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Saturday, August 31, 2013



So, I’m just going to throw it out there: I’m incredibly sick of the constant emotional roller coaster life seems to be taking me on over these last few weeks. I think I’ve handled them as well as I can — rolling with the punches — but fear I may be compromising myself and my self-respect in the process of protecting some illusionary status quo. Sometimes it’s really hard to know what the best decisions for yourself are. There are so many factors that compete to be given priority that the swirling thoughts bombarding you are akin to a madhouse.

This weeks remembrances of the kind, light, and fluffy side of things is going to prove most challenging. This is likely caused by the recency of various events/affairs. I’d much rather just shut myself away for the weekend and wake Monday morning — which, unlike for most, if generally my favorite day of the week — and see what the new week has in store for me. This attitude shuts me down from doing most things I’ve had planned for the week (mainly concerning writing of reviews and reading/commenting on blog posts). I’ll be attempting to keep this short and sweet* beyond this point.

  1. That I can pull a Clark and thank Considerer — AKA Lizzi — for the hundredth time for creating the TToT blog hop. It’s not ill-placed, it really is a great blog hop and I’m sure Lizzi doesn’t mind all the boost in clout. What she doesn’t accept I’m sure Syphylissa will eat up like it was candy crack off a hooker’s violated bare ass.
  2. Rumor’s there is supposedly a test/method being worked on over at the Wakefield Doctrine (linked above) that will assist individuals in determining what world view may be dominating their paradigm. I’ve yet to read it (the whole catching up business), but I’m sure many around this fancy hop have already investigated and maybe even tried it out.
  3. No longer beating myself up — much — about catching up.
  4. Que Viet. This restaurant has amazing Asian food, which is both plentiful and decently priced. There is always enough to bring home for another meal after you’ve already had two platefuls.
  5. More specifically, though, are Que Viet’s eggrolls. They are the best I’ve ever experienced, and I say experienced because they are that good. One may say divine…
  6. The lucky streak of excellent, kind servers at the multitude of restaurants I’ve recently enjoyed.
  7. Bagels and cream cheese. It’s tasty and inexpensive. Though, I shouldn’t rely on them so much as being my primary meal for the day…
  8. September could be the month I begin to get more financially stable. Nevermind that car fiasco and the necessity of buying a new one at some point.
  9. Future thoughts of being able to buy a relatively inexpensive mic from Amazon, and possibly getting my hands on a smartphone.
  10. Showers. Though, they are more enjoyable with another.
*”Sweet” being subjective**
**Who am I kidding… “short” being subjective too

Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop!


  1. We saw a cheap car on the way to Merlin's the other day!

    1. BAH! They are all cheap pieces of junk that are money sinkholes :-(

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the financial stability. Hope you find a good deal on a new car!

    The food looks so yummie! Want some, too, even though I just had a great bbq dinner ;-)

    The questionnaire at Wakefield Doctrine is going to be awesome, have been watching the progress.

    Since you had a pretty tough week, too, I hope that next week will be better Keep your head up, Jak! Email me, if you need to talk!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! It would be nice to gain some semblance of balance in that department, but will take some time.

      I've honestly never had eggrolls as good as theirs. If I could somehow fedex some to you I would lol

      I will have to check it out. I've probably been "called out" at some point over there. I really need to keep up on Clark's shenanigans!

      I hope so to, and that you have a great weekend. I will definitely do so, you are so sweet. Thanks again.

  3. 'Bon chance' with the smartphone, Jak, not to mention the financial stability. That would be awesome (I'm in much the same boat, though my smartphone is already here).

    I hope whatever turbulence you're experiencing begins to let up and give you a bit of a break. BUT your attitude is still incredible. I still think back to that first time you joined and you were so sure you wouldn't be able to manage a list of Ten with any consistency, and your determination and ability to Seek Good has increased so much that now, even though you're a bit befuddled by life, finding Ten isn't even a question!

    And you're right - I'll always take the ego boost. Might even take it like crack...it is always welcome (as long as it's genuinely meant) ;)

    The egg rolls sound amazing. YES you should try to eat more than bagels and cream cheese! Top them with sliced bell peppers, at LEAST! - Try to eat that rainbow of fresh fruit'n'veg. It's yummy and good for you.

    And YAY about the not beating yourself up. You deserve to give yourself a break :)

    1. We shall see. I NEED to get a phone, because I've only got a work phone and limited in minutes. It gets hard to have any sort of conversation with the restrictions and sometimes my friends/family don't listen when I tell them I have to get off the phone or I will have to pay the bill lol

      It's true. I didn't even think I could be a Weekend Warrior with the TToT and I suppose I've held my own alright. I even forgot to mention some Thankfulness today for comments made on my fiction blog, which I was reminded of when I saw your mention of fiction. So next week I already have one or two locked and loaded.

      I just loaded up my last bagel half with the rest of the cream cheese since I had no more bagels... I'm not sure if I will have a heart attack, but I may, and it's important the world knows why. You can tell my story.

      "Uh... he ate a blueberry fucken bagel loaded with strawberry cream cheese. The End."

      I love fruits and veggies, but they are expensive. More so if fresh and even more so if organic >.<

    2. Strawberry cream cheese? Um...ok

    3. They have a lot of flavors for cream cheese. Some sound gross lol

    4. Sucks about the expense - can you grow any your own?

      Get the smartphone - mine's terrifying and I am currently hiding from it while Husby just *gets* it and is doing amazing things with making it work.

      You've done amazingly, and continue to do so - keep warrioring on

    5. As for fruits and veggies, buy in season and they are half the price. There's always something good on sale. Or find a cheaper place to shop. I hear Aldi is getting some really good, cheap produce. Is there an Aldi near you?

    6. LOVE ALDI!!! Their produce is very inexpensive, as is everything else.

    7. I have tenants gardening in the back, but I wouldn't make any headway. Anything I attempted to grow would surely die lol

      There are a few Aldis in the area, and I know people have expressed it being a good place to shop (as well as Trader Joe's), but never been there and without a car not so likely for a while >.<

    8. Aldi is cheaper than Trader Joe's, but you have to bring your own bags AND a quarter to get a cart (you get it back when you put the cart away).

  4. Thinking you're doing better than you thought at rolling with the punches... Hope things get better emotionally and financially.

    I've never had eggrolls. Deh neva appealed to me. Showers are greater if unexpected...I've yet to have one of those even though its been raining in bucketfuls here.
    Dude..you're way early. I mean like a whole fricken day..

    1. Thanks, Shanique, I'm pretty round so I roll really easy :-)

      Honestly, if you tried these eggrolls you may convert to loving them! They are so freakin' good. There were people giving reviews for the restaurant solely on their eggrolls.

      Hmmm we may be speaking about two different types of showers ;-) It rained a little today, but I want an awesome thunderstorm soooooo bad.

      I was pretty dang early and I meant to put that on my Thankful List!

    2. I know which one you're talking about....I wanted to mention my favorite kind.

  5. Jak

    Dude* Good Listificationing. In a non-list form of grateful for, I enjoy using your italics thing...it's fun!

    (damn! when you get to the Doctrine, you'll see my...'approach' to the 10 grat list involves links to Comments. Well the truth of the matter is, I was so surprised that it (the linking) seemed to be working, that I forgot to do the actual thing... put my Grateful Item into someone else's Comment section...) Guess I better try.

    Yeah, the test is up in a rough draft. Plenty of work to do. Only two problems: a) the amount of work involved in crafting the correct Answers and 2) the fact is you (and anyone else who has gone to the Doctrine more than twice already know what your predominant worldview is...

    You are doing a good job (based on reading your list and such)... not to get too Master Po. but you have what you need within, it is just a question of allowing the 'forces' that shape our timelines to work for your benefit as opposed to your detriment.
    I could go on and on ( *and on...lol) but in a good news/bad news thing: the good news is that if you are a clark, there are a lot (actually, nearly most) of people working on using the Doctrine to help them do the things they want to do... but the bad news is ...if you are a clark (lol...sorry, couldn't resist!)

    catch up with ya later... gotta go warm up Mr. Computer and get my face and voice hurler ready for this morning's Vid Brunch

    * enjoy the expression, worth the risk of people thinking I'm being 'old guy trying to sound like a young guy'**
    ** screw 'em***
    ***one of .9947 things that is good about being 'not young'

    1. Sorry it's been so busy, Clark. I will be heading over there today... really curious about your link involving linking to comments... I don't even know how that works exactly. I know you messed around with that once a few weeks (or months) ago.

      Well, there is definitely work to be had! I'm sure it's coming along and I will provide some feedback once up to speed. While many end up figuring out their world view, I'm certain there are just as many who don't :-)

      Haha no worries about going on and on and on... I know all about that, as you know.

      Hope the video brunch went good. It's still a bit early for me to even be stirring out of bed at that time in the morning. Craaaaazy. Maybe in another 30 years >.>

  6. Sorry you've had a rough week. I'm glad you are able to roll with it and still come up with some positives.
    There is a new restaurant in our town that has the BEST Duck spring rolls. My mouth waters just thinking about them. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to go back yet. Hope they're still on the menu the next time we get there.

    Wow, that was one descriptive analogy for Syph. Gonna take a while to get that image out of my brain.

    Financially stable would be nice. Here's to a lucrative September!

    1. Thanks, Christine. So far things are going a bit better this week!

      When you say Duck... do you mean... Duck. Like... Donald or Daffy? Chopped up and put into a roll? >.> ACK! I'm sure they will still have them when you go back... as long as it's Duck Hunting Season.

      Hahaha hope the image has faded, but feel free to re-remember Syphylissa and her crack whore endeavors!

      Sept should be a good month for catching up to speed. Hope you've been having a great week!

  7. I have my guesses why you might have had a lousy week, but I shall keep them to myself.

    I've heard that same "rumor" about a quiz and have promised to check it out this week. You need to be a guinea pig with me.

    Does Que Viet have pho? Because it would be really, really good with those luscious looking egg rolls.

    I like bagels (but not sweet ones), but I don't like cream cheese (unless it's baked into a cheesecake). I like toasted bagels with butter. Or pizza bagels.

    I like showers for getting clean. I like baths for relaxing and taking pictures of my feet.

    Have a great week, Jak. Get on Craig's List and find a smartphone, already :)

    1. Awww, Dyanne, I've no idea if your thoughts are of an imaginative sarcastic nature, or of a heartwarming serious manner... I'm curious if you know, but more than likely leaning towards a private matter in which case I appreciate the public avoidance. Then again, this could be about the imagine representing you with a diamond on their chest via another blog...

      I will subject myself to the mad ravings of a Clark :-)

      Actually the bagels I've gotten, even if "flavored", haven't been sweet. Not sure about the butter. I toasted one bagel when I was out of cream cheese to use butter and it just didn't seem the same.

      I could totally see you in the bath taking pictures of your feet *shivers* (creepy shivers, not sexy time shivers. Feet creep me out!) Maybe with some wine and a book or something. Hmm I guess I could imagine all of you ladyfolk bloggers doing that... all at once... together... Hmmm... Pics or it didn't happen? >.>

      Thanks, It's going a lot better and hope you are having a good one yourself!

  8. Sometimes it's much better to just jump in again, rather than try to catch up. Starting fresh is nicer than beating up on yourself.

    Hope that this week goes smoother, and that your transportation woes get resolved soon.

    (BTW, the egg rolls look yummy. I think I shouldn't read blogs on an empty stomach!)

    1. Starting fresh would be sooooo much easier (maybe), but I've this odd thing of not wanting to actually do that. I may miss a few entries here/there, but even that I try to avoid.

      So far so good this week... except for that transportation bit lol

      Every time I see that picture when I come back to reply to comments I want eggrolls :-( I think you are right it's best not to blog hop when hungry... just in case!

  9. sometimes you think it can't get any worse and then BOOM! Life kicks you in the nuts, repeatedly.

    I hope thinks will get better for you! Big hugs my petals!!

    1. Life does indeed enjoy kicking people in the nuts sometimes :-(

      So far things are, thank you much! Big hugs back!

  10. Hi I am new to the TToT hop and am so glad to find it!

    Those egg rolls look oh so yummy! Love egg rolls!

    I hope this week will be better for you. Keep rolling with the punches.

    1. Welcome to the TToT, Joell! It's great you discovered it and hope you enjoy participating, even when things get a bit rough around the edges. I will attempt to stop by soon to check out your list :-)

      Those eggrolls are amazing, tellin' ya... I want some more!

      Thank you, and I hope your week has been a good one as well.

  11. Well now you've made me very hungry for eggrolls, though none to be had here look nearly that delicious, and definitely for bagels and cream cheese, which was at one time my staple breakfast...mmmm!

    I'm glad to see #3 up there, I am of the belief that we do the very best we can with each day and then we surrender it and move on to the next. We can spend every day feeling the burden of what we didn't accomplish or failed to do, or we can focus on what we did do and that somehow we managed to make it through. Catching up in blog-land is a mythical beast at best, it never happens for long. Everyone understands that, just pick up from here and go forward, trying to go back and catch them all will make you crazy and it kills all the fun of it!

    1. Good morning, Josie, your name sounds really familiar. I'm assuming it's from seeing it around the blogs I follow. Hope you were able to satisfy your hunger, but I'm afraid it wouldn't be the same if it didn't involve those eggrolls!

      Hmm I throttle myself pretty good mentally when I get behind on most everything. It ends up being with almost everything because I take my time and lack focus and motivation. It can create a vicious circle I do my best to get out of when I can.

      The stress of keeping up does make me feel a bit crazy, but it's something I want to strive to be able to do. When meeting so many via blog challenges/hops, though, it gets even more overwhelming.

      I appreciate your kind words and your visit. I will make an attempt to hop over to your blog, albeit it later in the week already (almost TToT time again!).

  12. I heart bagels and cream cheese. :0)



    1. They are delicious! Well, depending on the flavors of cream cheese in combination with whichever bagel... there are some odd options...

  13. Catching up on blogs, finally. So sorry to hear that things have been hard. I hope they just keep getting betterer and betterer :)

    Now I'm off to buy some bagels and cream cheese...haven't head them in forever!

    1. Hey Kianwi! Long time no see :) No worries on taking your time to visit, I know ALL about that heh

      So far they are getting better, and seem to be continuing on that path :-)

      Hope you've been doing great, I will try to visit soon!

      Bagels are delicious... I'm on a bagel kick, but they were sold out last time I went to buy some more.


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