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Sunday, August 4, 2013



Alright, I’ve had this doc opened the entire day so now that 8pm (make that 11pm) is fast approaching I best get on it! I’ve spend most of the day catching up on other TToT posts for the blog hop so I’m not doing so in the middle of the week (or the day of the next hop...), and can feel a tad bit more relieved with my slow, procrastinating approach to things.

Dyanne and I duke it out sometimes for last place (we are convinced there is an unspoken prize), but with all the newcomers it’s a rough competition. Besides, this gives those overseas individuals something to read in the morning when they open their precious little eyes and begin the new day.

I was just talking about how I need to start writing a list of things I am Thankful for as they happen, because they seem to conveniently disperse when I reach back and sift through my memory. Let’s see what I happen to recall...

  1. To start off with, I began the week with some difficult discussions, but things quickly smoothed out and I was able to bring a tag-along with me to my grandmother’s house. It was a lot of fun, but I hope she doesn’t get too taken by my grandma. She may be a sweet, loving, old lady on the outside, but inside she is one mischievous little trickster! I’m pretty sure anyone meeting her wouldn’t believe me, though. Hopefully she enjoyed the banter that occurred throughout the evening.
  2. I’m thankful for the Beginner’s Luck I’ve been experiencing when it comes to various giveaways being hosted by multiple authors (many of them through the Blogging Book Fair). I ended up winning another set of books from another author. I’m not specifically sure which books will be included, so I’m excited to find out! They are signed, as well! I really have a ton of reading to do! I’m hoping to write some reviews too, but a bit nervous about that part.
  3. The creative inspirations that have been crowding my mind lately, it’s been quite active as of late. I can’t say I can pinpoint why, but unfortunately none of them have been related to After Armageddon, which has been untouched since March. Most pieces that I’ve had for it have been related in a non-sequential order compared to what has been written and placed up. I’ve begun to wonder how many will even remember WTF is even going on in the storyline once I do place up the next installment. Though, part of me wonders if I should, or rather if I should shut it down being I feel it growing personal for me and maybe it’s best not to have online on a blog?
  4. Helping my brother tweak his Magic the Gathering deck. I haven’t been playing much (or really doing anything lately), so being able to help discuss and tweak his deck helped rejuvenate some of my passion for the game. He also is buying some needed cards from me, and I hope this will ease me into buying/selling/trading cards while the cards are actively desired instead of me sitting on them until they rotate out (for non-players this means the cards cannot be used in the most frequently played tournament/competitive play) and end up dropping to a fifth of their value.
  5. Microsoft now offering free games for Gold Members. This has been a long time coming, as they have been behind Sony featuring this for years. The premium memberships run about the same, but Sony has always offered a handful of free games (still way more in number than Microsoft) you have access to when a premium member. Microsoft now offers two free games a month, and they are actually decent games. The advantage may be that with Microsoft you can keep said games even if your premium membership expires. I’m not completely certain about that, though, but if true it’s a nice perk over Sony.
One of the free games I downloaded - It's a lot of fun! (It's actually one of the sealed games I own)
  1. Having a fun date night at the end of the week. The plan was to see Man of Steel, but some alternate routes I took to avoid nasty road construction took a bit longer than expected. Thankfully, there were other options available — R.I.P.D., 2 Guns, and The Conjuring — so we opted for 2 Guns. Hopefully a movie review upcoming, but given everyone knows how bad I am about reviewing anything no pinkie swears...
  2. Movie trailers! Yeah yeah, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “Man, I love being a turtl...” wait... There were some good trailers offered in front of 2 Guns that I’m hoping I can incorporate into this week’s Trailer Tuesday! It’s going to be a tough decision since I already had some picked out.
  3. Dinner after the movie. We went out to eat, regardless of being close to Midnight, and it was a lot of fun. There was a lady sitting across from us in a booth that I couldn’t stop looking at. It may sound rude — to both the individual and my company — but I swear to God she looked just like Judge Judy from The People’s Court! It was creepy and I had to make sure I remained on my best behavior!
  4. The burst of motivation that possessed me to clean up my living room. Not so much clean as organize a bit. A few weeks ago I ended up receiving a large quantity of books, a coffee table, and two end tables from a tenant moving out later this month. For weeks I had the coffee table in the middle of the living room and the end tables stacked on top of it. Then I had the books sorted in piles between them all. I rearranged my bookshelf, moved some of my games (including 70 sealed/unplayed ones) onto the entertainment center, and got all but the romance novels on my shelf. It looks a whole hell of a lot less cluttered in my living room now!
  5. DQ’s Tripleberry Brownie blizzard — it’s delicious! Last month they had some lemon meringue pie, but it just wasn’t that good. Tripleberry Brownie, on the other hand, is all sorts of awesome! Except perhaps when the body begins to process it...

Feel free to share what you are thankful for down below in the comments, if not participating in the TToT blog hop. Any writers with tips/advice about posting pieces of work [writing] online, whether on a blog or otherwise? Should you avoid it? Does it matter if planning to use the material for a book? When was your last date night, and what did you do? Are you going to try DQ’s new Tripleberry Brownie blizzard?!


  1. Tripleberry Brownie blizzard. . . that sounds like temptation in a cup!

    1. Indeed, it is! I can't argue with that ;-)

  2. Has it been that long since I've been here? You have a new header. I love how you listed this TToT with the margin thingys. I can't describe it but its cool...

    Way to go at being creative and at winning things..Especially signed books...

    What's date night again? Lol

    1. It's been a long long time, but it's cool :-) I'm the slowest their is on catching up, so by all means take your time haha

      Thanks! I wasn't sure if it would work, but I just "quoted" every other one so it didn't come out like some block of text, which can be a little intimidating. That and you can't space inbetween the list numbers. It works, and I may go back and edit previous selections so it's the same. It may read easier.

      I love signed books!

      >.> You know... date night!

  3. I love how you *might* have had dinner across from Judge Judy - that is SO COOL!

    And YAY! for date night, winning books and getting tidied.

    Don't stress about the different creative intentions and whether or not they match up with ongoing stuff - just enjoy them, get them out of your brain and into pixels or pen, and roll with it for a bit. There's no pressure on you, no deadlines. Have fun with it :)

    (This week, you win, but I'm not sure what the prize is. But I loved waking up to this)

    1. I wish I could have taken a picture. It wasn't her, but she looked so similar I'd imagine she gets told that a lot.

      Well, deadlines may actually help me write. I procrastinate and when deadlines approach I hustle!

      Yay! lol

    2. Imma betting he's all smoke and mirrors and had this post written days ago just so he could sit and wait until I finally posted my entry before slipping his in just. after. me.

    3. I'm patient, and prefer to bide my time before I slip... mine... in...

      Wait what?!

  4. You made it! I went to bed at midnight thinking you weren't going to write this week. Congrats! You have won...Dyanne's annoyance for beating her. :)

    I so enjoy reading the posts of people who know each other and write about the same thing. I am jealous, though. Your grandma sounds like a hoot. I'd love to spend some time with her.

    I'm glad to hear about all the good going on this week. Getting out and having fun and rediscovering old favorites. Can't say I'll try the tripleberry brownie blizzard. I'm a straight-up Butterfinger blizzard gal.

    I have absolutely zero advice to give on the writing. Having never done it myself, my advice would be very unhelpful.

    It is so fun winning goodies from internet people, especially books, especially when they're signed. I've won a few, and all have been great.

    So glad you managed to squeak this in. I can understand how an almost Judge Judy sighting might throw you off. Did you mention to your date why you were ogling another woman? :)

    1. Pffft I wouldn't be making it? Puuuuuhlease! She doesn't know who she is dealing with... I try to play it cool, but you know... I have my eye on the "prize" >.>

      Awww, I have yet to jump over to that particular participant's post. I'm terrible :-( I would share her (my grandmother >.>) with everyone if I could... I'm a firm believer the world needs more people like her.

      I've not had a Butterfinger blizzard in ages. I always try to sample the Flavor of the Month when I happen to go there (not so often anymore... though twice in a row is crazy — thank goodness for Planet Fitness!).

      Thanks, Christine. I have a few readers who happen by sporadically that I hope may be able to offer some advice, but whether or not they come across this is another matter entirely lol

      I love signed books!! And as for the ogling, she said she didn't even notice. I'm uncertain if that is potentially a good thing >.> or a bad thing HA!

  5. Sitting across from a Judge Judy lookalike would be super-distracting.
    What am I thankful for? Hmmm, I'm going to my favorite beach spot in a week...

    1. It was, but eventually I was able to resist!

      Look at you... talks of retreats and shenanigans with fellow writers and beaches. I can't say I'm not jealous. I haven't been to a beach in ages! I hope you have a great time :-)

  6. Dude, way to eek it in there at the last possible second! Also you are so not allowed to tell us that you had date night without more details.

    1. I am an eeking machine! That wasn't my intentions this week, but I seem to be on that path again.

      More details may actually come. Whether those details are positive or not will have to remain a mystery until then...

  7. I'm dying to see 2 Guns! I hope it was good!! Conjuring was so disappointing.



    1. I personally really liked it :-) It wasn't anything original or anything, but very entertaining.

      The Conjuring was disappointing?! Whaaaaaat? That's no good!


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