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Tuesday, June 11, 2013



So it’s Tuesday and there is supposedly a music blog hop (Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday) that people participate in. I love my music and would love to give it a go, but it seems there is a specific theme/guideline they are using.

Basically they are working their way through the various decades — currently entrapped in the 60’s (or earlier) — where you make a “mixed tape” to someone as though you were living within that decade and have no knowledge of music beyond that time period. It’s a great, fun concept and I like it alot, but feel a bit ill-prepared. I should have researched a tad bit earlier. Most know my knack for procrastination, though, so this likely doesn’t come as a surprise.

I’m going to go off the reservation a bit. It’s not that I dislike rules or lack understanding of their place; I just hate following them. No, but really, I just wasn’t prepared, so this week I will blaze my own trail — so to speak — while retaining the spirit of involving music in some fashion.

But first a completely unrelated story.

Bee All You Can Bee

Yesterday was Grandma Day. I visited and we caught up on current events from the past week, and I read her a handful of my BEDiM entries being we got behind last month. It was an early day, however, because my brother wanted to grill. On the way over to my brothers I had a close encounter of the bee kind.

I was almost to my destination, cruising down the road with my window down, taking in the evening breeze when all of a sudden there was a buzz and...


From out of nowhere I was smacked upside the head (in the ear more specifically) and for a moment I thought I was going to die. Die by swerving off the road and flipping my car. But I lived, and my vehicle remained straight and true on the road. Then there was a buzz. I cringed, and was maybe gripped by fear. The buzz sounded again and whatever the source... it sounded huge. I was certain I was about to engage in another epic battle with a June Bug. I can’t recall if I recounted my first combat story; I will link to it if I happen to find I have.

Needless to say, I hate June Bugs.

Panic overtook me and I tried to remain low/scrunched over/etc for some reason. Maybe I thought I would have a better chance that way? No freakin’ idea. Instincts were kicking in. Another Buzz and I tried looking back to find out what I was dealing with, because I couldn’t recall if June Bugs, you know... buzzed. In my first battle with a June Bug it maneuvered silently. Chances were good I was dealing with a bee, not that that made it the situation any better; I am afraid of bees and wasps. Don’t judge!

Finally I got to my brother’s house and evacuated the vehicle. Looking through the back window I saw my arch nemesis for the evening: A giant bumble bee. The sucker was huge! It was dazed and confused... grooming itself and buzzing around the back window now and again, but unable to find its way out. I showed it to my young nieces and the friends they had over. It was quite the spectacle to them. Hell, even to me. I was against killing it. I understood we both happened to be at the right place at the wrong time, so I left the windows open for it to eventually escape and be on its merry.

At the end of the night, I have to admit, I was afraid it may still be in the car. Thankfully, “Flight of the Bumblebee” Part 2 never came to fruition; all was quiet and peaceful.

Hey, Look at that! Worked music into the story! I’m such a genius almost always never that I scare myself sometimes. And here I thought I would have to create a song on a whim. Perhaps, in due time, I still will...

Now that’s really scary!

The Sounds of Armageddon

Now down to business.

I thought for my music theme I would highlight a couple of songs that have given me inspiration for various pieces of work. I will likely make this a series that I partake in periodically (possibly sans the randomly interjected, unassociated stories). Consider this Part One of The Soundtrack of Imagination series! Today I’m specifically focusing on my Post Apocalyptic/Sci-Fi story: After Armageddon. First off is the song that I view being inspirational for the series as a whole. A theme song perhaps?

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive:

I’ve no place specifically in the story that this song represents yet. So far, when I listen to Radioactive I see a montage of scenes taking place throughout the story; like a trailer of sorts. If you see me listening to this song (or the After Armageddon playlist) on Facebook/Spotify you can be sure that I’m focusing on that fictional piece. It amps me up!

Next up we have a song I’m sure many are familiar with.

Michael Andrews, Gary Jules - Mad World:

I love this cover of the Tears for Fears song. The first few times I listened to it some pretty strong emotions were evoked (and still are). The first time hearing this version was from Donnie Darko, a movie I’m very, very fond of.

This is the song I listened to while writing Chapter Three of After Armageddon. The song will likely encompass a majority of the events that take place in that section of the story. Naturally it’s placed in a spot where a very traumatic event  is unfolding. I feel the song allows me to lock into that state of mind, imagining myself in the situation first hand. The hope is that it fuels my ability to pull the readers into the character’s shoes, allowing them to experiencing what he/she is.

So those are two of the songs that play a significant role inspiring my After Armageddon fiction. I hope you’ve enjoyed!

Next Tuesday I hope to be on board with the music blog hop. Feel free to join in on the shenanigans!

Have you ever been kamikazeed in the ear by a bee while on the open road? *Sigh* Didn’t think so... Do you have specific songs that inspire some of your creative works?


  1. Glad you survived the "horror of the bumble bee" - apparently another name for bumblebee is dumbledore...just saying.

    Awh good old Rimsky, he knew how to rock a beard and nerd glasses! I really like that piece, haven't listened to it in a while.

    Also Imagine Dragons with radioactive is one of my favourite song recently.

    Get outta me head!

    1. I should have totally titled it "horror of the bumblebee" :-( dang it. Dumbledore is eh? I never knew that haha

      It'd been a long time since I heard it as well.

      Really? That is awesome. I know some people over here in my parts are tired of the song (I guess it's played everywhere), but I rarely watch TV and don't listen to the radio so I have like 5% of the exposure to it most people must.

      Your head is so spacious, though! >.>

  2. I never watched Donnie Darko, but I LOVE that version of the song. I think it far outstrips the original (which comes across as far too upbeat for the lyrics and, frankly, for its own good!)

    I'm glad you survived your encounter with the bee. Allegedly only one sex of bumblebees ever stings - I think you can tell which is which by the pointiness of the bottom and the pointy-bottomed bee stings and the roundy-bottomed bee doesn't. I've never gotten close enough to a bumblebee to inspect it's bottom so I still don't know.

    I've heard of June bugs and seen a video of someone who had one stuck in their ear. I think we don't get them here and I sincerely hope not, as for some reason I always imagine that insects will make a beeline (see what I did there?) to take up residence in my ears. It's terrifying!

    Never been hit by a bug at speed though, long may that continue.

    1. It's a great movie, in my opinion. I prefer the original version over the director's cut, though. I agree that the original version sounds oddly upbeat given the lyrics.

      Hmm, I never paid attention to those details. I just know it was huge. I'd rather not get that close. I figure they only get one sting, and hoped it wouldn't use it on me!

      A June Bug stuck in their ear?! To hell with that! I'm sure I could Youtube that, but I shall pass. It will only creep me out even more once they become more prominent, which should be soon. Only seen one so far. Maybe our wonky temperatures are causing a delay.

      May you continue to be Thwack Free from Kamikaze Bees!

  3. I am very moved by Mad World (that specific version) as well. I don't normally gravitate to songs that are so dark, but something about that song has captivated me. Maybe it's the way it captures the emotion to completely. I'm not sure.

    1. It's a great song and very powerful (to me). I'm glad you like it! As I said, it helps fuel some moments in my writing due to that emotional impact.

      I should be around your neck of the woods soon!

    2. Oh really? How close to my neck are we talking?

    3. I feel like this a loaded, trick question! hahaha

    4. I think I'm pretty hilarious sometimes. Visiting the mitten, eh?

  4. I'm glad you didn't kill the bumblebee. I'm under the impression that they don't sting. Plus my kids love 'em.

    1. Yeah, it was never my intention... just as I trust it wasn't its intention to almost cause me to crash.

      It did... however "sting" me on impact. That sucker hurt. At least it didn't like... explode all over me. That would have been gross.

  5. I love Mad World. It's been a favorite song for quite some time. I am glad you didn't die via bumblebee. That would have been one TRAGIC way to leave this world.

    1. Awesome! I'm glad you do :) It's great. No one would have known how I died (counting the fact it lived and could just fly off)... They likely would have just believed I passed out, given I'm always so sleep deprived.

      Kamikaze Bumblebees may be a great assassination weapon!

    2. Oh I don't know about that. The forensic examination of you body would equate the sting in your ear to your panic attack. Most definitely.

    3. Except there wouldn't be a literal sting. Just having been pummeled by a bee resulting me in crashing my car I think they would miss it :)

    4. But maybe the car crash would have caused the bumblebee to die too, and fall into your lap. We will never know all the possibilities now...

  6. Those super sized bumblebees ain't no joke!!! Irrational flying insects freak me out!! But I still love me some cicadas!!


    1. No joke indeed! Yeah... that cicada thing, I'll have to check out what the deal is with that lol

  7. I love giant bumble bees, as long as they're not in my car. Or anywhere else that may be of concern. They should bumble around outside and leave me be where I can watch them.

    I like this song for a post-apoc sound. It's from Class of 1999: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyVnFt3LeYc

    1. Yeah, if they are somewhere where I don't feel endangered sure... have at it :)

      Wow that is old school! How sad is it that I've never seen the movie? I've at least heard of it.

      I'm still on your "Gone Fishing" post... >.<


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