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Tuesday, November 12, 2013



Oldboy (11/27/2013):

It's been about ten years since the original Oldboy, and possibly only six years since I experienced it. Only one viewing, but many of the scenes have stuck with me over time. When I saw they were remaking (or Americanizing it) the movie, I felt the sudden, reactive surge of disappointment. Some I know are angry. When you love an original version of something, it's easy to become emotional when it gets reworked. There is much potential for "ruining" a piece of work you've enjoyed and/or fallen in love with. I'm not too thrilled about this remake, just the same as I wasn't with the remake of Infernal Affairs (or rather, The Departed as it was called once Americanized). Those who have never seen the originals of remakes (especially the foreign ones) are generally indifferent. It's easy to understand why. I'm usually passionate about these types of remakes, but I will undoubtedly give this movie a shot, much as I did with The Departed. In the theater, though? To be determined... I'm interested in seeing how they handle some of the subject matter.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Sneak Peek) (12/13/2013):

I believe I’ve already stated about how excited I am to see this movie in a previous Trailer Tuesday posting. There isn’t much more to say beyond being unable to wait. This sneak peek was released last week, and while I wanted to share it right away, I’ve been bound to other (failed) duties as of late. I definitely wasn’t going to allow two weeks to lapse before sharing, though, and so here you are. Some more Hobbity goodness to wet your palate until the release a month away

Lone Survivor (12/27/2013):

I’ve a bad feeling the title says it all. This is supposedly based on a real life failed mission, and a newer trailer is touting it as the new Saving Private Ryan. This is the first trailer, chosen because I like the song cover, and while I think it looks good, I don’t feel it will be anywhere close to being of the same caliber as Saving Private Ryan. I would, however, be interested in seeing this movie, and reserve any final judgments until after having done so. I am pretty open to seeing most any movie Wahlberg stars in. Over the years, he has grown on me as an actor.

The Railway Man (1/1/2014):

Another war related movie. I’ve never been a huge fan of Colin Firth, but it may be due to the lack of knowledge/exposure to most of his movies. I think the main movie (that  know of) that he is known for is Pride and Prejudice. I may be wrong, but I’m not going to look it up right now. Beyond that, I’m pretty unfamiliar with any of his work. He probably has slipped into a handful of movies I really enjoy, but I’ve just never singled him out as an actor I follow. That is not to say this movie doesn’t look good, because it does, just thinking it falls into the RB/NFlic category for me.

*     *     *

Been some time since my last video game trailer posting, but I was really hoping both of these games would have had more in depth, fuller trailers available by now. Holding off on sharing them, has not yielded such luck, so thought I would share now, and highlight the fuller trailers once they are available. Mind you, these are months old now...

Halo 5 (2014):

I’ve stated before in my blog that Halo is one of my most beloved First Person Shooter series. Starting from the original Xbox, and through each title available on Xbox 360 (though I lapsed on the third installment and Halo Wars, I eventually caught up — at least with Halo 3).  For the entire run, Bungie had worked with Microsoft bringing this exclusive Xbox title to life. Halo 4 marked the departure of the series creator from the series, handing it over to 343 Industries. I feel they have proven themselves to be a worthy successor, and am highly anticipating Halo 5 of the universe I’ve grown so familiar with. I’m uncertain if this title will be exclusive to XBox One (Microsoft’s next generation system), but I’d imagine for sales sake it will be available on the XBox 360 too.

Destiny (Spring 2014):

This is Bungie’s next foray into the gaming world. Destiny is an epic semi-MMO open world FPS/RPG. A lot of the footage released of gameplay has looked solid, but it’s all been repetitive. No new footage, at least nothing that gets me more amped up. The thing is, though, they don’t need to. I’m already sold. Already have the game pre-ordered, and am set to be involved in the Beta testing this coming January 2014. I’ve sworn off MMOs (sometimes my delving into which I refer to as The Dark Ages), but I am twisting the rules on this one being it’s mainly open to solo play indefinitely if wanting to, which is similar to Defiance, and not the hardcore grinding that makes up a lot of the experiences with World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy Online. I’ve already warned my girlfriend that once this game comes out, I may be “dead” to the world. Should prove to be interesting, to say the least...

Did any of the highlighted trailers interest you? Have you seen the original Oldboy. If so, what are your thoughts about the remake? Are you getting excited the sequel to The Hobbit is almost here? Are you a Halo fan? If so, have you kept up with the series after Bungie passed the torch to 343 Industries? Are you excited for Bungie’s next epic endeavor Destiny?


  1. The old Marky Mark looks more than a little maniacal in the still of his trailer for Lone Survivor! Not a fan of Colin F either but Railway Man could be good.

    1. I laughed when I saw what the preview still was. That's awesome. I think The Railway Man looks good too, but not sure I would invest much money and time to sit in the theater to watch it.

      Thanks for stopping by Catherine (I again and almost every time writing your name still spell it "Cathering" and have to edit the "g"...). I haven't been very good (at all) about visiting blogs and/or even reading specific material I had already planned to have finished. I really appreciate the visit and hope things are going good on your end!

  2. I would be interested in seeing the original Oldboy, if you wouldn't mind re-watching it. I imagine you won't.

    To catch you up to speed, Colin Firth is undoubtedly most noted (I think( for his performance in Love Actually. Another big role was in The King's Speech but I have yet to see that one. Others tend to fall in romantic comedies.

    You might be dead to the world, but I also think I offer a few more things of interest than the rest of the world.

    1. I plan on rewatching the original. Tried to get my brother to last night.

      Forgot all about The King's Speech. He was a "heartthrob" popularized before that (and that isn't really that kind of role I don't think anyhow). I really wanted (want) to see that movie. Love Actually could be? Never seen that one either.

      Dead to ALL the things.

    2. Let's watch the original, why would you ask your bro and not me?!?

      I wanted to see King's Speech and I own Love Actually. :)

      Oh we shall see. I have a few little shimmy, shakes, bump and grinds I can showcase if need be. ;)

  3. The trailer for The Hobbit part 2 looks good, but I'm not that excited to see it. I was so excited to see the first part and ended up hating it. Every time they pulled away from The Hobbit to link to Lord of the Rings I was yanked out of the story. I wanted to see THE HOBBIT, not Let's Remind You that We Made LotR First So We're Trying Way Too Hard To Connect Them.

    1. Hmmm, I guess I just assumed that was them placing in a lot of related material from the companion book(s)? Trying to get in everything they possibly can, while they can, as the Tolkien family isn't keen on allowing anything else to be made? I guess considering it had been so long since associating with The Hobbit I was able to just immerse myself into the movie.


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