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Tuesday, August 6, 2013



Last Friday I saw 2 Guns on a date night, which I mentioned in my last 10 Things of Thankful post. Two of the trailers shown before the show were completely new to me, and I would like to share them today. Seeing 2 Guns, despite really wanting to watch it, was a result of being late to Man of Steel. Tonight I was actually able to see that movie as well, on another impromptu date night (just getting back from actually). Man of Steel offered no new trailers, because I am so “in the know” and all that jazz!

Hopefully I can get up reviews of both movies soon!

I’m excited to show the new trailers I saw Friday night, and there is a great spread of genres, but first I’d like to share one that I came across just a few nights ago that I think is amazing...

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (12/25/2013):

I’m a “softie” and can sometimes get emotional with my movies, TV shows, and — apparently — movie trailers. The last time a movie trailer had me tear up was for Cloud Atlas, which I have yet to see (I heard some strong comments of disappointment from friends and have avoided it). The trailer for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty invoked that same reaction from me.

I think it’s a beautiful trailer. It says so much with barely using any dialog and the song... the song is what did me in. It’s “Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters and Men, and I recommend checking them out! I’ve been a Ben Stiller fan for a long time, but I haven’t seen many of his latest movies (the one coming to mind being The Watch). I think I will avoid any other trailers that are released for the film that may attempt to better reveal what the movie is about. This one says enough, and I can only hope the movie is as beautiful.

Yeah... I described a trailer as beautiful... don’t judge!

47 Ronin (12/25/2013):

It feels like ages since seeing Keanu Reeves in a movie beyond The Matrix trilogy. I know he has done some more indie types (Generation Um...) and gave a hand at directing (Man of Tai Chi, which the trailer looked horrible for... maybe I will share it another day), but no blockbusters. Could this movie change that?

My main thought was: he isn’t Asian. I did some digging and supposedly, in the movie (based on Japanese folktale), his character is half Asian and is referred to as an outcast and half-breed throughout. I doubt I will go see this movie in the theater, but it does look like it may be a great action flick. I haven’t seen any of the other movies based on this folktale, but I’d imagine there is a decent chance Hollywood butchers it.

When I read some comments about the trailer, someone’s post of “I’d like to report a glitch in the Matrix...” had me laughing... for like... an hour. Perhaps I’m easily amused...

American Hustle (12/13/2013):

The first of the new trailers I caught last Friday. I actually don’t have a whole lot to say about this one except it looks really good and has great actors. It will be interesting to see Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence paired up again after Silver Linings Playbook. Amy Adams and Robert De Niro? Yes, please. Batman (Christian Bale) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner)? Hell yes! Does this have some Oscar potential? It’s very possible. Time will tell.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (10/25/2013):

And now the other trailer from Friday night. Alright, I’ll admit I saw the first Jackass movie even though I never really watched the series. I thought some of it was funny, but apparently not enough to invest in any of the sequels. This trailer, however, had me laughing my ass off. In fact, everyone (all 15 of them...) in the theater were laughing hysterically throughout! I may not see this on the big screen, but I will definitely be checking it out when it is released. I’m almost positive one of my brothers will be buying it.

Planes (8/9/2013):

I thought I’d share another kid movie, since I dropped the ball on The Smurfs 2 (which I made up for) in last week’s post. I like my Disney and Pixar, and this movie is a Cars spin-off. I thought that was kind of weird, and I found it interesting that Pixar isn’t producing this movie. I’m sure this will be great fun for the kids, but I have almost no interest in it. I still haven’t seen the sequel to Cars. I’d maybe check it out if it gets placed on NFlix.

I do like the White Zombie played in the trailer, though! 

The Power Inside (8/15/2013):

And now to finish off with some strange.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but post this. It has Harvey Keitel and is about alien mustaches... I mean... come on! You are reading the typing of a guy who has watched such movies as Rubber, which is about a killer tire. Yes, a tire, and I’d recommend it...

It’s supposedly an interactive social media film? I have no idea how that works exactly, but it sounds interesting. I may have to check out their Facebook page.

Did any of the above trailers catch your interest? What was the last Keanu Reeves movie you saw? Are you a fan of any of the actors (and/or voice-actors) featured in today’s trailers? Are you a fan of Jackass and/or did you find the Bad Grandpa trailer funny? Have you ever seen (or hell... even heard of) Rubber? No, I swear it’s not a porno...

But no pinkie swears...


    Jak you're amazing THANK YOU

    1. Yeah, that part looks hilarious! It may be hard to resist going to the theater to see that movie.

      Thanks, I have my moments ;-)

  2. American Hustle looks like one I'd really enjoy. And my kid was a Cars fanatic, everything he owned was Lightnin' McQueen. He's older now and doesn't seem too thrilled about Planes, but I'm sure he'll probably watch it with his younger cousins on DVD.

    1. I agree, American Hustle looks really good. I will have to see if anyone I know would like to see it, because then I may even check it out in the theaters.

      Yeah, Planes is one I would go to if having kids (and they wanted to see it).

  3. Hey I saw that! the tire movie... damn I think I own it! lol
    I did not stay with it though, it just didn't grab me, involve me enough early on, liked the write up.

    what are the odds? (wait a minute, I know the answer to that... no need to reply)

    1. Hahaha that is awesome, Clark! I saw it a year or so ago, and it did keep my interest. I just couldn't stop watching it. Even my ex liked it, which is odd lol

      Trying to get other people to watch it, however, is no simple task!

  4. I am looking forward to Walter Mitty; I absolutely fell in love with the story the first time I read it. This looks like it could be a pretty good adaptation. And dude, I am the biggest Keanu Reeves fan ever and yet...47 Ronin not looking so hot.

    1. I've never read the book, but I hope its a faithful adaptation. If a huge Keanu Reeves fan you may want to avoid the Man of Tai Chi trailer >.< it's pretty horrendous from what I recall.

  5. Bad Grandpa looks funny as h@ll. Why does Keanu always seem so Japanese-y when he's not?? BTW, I just saw Elysium, and it's good. Especially the art direction.

    1. I may go see Bad Grandpa in the theater if friends end up wanting to go. The trailer alone is hilarious!

      ACK, lucky you! I hope to see Elysium this week if able.

      Sorry I haven't been able to venture to the touring, I will try to get some in before the weekend!


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