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Wednesday, November 20, 2013



The Bounty!
This evening, the Ladyfolk and I had an exceptionally poetic night out. We attended a local event called Literary Death Match, which has been hosted in the Twin Cities for 10 years, including tonight’s performance. The first nine took place in Minneapolis, while tonight the show was hosted in St. Paul, for the first time, at Amsterdam Bar and Hall. There’s a bunch to highlight about the night (and to personally critique), but I will leave a majority of that for a specific post.

Tonight I just wanted to share some prizes we won for participating in the pre-show games, which were hosted by Paper Darts and I believe The Tangential. We won a book titled Vacationland by Sarah Stonich, along with book-cover-matching coasters and magnets! The author even came over to sign the book, which was presented to us by Jay Gabler. He doesn’t know, but I know of him and so it was exciting to meet him face to face, even if I was too anxiety-bound to make small talk and shake his hand. I did, however, shake the authors hand… even if she did add a “C” to Jak...

Have you ever heard of Literary Death Match?


  1. Wow! Awesome stuff, Jak :) Congrats on your prizes and your poeting

    1. Thanks! I'm till doing TToT Rounds. I tend to go in the order of comments left. On Clark now... I just go super slow >.<

  2. Sounds like a fun night! I don't know how I missed the fact you live in/near Minneapolis/St. Paul area. My husband lived there for the year between his college graduation and mine. It's a lovely part of the country...when it's not winter.

  3. Who is Jay Gabler? The event sounds nice but maybe a little too posh for me. -Baruch

  4. I am glad we were able to go, it was fun. Join me for a few more of these and my writing fingers will want to type up so many poems!


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