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Saturday, August 10, 2013



Wow - it’s already been ten weeks since this blog hop was launched by Lizzie over at Considerings. The hop has grown since it’s initial startup weekend, and is continually doing so as time keeps on slipping into the future. If you haven’t checked it out yet I encourage you to do so! The information can be found by clicking on the TToT banner above.

Nothing beats overcoming a difficult week like taking time to recap some of the finer moments in life*. Sometimes they come easy, sometimes you have to dig, but they are always there and each time you focus on recalling them is another step closer to positive thinking! So drown out all that nasty hubdrub and share what you are grateful for, I promise you will feel better**.

Being the tenth week makes me feel like I should be contributing something a tad bit special, but alas, I’m at a loss, so I’ll get right into the meat of my listing. Though, there is a chance some participating in the hop will like this...

I don’t know about you, but I feel that is a great way to kick off a list***!

  1. I wanted to start out by thanking Clark over at the Wakefield Doctrine for nominating me for the Semper Fidelis Blogger Award! This was two weeks ago, but I’m Slowplay. I’ll be getting around to the award ceremonies soon enough. Clark..Clark...Clark He is an odd one, even with his nominating tactics ;-) If interested in checking out what the Wakefield Doctrine is all about (the worldview theory of Clarks, Scotts, and Rogers) I suggest you take a gander! I’ve been told you can’t break it, but I’ve been known to break the internet. Challenge Accepted!
  2. Finishing my Guest Post over at Life, Unexpectedly in time! I should have warned Stephanie about the formatting shenanigans (like double spacing) that crop up when pasting something from Google Drive into Blogger and then editing (pictures were added), which makes no sense being both are Google based; drives me mad when I edit my own posts! It was a ton of fun to write, and I hope she enjoyed (still enjoying?) her vacation. She had guest posters all week, so check them out — you may recognize a few!
  3. My ability to remain calm(er) under pressure. It’s no secret for most that I have some anxiety issues. Sometimes they end up annoying everyone else more than myself, which is unfortunate. When a situation arises, though, that is high anxiety and pressure I do sometimes have my moments. One was this week, which dealt with some personal issues between another and I. It put many things into perspective, but instead of just running from it I faced it head-on (apply directly to the forehead — sorry, hard to resist). This [facing something] usually occurs during matters associated with feelings of the heart and/or others I care about.
  4. More movie outings! I had another date night consisting of another dinner and movie. We saw Man of Steel (review pending...) and I had a great time. I liked the movie (especially beginning), but felt it was a tad too long for various reasons, which I will be highlighting in said pending review.
  5. The 50’s Grill. This was where we had dinner for our date night, and it’s a long-time favorite spot of mine and my grandmother (who was not my date >.>). They play the generation's music and the waitresses wear cute pink dresses (I don’t stare, I swear**). I love the decor, the great food, and peaceful atmosphere. Their malts are awesome, but we opted to pass on them, since we were too full from our meals and had the movie to catch. Soon, though... Soon...
  1. The building inspiration and motivation to do movie, book, and other reviews. I know I talk about wanting to do them a lot, but there seems to be need for a build up process. Eventually it will overflow and then I will attack it. Already I have thoughts I would like to share about the movies I’ve recently seen. Part of the hold up is selecting a day for reviews (Mondays or Thursdays seem best so far) and how to handle spoilers. 

    I know I can leave spoilers out (I’m a huge proponent of not giving any, being they potentially ruin the experience for others), but some of the review seems it would be lost without talking specifics. I will deliberate some on this, and if nothing else, I know I can label/warn when spoilers will appear. Likely I could shift those topics to the last section, but then I fear possible discussion points in comments will give them away regardless. What to do, what to do...
  1. Clean bill of health. Not completely clean, I suppose, but a few weeks ago I made a Dr. appointment to get some tests done. Specifically, these were tests I was hoping would shed some light on my constant fatigue (it’s still running rampant). My thyroid was the focus of this last visit, but it came back normal. In fact, all the other tests the Dr. and my Arch Nemesis called labs for came back normal. Yes, I have an Arch Nemesis in the medical field. I will discuss this, and these tests, more fully in a more personalized blog post. 

    While this is good news, it also means I have more testing to undergo. It should have been this week, but I had quite a bit on my plate, so the plan is to go in next week. While I don’t seem to have any signs of Sleep Apnea, it is something I explained to them I wanted checked out. This involves a sleep study (something I’ve been told for years to do), which really cranks up my anxiety levels! It’s just one night, though. What’s the worst that can happen?
  1. Forgiveness. Not necessarily receiving it, but in this case the ability to offer it. A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away...), I wasn’t quite a bit different in terms of Forgiveness. I believe I’ve mentioned it some in my previous “important” [to me] posts (Initiative: Just Act Kind  & BEDiM 2013: Day 24). I would hold grudges, used to be angry (this is more in the teen years and not in the sense of losing temper), and pretty much judge and shun those I felt were “doing it wrong” and/or screwing me over. I’ve come a long way since then, but I’ve still many things to learn. I’m thankful to bare witness to the beautiful results from hard work in this area;  I’m quite proud. This (and recapping on the above I:Jak post) will be touched upon more, as well.
  2. Lovers. It’s not plural because I have multiple, though that would be quite intriguing (or damning depending on where you stand — as if having one doesn’t offer the same condemnation). This is another area — Love and relationships — that has changed dramatically over the course of my life. Where once I believed that someone must be strictly involved in a committed relationship to experience either, I’ve now come to believe that to be false. Love, and the sharing of it, knows no boundaries and is not restricted to labels and titles. It transcends all that tries to restrict it. It just simply is. This is also a topic on a personal level I wish to highlight more directly (I know, I’ve hinted at so many today it’s tiring!). I expect it will conflict with the beliefs and points of views of others, but that’s okay. It is what it is.
  3. Finally, hot passionate sex and hot meals. Not necessarily in that order****.

*Well, for the sake of the hop nothing does, but anything that would equal it (whether hot sex, a hot meal, or a hot meal after hot sex, etc etc) would just be added to that dandy list****
**But no pinky swears
***See what I did there?!
****Told ya so...

Feel free to leave your list below in the comments if you haven’t yet joined the blog hop! How should I handle spoilers in movie reviews? Leave them out (I’d imagine I could easily write them up devoid of them)? Do you have a favorite restaurant? If so, which and why?


  1. Dude..you're letting Dyanne win?

    1. Shit! I was going to be thankful about THAT actually lol and how it wasn't pity or the like, but how I also cheer for the underdog, and yadda yadda yadda

      HA! And you are super fast >.>

    2. Dyanne already lost...she's in!

    3. Maybe THIS week I was just trying to beat Jak by posting first, in which case, I WON.

    4. ACK! Oh My Nuts she was already in! So technically I won, but she won, so who won?! I was totally looking for the spoon on nose image lol

      Well played, Dyanne... Well played.

    5. Oh she's a sneaky one - you'll have to raise your game considerably.

    6. I've been doing so creepily, elsewhere in the Blogosphere ;-)

    7. You know... the dribbling off of the Bobby brooks...

  2. Ok I finished reading. LOVE Di contribution to TTot...
    Good job on remaining calm(er) under pressure.
    You're a lucky beast to be having a hot meal + hot sex...that sounds good in whatever order...
    I think you should avoid spoilers or at least give a watning that it may contain spoilers.
    Forgivness lifts a burden off your soul...I think...although you'd think I don't know that l. I hold trudged still sometimes.

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping some will enjoy it :) I'm actually fairly proud of it lol It took me a while to do, but most everything does nowadays...

      I think everyone should have hot sex and hot meals ;-)

      Yeah, I will label/mark them if coming up or maybe figure out how to use the "hide text/spoiler" option, but they haven't worked for me in the past. Worry about commenting on the review, though, revealing them anyway. We will see. I know I can avoid them altogether, if need be.

      I agree with Forgiveness and hope over time you won't hold as many grudges *hug*

  3. Hi!
    Loved the Post! I have been looking for something like that for a while, keep up the good work!*

    Hey Shanique! Welcome to the TToT... see already know Jak.

    Dude! you're early (which is good) but it is late in the Saturday and I will need to revisit your Post in order to create some worthy Commentation. Like what I have sped red.
    Thanks for the shout on the Doctrine... hey speaking of which, I was 'talking' to Lizzi and it looks like a high probability of a Doctrine Video brunch at 1 or 1:30 EDT tomorrow!
    Hey, Shanique you are totally invited as well.

    All time to throw myself down on the ground for some non-awake time.

    (Hey about your item on the health thing... your Dr doesn't look like M. Night**, does he?)


    *Comment equivalent of making a lot of noise before interrupting a thread... plus a lame attempt to do a spam Comment pastiche
    ** it's good to take chance when trying to guess implied puzzles, i.e. Arch Nemesis and such

    1. Hiya, Clark, it's no problem. Not sure what you've been looking for. If referring to the TToT meme I made, it took a bit of time finding images and place them together and finding the font. Took most the afternoon lol Though, mind you I am easily distracted!

      I wanted to get in way earlier actually, but that picture was a bit of a project! Still earlier than I have been lately. I wasn't able to get to visits tonight as planned, because I had company over. Also, things may conflict with tomorrow as there are brunch plans at a restaurant I've been hankering to try out. We will see what develops and when. Still a bit squeamish about video chats >.<

      Have a good night! And about the Doc... maybe a bit!

      dun Dun DUN!

    2. np on the Vid Brunch! We are very ez going 'round here. Hey! wait a minute!.... take your phone to your restaurant and invite everyone there! ( laugh out loud* )

      Just kidding! (we'll have google turn it on for us... SATT**)

      But! I would like to do a real time conversation, not to sell you on the Doctrine, but rather to (hopefully) compensate for my, somewhat...er omni-directional approach to laying out the principles (of said Doctrine).

      I have been told by others, that a short conversation in RL has helped them link concepts and clarify points such that it will seem like a whole new thing. Having said that, allow me my normal disclaimer: the Doctrine is a tool, for fun and adventure. Not an answer, philosophy (well maybe, sort of but pretty much borrowed from a lot of cool writers and such).

      Getting the reaction of new Readers to the Doctrine and the blog is way valuable to me, helps to remind me to keep it direct and simple or something.

      Enough for now...will get back after the caffeine kicks in.

      (I was alluding to 'Unbreakable', of course)

      Another reason for a RT conversation, I've been thinking about trying a Video Barbecue... you know:

      people put their phones and or tablets and lap tops out and leave them on (with video chat enabled) and then us Virtual People can walk across continents, visiting each others parties and cookouts, saying things like, "how long has that potato salad been out?"... " no thank you, I played too much volleyball before I left the house" and "hey, do you think this bikini is too small?"


      *well, more smile at the thought, but as the words actually make it onto the screen... smile even more
      **Smile At The Thought

    3. Oh yeah, I completely understand some of the fun and even advantages of video chat. I contemplated bringing my laptop to brunch*, but glad I didn't. The tables were small and the place was packed. I didn't see a sign saying wifi was offered, but most places do.

      It was a great restaurant and one I plan on going to again! Great breakfast foods^^

      I believe a real time conversation would help explain the Doctrine to some, Its a lot different reading compared to conversing, and I hope a lot of joking around and shenanigans take place. A video BBQ would be pretty sweet while the weather is nice. I have no BBQ equips, but I could live vicariously through others participating lol I'm all about bikini judging ;-)

      *I have no smartphone.

  4. I completely absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the poster you made. And no, 'love' doesn't have to be restricted and bounded (unless you want it to be, i.e. marriage) because it comes in different types (e.g. non-spousal love) and I LOVE your poster! (and your efforts in making it SO good)

    This is a totally awesomerockin' list and I'm very glad you've been back to the doc's (in spite of your nemesis) and are getting things underway.

    The 50's diner sounds awesome - exactly the kind of place I'd love.

    And I'm glad forgiveness is on your list - it's very important for letting us move on with our lives and 'unhook' from previous hurts.

    1. hey Lizzi

      (lol always the interrupterer ... hey Lizzi what are your thoughts on a Video Pic-a-nic? Setting aside the fact that I still can't get the Hangout thing to work in any predictable manner.)

    2. YAY! I'm glad you like it Lizzi, I was hoping you would :-) It probably wouldn't have taken me to long if I knew WTF I was doing and was a little more "pro", but what can ya do?

      I'll be hitting the Docs again this week, and will have an update probably the week following, all depending.

      You'd like it Lizzi it's a great "period" diner. It's just an overall awesome place! I hope it never closes shop.

      More to come on Forgiveness ;-)

      @Clark wonder why the Hangouts are causing issues?

    3. It was good for me :)

      Looking forward to reading your week.

      Perhaps when I'm over at someunarrangedpointinthefuture it could be a Place To Go on my list of Places To Visit In America

  5. hey Jak!

    in case you are monitoring this change in plans... Vid brunch in 30 minutes... Conisderer and Michelle (Liew) and possibly Cyndi... in case you wanna drop by...will try to you find you FB (yes, Colossus knows all)

    1. I just got home about 30 min ago or so, and not sure if the time you post says 7:50am... not sure what that translates into my time? I honestly don't think I know M. Liew or Cyndi lol


  7. But not too many details about the hot sex. I have an imagination and I am happy to roll with that.

    1. *sings* Can't have one without the ooooother. You can't have one without the... ooooooooother *dances*

      I swear in my head this is a Sesame Street inspired song, but can't recall.

      Perhaps "One of These Things (is Not Like the Other)"

    2. Would you two just get a song already!

    3. Clark already picked it out lol

  8. yeah we do want to know what a $5.00 milkshake tastes like*

    * audio video aid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoJAc_aSM7E

    1. HA! I love that scene. I love the movie period actually lol

  9. Perfect photo thing. I was gone an itty bitty two days and this hop has gone completely mad. Every other click sends me to photos of a boob, (literal, unlike the figurative it usually does) smack is being talked all over the place, songs are being sung (very badly) and I didn't get to be a part of any of it! Bah. i'm never going out of town again.

    While I'm glad for your date/movie nights and your hot whatevers, my favorite part of your whole list was the forgiveness. Some people never learn this lesson, which is sad. Your entire life changes with this one shift in thinking. Keep at it, Friend. Forgiving others does so much for you. Grudges are just too much miserable work.

    1. Well well well, look who is late to the party this time! :-) Maybe it was "madness" after all lol I try my best to sing like a rockstar, but it never sounds the same to other peoples' ears as it does mine...

      And yeah... boobs... everywhere... lol

      Hot whatevers! ;-) And thank you, I agree completely that too many people never learn Forgiveness and yet it can completely change their lives.

      I'm glad you were able to stop by tonight and hope you had a great getaway!

  10. Um. So I'm coming not knowing whether I should be fist-pumping the air that I was more of a horrid procrastinator than you and Christine or whether I should be hanging my head in shame over the fact that I eeked it out at 11:59 my time and in fact did not have a title so that any blog subscribers get a 404 error if they click the link now. Sigh. Either way, I deserve the title of biggest loser, I think.
    Ok moving on.
    As you get older, you'll realize that meals after sex do not need to be hot to be amazing. Sometimes that goes for the sex, too. Just saying. SUcks ass that the docs don't know what's wrong but SO GREAT that it's not your thyroid as that one really sucks. Is it weird that I want to hear more about the dates????

    1. I may be biased, but I think you should feel utterly (udderly?) amazing knowing you posted at 11:59pm! That is totally my style and it's quite a special "club" to be a part of!

      I did get the 404 at first from your email notification that was sent (I think or it was the site). Is it able to be edited or will that then not be able to be in the linky list?

      I wouldn't worry about it and you aren't a loser in any way shape or form.

      Can't help but feel I've somehow just received a small glimpse into the world of your sex life >.>

      Well, many more tests to go, but I agree about the thyroid. Thanks much, Kristi!

      I can't help but feel I may be getting another glimpse into the world of your sex life <.<


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