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Saturday, June 22, 2013



It’s been a pretty rough week. Crooks is having some issues,and I maybe perhaps sort of lost track of some bills. I haven’t done any [fiction] writing, and barely got any reading and commenting done. Today has been oddly brutal as I’ve not done anything due to being so tired. I really should check in with a doctor to make sure I don’t have anything funky going down. Doesn’t matter how much I sleep and/or workout, I’m always so fatigued.

So now that it’s an hour to midnight and I’m awake, I thought I best try to knock this out. Highlight some of the positive counteracting the negative...

10 Things of Thankful III

  1. Family being able to help out when I happen to stumble and fall behind. I think this has been highlighted before for different circumstances, but feel it can’t be expressed enough.
  2. My workout buddy who shows me how to use different equipment and teaching me effective routines to isolate various muscle groups. I have habit of just doing random machines as I feel like, so hopefully this will help a lot more. I figure doing any working out is beneficial.
  3. The employees at my local Planet Fitness. Usually after one day, they know me and I don’t have to continually give them my number. This is largely in part because of my number, though, and it feels awkward when they call me by name... So far, they all seem like cool peeps.
  4. Another friend who is always helpful in motivating me to look for a second job, finding me random openings (though most I’m not near qualified for), and sharing their company for walks; movies; and good conversation.
  5. Low income/sliding-scale based vets.
  6. Patience. More often than not I’m a very patient individual. There are certain circumstances when it fails to shine through, however, but they are few and far in between.
  7. My motivation to go out and enjoy myself. Lately the group of friend’s I’ve met over the past months have been too busy to engage in our — once — weekly gatherings. Usually this would keep me home-bound (I like to hermitize myself), but instead I’ve been going out myself, having a good time, and even having brief conversations with random people.
  8. For not losing power after a new batch of epic thunderstorms rolled through. There were some crazy winds and torrential downpours. All through the night, even after passing over, there was amazing lightning displays off in the distance.
  9. Not having a tree fall on my car during the same storm. Afterwards I drove around the neighborhood taking in the scenes of destruction. The roads behind my place were like a labyrinth; some roads completely blocked off from toppled trees, debris, and rushing water. Hope no one was hurt.
  10. The opportunity to engage in my first volunteering event. My friend’s wife does group volunteering with roadside cleaning/pick-up along a stretch of highway. It isn’t too far from me, and should my chronic fatigue and car allow, I’d like to participate. Some have known my desire to do so for a long time, but anxiety usually holds me back.

What circumstances finds your patience tested? Any storms roll through your neck of the woods this weekend? Do you ever volunteer? If so, what are some programs/events you’ve participated in?


  1. Hi Jak..hope you don't have anything funky..I like this 10 things of thankful prompt but not enough to participate..I want to volunteer but I don't have time...its been raining off and on this past week. TD 2 passed south of the country and some.villages were flooded out. Thankfully where I am got nothing but rain.

    1. *Hug* You always respond so fast! I think it's a great little blog hop, and will grow over time. Realizing and reflecting upon the various things your are thankful for really helps to balance out some of the crumminess that can occur in the day to day.

      If you can find the time, volunteering I'm sure will be a great experience. Hopefully I will find out tomorrow... the second incoming storm keeps being pushed out and I'm afraid it will hit tomorrow during the event. That may suck.

      Glad you only got rain and no floods!

    2. It was a great post! I'm glad you joined in!

  2. Jak good to 'see' you. I was just saying on the previous Post** that the cool thing that Considerer is doing with this here blog hop here is making it a weekend thing. That way, when I remember the insightful/funny thing I forgot to say the first time around, I can come back and add to the comment later...like I just thought it up.

    kinda identify with the fatigue thing...so many possibilities for causing that state. (While I'm not a fan of the doctor thing)...it certainly makes sense to check that out... just be careful around 'the machine'... sometimes when they don't see anything wrong but want to believe that they are supposed to know... they ('the machine') grabs you and tries to pull you in...

    anyway the volunteering thing sounds cool (I actually was at that point when I started my own blog) I thought... damn, I need to do something, and it was volunteer...try writing a blog...volunteer...blog

    see you 'round the circuit.

    *now that's kind of a non-functional statement, at least in this Commenting mode...how the hell can you know what I was just writing?

    1. I noticed it was more of a weekend thing, which is really good, because linking in is something I almost always forget to do. As for commenting I think I am doing it wrong as I'm usually 2-3 days out >.< So that may very well defeat the purpose of the hop. I need to get better about it.

      Hate going to the Dr, but I feel that this is something I best get looked at just in case. If it is a thyroid issue I'd like to know and have it managed. If I wasn't always so tired I'd get a whole hell of a lot more done on a daily basis.

      Yeah, many factors can contribute to fatigue and the fact I don't ever sleep much (usually like 3 hours a day) doesn't help. I feel way more awake on 2-3 hours than 6-8, though.

      The volunteering was great fun! I'm glad there wasn't torrential rain lol

  3. Replies
    1. Awww miss you too! You'll be back in no time ;-)

  4. I'm so glad you have family to help out when needed. My dad helped me quite a bit some years back - the fact that he did and wanted to not only saved my credit report but my self-worth.
    Doing ANY workout is indeed beneficial.
    CHEERS to sliding-scale vets. Seriously a huge one.
    Kudos to going out on your own! I tend to hermatize myself as well and have been working on doing a better job of connecting with other moms who have kids on the autism spectrum so I feel less along. It seems to be working!
    I hope you are able to participate in volunteering. When I first moved to a new state alone, I was so isolated. I finally (!) began volunteering at a pet-adoption place and found it very rewarding.

    I hope you have a great rest of the day!!

    1. I'm grateful for the family that can help. It isn't always easy. I'm glad your father was able to give you support when you needed it badly.

      I agree, and am trying to do as much working out as I can :-) even if I don't have a set [optimal] routine yet!

      It's hard for me to connect with others, as I usually tend to keep a tight-knit group of friends and feel I do fine "alone", but I think if you are meeting some of these people at events/group meeting/etc it may make it a little easier? I think given those circumstances it's definitely beneficial to reach out and connect within the community.

      I did participate and it was great :-) Pet adoption sounds too dangerous to me. I love animals too much lol

  5. Definitely have the fatigue checked out. I ended up having a low thyroid and have improved so much after just a few days on medication. It'S a condition easily overlooked in non-typical cases.

    Good job on keeping your workout routine up and having a great support system. I had to take a break on the running routine due to a broken pinky toe, but I think I'll take it back up next week. My doc did a great job taping me up, and got through the 8 mile hike yesterday without any pain or much swelling at the end of the day.

    Keep your head up, hope you have a better week next week!

    1. Thanks Stephanie!

      So far this week has started off a lot better. Earlier in my blogging my mother had commented on a post. In it she said our family has a history with thyroid issues, so I think it will be worth checking out specifically. I think if I didn't specifically ask, they wouldn't test it. Just like you said it is easily overlooked, and it seems some doctor's prefer to just blow some things off, which could be a real issue.

      Hope your toe is doing awesome! Your Dr is the hubby yeah? I recall he wrapped it all up for you, but uncertain if you actually went in to get it checked out. I'm surprised there was no pain during such a long trek! Very awesome, I'm really glad it didn't slow you down :)

  6. Any workout is a good workout. (Unless it's aquacise with a bunch of old ladies.) And I would never go to a bar or restaurant by myself. Okay, possibly a restaurant if I were in a strange city and really, really hungry and there were no other options. And I would never just start talking to someone while I was there. I would be too busy trying to be invisible.

    1. Well, there is no pool at my gym so no worries about being sucked into some crazy aquacise with old ladies lol

      I wouldn't go to a bar by myself... hmm and maybe not even a restaurant (I like doing that with someone(s) more). I go to the coffee shop, and parks, and various stores (book/retail/etc). Nothing extremely fancy or the like.

      I try to say hi to people I've seen often at the places I frequent *shrugs* sometimes it's easier said than done. I'm almost always trying to be invisible, so I know what you mean *hug*, but you don't always have to be! :-)

  7. I love that you thank your family. Sometimes we take things like this for granted so it is good to give them an extra shout-out!

    Hope there is nothing going on with regard to your tiredness.

    I am learning to become more patient, too. I am usually a very impatient person but it slowly gets better.

    1. It's true many take things like that for granted and it's a shame. I guess the fact that I always avoid asking for help until ultimately needing to may make me more aware of it? Being more thankful in the end cause it isn't a constant in my life.

      Thanks, I will check it out soon... once I make an appointment... which I've supposed to have made since Feb 2012...

      I'm very patient, and I feel it's an important thing for people to learn and manage. I with you luck in your path in learning patience!

      Thanks for stopping by :-) I will hop over to your blog soon!

  8. Go easy on yourself Jak - judging by your Ten Things, you're doing more now that's positive than you've done previously (or at least, that's how it comes across) - and you're doing some wonderful things.

    As others have said, though - do get the fatigue checked. It would be a shame for it to be something easily fixable that goes lived with for a long time unnecessarily.

    The volunteering sounds awesome, as does your drive to get yourself out and about.

    And YAY for sliding-scale vets - quite literally lifesavers in some cases.

    Thanks for linking up again - I'm really enjoying hearing about your Ten Things each week and seeing how your world's evolving.

    1. Thanks Considerer,

      I'd like to think I do a handful of positive things as often as I can, especially when coming to others. The negatives lay more within my personal choices made and dealing with myself I guess.

      The volunteering was awesome :-) and I plan to continue going out more just doing my own thing if others don't fancy some company!

      Looking forward to stopping by!

  9. So proud of you for going out on your own! That isn't an easy thing to do.
    You know I'm all sorts of happy that you are venturing out into the world of volunteering. Perfect way to start.
    I'm so glad you continue to write your thankful lists. I look forward to them each week.

    1. Weird I think we almost simultaneously contacted one another (in a fashion) lol Creepy.

      Thanks! It's just one of those things I'm pushing myself more towards being accustomed to.

      The volunteering went great! It was a lot of fun and there were a lot of people. We took pics at the end so if I see them come up I'll try to post about it.

      Planning on continuing on continuing on :-)

    2. I found the missing comment! IT was in my spam. Ha! I don't know what that says about your comments... :)

    3. In the spam!? What the... :( That's no good lol Now you get double the pleasure I guess. I think I got close to the original.

  10. I really liked this post. So many things to be thankful for!

  11. This busted broken foot is testing my patience daily and shining a bright light on who my real friends are. It is a blessing and a curse.

    1. Patience was never your strong suit... I've no idea how much it's been reflected in who your true friends are or not, but hopefully you can make an accurate judgment call.

      I think a "bright" side is it is forcing you to be patient, and to relax and accept help from others and not always have to be on the run. I understand why you don't like to be stuck somewhere, especially alone with your thoughts, though. You said you were doing worlds better, so maybe it isn't so bad this time around.


      Hope it heals up fast, and hope you've been staying off it!

  12. Those are some really great things to be thankful for!! I've had a tough week too. Thank you for the reminder to stay thankful for what I have!



    1. Sorry to hear you also had a bad week. I really hope this week is fairing much better! *hug* It never hurts to talk and/or write the things you are thankful for. It really does help bring things into perspective better.

  13. I hope Crooks is okay! I get so upset when my pets are sick. I just feel so bad for them and helpless. Hopefully he is on the mend now.

    And I hope you do for sure go to the doctor and get a full work up. If there is something wrong like thyroid, some medicine would make you feel so much better.

    1. Hey seems to be doing a lot better thank you! I always feel really bad too :(

      I have yet to go to the Dr. I really need to get on it, but I am a bit of a procrastinator.


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