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Tuesday, August 20, 2013



As you can see from the new blog series badge, I’ve been experimenting some with Paint and PicMonkey. I’m still a bit hesitant to dive into Gimp 2, but hopefully at some point I will get more accustomed to it and/or Photoshop. I had a specific image in mind for weeks now (more specifically the projector and screen), and this is as close as it’s going to get for now. I originally wanted a calendar on the screen with a larger overlapping Tuesday-marked date.

While looking for some images, I thought to myself: “Why the hell wouldn’t I use the standard green-band trailer shot?” So I did, and as a compromise, I chose to display Tuesday in calendar form. I played around with different locations for the “Tuesday”, and eventually settled on directly after the title (though it covers part of the projector). Then I simply added my blog button instead of just using text, which I think looks nicer. Plus I just made the damn thing and wanted to use it more!

Anyhow, time is short today as I have a Sleep Study this evening. Fun times. Speaking of sleeping around and fun times, how about we get into some Double Hanky Panky Feature action…*

Captain Phillips (10/11/2013):

This trailer has been out for some time, but I was waiting to pair it up. This is based on a true story, but like always what is embellished upon is unknown to me. I’m interested in seeing this movie, considering I’m a long time fan of Tom Hanks. He seems to be selecting very specific roles (and has been for some time). The last two I recall were Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and Cloud Atlas, both of which I really wanted to see and have yet to. Neither seemed to be box-office hits, though the former more so of the two. Will this movie follow suit?

Saving Mr. Banks (12/20/2013):

Just a note of caution this trailer seems to be spoiler bound (or at least showing clips in chronological order). It seems Mr. Hanks has doubled down this year and hopefully one of these two films do well. This movie, however, places Mr. Hanks in the shoes of none-other-than Walt Disney himself. Now if I didn’t know any better, I’d say those sound like some mighty big shoes to fill. With all the actors involved on this project I can’t imagine it being a bad movie. There is just too much experience on screen, so this movie has a lot of potential!

I know close to absolutely nothing about Mary Poppins or its author. Honestly, as sad as it sounds, I don’t think I’ve even seen the movie from beginning to end, but rather just snippets. Maybe this would inspire me to see it? Or maybe I will be hounded for having not seen it yet, and have little choice in the matter...

Don Jon (9/27/2013):

Now to some kinky. I’ve only watched a handful of 3rd Rock from the Sun, but what I saw of it was hilarious. Now and again I’d see members of the cast elsewhere (I was already very familiar with John Lithgow), but Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to be the most successful of the once lesser-known cast members. He’s been in many movies since — some of them blockbusters — and this is the first time I have noticed him being listed as writer/director. I know he has some entertainment production company focusing on collaborating artists, but that would take some time to go into. I am impressed, to say the least, at how far he’s come.

The movie looks entertaining and I’m posting the newest of the two trailers as it’s about half as long and, therefore, potentially revealing fewer spoilers (even though I really like how the first is done). I can’t lie… I’ve liked Johansson since Lost in Translation, which is a good movie I’d recommend. Also, Tony Danza? Holy crap! I may actually see this in the theater, just because I really like Gordon-Levitt’s acting and wouldn’t mind checking out (and supporting) his writing/directing skills.

Fading Gigolo (TBA 2013):

It seems John Turturro has written and directed a handful of movies (Romance & Cigarettes being the only one to ring a bell), but I only seem to recall him playing supporting cast/minor roles in a lot of movies. Maybe his Transformers role was bigger and most current? Either way, it seems like a light comedy that may have it’s moments (which all may be in the trailer). Unfortunately, those moments will likely have to wait until they make their way to Redbox or NFlix. I like a handful of the other cast members, but they definitely aren’t enough pull to get me to the theaters.

Getaway (8/30/2013):

Now this movie I’d like to pull me into theaters. I haven’t seen Ethan Hawke in a long time and now he has two recent releases (the other being The Purge). This movie looks like it’s Taken mixed with The Fast and the Furious and a sprinkle of Disney… I’m not sure how solid (or original for that matter) the plot of the movie is, but I wouldn’t object to seeing it, even more so if there is a sudden lull in viable alternate options. There is bound to be some good car chases and action scenes. Then again, I may just save my money. Sorry, Ethan… time will tell.

Devil’s Pass (8/23/2013):

This movie seems more independent/low budget than some of the above, but it’s the subject matter that intrigues me. Back during the A to Z Challenge a blogger friend (and someone whose blog I’ve fallen grossly behind on), Shannon at The Warrior Muse, was writing about mysterious and paranormal occurrences throughout history. I had never heard of the Dyatlov Pass Incident before, and even in the comments mentioned about how it seemed to be a great set-up for a book or movie and was surprised it hadn’t been done yet (to my knowledge). This movie is based on said incident. Granted the movie is taking great liberties with the content, but they seem to be recreating some of the same events (or discussing them) described historically. In general, the whole incident is creepy. Having it mixed in with horror should make it even more so. I’ve no idea WTF those things are in the trailer, but those are the types of things that creep me the fuck out!

*See what I did there?**
**Double Hanky Panky Feature?***
***Two Tom Hank movies?! Two sexy-time movies?! No?!****
****You’re killin’ me, Smalls...

Do any of the highlighted movies appeal to you? Who is your favorite actor turned writer and/or director? Remember Who’s the Boss? Tony-freakin-Danza! Which Tom Hanks movie looks more interesting to you? Any thoughts about him portraying Walt Disney? Have you ever heard of the Dyatlov Pass Incident? If not, I’d recommend following the link...

Any idea and/or thoughts about the Trailer Tuesday badge?

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