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Tuesday, September 24, 2013



Not a whole lot to say about this week’s trailers. We have a simple mix of drama, comedy, and animated sequels. There may be some randomness thrown in, as well.

Anyhow, lets get to it…

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (9/27/13):

I enjoyed the first movie (of this possible trilogy?), which was based on a popular children’s book. But I don’t recall many details of the movie, just liking it. What I do recall thinking right away when seeing the trailer for the sequel, though, is “Why?”. I suppose that question can be asked for the plethora of unneeded sequels the movie industry pumps out year after year, so why should I be surprised? Even kids movies (maybe especially so…) fall victim to this. If I had children I would probably be roped into seeing this in theaters, but as I don’t… Redbox/Netflix.

Metallica: Through the Never (10/4/13):

This is a trailer I wanted to share a few weeks ago, but kept pushing it back. The trailer itself isn’t the best and what’s being presented comes off as clunky to me. The concept seems interesting and maybe it will play out a lot smoother than the trailer. Beyond being a Metallica fan (mostly the old, but some of the new — or now, older new?), I can’t find any reason to rush to the theater to see this. If I rush anywhere for Metallica it would be a live show.

Zero Charisma (10/11/13):

This is a movie for all my gaming geek friends. Nerds? There always seems to be confusion around geek/nerd/dork, but I believe most I know fall into the geek department. Anyway, this seems to have been produced by Nerdist Industries, or The Nerdist, that has plenty of videos up on their Youtube channel. Honestly, I rarely see any of their videos beyond what friends post up on FB, which is seldom. So really, seeing their little logo does nothing for me. The content, though, is one that I’m all too familiar with and I love watching movies (fictional or non-fictional) based on the subject matter. I don’t believe this will be a widespread release, and I’m not even sure it’s not straight to DVD, but I would like to see this once it hits RB/NF.

Kill Your Darlings (10/16/13):

Last week I posted Big Sur. and I wanted to place it together with this movie to keep some kind of loose theme, but decided against it. At some point, I may venture themes a bit more than I do. There’s possibly a resurgence of interest in the Beatnik Generation? I like a handful of the cast featured in this movie, and believe the acting will be above average, but I will wait until available on RB/NF.

Grudge Match (12/25/13):

My first thoughts when viewing this trailer were: It’s kind of weird seeing Stallone in a boxing role outside of Rocky. I’ve only seen about two of the Rocky franchise, but when I saw this movie was about boxing with Stallone I automatically assumed it was of that franchise — sans the title (which I think the last Rocky movie did?). I like both Stallone and De Niro, along with some of the supporting cast. This could be a fairly decent comedy and wouldn’t mind checking it out. Considering all the other movies being released during the holiday seasons, though, I’m afraid this may fall into the sidelines. Or into it’s respective corner, as it were...

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (6/20/14):

Unlike the sequel for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, I’m actually really excited about this movie. Sure I could ask the “why?” about it too, but whatever. Don’t judge. I really, really hope they don’t mess this one up — I loved the original. Lately it seems some of the sequels for animated (and blockbuster) movies have been lackluster and devoid of the heart existing in the originals. Given the amount of time between this release and the first, I’d like to believe they put a lot of time and effort into doing it’s predecessor justice. I even recall watching some of the “straight to DVD” spin-offs (akin to the Shrek spin-offs). I’d definitely love to see this once it’s released in theaters!

Did any of the highlighted movie trailers interest you? Did you enjoy Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and/or How to Train Your Dragon? Are you excited for any of the upcoming animated sequels? Will your love, passion or interest in Tabletop Gaming, Metallica, the Beatnik Generation, and/or boxing draw you to see any of the respective movies?


  1. I guess I should have expected a How to Train Your Dragon 2. But if the dragons are trained then it's not really a how to movie is it? ;)

    1. HA! Good point... Hmm maybe they are training their dragons how to train themselves how to be dragons?


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