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Sunday, November 17, 2013




I’m sure after my XXII | 10 Things of Thankful | XXII and XXIII | 10 Things of Thankful | XXIII entries that most people are sick of hearing all about my recent hit-and-run incident (it hasn’t been the first time involved in one), but really, it’s been about the biggest event over the past two weeks. Hopefully people don’t skip my (long-winded) story version of the event when I finally get that up post-November! Yesterday I truly did plan on only using half of the list to highlight the wrap-up segment for the event and move on to other things for the last half, but shit happens. So today I will be going over the past two weeks in broader strokes, covering some other news and events that have been an impact of a Thankful nature, and wrap up this weekend’s TToT Triple Threat.

I also realize that I may be “abusing” the multi-post format for the TToT (regarding each post this weekend being listed as number XXII, XXIII, and XXIV instead of each post on the same weekend denoting a continuation of the official weekend’s number - 24.2, 24.5 or 24 part 2, etc etc), but stranger things have happened during this here blog hop that it’s safe to say I’m not breaking any rules in signifying each post with my own personal catch up scheme (I've done it before when missing a weekend) as we approach the big 25. Also, I don’t really know if anyone has ever posted three days of Thankful on any given weekend. This is, of course, counting Friday, but the link-up does go live for those of us here in the States on Friday evenings. So here is to the possibility of “breaking the mold”, but no worries, this will likely be the one and only time, which has been a result of recent circumstances.

Without further ado, I present to you an additional round of Thankfulness:

  1. Stopping a possible robbery. In the week following the hit-and-run, Tuesday into Wednesday to be exact, I was doing my building cleaning and at around 3:30am I heard someone entering the apartment complex. At this time I was in the laundry room of our second building (a location I have dubbed the “Dead Zone”). I’ll be saving details for a blog post on the matter, but essentially two men had somehow gotten into the building and after a brief confrontation they left.
  2. I’m Thankful, in hindsight, that the two individuals mentioned above were non-violent. I would have hated resorting to unleashing my mad Ninja skills upon them *cough*...
  3. That I may have an actual “super power”, as I like to call it, that may have saved my ass if they had happened to be violent. That is, were I given the opportunity to utilize it, which may not have been the case. That and the fact it’s been over ten years since doing so last.
  4. That the threat of snow last week was reduced from 6+ inches to barely 1-2 inches and that it wasn’t cold enough to stick around. It’s safe to say that I’m not yet ready for WInter.
  5. I’m very grateful for my girlfriend treating me out to one of her favorite steak restaurants — Texas Roadhouse. They may embrace a cowboy/country motif, which doesn’t exactly jive with me — more so the country music. Once upon a time I wanted to be a cowboy — but it’s irrefutable that their food is amazing. The portions were very generous, prices decent, and service was very friendly. I would definitely go back again and would recommend the restaurant to friends and family.
  6. Hazel’s. Speaking of food, my girlfriend and I were finally able to check out a breakfast/brunch eatery that has been on our radar for months. It’s an extremely popular joint and each time we would go by there would be a waiting line built up all the way outside the building. This usually causes my anxiety to kick into overdrive, especially when it’s somewhere I’ve never been before. We resigned to make an attempt earlier in the morning if we happened to be awake, which is generally a rare occurrence with how late we stay up. This weekend, however, was one of those times. The food and service at Hazel’s was also great and we plan on venturing there again — in the early mornings before the younger generation bustles there after recovering from their hangovers… Highly recommended!
  7. My vision/eye appointment. It had been been over ten years since I made an eye appointment, and the visit (which many had been prodding me to do over the years) wasn’t one I was looking forward to. As it turns out, my right eye was the same and there was barely any change in my left. He even said with the lines I read that my vision was 20/15 or whatever. I’m not exactly sure how, but I’m not complaining. He said I should make another appointment in two years. I said “see you in ten” and went on my merry.
  8. New Glasses. Even though my eyesight had apparently survived the test of time, my glasses had not. They were beat to hell, scratched, and decrepit. In fact, the nose piece broke off just as I was heading to set up the actual eye appointment. An added Thankful note for the employee being able to fix that when visiting. Anyway, I’m glad I was able to find a decent pair of glasses. Considering I was pretty limited to what was covered by insurance, I was dreading the picking process just as much as the eye appointment.
  9. Game Nights. I’ve probably highlighted this before, but this weekend was a Game Night hosted by one of my girlfriend’s friend. It was a smaller group, which was nice. We had dinner (everyone brought something — we brought chocolate chip cookies. Okay, Kate made them. I only licked the extra dough off the mixer thingies and taste-tested…), and played a variety of games. It was a lot of fun and I’m hoping we can do it again soon!
  10. I’m ever Thankful for my girlfriend who is there offering me encouragement and support when needing it. I’m also Thankful her oral surgery went really well, and that we were able to spend a lot of time together over the past two weeks. I guess I feel we balance one another out in our times of need and hope that continues.

This concludes the Triple Threat TToT Weekend. I will try to do some blog hopping tonight, but I want to make sure I get in some NaNo writing as well. That reminds me I forgot to mention some things I’ve been Thankful for regarding that. Looks like I’ve got a head start on my list for next week, which I plan to participate in “on time”.

But no pinky swears…

Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop!


  1. Good heavens!!! You are going to give Clark a heart attack! Just when he was on a roll, doing two lists each weekend to be more like Lizzi, here you go upping the ante to three!!! While I'm worried for him, good for you.
    Glad you've been having fun and not just playing cop all over town. :)

    1. That silly Clark! I'm sure he has a good ticker :) This will be the only Triple Threat Weekend anyhow, I just really wanted to keep up, especially with the upcoming TToT. Trying to blog hop, but I always find distractions and people wanting to talk to me! ACK How rude, right?

      I think my investigative days are on hold for the time being. Glad to have gotten in some fun too.

  2. Wow--I'm impressed! I'm still trying to figure out when I can get on board with two posts in a weekend.

    1. Don't worry about it too much! I kind of think those that do are crazy! For myself it only makes it harder to keep up and blog hop lol I wanted to catch up, though, and so here I am.

  3. BOOM! There goes the mold! You totally broke it. Awesome :D

    It seems your crime-busting skills have something quite significant going on at the moment - good for you :) Glad you didn't have to come to blows though.

    And YAY for meals out and spending lovely time together with Kate :)

    1. Heh I suppose.

      I think they are no longer needed, so perhaps I can relax for a bit. I'm a lover not a fighter anyhow.

      It's been good :)

  4. Yikes! I had no idea you were in a hit and run, but it sounds like you have the right attitude about it. And kudos to stopping a robbery and, seriously, your girlfriend sounds like a keeper (or a keep-her, however you want to put it). I'm very glad to have discovered your blog.

    I gave you a Shout-Out on my blog today. :)

    1. Yeah, the attitude may be largely due to the fact that it was almost a blessing in disguise. Had it been a brand new car, and/or I didn't live/work on site I may have been a lot more grumpier.

      Hmm interesting point on the "Keeper"... but yes I believe I will be keeping her around! lol

      Thanks David, definitely will have to check it out. Been attempting to make blog hop rounds and well... it takes me ages. Much appreciated!

  5. I'm totally impressed that you did THREE thankful posts and laughing at Christine's comment about Clark! Ha. Wow to the whole robbery thing - good for you and I'm glad they weren't violent either. I had no idea about your hit and run either and apologize for not even knowing (I have skipped a few thankful weekends - no time). Your girlfriend sounds absolutely lovely! And cheers to awesome eateries!

    1. I was forced to do so Kristi :( My emotional brain was threatening logical brain at gun point and so it just had to be done.

      Really glad they weren't violent, because who knows what would have happened then.

      Never a need to apologize, Kristi :) I am probably the worse among the group for keeping up with posting and commenting/hopping so yeah. It will be TToT again by the time I finish up (if even), all the while probably writing nothing for NaNo furthering my despair!

      She is lovely, thanks Kristi! Hope you have a great week :)

  6. I LOVE this list, and not just because I am on it, but because it totally reflects how we have spent the last couple of weeks together. Considering you and I have talked extensively about the hit and run and all matters involved in it, I didn't feel the need to comment on those two. Punish me if you feel the need to. ;)

    I am glad we have been able to get you new glasses - and for all those who are wondering -- they look great on him.

    Even more than you (perhaps), I am also VERY THANKFUL you were not hurt in the robbery attempt. I would have been an emotional wreck if you had been. I am only bummed I was not there with my car when it happened, because you know I would have been down for another adventure!

    I think you and I complement each other well -- and like you said, balance each other out. I am always here for you baby, and that I PINKY SWEAR on.

    1. I felt it was a good idea to highlight some of the other positives through the weeks, but I think I may still choose to punish you >.<

      Wish you had been around too, because my brother just kind of sucks. All talk of golf courses and chasing down felons, and communities over shopping malls, but no action...

      Thanks for being there :)

  7. Ahhhhhh...being fairly new here I thought you were a Triple Threat EVERY week! Phew!!

    I love that 2 of your thankfuls involved food! Yum!! I keep meaning to arrange a game night...sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. Oh no no no no... I generally dislike more than one outputting of Thankfulness (how terrible does that sound?!?!) per weekend. This is only because I read super slow, am easily distracted, and never get caught up!

      Eateries were a large part of my earlier TToT, but we have been frequenting many of those newly discovered places, so they haven't been as mentioned lately.

      Game Night area always fun! No worries, I've said I would be doing a monthly Game Night since this past Winter and have yet to set one up...

  8. There is no such thing as abusing the multi-post format. Just ask Clark! It's in the secret rule book.


    Snow is a four-letter word.

    I've never been to Texas Roadhouse. We don't have one here, but there's one about an hour away. Guess after your review, I will have to try it sometime.

    How lucky that your vision hasn't changed that much in ten years! Let me give you a bit of bad news, though; the day you turn 40, your arms will no longer be long enough to read anything. Trust me. It will happen.

    Game nights with friends are such fun! And your contribution to the chocolate chip cookies is an important one; SOMEONE has to make sure the cookies are all right for others to eat, after all.

    Yay for Kate! She's such a peach!

    1. It's true... he knows all the secrets of the TToT! Even ones I'm sure Lizzi never knew existed lol

      I think one night when your son is home that an hour trip to an awesome family night dinner at Texas Roadhouse wouldn't be such a bad idea :) Unless they aren't much for steak. You could always make a date night out of it :)

      I was shocked my vision hadn't changes in 10+years. Now that I've talked about it, though, I'm sure they will deteriorate faster than ever! I don't think I'm making it to 40 so no worries there!

      LOVE game nights with friends and/or family. And thank you! Yes, my contribution was crucial and I plan to be there to make the sacrifices needed to ensure that part of the process is never neglected!

      Indeed :)


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