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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I don’t necessarily have any home-brewed pictures available for today’s post*, but I thought I would include an addition to yesterday’s Trailer Tuesday. I think we can all handle that, can’t we? So today I offer you a viewing with a smidgen of a bonus afterwards.

I contemplated posting this trailer for some time, but seeing the movie was coming out today I decided against it. In the end, it works out a tad bit better this way. Still, what in the world could have possessed me to avoid highlighting it?

Doesn’t the world as a whole — especially during these trying times — need more Happiness? More Love? More Magic?

More... Blue?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This weekend I was rummaging through some trailers in attempts to figure out what may be some decent ones to share. So far I have no direct system, except if a movie is fast approaching release I will bump it up. In the past two weeks I have already pushed off some trailers for movies that aren’t out for months compared to some highlighted so far. This causes some minor confliction, though, considering I’m really giddy* to show the newest trailers released.

Another issue I’m finding is that some movie trailers seem to spoil almost the entire movie. I’m not talking “the trailer showed the best parts” spoilers, but downright “holy shit, the trailer showed/explained everything in the goddamn movie and left nothing to discover/surprise” spoilers. I will be sharing one of them below, and can still recall a major plot twist spoiled for me in the second trailer for Lucky Number Slevin (a movie I’d recommend, by the way).

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Cutting it just under the wire today. I’ve been preoccupied doing what I do best: catching up*. Also, I’ve went to the clinic and had some blood taken**, so hopefully they can figure out what may be causing the constant fatigue I’ve experienced since being a teen. It’s easy to peg the reason with  the “you don’t sleep much” explanation. However, even when I get enough sleep it doesn’t seem to matter, and I’ve been getting a ton of sleep lately***.

Let’s see what I’ve come up with during this hazy, sleepwalking week.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Well last week was pretty rough on my system. There were two days where I didn’t sleep at all through the night, and I think it jacked with my already wonky sleep patterns. I can’t recall the issues causing the first night, but the second was definitely being engaged with the Rolling Stone cover subject; debating, reading articles, researching, writing and worrying.

The weekend ended on a sour note, as well. I was ready for another day of Thankful! That’s for damned sure! For me, Trailer Tuesday fits the bill well enough ;-) and there were a few new trailer releases I’ve been waiting for and am excited about. I’ll be sharing one of them today. Deciding which trailers to pick each week has gotten difficult, since attempting to stick to around six each Tuesday.

I think I have a good mix tonight.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


It’s been a pretty busy week, but semi-productive at least.

Aaaaaaand that is as far as I got — literally one sentence — before deciding to take a quick nap. A nap I hoped wouldn’t turn into another four hour sleep like on Friday, which interrupted planned activities. Well, it most certainly did turn into that. Waking up at 10:30pm, realizing I couldn’t hit up DQ for a blizzard like I really wanted to, I went back to sleep again.

1:30am was my next waking point. Since I have some fellow night owl friends, I strongly contemplated getting up and gaming on Xbox. I was certain the odds of me falling asleep again wouldn’t be in my favor. That is until I suddenly woke up at 430am. So I went to do some late night/early morning grocery shopping, buying nothing of any real healthy value (except the coconut milk), and thought I’d try to write more.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


This past week and a half has been chock full of controversial topics. From Orson Scott Card to the Zimmerman trial to the case of Marissa Alexander who received a 20 year sentence to the upcoming August 2013 cover of Rolling Stone magazine. It’s been interesting, and very thought-provoking, engaging in debates about these issues amongst family and friends. Quite frankly I’ve loved it. It’s been a long time since I’ve even bothered voicing much opinion on controversial topics, and long-time readers know I seem to avoid them on my blog — contrary to my intentions.

Granted, the controversial pieces I wish to cover deal more with myself in my day-to-day. After discussing some of the above topics, though, I’ve been curious if I could present the same subject matter here and discuss them with fellow bloggers/followers/anyone really. Today (as the title says) the Rolling Stone cover will be highlighted.

All interactions have been non-hostile and I wish for that to continue here. Sharing opinions/opposing points of view is both welcomed and encouraged, as long as being respectful during discussion/debate. Any inflammatory remarks made against another poster/commenter deemed unsuitable (is there any other kind?) is subject to being removed, and it’s owner blocked.

“I want a nice, clean ‘fight’ here!”

Oh, and I’ve never really delved into anything like this — I’m no journalist, just a lowly blogger — so let’s hope I’m semi-coherent and don’t botch shit up too badly.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Some quick blurbs tonight. I just got home from seeing Urinetown with a friend and it was a great play [musical]. Hopefully we can try to figure out how to write up some sort of review. I think it would be fun to do. Until then I'm just going to share a few photos.

The Good

Tuesday, July 16, 2013



I’ve yet to sleep. When it’s 4am and you should be going to bed, but you are thirsty as all hell — the only thing to drink in the fridge is a Nos: Zero power drink — you know shit is about to get real. So I did some apartment work, read/commented on some blogs, and am now attempting to unwind. I’m off the “juice” and washed my Brita filtered water pitcher. So back to the water, but it tastes a bit funky. May have to go buy my bottled water today. Maybe before I pass out. Maybe not. Have appointments to keep today.


Let’s get to the trailers. The plan is to get this entry ready, sleep for a bit, and post it sometime between Noon and 1pm; early for me, by all accounts. Let’s see if I can’t make it happen...

Sunday, July 14, 2013


This week went by pretty fast, and unfortunately it’s almost Monday again. Given this is a two day blog hop my procrastination kicked into overdrive. It was on the fence last weekend where I got my post in at midnight; right on the cusp between Sat/Sun. With everything I had going on this weekend I thought I would “take advantage” of it being a weekend long hop. Though, considering some post two full lists (one for each day) there is a decent chance I’m “doing it wrong.”

I try to be a rule-follower whenever possible, or at least when I know my actions may be placed under a microscope to be judged, ridiculed, and ripped apart. Then again, maybe not ;-)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It’s Tuesday and I’m attempting to continue my Trailer Tuesday blog series! I haven’t yet nailed down a system for which trailers to feature — it will be a fair mix — but I will likely have themes now and again; classic trailers, actor/actress specific trailers, genre specific trailers, etc etc. You get the idea. I’d like to try to design a badge/banner of sorts too, but I lack any real art program, besides Paint. I downloaded Gimp 2, but sadly I can’t really figure it out. I need to find some tutorials.

As mentioned before, trailers are a strong passion of mine. It may sound odd, but it is what it is. I told my workout buddy about it today and he laughed, because he knew just how addicted to trailers I am. That and the sharing of them. On a random side note (not that anyone is keeping track) this will be labeled as number one of the series, even though there was an official post last week. I have an odd fixation with starting at zero.

Let’s get to some trailers, shall we?

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Just a quick list today. It pretty much all revolves around an incident that occurred earlier in the week.

  1. I’m thankful for mindful tenants who are quick to call the Fire Dept. when they see smoke coming out from under a neighbor’s door.
  2. I decided to actually respond to my apartment buzzer, where normally I maybe wouldn’t. Like Wednesday as I was taking a shower. It helps the individual pressed it for prolonged periods of time...
  3. Fast responding firefighters.
  4. Getting to the second apartment building just as the firefighters were planning on entering the smoking unit. Had I been just a few moments later they would have kicked in the door. That would have been all sorts of bad. You know... aside from the potential burning down of the entire building and all.
  5. Being incredibly thankful that the tenant was not in said apartment as everything was going down. Not only for her safety, but the safety of the firefighters entering the unit. I knew she slept with ear plugs, barely gets any sleep, and is ex military/police. She’s described having momentary flash backs and I can only imagine what waking up in a smoked filled room with strangers in masks coming for you may trigger.
  6. Extremely thankful that nothing had caught on fire (food was left cooking in the oven), and that airing out of the unit and building was all that was necessary to remedy the situation.
  7. On a lighter note: being invited out to a BBQ on the 4th! It was a blast and there was some great food and laughs. BBQs are definitely rampant. The fireworks may not have been 25 feet as advertised, but they were fun nonetheless. Though, I wish one of the hosts had been “metal” enough to jump some of them as they were going off.
  8. The wonderful lunch... dinner... (linner?) I was treated to. It was delicious and at one of my favorite restaurants.
  9. For friends showing me the ropes on public transportation. They didn’t mind my anxiety and did their best to explain how the system worked. I may not ride solo for some time, but it was a start right?
  10. The invite to celebrate a friend’s birthday! It was extremely short notice, but it ended up working out great. Tried out a new bar (after said bus ride) and then shifted the hanging out to one of the couple's house. We may not have gotten around to playing King's Cup, but there's always next time!

So the gist of this week is: I'm thankful one of my building's didn't burn down and that no one was harmed, and spending time with friends to make up for the stress the first event may have caused!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I’m sitting here at the coffee shop catching up on comments and blog hopping/visiting (what's new right?), and I thought I best write this up while it's all fresh on my mind. It’s nothing complicated really, but an idea came to me while I was at the gym. It kept nagging and so I think I’m just going to do it. I know I wanted to participate in the music blog hop on Tuesdays, but I think I’ll head in a slightly different direction.

For a long while I’ve wanted to review movies, games, books, music, etc. A wide variety of interests all centering around the entertainment field. In fact, I was attempting to begin my movie reviewing with Batman Begins. It took me awhile to form more of a coherent thought beyond “It was fucking awesome!” I determined a review would have to entail a tad bit more than just a simple statement (or DO they?).

Okay, they do.

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