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Tuesday, September 10, 2013



We have hit the 10 week mark for Trailer Tuesday! While I contemplated doing something special for this entry, I decided it best to not stress over it and stick to keeping it simple. Perhaps when I hit entry 25? We will see.

The holiday season is approaching and we will likely see new trailers being released for the big budget pictures that studios are placing their bets on. Ender’s Game, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to name a few. I will be keeping an eye out (some already have new trailers out) and try to compile them as we get closer to their release dates. For now, I will share some trailers that I have been waiting to highlight, slipped by, and/or recently discovered.

Insidious: Chapter 2 (9/13/2013):

Horror is really hit or miss for me. I love scary, but am not a huge fan of gore, which I feel many horror movies default to. Displays of just how sick and twisted people can kill one another and all that jazz. Then again, as much as I avoided the movie Saw, I ended up falling in love with it when finally giving it a chance. It’s true that as the series went on it became bloodier and gorier, but it was too late — I was already hooked.

Insidious (with the same creators of Saw behind the helm) seemed to follow suit of that first movie of the franchise. Letting your imagination do a bit more of the work to freak yourself out. I never... saw... the first of this series, however. I honestly didn’t expect it to be a movie to produce sequels. I’ve heard good things about the original, like some of the cast (mainly Patrick Wilson), and so now I’m curious about them both.

12 Years a Slave (10/18/13):

October is going to be a busy month for seeing movies. While Stallone and Schwarzenegger plot their Escape Plan, Chloƫ Grace Moretz rages in the Carrie remake, and Cumberbatch gives us his portrayal of one of the founders of WikiLeaks in The Fifth Estate, this film is also being released. It looks really good, has a great cast (also including Cumberbatch), and is based on a true story.

Chances are I will give this a viewing at the theaters, much like The Butler, but I still get a bit wary when they claim it’s based on a true story and being uncertain how much is embellished.

Delivery Man (11/22/13):

This trailer is one I saw a few weeks ago, and oddly it was around the same time I saw the trailer for the original foreign movie it’s based off of. There seems to be some changes, but that is to be expected when Hollywood remakes a movie. Just depends on how far they stray from the source material. I’ve never seen the original Starbuck, but I don’t like the idea of remakes being done within a two to three year timeframe of the original.

I hope I never have this main character’s issue >.> *cough*

I have liked Vince Vaughn since Swingers and this seems like it could be a cute, touching movie. Since I haven’t seen the original, I feel I won’t be as judgmental about this remake (unlike The Departed). With all the other movies released during the holidays, though, I may wait for a RB/NF viewing. This was a trailer featured when seeing This is the End which reminded me to share it.

Seventh Son (1/17/14):

I stumbled across this trailer last week just after I posted Trailer Tuesday IX. That was kind of a bummer, but I suppose I already had a full roster. I made note to remember to include it this week and voila! I know absolutely nothing about this movie or the series it’s supposedly based off of, but it looks like my kind of movie! Warriors, magic, dragons (wyverns?), swordplay — What’s not to like? Okay, I may be biased towards fantasy…

I’m a fan of Jeff Bridges and I may have missed R.I.P.D., but really hope to see this on the big screen. The movie is "inspired" by a series, which makes me worry they stray quite a bit from the written word. It may not be so bad if seeing the movie first and then delving into books afterwards.

RoboCop (2/7/14):

A friend beat me to the punch on seeing this trailer. I’ve been waiting for months! The only released footage was a teaser trailer almost a year ago? The movie itself was pushed back from this August to next February. The studio opted the slot for Elysium and since then rumors have been rampant. Generally, I become concerned when a movie is pushed back — especially so far out — as it’s usually an indication of many issues with the film. This may be akin to the rumors swirling around World War Z’s delays and reshoots (I’ve heard many were displeased with that adaptation, but I still hope to check it out soon).

RoboCop is a classic. I’m not exactly sure what qualifies a movie as a “classic”, but this one is for me. Some old school actors like Peter Weller, Ronny Cox, Kurtwood Smith (That 70’s Show), and Miguel Ferrer are some you may not recognize by name, but surely by face. When a movie becomes embedded as a favorite in your memory, the talk of a remake of that material can seem like a threat. This is no different for me.

From the trailer they seem to hold true to many of the fundamental themes of the original, and they did well with filling out the cast with some well-known actors. The major actor I’m unfamiliar with is in the lead role (Joel Kinnaman). Kinnaman is of The Killing fame. A TV series I’ve had a friend urging me to watch, but I’ve yet to check out. I love the supporting cast of this remake and they are all more than able to give solid performances, but my main concern is the lead. Perhaps after watching some of The Killing I will be more at ease. My friend seems to be stoked about the actor receiving the role… I still have to verify it for myself, though.

I hope they stick to the silver suit, but as seen in the trailer (at least for part of the movie) they opt for a new sleeker black suit. The traditional look is still featured throughout most of the trailer so I remain faithful… sort of… Regardless, I would like to see this in the theater (and review it) when released.

Neighbors (5/19/14):

Fair warning, this is a Red-Band trailer. I avoided posting it last week, but considering I just saw This is the End I wanted to place it up. I love Seth Rogen and this seems to be more of the same. Thankfully, I like the majority of his movies and this film seems to feature a handful of the supporting cast from other movies he’s been in. To be honest, I’m curious to see Zac Efron in this role, because he seems to be constantly cast as a loving heartthrob. I’m sure this movie will be hilarious!

Did any of the highlighted movie trailers interest you? Have you seen Insidious and, if so, do you plan to see the second installment? Are you familiar with the series Seventh Son is based on? Are you a fan of the original RoboCop? Do you plan to see and/or have any opinions about the remake?


  1. I watched the trailer to Robocop last week and it looked interesting. Never saw the original, but might see the remake.

  2. Okay... you might start to win me over in the fantasy realm. I think it has helped that as I age, I have learned to truly appreciate the art of cinematography. Seventh Son looks beautifully done. Kind of why I don't mind watching you play video games, I really do love to look at the art in the game.

    I would be down for RoboCop, though, I must admit, I have never seen the first. I am sure you will "ACK! GASP!" at that but then will be excited to be the first to give me that experience.

    Neighbors does look hilarious. I am sure we will see that.

    I am looking forward to seeing some fun movies this fall. The opportunities are endless!

    1. Hmm I swore I had an email saying Patricia had commented about not seeing the original RoboCop either (but now deleted maybe?). Also, I know Jette just saw it recently or the first time... Sheeeesh, you all need to get on it!

      I've found that as I've aged I've come to appreciate a wider variety of movies and I think that is also why I have such conflict now over movies like Elysium — where they look beautiful, but seem to hold too many gaps in logic or storyline/character development. I think it affects my writing even and why I try to make things seem a bit more believable if it's taking place in the "real" world.

      I think you've only seen me play video games twice over the past 6 months? O_o I don't really play much anymore, much to my friends' dismay.

      You have to see the original before the remake! Maybe even RoboCop 2, but beyond that may not be necessary lol

      This Fall will be busy >.<

    2. Okay - so I maybe only watched you twice in six months, but *ahem* I might be giving you permission to play more if you want to. *cough cough*

      You would have loved to take film studies classes. I took a couple in college and they certainly help me to look at a wide number of film/movie characteristics and therefore why I appreciate many different genres and types.

      Give me some RoboCop baby.

    3. I would have, and I think they exist even in some high schools too, but where I grew up there was very little options for classes. Definitely didn't seem to prep enough for college >.<


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