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Saturday, June 8, 2013



After the A to Z 2013 and Blog Every Day In May 2013 Challenges I decided to take some time off. It’s been a week and in that time I’ve focused on getting back into an exercise routine, caught up on some work, contemplated my fiction (though not writing any), and debated where to touch base with my next — this — entry. Also, I’ve been catching up with fellow bloggers and have only completed the task with 2 ½ people out of 12+ I need to learn how to stay on track and read faster...

If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll likely be familiar with the fact that I sometimes have random bouts of emotional bursts. I won’t point out the specific posts this time around, but if wanting to you can inquire and I will share the needed links. A similar outburst occurred last weekend while listening to music; more specifically watching a music video. I meant to write this post right away, in the moment of it all, but I’m a master procrastinator.

Triggered By Turtles

The video above is the one that triggered the emotional reaction out of the blue. There I was... minding my own business, just discovering that a band I’ve heard a good amount of hype about — Trampled By Turtles — was actually a local band, checking out one of their videos for the first time and...


I was bitch-slapped in the Deep Limbic System and began crying like a little baby. Trampled By Turtles had violated me emotionally and I never saw it coming. Nor did I have a say, apparently, in the situation. Blindsided, my cup filled up and runneth over with tears. I’m not embarrassed about crying; I think its a healthy release that we should experience when needed. I was more upset that I wasn’t exactly sure why it was happening.

I began thinking of past relationships and just life in general, as I went to curl up in the fetal position in bed. Okay, not quite, but I may as well have. I was bombarded with thoughts of not having accomplished anything significant in life, not having a family (paired with the exact opposite thoughts of not being prepared/ready for, or even desiring, one right now), believing it was time to stop pretending I can make any sort of living writing; buying/selling gaming cards; or any other “hobby” endeavor, and what exactly I planned to do in the long-term in regards with my life. It was all rather depressing really.

To that I say both Fuck You! Trampled By Turtles and also... Thank you! It’s a real mixed bag-o-crazy over here sometimes in the deep recesses of my mind.

There were more thoughts and emotions all intertwined with the ordeal, but having a week pass did a number on my memories associated with it. In fact, being the genius that I am, I decided to once again subject my mind to TBT’s emotional abuse in order to channel some of the same triggered reactions.

Yeah... I cried again ya bastards... don’t judge! At least I didn’t go run off and hide in my room for hours, though! So in your face!

Did I learn anything? Any lesson? Come to have an epiphany? Not really. Eventually the charged feelings subsided and I leveled out. Of course I’m going to make millions writing and indulging in my other extracurricular, hobbitastic activities!

Some people never learn...

10 Things of Thankful

As I was catching up with fellow blogger entries this week, One (A Fly On Our Chicken Coop Wall) posted about a blog hop a friend of theirs set up. I fought with myself for a while and eventually decided to join in on the fun, thinking originally it was a daily thing. Thankfully it’s only a weekly entry. I apologize for not having this posted a few days ago as planned, thinking some others may like to join in. I’d imagine you can join in at any time.

The hop occurs on Saturdays and involves listing ten things you are currently thankful for in your life. This is in encouragement of embracing and sharing some good ‘ol positive vibes. If participating, I believe they ask that you visit the two people before (or after, or around) your placement on the link list and that you use their banner/badge, which I’ve used above.

Be warned, however, I’m lacking some of the information like where to specifically list your link. There are multiple locations to submit your entry’s link, so I have a little research to do. I may be all over the place at the start, but should be fine once I understand the details more fully.

Without further ado... my listing of things I am thankful for:

  1. I’m thankful that this blog hop is only weekly (as explained above) and not daily. Part of my debate with participating revolved around the fact that I think I may be too pessimistic to come up with 10 things a day. Sad, I know, but honest! This should be more doable...
  2. *Two Hours Later in Spongebob style* My newly made friends during NaNoWriMo and fellow bloggers met since I began this blog; most during the A to Z Challenge.
  3. The patience of my fellow bloggers as I barrel through and catch up with their past (and current) posts. I’m at about a 15% completion rate!
  4. Music that can trigger my emotions and make me think, regardless if negative or positive. To be able to feel the vast range of emotions on the spectrum is truly a gift, in my opinion.
  5. Hopefully this isn’t cheating... but having that full spectrum of emotions!
  6. The clown my grandmother (in AZ) made when I was a child I still have dangling from my lamp. Clowns in general creep me out; even this crocheted representation she painstakingly created back in the day. During the emotional burst last weekend I eventually trudged out to the living room, leaned back against the wall, and dramatically slide down into a sitting position. When the Emo attack was letting up I looked up and saw the crafted clown smiling over at me. this in turn made me smile and laugh. Then daily life resumed as normal.
  7. For the hobbies that I partake in that randomly spawn ambitious dreams and fuel my creativity. Now if only my motivation would catch up to speed...
  8. My friends and family who share along in and/or support the above endeavors. There are plenty out there who would rather scoff and ridicule such things, but those types of people are very few and far in between in my life.
  9. My cat Crooks who is always there to help comfort me in my times of need... when he deems it fitting... *sigh*
  10. My grandmother (in MN) who is actually always there to help comfort me in my times of need; loving unconditionally.

Have you heard of Trampled By Turtles? Do you have a specific song or artist that can trigger some powerful emotions within you? Anything you are currently thankful for in your life?


  1. A weekly blog hop seems way more manageable, I am actually open again for the idea of some blog challenges, I think I have already forgotten how hard the previous ones were...the denial is strong with in me!

    I never heard of that band but I like what I hear, I am glad you recovered from the sudden onset of emoness!

    1. Way way more manageable! I was all going for it regardless, but glad it is weekly. Things can happen through the week, which can in turn fuel my thankfulness :-)

      Join along Poke poke!

      TBT isn't exactly my type of music it seems, even though I really like that song. Maybe they will grow on me.

  2. I like that song. While it didn't make me cry, I can certainly see how it would make someone get teary. I must not be in a crying mood, as I seem to cry at the slightest provocation these days, or no provocation at all. It is amazing how powerful a song can be, isn't it? I did enjoy the way you told of the emotions it unleashed. Especially when you chose to listen to it AGAIN.
    I love the clown story. There is no way a clown made by your grandma can become possessed or anything, regardless of how creepy it looks.
    So glad you chose to join up with us today.

    1. I was hoping you would cry with me :( All by myself I am...

      Honestly, I think just the song alone wouldn't have impacted me as much as hearing it along with the video. It just got to me.

      I know you need impending rain when an hour from home with clothes outside on the line... I know what gets those tears flowin' ;-) Laundry! Wet already washed laundry!

      Almost left out the clown part, but as I was sitting here I looked up at it and remembered that little end scene for the whole ordeal. Thought it would be important to add it in.

      Glad to have found this blog hop, it is the first outside the daily challenges I have ever done. It's great you are co-hosting! Congrats again!

      Thanks for having me :-)

  3. Hey! good to see some of the Y Chrome Crew finally show up... this is a very excellent hop...totally recommend you both (that means you Poke too).
    Not that there is a gender in-equity happening here... but we are *so* the minority in this corner of the blogosphere*.

    I have come to really like the blog hop concept... I do 3 on a regular weekly basis: a music hop (you really would enjoy this one on Tuesday, Jak) and a hop called, Finish the Sentence Friday.
    Spending every available moment on my own blog, the hop thing gives me an excuse to 'take a break'** and get out an visit and such.
    In any event, this here Grat Hop here is going to be a lot of fun*** so you guys really need to hang out.

    *cue: " ohh noo bodys knows the trouble ah seen..."
    ** especially useful when I start to think that I have run out of words.
    *** fun is such a relative term, no? at another time in my life if you came up and said, 'hey! lets write!' I might have looked at you...looked at the door...looked at you and run away

    1. Hello Clark! Thanks for stopping by :-)

      We will see if we can't get the Pokester to hop along with us in due time. That would be pretty nifty.

      I'm relatively new to blog hops, but the A to Z and BEDiM I suppose were hardcore hops, I just never considered them to be. This will be a lot more relaxing/casual.

      I may have to check out that music hop. I have a handful of blogging friends that love and blog about music, so maybe they will check it out as well. Tue is a good day for that. Not sure about the Friday one. May stick to the one... maybe add a second... and see how it goes.

      How often do you post at your blog? After the challenged mine may dwindle to 1 (maybe 2) posts a week. I figure the blog hops will help both with staying active, and meeting new people. Sounds like a win-win to me!

      It's a good thing you won't run away anymore at the mention of writing... now you belong to the Blogosphere!

      Thanks for checking out the post and I will return the favor soon!

  4. Thanks for joining in with the blog hop. Your list of things to be thankful about sound very deep (in spite of the light-heartedness of the clown) but I love how centred in positive emotion they are and the strength of support and care you have from your family and friends.

    1. Thanks for having me, Considerer!

      In general I try to be lighthearted with most everything. At first I was afraid I wouldn't even be able to list the first initial 10. I psyche myself out more often than not.

      Looking forward to reading your listings!

    2. You did well - ten can be a daunting number, but I thought (and have been doing a personal challenge for several weeks now) that it was one worth striving for, for two reasons a) we humans seem to work well in a base of 10 and b) the more we challenge ourselves and exercise our 'thinking of good things' muscles, the better at it we will become.

  5. I agree. A weekly blog hop does seem more manageable. I have no idea how you managed April and may. I would have had a mental episode!!

    Hugs !


    1. *Hugs!* Thanks Valerie!

      I think you could have handled it! Definitely planning more prep time next year, though. It is, however, easier with prompts. You then have the subject matter, where without it you can get kind of lost and end up all over the place with indecisiveness.

      You may have to check them out next year!

      Uncertain if you are doing the blog hop, but I will check it out. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I had never heard that song before and wow. Just wow. I downloaded it right away to my iPhone - thank you for the introduction. I'm going to be pissed if I start crying though - just so you know. Cheers to a grandmother who comforts you in your times of need and to music that brings out such powerful emotions. Number 3 is really hard - I could spend hours and want to but I also like playing with my little boy. It's a hard thing to balance.

    1. That is awesome, Kristi! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

      Well SOMEONE has to start balling or I am going to start feeling like an outcast haha

      I'm very close to my grandmother here, and visit once a week when able. Plus she stays awake until like 3am so she is always up if something comes up :)

      #3 is extremely hard for me, and I lack most of the responsibilities most people/families have... I am just Sloooooooooow. Working on it, though.

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I will stop by soon!

    2. I think #3 is hard for all of us. So no worries there. Regarding your comment on my link-up this week - the theme I have allows both Facebook comments and the blog kind. If I don't know people well it's easier if they do the regular blog form as I can get back to their sites (like yours here) which is important to me. Does that help? And again. balance sucks.

  7. Music and emotion are definitely things to be thankful for! I just discovered this link up and while I don't do link ups, I am glad I did today.

    1. I agree 100%! Not going to lie... my eyes kept making me read your handle as Marshmallows and I was trying to think of something nifty to say... Now I am just really hungry :-( Our Small Moments is a bit more profound and I like it.

      I'm glad you found the link up and that you stopped by! It's much appreciated!

      Are you doing the blog hop?

  8. Can't listen to the song, and the documentary on women from Greenland is more than disappointing. I wanna go to bed *whiney voice* ... Can't stand Sponge Bob, but love how my little one says it.. Just remember to take a sneak through their rooms while they play outside and collect the BK or McD Sponge Bob toys and burn them on the porch...

    1. Why couldn't you listen to the song? :( What is the documentary? LOL sounds like nothing is going right for you today/tonight! I used to be so anti Spongebob, but after dating my ex who had a child it began to grow on me.

      ACK lol I somewhat actually believe you may burn them!

      Hope you get some sleep... I've sent the Whaaambulance your way.

  9. REALLY like the song. Funny how songs can strike such a chord in us (no pun intended). A song came on the radio the other day that I hadn't heard in over 20 years, and I was blubbering like a baby while I listened to it.

    Cats assess our times of need on their own scale, which means our time of need is when they need a belly rub.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Dyanne! Music is one of those things that can always trigger those memories with me. Same with smells sometimes.

      What song was it that you had heard?

      Especially my cat! He is such a punk :-(

      Thank you for stopping by!

    2. Garry Morris, "Holding Her And Loving You."

  10. I love trampled by turtles so much! I've seen them live at least two times - an incredible show! My hubby proposed to me with the song "Nobody Else" playing in the background!

    Welcome to the fan club!

    1. So they are really good live? That is pretty awesome. I've went to a handful of live shows where the bands (Like Seether) just really really sucked :( Was such a disappointment.

      I'll have to check out that song.

      *high five*

    2. TBT are phenomenal live... They sound just like the recording! Unfortunately, their shows sell out in minutes nowadays. Literally, they recently had a three night show at first ave and I went to get tickets 5 minutes after the sale went on and the tickets were all gone!

  11. Great song, but I hadn't seen the music video until you posted. I love songs that trigger emotions, though it's the worst when songs trigger emotions while I am at work. There have been many a teary eyed work moment. I just hope no one stops by my cube in such moments of time.

    I knew Crooks would make the list! Though his needs for attention often occur in the least appropriate times.

    1. You should be working on that music writing project!

      Mine triggered at work :( but... I work from home! Huzzah! Cry away!

      Crooks doesn't care when he shows up on the scene as long as he is at center stage lol

    2. I knooooow. I do. It will require time. Time for me to dig out old CDs and old music files to listen to them and write. I am sure if I got a system down, I could do like one per night. The 5 songs entry in BEDiM proved to me that I need to listen to them while I write. And that, friend, takes time. Maybe if I can organize my music collection.... one step at a time.

  12. I will cry with you. I love the song... Glad to see ur posting again! Was wondering where you were

    1. Yay! *hug* Needed a break. Sorry I've not been around much but I am catching up. Hopefully today I can make some good headway :) Hope you've been doing good. How is the June challenge going?

  13. Never heard of TbT but it sounds like you really connected with them and that's awesome. I love when music can pull out a deep emotional experience. Sometimes I feel that way about an entire catalogue of music (Jason Mraz, Melissa Ferrick, DMB) while others it's just a song or 2 here or there. It's always satisfying to connect to the music & lyrics no matter what the emotion in question happens to be.

    Cool blog hop but sadly I won't be able to join in this one because I never work/post on the weekends. Something I forced on myself after getting sick last fall and literally almost burning myself out physically & mentally. Anyway, seems like a great affirmation though to look back and say what you're thankful for each week. Have a blast with it!

    1. ACK I missed this :-( Yeah the music of that song (especially combined with the video) really hit me. You are right, sometimes it can be an entire album, but most times I find it is only a single song per album. Maybe two.

      For me, I can dislike a band or song, but seeing a scene in a movie or music video with the song can make me completely turn 180! It's odd.

      I actually decided to opt out of the blog hop, although I really love music and the theme. I will attempt to do my own random music series of sorts. Nothing as epic, but laid back relaxed. Though, I may assign a day to it. We will see.

      (and as I wrote the above I realized this was the TToT blog hop Which I AM continuing and would highly recommend. Mistook it for the Twisted Mixed Tape Tuesday hop. I'm in motion, though, no going back and deleting/editing!)

  14. Well, as much as crying and being sad sucks, I'm glad to hear that you are in touch with your feelings and feel comfortable enough to cry. And hey, just because making a living isn't easy or the normal path, doesn't mean you can't do it!

    It's nice to take time to focus on what we are thankful for. I have a gratefulness board on my wall where I jot down things I'm thankful for. It's meant to be done everyday, but of course I only remember to do it in fits and starts. But I love having it hanging there to remind me when I'm feeling sorry for myself :)

    1. Well, it was kind of a "good" sad, ya know? I am maybe "too" in touch with my feelings. I cry all the damned time with movies, TV shows, music, maybe a commercial or three...

      If meaning making a living via a hobby... it definitely is hard!

      It's always great to practice thankfulness/gratefulness! It's sweet you have a Gratefulness Board. Keep up at it! Perhaps you could join the weekend blog hop? I dunno if you will ever see these replies >.< I have to be on blogger to actually see notifications of replies awaiting notifications.



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