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Friday, May 31, 2013


BEDiM 2013 : DAY 30 & DAY 31

(A Blog Every Day in May 2013 Challenge Entry)

*5/31/13 - For some reason I wasn’t able to log into Blogger yesterday, or this morning. In fact, only a few sites were working. At first I thought it was maybe my connection at a friend’s house, but the issue continued once returning home. I am a bit worried that the laptop is acting up. That will be Bad News Bears. I don’t personally view this as failing to complete the prompt as it was complete (yesterday’s being very short), but merely a delay due to technical difficulties. I’m just happy I’ve been able to log in this afternoon... if it continues to allow me to be. Which, so far, it isn’t allowing me more than 3 tabs open and Blogger isn’t loading again. GAH! So today will be another double-feature, or so I hope.*

I can’t seem to load the site to nab today’s prompt, but I know it deals with letting go, and my reaction to the statement. Currently there are some crazy conversations going on and it’s made it hard to focus on this post. I won’t go into details, but all guilty members that happen to read this will know who you are!

*Day 30, Thursday: React to this term: Letting Go

This Is Water

So letting go? After reading this prompt I kept thinking about a video I just came across the other night. This video highlights letting go of your own self-centeredness/importance over others and letting go of the petty annoyances in life that drag you down in a tailspin of negativity. Either way, I found the message(s) within to be profound and well portrayed.

What do you think?

*So, I found out the issue seemed to be that my old (and I thought dead) antivirus became jealous I had uploaded a new antivirus program. So it became... sentient... I will say... and reactivated itself outside of it’s already expired date. It was fighting for dominance over my system against Avast and it was blocking me from accessing the interwebs. Really weird.*

On that note, however... I had to let go of my issues with missing yet another daily posting for this challenge. It wasn’t the first, but it will definitely be the last (for 2013 anyhow). I get really anxiety-bound that I am missing a post, but this wasn’t so bad being it was a bit out of my control. Eventually I was 100% okay with it, as shit happens, and that’s okay.

Let’s move on to the next, and final, prompt:

Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory

That’s not too bad. I will even try to pull one from my childhood, which is time and again noted as a strenuous task.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

You may think this is another juicy tale about a haunting, but you’d be mistaken. This is just a brief glimpse into a vivid memory I have about an injury.

As a child — around the same time frame I stole a bunch of Christmas Lights off the neighbor’s trees and windows — I, along with my brother and friends, would play Ghostbusters. It was pretty much like tag. One of us was a Ghostbuster and the others were ghosts.

I remember the Ghostbuster would carry around a steering wheel from some broken toy and pretend to drive the car around catching up to the ghosts. This is what I was doing, laughing and being joyous, when I suddenly tripped and fell. I got back up to continue the chase, but I couldn’t; my knee was in pain. I never knew if I fell on a branch or on the toy steering wheel, but whatever it was messed my knee up.

My mother’s boyfriend at the time called me over just then to help him, as he worked on the car. He wanted me to push on the gas pedal so he could assess the issues the car was having. I tried explaining to him that I had hurt my knee, but he blew it off. So I got into the driver’s seat and tried to do what he asked. Pushing on the pedal, though, caused extreme pain and I just started crying. All the while he was yelling at me to give it more gas and push harder. I tried...

Eventually he came around to the door — still ajar — about to yell at me, but then he saw I was crying. I showed him my bleeding knee and he apologized for thinking my injury was minor. Soon after, he brought me to the doctor.

I just remember it looking weird, that flap of skin cut in a half moon on my knee. I had to get stitches, and I believe that is the only time I’ve ever had to do so. My life has been pretty much injury free. For a long time you could see the scar, but it has since faded and is now barely visible.

Another One Bites the Dust

May is over (er... ending...) and another challenge down! I think I can do with some down time now. Maybe get to that fiction I was supposed to be doing. I have a piece I hope to finish, which was meant for the Paper Darts fiction contest, but came up short. Starting it two hours before the deadline was not a good game plan. I will have to remind myself of that next time. Need to hit up some more After Armageddon too.

This was a fun challenge and met even more people for which I am very thankful for! The prompts were a little all over the place (and picture heavy), but I managed. I wonder if the host plans to continue it next year. I think this was their first go at hosting the challenge, which may explain some of the randomness. Maybe not.

Thanks to everyone following along and/or participating. Congrats to you all! May our June be more relaxing! I’ve a lot of catching up to do.

What did you think of the This Is Water video? Do you agree with the content? Can you recall a vivid memory? Have you ever broken anything (bodily) or needed stitches? Any June challenges that anyone is aware of? >.>


  1. The video has been removed ...sad face!

    I felt very cringy reading about your knee cap problem...I can just picture it. I remember my friend fell when we walked to school, we didn't think any of it until her jeans were all bloody and we had a look at her knee. I could see her knee cap and I hurled right there and then...we both got a day of school.

    Yay congratulations on finishing...we did it! High five!

    1. Crap :( the article said it had been removed before and wasn't sure how long it would be online. I wonder why they pull it :(

      I've yet to throw up seeing anything extremely gross, but it's possible it could happen. I just avoid seeing things like that haha

      *high five* YAY!

  2. Yup, I agree with you about letting go of control. I have had to relinquish all of mine over these past 4/5 weeks. I can barely do anything independently. I have had to let go and ask for help on many plains. It has been challenging, but for once in my life I feel not guilt or shame in this place. I have broken a collar bone, a toe, a finger, and an ankle. I have had many many feet of stiches. I feel strong and powerful with all my battle scars. Life is good.

    1. Yeah I recall you breaking any things and was there for some stitched >.< It's good are you able to ask for help now when needing it. It isn't easy letting go, and doesn't always happen.

  3. Wooo, we finished. Thanks for sharing the video. It's a great one.

    Isn't funny how the most grotesque memories are the ones we remember best? Every detail etched into our minds.

    1. Yay! Yeah I really like that video a lot.

      I think if I tried, I could recount most of my "grotesque" happenstances in life.

  4. My computer is also on it's last leg and the video is being a pain for me, won't load, so sadly I can't seem to watch it :-(

    When I was a kid, maybe about 8 or 9, I was swimming at the Boys & Girls Club in my hometown and because I had no grasp of the subtle nuances of physics I tried to jump from one side of the pool to the other (at a corner). Well needless to say I missed with everything but my chin. Multiple stitches later I was sent home with my mom from the ER. The scar is still there and to this day I'm just happy that my tongue was still there too.

    Congrats on finishing up the challenge, enjoy your time off from writing! Hope you can stop by soon over at my place :-)

    1. Oh Booo to that :( It's a good video. I'm glad my computer issues were just two anti-virus programs conflicting and sucking up resources. I was pretty nervous.

      ACK I'm glad you still have your tongue too >.< That is scary. Is the scar pretty prominent since on your chin? Just curious.

      Thanks! Taking just a small break and catching up with other blogs, so I will definitely be getting over to yours soon. Some I lost touch with for 3 weeks plus so started there and systematically going through them.


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