurely, and was solely the victim of our dastardly deeds. If only I could turn back time and do it all again... But, who am I kidding? I’d do it all the same.

An Afterthought

I’d also like to apologize to a friend, who’s name I can’t remember, for an event that also took place during the time frame of living at that house.

I swear it was a dead end street, because I remember playing in the ripped up tar at the end of it in the Summer when it was all like... hot and melty? 

Anyhow, one day my friend was biking up and down the road, and we apparently had made a game of taking turns doing so. The one not riding the bike would throw a Nerf football at the biker, trying to hit him; once succeeding, we’d alternate.

He was much better than I. I just never seemed able to hit him and he would laugh and laugh and laugh. I was never so good at throwing things. That being said, however, I have an uncanny ability of throwing something when it's to achieve an “evil” end.

What I figured was, if I couldn't hit him directly I would attempt a different route. The way I saw it was, if I could throw the Nerf football into the bike spokes it would stop him in his tracks. I wasn’t sure, but I was certainly willing to give it a try.

As it turns out, I was right. Not only did it stop him, but it flipped him and the bike over. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Luckily he wasn’t hurt too bad, and we remained friends.

I apologize old friend. For using you as a guinea pig in my science project. It was, however, a successful experiment. You mad bro? But seriously... I’m sorry. And I am so not laughing about the memory as I type this... at... all.

I guess I aim to misbehave.

Have you ever had to apologize for some devious act?


  1. yes it was a dead end street, you guys were really young. I can picture the house but not where it was...I believe Jay (Shauns brother) lived in the basement....

  2. Haha, good apologies. Someone tried to steal our Christmas lights, but failed. They were all connected. However, that attempted theft led hubby to rig up a bit of a trap in case anyone tries again. He rigs it like that every year now. Part of me wants it set off...

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. I really want to see it go off too! That sounds awesome. You should trigger it while recording it all! Or set someone up to do it >.>

  3. I apologize for stealing the band aid, when I was a tweenage. I only had one injury I didn't need 24 band aids. I have apologized to this one man so many times I suspect my apologies any further apologizes would seem empty or fall on deaf ears. I will never be sorry enough for all the damage I did. It will haunt me for eternity. The pain I caused and hurt I inflicted and the lies I told were truly awful. His need to be away from me is a deserved punishment. I except full responsibility for what I have done.

  4. Tee-hee. I often wonder about the fun I would have had with some of the people I know now, if I knew them way back when. I was a good girl...who always had a mischievous side. I enjoyed being sneaky -- the thrill of not getting caught. My friend and I were ALWAYS playing in our neighbors yards when we shouldn't have been. Every time they told us no, we did it more. Ahh the joys of childhood.

    1. Yeah, that is an interesting thought. I wonder if people I am friends with now would have been good friends when children. I'd like to think so.

  5. As a well-known cop's daughter, I was too scared to do too much. I did go with some friends to TP a teacher's house. It ended badly, though, when some of the kids I was with yelled for us to run. I was a driver, and when my passenger (my now-husband) didn't return to the car, I assumed he jumped in with someone else. When we got to the designated meeting point, we realized he was left behind. He will never, ever let me live it down.
    You would get along beautifully with my brothers. One was (and is) a most mischievous lad. (And lived with my mom in Kentucky, not with my policeman father) One of the worst things I remember him doing is, on a country road next to some woods, he and his friends waited. They would put something long (like a small log or something) out in the middle of the road, that an oncoming car had to run over. Once the car went over it, they yanked the log off the road and one of them would throw himself down in its place. The poor driver would stop, get out of his car, and think that he had run someone over.
    Glad I know you well enough to know you don't mind long, rambling comments. :)

    1. Oh that is right, you've mentioned that (cop's daughter). LOL That is hilarious leaving behind your husband like that. Poor guy, I wouldn't let you live that down either. You are lucky he stuck around! ;-)

      Yikes, I suppose as a kid I would have done those kinds of things with your brother. Hopefully he wouldn't still pull the same prank (except maybe on friends/family...) nowadays. That would be super mean! I'm all grown'd up now! Honestly... I swear it!

      I definitely to not mind long, rambling comments!

  6. I am not sure I ever had to apologize for a prank ...but i might be in denial. I know i stole all the 100 lollipops my dad brought home once...ahem

    1. There is a joke there, but not sure we "know" one another well enough for me to go that route Ha! :)

  7. Oh, boys are so naughty! It wouldn't even have occurred to me to steal someone's christmas lights. But, really, you had to turn on your snow man, too? Shamefule :)

    The worst thing I ever did was kick snow on my friend who had fallen. I was wearing ice skates and I clipped him in the head, and he started bleeding. I apologized, and had to repeat the apology over and over when my parents found out. I still feel bad about that one!

    1. ACK! It's all fun and games until you clip someone in the head with an ice skate and draw blood! Sheesh!

      Mr. Snow Frost HAD to die. No loose ends.

  8. This had me laughing. I probably should have apologized to the guy that I clipped over his eye with a rock when i was about 8. Then again the principal paddled my butt and sent me home. He deserved it! At least his eye worked afterwards.

    1. ACK all you people making others bleed!! What is up with that?

      Thanks for visiting Shanique :) I will try to make a stop over in return tonight when I get home.


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