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Sunday, August 18, 2013



I thought about continually attributing the 300esque display for each week of this blog hop — even having a “template” open to do so — but I think it’s best to leave that little special addition solely for TToT 10*. The tenth week is pretty special, given when just starting out a blog hop you aren’t sure how well it is going to be received, let alone if it will survive and grow. In my head I’m picturing the quarterly marks being the next milestones. Naturally, that isn’t for me to determine, but whatever is decided, it stands to be noted that each and every week of the hop is important.

These past few weeks have really been a roller coaster of emotions. When things seemed to be reaching a high, something caused a crash. Generally those moments are pretty abrupt. This week ended with my car being completely FUBAR (missing multiple events this weekend as a result), and now I’m looking at a stretch of time where I will be relying on friends and family to help out if I really need to get someplace. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, because I hate asking for help.

With every crash, however, there was eventually a turnaround in the same vein...

  1. Lazy Weekends. I can’t recall if I’ve highlighted this before, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I had. With my car breaking down, one would imagine I would be frantic about figuring out how to get to and from work, social events, and formal occasions as I look for another vehicle. Instead I’ve done my best to have a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend. I knew my car was on Death Row, so it was just a matter of time.
  2. Car breakdown location. As I was heading out to my standard Thursday night social gathering with writing friends (though, lately it seems to be just me and maybe one other), my car started shaking on the highway and acting extremely funky. It’s done the same before, and it eventually smooths out and then runs fine, but I had the feeling this time was different. I pulled off onto the first exit ramp, where it died at the top of the hill. Thankfully it turned over and I was able to make my turn, but it died as I was coming up to make a U-Turn thereafter to get to the gas station. While still shitty, it would have been much worse if in the middle of the highway...
  3. They day of the incident. Being it was on a Thursday meant that my brother was home and able to come try to assist me in getting my PoS car the fuck outta Dodge**. He hemmed and hawed some, but eventually came out. Had this happened a day or two earlier at the same time, I would have been in quite the pickle...
  4. Random helpful strangers. Over the course of my brother attempting to start my car, two random people came up separately wanting to help us. One had a portable charger, and the other offered her SUV after seeing us from her workplace across the road. I was very appreciative of their offers, but unfortunately there was nothing they could do we hadn’t already been trying.
  5. Half-price shakes (Car Incident Intermission)! All Summer long, Sonic has had an ongoing offer of all their shakes being half-price everyday after 8pm. I have no idea how many times my friend K8 and I have gone there, but it’s been at least three times now. It’s become our secret sinful obsession. One day she was all “I wish they had pie shakes” when randomly fantasizing. Sure enough, Sonic has them. Once that was discovered, it was pretty much downhill from there. We’ve been trying out a variety of flavors, but I tend to stay away from the peanut butter ones (of which they have like ten of...). I love peanut butter, and I like chocolate, but usually not combined for some reason.
Source: http://sonicdrivein.com/
  1. Elysium. Lately I’ve been attending a handful of movies on dates and with friends, and I hope to maintain at least one each week. It’s great getting back into seeing movies in the theater. For me, Kick-Ass 2 is next on the docket, but not sure if there is much beyond that I will want to see right away. I will have to research what all is still out. Elysium was a good movie, but I’ve a feeling my thoughts and review may be among the minority within the current critic hype.
  2. Karta Thai and Flameburger. This weekend a friend and I tried out two new restaurants. It was apparently a weekend of adventure and new things. She wasn’t too keen on her meal (in comparison to other locations she’s been to), but mine was pretty tasty. Then again, as I explained to her, pad thai is kind of a staple and likely hard to make bad (though, she said she has experienced it). As for going there again, I wouldn’t object. Flameburger, on the other hand, we both agreed was amazing and would highly recommend it to others. All of the food (even for standard burger and fries, though we also got hashbrowns) was delicious! The waitress was also incredibly nice, so it’s definitely a place we will revisit. Hopefully soon!
  3. Christine. I'm always thankful for her blog posts and visits, but in particular during my last post | Generation Jak | she mentioned a rating system that should have been a real no-brainer, but for some reason it never really came to mind. I’m not even going to pretend I had planned that rating system all along***, so she gets full credit! Well played, Christine, well played...
  4. Good judgment. For example: when stopping at the gas station and you find you’ve really got a hankering for a doughnut or cookie, but decide against it when noticing a fly or two  crawling over some of the product inside the case when you are reaching in to nab some goodies. Close-fucken-call, but no thanks... I’ll pass...
  5. Bobby & Steve’s (Car Incident Intermission End/Conclusion). With a magical car start up (after it refusing to do so after being jumped multiple times), I was able to get my car out of the damn turn lane. The Mobil gas station I was attempting to get to just so happened to be a Bobby and Steve’s Auto World location. So as I puttered into their back lot, the manager on staff came out to ask if we’d been helped. After explaining the situation, he arranged for my car to be towed home for half of the original towing charge! He also said if I wanted to donate the car (if having the title), they would come tow it away for free. I’m iffy on this, as I know I can find places that will take cars for some cash, but the offer is a generous one I am thankful for, nonetheless.

I know it looks like I may be back to my old “last place race” shenanigans, but I swear that wasn’t my intention! I’ll take a gander at the linky list and see just how behind I am. As you may have noticed, I haven’t been making many rounds this week/weekend, so it’s going to be another late haul on my end.

*Though, it was a lot of work [for me...] and I’d love to use it more than once
**Some street I was unfamiliar with, but was particularly busy in the early evening
***Though, I can’t lie and say that it didn’t cross my mind to do exactly that >.>

Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop!

When was the last time you had your vehicle break down? Are there Sonic locations near you? If so, have you enjoyed any of their half-price shakes? When was the last time you were helped by a random stranger? When was the last time you helped one?


  1. All that work making your blog button, in combination with the car incident, melted your brain. That is the only reason I can figure that you didn't think of that rating system yourself. :)
    We don't have Sonic around here, but Steak-n-Shake has half-price happy hour every weekday from 2-4. We go every Friday after school to grab some half-price shakes. Awesome deal!
    Good luck getting the vehicle situation worked out as quickly as possible.

    1. I will totally accept that as being the reason ;-) I was discussing the system all night afterwards (obviously called the Oh My Nuts or OMN Rating System). Then after seeing Elysium, discussed it more and tried to determine how many Nuts it received. It was agreed a 10 point system is better than 5 as it allows for more wiggle room. Plus games also use a 10 point system a lot of times.

      Sounds like a great place to have a happy hour! You don't actually get a shake, though, do you? >.>

      *Hug* Thanks!

      I may attempt public transportation, which was a thankful thing I forgot to mention.

  2. Several people have called this week an emotional rollercoaster, me included. What up wit dat?

    We have a POS car that we keep pushing to go a little longer and a little farther. My husband bought Powerball tickets the other day (something we NEVER do) and said, "If we win, we're leaving the car wherever it is and walking away." We didn't win.

    I love pad thai. And it's usually pretty consistent. So that's what I always order when I am in a Thai restaurant. Because I'm safe like that.

    I think you're going to walk away with the last place trophy this week.

    1. Hmm just began your TToT and I see it starts right off with that. Seems to be that time of year or something.

      I'm sorry you didn't win the lottery. I've had the fantasy of being so well of with money that if I ever had a car issue I could abandon it on site and just buy a new one :-)

      Yeah, playing it say is a habit I'm accustomed to, but really trying to branch out in various areas when able.

      So far... Hour to go...

  3. Yes, I thought the nuts rating system idea was cool when I read that - looking forward to this. Glad you had a basically good weekend. :)

    1. Me too :-) But now I have to either draw some nuts... or find some pictures I can use to administer ratings and it may sound odd, but I feel like I kind of want to go quarter based. Probably not standard issue, but I can then fine-tune and have some variety with the rating system.

      I hope you had a good weekend too and have a great week!

  4. damn! you do win!*

    I have been in that car situation... as the trouble starts your foot becomes like a brain surgeons' hands...incredible sensitive...almost like feeling for the precise point of pressure that will allow the car to get to the 'better than here' place. THe tension is incredible, the relief is palpable.
    good list, yo...

    remember to get that web cam... we will want to see video restaurant reviews in the near future (hey, thats not a bad idea! and given that the tip has not been left..your waitress will surely consent to being on the vid...)


    * keeping with the acronyms this week's LPR trophy will go to Jak... at some point**
    ** speaking of the anniversary of Woodstock... Hendrix actually played in the morning, everything was so delayed and late and such,***
    *** totally gratuitous astroid ...but I agree, they are fun****
    **** and, yeah next to parenthesises... asterixes are most representative of how clarks think*****
    ***** yeah... lol

    1. Indeed, but the question of whether the prize is worth it seems to ring quit loudly. I'm attempting to make that shift into a semi-weekend long participation.

      I actually understand exactly what you are saying! My favorite moments are when breakdowns like this happen and one begins to attempt to coax and soothe their vehicle into some faux submission to get it to some preferred location.

      Well, I'm planning to Thursday if I can find a ride. If someone happens to be up for getting it before then all the better, but that is only to have more time experimenting with it.

      Hmmm I have always used those loverly parantheses >.>

  5. Ohhh, we had our car break down at a grocery store parking lot. I'm SO lucky to have neighbors who are mechanics. It's been the battery, and they recharged it later that day.

    Confession: I'Ve never been to a Sonic!! We don't have Sonic in Germany, and I've just never went in the four years we've lived in the States.

    So, what are you doing in the car department? Hope you can get an affordable replacement!

    Hope you have a great week, Jak!

    1. I'm glad it ended up just being the battery. My car has been having engine issues (some light knocking, now not to light at all...) and is believed the piston or cylinder or something is screwed. It would probably cost a grand+ to fix it and I don't trust it enough to put that much into a 13 year old car, so junking will become it!

      I ate Sonic for the first time when living in AZ, but they finally ended up opening some in my neck of the woods. I think I tried them once here and wasn't too impressed, but their shakes have convinced me to give them another chance.

      Well, so far nothing... I may attempt public transportation. At least I save 75$ a month on car insurance? Heh I'll need the money to get a new beater >.<

      Thanks, Stephanie, you too!

  6. Oh I feel you on the car situation! I have been the person on the side of the highway wondering what in the world to do. Ugh. Also? That was in the days before all of us carried cell phones around, so it usually meant a hike to the nearest gas station (not fun). I hope you get it sorted out soon and that it ends up being a good deal for you (and yes, no matter what shape the car is in, you can get some cash for it). Oh wait. I just saw your comment above. It was just the battery?
    I LOVE SONIC and there's not one near me where I live. Every time we go to visit my husband's parents we eat there though. Yum.This summer, my son was addicted to their lemon freeze things. Drooling now.
    Hope you have a great week and no car trouble!

    1. Yeah, I've been in that situation with no cell too years ago. That's a lot worse, and I would have been screwed more if that were the case now, because if it weren't for those random strangers I'd be using a payphone or something. I only have my work cell, but am thankful I have it during times like those.

      No, Stephanie's car was just the battery, my car was just death >.< It's toast lol No coming back from where it's going, so just deciding how to get rid of it.

      Well I hope you and your family get out to Sonic soon (maybe past 8pm to enjoy some half-price shakes)!

      Thank you, you too! Car trouble will be pretty constant (being I no longer have a drivable one) or non existent (as I no longer have one to break down), depending how you look at it lol

  7. This has been a crappy week or two in my neck of the woods, not for me specifically but for my community as a whole. It began with the conclusion of a year long drama fest that was the trial of a former major league baseball player who was "assisting high school athletes" and apparently a total creep. He was convicted on 6 counts of C.S.C. against girls at our high school. Then last evening at football practice, myself along with about 100 kids and their parents witnessed a horrific accident that involved a train and a car as the vehicle was trying to cross the tracks right by our practice facility. The car was pushed several hundred feet down the tracks and the man was killed instantly. His car then burst into flames. So, that was pretty traumatic for everyone. Let's hope the run of bad luck ends for us all!

    No Sonic restaurants in my area. :( I think the closest is 35 miles away. What am I thankful for? I have plenty to be thankful for.

    1. Wow holy crap. I had to look up CSC, being I'm not familiar with what it stood for and that is creepy. We had a two teachers in my high school I believe that were charged with that as well. Not exactly sure the extent with that former player, but these teachers were having sex with student >.<

      Was all of that new or has it been in the News lately? That's terrible and I hope he is put away for a long time.

      Sorry to hear about the tragic accident :( I hope no witnesses have long lasting traumatic affects from it, especially children.

      It's safe to say your week (whether yourself, community, or both) was a lot worse than mine *hug*

      Glad you have much to be thankful for, even during times like these in your community. Have a better week!

  8. no car break down for me as i do not own a car, only a bicycle but that has not broken down yet. Touch wood!

    I am thankful for my loan of a laptop and my parents buying me a new one...which of course I need to pay off but at least I can continue with my studies...screw you robber!

    1. Lucky you have no car... I may keep on that path for a little while. It may help save some money, but I wish I had a bike.

      I'm so glad you are getting a new laptop! That was so shitty that someone stole yours. I hope they don't show up again >.>

  9. Really glad the car breakdown wasn't worse!

    Sounds like the rest of your week has been good in other ways though.

    And try to remember - your friends and family are probably only too pleased to be able to help you out - you'd do the same for them in a second, right?

    Congrats on last place.

    And, er, any HTML with that gorgeous new button?

    1. Me too, it could have been potentially a lot lot worse.

      The rest of the week had been good.

      It's true, but I just really hate asking for help. I don't think that will ever change.

      No, I looked it up online and tried some of the code, but they didn't work so I'm doing something wrong.


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