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Tuesday, November 26, 2013



Taking a quick break from my NaNoWriMo word-crush assault to bring you a handful of movie trailers. I decided I would try to share some more family friendly movies. It is Thanksgiving after all! I thought this would be a pain, considering I just shared 6 animated features last week (XVIII | Trailer Tuesday | XVIII). As luck would have it, though, there were a few more family-orientated trailers popping up. Usually I post six trailers, but tonight will only be three. Enjoy!

Muppets: Most Wanted (3/21/2014):

It looks like we have some more Muppet action coming soon! I really enjoyed the reboot, and was a little saddened to find Jason Segel didn’t write (and possibly not appear in) this sequel. It does have the same director, though. And like most every Muppet movie, it has it’s fair share of celebrities and guest star cameos. I’ve always like that aspect of The Muppets. I suppose Segel’s goal was to revamp the franchise and breath some new life into it. Missions accomplished, I say. Muppets Most Wanted looks like it will be more of the same you have come to expect from the franchise, and that’s a good thing. Will I see this in the theaters? It’s very possible.

Maleficent (5/30/2013):

Here was have the classic Sleeping Beauty tale told from the perspective of the villain. The teaser trailer it pretty well done. I really like the voice over of Princess Aurora with the snippets of Maleficent played throughout and then highlights when she steps out of the shadows. I would be interested in seeing this movie, but I’m not sure if I’d see it in theaters. I don’t think I have seen Angelina Jolie in a movie for some time, and this seems an interesting role for her. That isn’t exactly enough to get me to the theater, though.

The Boxtrolls (9/24/2014):

It seems that the creators of The Boxtrolls listened to me last week, because they just released a new trailer! Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t show anything more about the movie, but it does show their creative process in the making of The Boxtrolls, which I find to be pretty fascinating. As I said last week, it’s still almost an entire year out, so it may be until Spring of 2014 until we see an actual full-length trailer.

Did any of the highlighted trailers interest you? Did you like The Muppets reboot? If so, any interest in the sequel?

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  1. I never watch any movies.....find myself staring out the window. Too engaged in contemplating the mysteries of life. -Baruch


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