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Monday, May 20, 2013


BEDiM 2013 : DAY 20

(A Blog Every Day in May 2013 Challenge Entry)

Doesn’t look like an easy out this time around.

Today’s prompt:

Day 20, Monday: Get real. Share something you're struggling with right now.

Technically, I suppose I could refer back to the multiple posts about self confidence or money, but I will attempt a different topic. Which to choose, which to choose. So many struggles and life issues.

The Long Way Home

While I usually hang out with my brothers on Monday, after hanging out with my grandmother, tonight I had to call the evening short. I was attempting to write my blog at my brother’s place, but all I got out was the above. Something was feeling off. It was stuffy, I was feeling excessively tired, and just the overall atmosphere wasn’t sitting well with me.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun time when arriving. My five year old niece had called me up asking when I’d be coming over, because we were going to grill. It was really cute, and I look forward to seeing both my nieces on Monday nights. They always ask me to watch their shows/movies with them and I feel bad when I turn them down. Whether to write, game with my brothers, or some other random reason. I need to focus more time with them when I visit.

Tonight I actually watched some of their shows with them, but soon after felt like I best hit the road. I was leaving a good four to five hours earlier than usual. The risks are already increased with me driving at night, but being this tired even more so. Best not push my luck. Especially with thunderstorms passing over again.

First I had to make a pit stop to my grandmother’s to pick up my watch and slap bracelet I left over there earlier in the afternoon. It was a quick hi and bye, and then I was back on the road again.

During this time of year they love doing a lot of road work, but luckily almost all of the construction being done is farther South than anywhere close to me. Except tonight it seems. On the way home, one of the major ramps I take looked to be closed off. I had already passed up familiar alternate routes, so I took the only exit available before my needed ramp.

I’ve always been curious of the road. That may sound odd, but I have used the exits before and after and am quite familiar with them. This exit, however, I’d never taken. It would be an adventure I figured. Find out where the heck the road led to. It was between two exits I’ve taken time and again, I would be able to find my way to one of those roads simple enough.


There was one road I thought I knew right off the bat, but I bypassed it thinking that the current direction I was going would do well enough to get my to my destination. Again, I was wrong. I eventually came to a “T” and what was that in front of me? A lake. Long Lake Road should have explained this all to me, but you know... whatever. Long Lake Road apparently turns into Valentine Lake Road. Fancy.

I knew going right would take me out of the way more so I chose left. Never mind that “Road Closed Ahead” sign off on the side of the road. It would be made more prominent if it were closed, right? Yeah, no. So I took a journey down this lake-side road, curious as to where it would bring me — secretly hoping to the main highway.

The area seemed rather nice. From what I could tell through the downpour in the dark. There was definitely some kind of development taking place; curious as to what. Then I saw the dreaded white and orange signs and barriers sprawled out across the road. Crap. By this point I’d already driven almost fifteen minutes in unknown territory. Now I’d have to backtrack. Thankfully, I only took a few turns.

So back I went. With the storm, and my car’s reliability being gravely uncertain, it felt like there was a good chance for some bad Stephen King mojo to go down. I’m not too keen on being lost in a storm driving a shitty car with barely any gas.

Once I came to the road I thought sounded familiar, I figured why not. I already drove to some random dead end, why not continue the adventure? So off I went. Eventually there were signs for the main highway, and for a brief moment I contemplated ignoring it. I felt pretty sure I knew where the current road lead.

As luck would have it I played it safe, and finally got back on the main highway. Good thing too, because I was apparently heading North instead of South. Destination: Home was in sight.

So my thirty minute trip was increased by an hour. It’s all good... at least this real struggle was able to be resolved tonight. Could have been worse. I could have had my car breakdown in the middle of who knows where.

Have you ever taken a route you’ve never been on before and gotten lost? Any current real life struggles you are battling?


  1. Glad you found your way home!

    I get lost all the time, my orientation skills are null. Once I get lost I freak...did I ever tell you I got lost in a house once? They found me in a walk in closet...sigh

    1. Getting lost in a house is pretty impressive I must say. Were you drinking at the time? lol

  2. I love taking different roads and exploring. It's always so weird when there is a place where you live that you've never been. My cousin and I like to take off, destination unknown, and just drive. We also love to eat at random diners and stop at tacky shops. So fun! But we make sure we have a reliable car full of gas :)

    1. I have many places where I live I've never been to. Some literally right down the road. Since moving here seven years ago, I've kind of just streamlined my paths of travel and not really explored. I prefer doing so with others anyhow.

      The eating at random diners was something I wanted to do (and blog about/review) for a long time. That and investigate/blog about supposed haunted locations.

  3. The low tank of gas and pouring rain would have deterred me, but normally I thoroughly enjoy a little side street exploration.

    1. Me too, but the whole car thing is a big factor for me. I was thinking, as driving along, that I wouldn't be able to explain where I was even if it were to breakdown. I love random road trips, but prefer to have company on them. That way if a horror movie like scenario does play out, I have a slight increased chance of survival ;-)

    2. Why? You going to sacrifice your company? BTW Le Douche is REAL. Lol and he tells ppl I am crazy!

    3. Works out to be about the same... if I can outsmart or outrun the others with me, I increase my odds lol

      And have you contemplated you both may be right? He is a douche and you are crazy? ;-) hahahaha jk... or.. am I? dun Dun DUN!

  4. I almost never mind getting lost when in the car as long as Matt and I are together. I'm so OCD that to be doing the driving (when alone) and get lost is the most nerve wracking thing ever. I seriously panic. As if there are no cell phjones, tow trucks or gas stations. When it happens to both of us though I just call it a happy accident of random road trip & turn up the music to car dance.

    Glad you found your way out of your current real struggle so you could share the trip with all of us.

    Are you in OK or anywhere near the tordano path that tore through there yesterday? Be safe out there!

    1. Yeah if with company it really isn't too big of a deal. Would really suck if the car broke down, but *shrugs* Yikes, I hope you don't get lost alone often. I'm assuming not.

      I'm not in OK but it sounds terrible from the tidbits I've heard so far :(

  5. Loneliness is my struggle. Everyone is so far away. I am also freaking about my surgery Friday, but oh well. I'll keep going forward.


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