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Monday, May 27, 2013


BEDiM 2013 : DAY 27

(A Blog Every Day in May 2013 Challenge Entry)

ACK! I’m a bit sore from a late night workout this weekend. Took a day for it to set in. something about onset delay blah blah blah whatever. Oh my nuts. At least it’s a good sore, and I’ll hold faith that the payoff will be worth it; once I’m rockin’ that George Clooney body I’ll never have. Taking a second day off, though, doesn’t sound too bad.

Random Jak Fact  #112: I once told a friend that I would make a great butler, and that I would look just like George Clooney, only... hairier. And that was the only difference.

Today’s prompt:

Day 27, Monday: A letter to your readers

Where to Begin

Dear Jakker Trackers,

You may not realize you are Jakker Trackers, but that is exactly what you are; my sidebar proves it. I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for taking the time to follow along and listen to my random rambles. Random may be an understatement. You all are either robots, zombies, or gluttons for punishment, considering how long my rambles can go on for. I appreciate the patience and time you’ve all spent getting through these posts. I love your comments, and building interactions and dialog with you all. I look forward to it!

Soon you will ALL be familiar with Jak-speak! Then I shall take over the world! I mean we... >.> Yes, we... Along with my army of bush babies!

I’ve stated that while this blog — and the writing involved — is for myself, it’s also for you. To open bits and pieces of myself, exposing my innards to the world... Fuck that’s gross... Figuratively... Sharing some of the more closed off parts of my being — my soul — with those caring to listen. But, I will be brutally honest on the flip end: if you decided to stop listening, that’s okay too, I would continue on. I’m well practiced in talking to myself, why not writing to myself?

Did that ruin the moment? I hope not, because I’m a brutally honest kind of guy. If taking offense, you may have accidentally wandered into the wrong place. This isn’t a field of tulips in which we tiptoe around in fear of stepping on one. Sometimes those suckers get crushed, and that’s okay. That’s life.

That being said, I’m beyond grateful for the friends I’ve already made since I began blogging just months ago. Also, those made during NaNoWriMo 2012. Most everyone has been supportive and it’s been a great experience. The rough patches were smoothed over and hiccups worked out, just as the ones to come will be. There will indeed be more roadblocks along this journey, and again, that’s okay. Whether alone or with help I will overcome them. Though, I’d much prefer you to be there with me.

I’ll apologize (maybe this should have been the post for my BEDiM apology) for falling behind, once again, with comments and reading on my end. I feel dirty about it really, but I’m one damned slow reader. I’d like to think that once I get to the entries you are sharing with the world, that it’s evident just how grateful I am to be engaging within your own communities.

I sometimes wonder if there are blogger conventions or meetups. Those type of social interactions have existed within gaming, podcasting, and vlogging communities, so why not blogging?

Once the BEDiM Challenge wraps up I’ve a handful of topics I plan to touch on, but I’m also curious if there happens to be certain subjects my readers may wish to have discussed. Subjects/topics they would like to know my thoughts and/or opinions on. Maybe questions they — you — have for me. Feel free to share, if so.

With how randomly lost my posts probably get in the daily mix, and with how late I post, I may bring this topic up again.

Thank you again for following along and partaking in this journey with me. It means the world to me, and I’m looking forward to our future together! Once I... we... take over the world, that is! Along with the bush babies, hereafter referred to as the Bush Baby Brigade, there will be no stopping m... us... no stopping us.

Yours truly,

The Jak

A.K.A. Slowplay
A.K.A. EmoJak

Are there any subjects you would like to see discussed in the future? Are you a robot, zombie, or glutton for punishment? Do you know anyone who could smuggle me an army of bush babies? I’d really hate to go round them all up myself. I know... lazy becomes me.


  1. Well, I personally like when you retell childhood memories. You get into the mindset of lil' Jak so well. You're a great storyteller.

    I also know you plan to flesh out longer posts about some of your beliefs... and some that may be more controversial. I always think those are interesting. They serve as real doors into a person's soul. So far, I feel like you have only opened the door a crack, but I would love to see you unhinge the security chain.

    1. Thanks :) Well, I suppose what I remember of my childhood memories. Wish I could recall way more than I do.

      Hmm I could see that being a movie. Jak Unchained

      "The C is non-existent"

      Coming soon...

  2. How touching *wipes tear away* I am glad I found your blog through the April challenge. Well, you could just reuse your old posts ...I have a very bad memory so I wouldn't notice. but I'd like more memory stories, or ghost stories, although I hate ghost stories but it is like a car crash you can't look away...yes I shall take over the world...not you, never forget!!

    1. Thank you the feeling is mutual. For you personally I shall rehash old blogs weekly via email and you will think each one is fresh and new. That will make blogging way easier :)

      There are a few memories and maybe even ghost stories yet to tell.

      You forget I have a secret weapon, but if you play you cards right you may be my Number Two lol

  3. I just have to say that I really enjoy reading your daily posts, and it tempts me to look into completeing some sort of blog challenge in June.

    1. Thanks Willow! Most probably get my posts in the morning when they wake up since I post at like... 1150-1159pm.

      If you do happen to find a June challenge try not to tell me about it lol Except... I think you should totally do it. Except... then I will know about it >.< GAH!

  4. I enjoy your posts because they are the opposite of mine. You hide your true identity but share deeply personal things. I use my true identity but I rarely share anything personal. I sometimes find myself envious of your openness.

    1. I really enjoy your posts too. Hmm, I feel you've shared a handful of personal things, but maybe you mean on a really deep level? Even then there were the recent events where you shared some thoughts/opinion. I could see it being a lot harder to do without some anonymity, though. I'm uncertain how big of a role that factors in with me.

    2. You must be starting to rub off on me. :)

    3. I rub on many people... things... wait, what? ;-) RAR!

  5. I do know there are blogger conferences. I've never been, but I've read of people attending them.
    As for zombie/glutton for punishment question, I say neither. I just wait to read your posts last, right before bed, because reading anything over 3 paragraphs puts me right to sleep. :)

    1. Interesting. I should investigate these blogging conventions!

      I could totally see you doing that you punk! ;-) lol

      Sweet dreams!

  6. So I've got a couple stories on meeting some of my bloggy friends in the life outside the computer. Most of us are fans of Jason Mraz (for MANY years before pop radio got him, but that's another story) and some of us met at his concerts or other events surrounding something having to do with him. And some of these people have become close friends. I've met other bloggy friends too as time and location allowed and it really is a lot of fun to get to meet the "Man Behind the Curtain" so to speak. Who knows if people are online how they are in front of your face - makes it fun to find out. Lord knows I'm probably more reserved in person than I am in my blog.

    I have nothing to say about your absences, as you can see I'm just as sporadic in reading/writing/commenting. Don't worry about apologizing (at least not to me), just swing by and say hi when you can. No worries, no pressure. Mostly because I write for the same reason as you said - for myself - so though I love comments & visits it isn't the reason for the existence of my blog.

    Have a great week!

    1. That is pretty cool, Jenn! I've not familiarized myself too much with Mraz, but I do know who he is :-)

      When was the last time you hung out with them? Has it been harder as Mraz has fallen out of favor with you once hitting pop radio? lol

      I always thought it would be great fun meeting people I used to game with. We would talk about setting up a huge get together, but it never came to fruition. Over time I'd imagine I'll become just as curious concerning those I blog along and interact with!

      In person I am very shy and timid >.<

      Most definitely, I figured you wouldn't mind much. I try to go in waves, but I always loose some in the mix. So I just keep going through what I can to catch up. I don't mind sporadicity (this is a word I just made up!) I will be swinging by soon!

  7. I am a robot as you well know. Although I have also been called a Vulcan now. I often wonder how much of it is the meds and how much of it is personality defects. I can count on one hand the number of people who know for a fact I am truly neither. I am just me.

    I would like to hear more about your thoughts on the "time will tell thing." I heard Enya sing once. "Who knows only time." Because I have been waiting for a while here to find out when and where it will tell me something. The silence of time speaks volumes. Time will not wait forever. "Times they are a changing" sings Bob Dylan.

  8. I don't think you are a robot or a Vulcan lol I do think, however, meds can play a decent role in suppressing emotions/feelings (what they are designed to do), which would give that impression.

    I can try to muster up some post about time (or "time will tell"?), though I don't know if it will satisfy.


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