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Sunday, November 24, 2013





It’s finally arrived! The 10 Things of Thankful’s 25th AnnWEEKiversary (Weekaversary?)!

Whatever, it’s the 25th weekend of the Blog Hop that forces encourages you to look past all the boring, problematic, traumatic, “enter whatever negative descriptor desired” bullshit that most of us encounter on a daily bases and to appreciate the finer moments you’ve experienced throughout the week.

Stuck in the middle of rush hour traffic for over an hour and you’ve only moved 100 feet? That blows! At least you were able to enjoy a Snickers. What’s that? You didn’t know you were going to be a while and forgot your candy bar? In the same sluggish crawl of traffic you’ve experienced every single work day for the past two years? Way to go genius! At least you can rock out to some righteous tunes on your stereo. Are you kidding me? Some crackwhores ripped the stereo out of your dash years ago and you’ve been too poor to ever buy a replacement? What a pair of douches! At least you can still belt out a tune to your little heart’s desire.

Point is: There are always things to be Thankful for. The harder and shittier things are, the more important it is to take the time to reflect upon them.

I won’t get too sentimental until we hit the big 1-0-0, but I will attempt to give Thanks in a slightly alternate manner today. I’m going to highlight 25 random facts about my home state of Minnesota. Some of them I know, some of them I’ll just be discovering for the first time with you, and all of them are (or will be) things I am Thankful for.

Sure, you can simply Google these factoids, but I’m saving you the proverbial leg-work so you can just sit back and relax as I dish them out for you. So eat up. My time loss, is your laziness’s gain. You’re welcome…

The 10 Things of Thankul: Minnesota Edition

  1. SPAM. It’s like ham, but it’s not. And for the betterment of the Human race, some crazy people in MN decided to create this edible hunk of meat. I used to despise the stuff for years, but as I’ve aged and my tastes… matured… I’ve come to find I like fried SPAM. Just don’t smell it when first opening the canister (or in any pre-cooked state really). The aroma is likely what sent me on the anti-SPAM bender to begin with. Just trust me.
  2. Minnesota is the only state (at the time of this write-up… to my knowledge.. okay, fuck, according to Google) to have elected a professional wrestler as governor. Jesse Ventura. He was badass governor. He was a badass in Predator. Bastard is probably still a badass. BAMF, to be more politically correct.
  3. Target and Best Buy originated here.
  4. Post-it Notes were invented here by 3M. Hell, there are probably a handful of things invented by 3M that I could list. I will have to remember this if things start drying up at the end of this list...
  5. We are the ones that brought Zubaz into existence? Oh Sweet Mother Mary Baby Jesus in a Handbasket, I’m so sorry! BAZINGA! Those suckers were so comfortable!
  6. MN was (is?) home of the Coen Brothers.
  7. We are home to the first shopping mall ever built! This video has nothing to do with MN, but it does deal with shopping malls:
  8. Prince. Eh… The Artist Formally Known as Prince.
  9. Tonka Trucks were first developed here.
  10. Rollerblades were invented here.
  11. Rollerblades not useful enough to meet the demands of your day to day? Well, the stapler was also invented here! That is if Spring Valley is in MN. The hell if I’m going to take those 30 seconds to Google that… Okay, it is.
  12. The capital of Minnesota is St. Paul.
  13. But, the largest city is Minneapolis.
  14. With their powers combined they form the Twin Cities.
  15. MN is home to the Walker Art Center.
  16. The Mall of America (once proclaimed to be the largest mall in the US, which I don’t believe is accurate, or…?) resides in MN. Because that made sense to build it way the hell up here… Jealous?
  17. Bob Dylan.
  18. Wheaties originated here.
  19. Our State Muffin is Blueberry. States have fucken muffins? Whatever, blueberry is cool.
  20. The movie Fargo doesn’t accurately portray how Minnesotans are. I swear. I’m pretty sure this is a fact. I hope…
  21. Fargo, directed by the Coen Brothers, was partially filmed in Minnesota and, despite the blurb above, is a really good movie.
  22. Minnesota was the 32nd state, reaching statehood on May 11, 1858.
  23. Home of the Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, and Minnesota Wild. Whether these teams are something their fans care to embrace and are proud of seems to flux season to season.
  24. The state’s name originates from a Dakota Sioux Indian word for “sky-tinted water”. Another source cites it to mean “cloudy water”. Let’s stick with sky-tinted, shall we?
  25. It’s freaking cold outside! This is a fact!

And so there you have it! 25 random facts about the state of Minnesota. I’m almost mostly pretty surely positive that at least 80% of them are accurate!

We aren’t finished yet. There were rumors about Naked Cake (started by some unidentified superhero of the Universe) being involved with the 25th TToT entry and a handful of the blog hop’s hosts and participants delivered! It’s probably only fair I do the same.

The Naked Cake Isn’t a Lie
It's a Naked Cake!
A Dressed Cake!
Another Naked Cake!
A Dress that's a Cake! Or is that a Cake that's a Dress?
Unfortunately that concludes this week’s special edition of the 10 Things of Thankful’s 25th weekend celebration! If you are better about managing your time, you still have plenty of it to participate in not only the blog hop, but the ongoing conversations throughout it, which last all weekend (and even long after sometimes)! Don’t miss out on this special occasion!

A thank you to the host and co-hosts of this wonderful blog hop and a bonus mention of Thankfulness for those who were great sports during the entire Naked Cake Fiasco of 2013! It was a lot of fun!

Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop! Have you ever been to Minnesota? If so, what did you think of our lovely state? Did you already know some of the facts provided? Again, for all of the awesomeness originating here that we have spread to the world (especially those Zubaz): You’re Welcome!


  1. I'm amazed that I knew almost none of that...especially that' Fargo was not an accurate depiction! naked cake! Naked cake!

    1. I think knowing Fargo isn't exactly an accurate depiction is the most important fact presented!

  2. I loved everything about this. It made this squirtle smile many times.

  3. OOOoooooooh I think that's another TToT first - a list about your state.

    I'm still stuck on 'States have MUFFINS?!?!?!'

    Very cool, and nicely done. LOVE the naked cakes at the end :D Thank you for your wonderful idea all those weeks ago :D

    1. Yeah, the muffin thing threw me >.< but I suppose there are quite a variety of them to choose from...

      Thanks, I'm glad it was such a fun 25th celebration! Now for another 25 :-)

  4. Oh your nuts, that was fantastic! I feel like I know so much about Minnesota after that. I was not aware of the State muffin. I will have to look up ours. I am actually surprised that there are enough muffin varieties to go around. Unless everyone's State muffin is blueberry. (They are delicious). I have never been to Minnesota but there's a businessman in Minneapolis who keeps offering me a job. After this amazing referral for the State, maybe I should consider it!

    1. Muahahaha Oh MY Nuts indeed! Same here, about the state muffin. So odd. Maybe it's not true? I don't know. I'd rather not research it and just accept it as it is!

      Well, perhaps you will be my neighbor at some point! Winters are pretty crazy, but they really do flux in severity (much like anywhere else really).

      What is the job anyhow?

    2. I am confident that I could handle the winters. Michigan gets pretty wintery as well. The job, I think, is an assistant to this Jerry guy. He is apparently known for stealing people away from other companies. LOL. He is some big wig at an engineering firm.

    3. Yeah, I would imagine winters aren't so different there :-)

      Hmm an assistant... ? Like in the movie The Secretary? Or? O_o I wonder how many assistants he has. Sounds intriguing!

  5. My husband lived in Minnesota for a couple of years, and while I was aware of some of those facts (John's a diehard Twinkie fan), most were definitely new-to-me.

    1. Ha! I had to look up if Twinkies originated in MN, and was berating myself that I could have forgotten my grandmothers most cherished snack...

      And then, after the fact, I realized you meant the Twins :-)

      How did your hubby enjoy MN while here?

  6. I knew about Prince…cause, Minnesota is the first place you think of when you think NPG and 80s funk.

    (I would do a joke about the use of 'eh?' but it doesn't read as it should… so I'll go with, 'does everyone talk like they were from Canada, eh?)

    Did not know about a bunch of that other stuff… though, I used to follow Jesse 'the Body' Ventura back when it was still the WWE and there were managers like Classy Freddie Blassie and Capt Lou Albano. I could see the political genius in the wrestler even back then!

    spam, huh? (cue the Monty Python)

    My compliments on creating the 'naked cake 2013' nice work, dude.

    1. ACK! That isn't pronounced as you are thinking it is lol

      I think, from my recollection, Fargo depict people as more Canadian, BUT to be fair I've never heard people specifically from Fargo talk BUT my brother lived up there and so I shall ask him!

      It's true Ventura is a badass. I never really followed his WWE career, though once upon a time I used to be really into wrestling.

      Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all next year!

      I think...

  7. Wow, Jak! You brought it this week!! I loved the intro, the button, and not 10, but 25 things about MN. Superb.
    Minnesota is a beautiful state (I can't believe you didn't mention lakes!), but I will never live there. Those winters are COLD!!
    My husband lived there for a year (I think I've told you that before), yet I didn't know most of these things. He actually lived there when The Mall was brand new. We walked around, but didn't understand why it was built out in the middle of nowhere. Guess we were wrong. It seems people travel from far and wide to go there.
    I smiled the entire way through this. Thank you for putting so much effort in for our weekaversary!

    1. Thanks, Christine! I'm glad you liked the button. No one else mentioned it lol and it took me hours to make! I was quite satisfied with the end result, though.

      MN is beautiful, and out here in the country areas I'd say is where I'd want to raise a family, but seriously Winter is getting harder for me to endure for some reason, which is odd because I don't mind the cold.

      I think you may have mentioned your hubby living here, and I'd say the MoA wasn't built too long ago, but I recall I'm getting old and that it may have been at least 10 years ago... or make that 20... *sigh*

      I thought that same, but you are right, people do travel here from all over the world to our grand mall. I do believe their is a bigger one, but they've discussed expanding the MoA for years now. Could get crazy if they get on that project.

      I feel it would be a great place to vacation with your family! :-)

    2. Sorry, Dude. We're getting old. My husband lived there from 1992-94. And it was already built. *big, fat, exaggerated sigh*

    3. Whoa whoa whoa hey know whoa there hey 'der whoa 'der. Who said anything about "we"?!


      Okay... We.

  8. I love a blogger who can make me laugh out loud. Minnesota can elect as many professional wrestlers as it wants as far as I'm concerned; it created Target. Coen Bros. a definite plus, too. My husband would excuse it for anything because of Bobbie D. "Meh," I say, "the man can write a good song, but his voice is trash."

    1. Awww well at least I made one of you laugh! I agree... I think we would take Ventura back, but maybe he has his eye on the Presidency? Who's to know... who's to know. Okay, Google probably knows, but that's for another time.

      Target and Best Buy are probably the two Big Box stores I shop at the most, though admittedly Walmart falls on that roster too... but they didn't start up here, so that's okay, right?

      I'm pretty indifferent about Dylan too... BUT anyone with a less than angelic voice gives me hope that I can make it in a band someday!

  9. I knew almost all of that... I went to college in MN. I think I learned about post-it notes because my friend's dad worked for 3M.

    ...and Prince is still Prince...rather again... he hasn't been Formerly Known As for a long time. ... yeah, I know Prince (not personally, but....)

    This was a fun list...and I have to agree with the Fargo stuff...does NOT portray MN accurately, but it IS a really great movie. Speaking of "Prince" ---he is listed in the credits as the "symbol" as the man laying dead in the snow. In actuality, it was not him. I guess the Coen brothers (or whoever) thought it'd be funny to put him in the credits.

    1. Where did you go to college? The U of M? That's pretty cool. I didn't know so many of my blogger friends and visitors had some connection to MN. Hopefully, your time here was a good experience! Obviously it wasn't grand enough to convince you to stay or move back after graduating. I hear it's common-place for many people who go to college here. Though, that could hold true for most any instance with people going to school out of state I suppose...

      I honestly didn't know he officially change his name back to Prince. A missed anecdote: My parents once ran into Prince, and they were (are?) huge fans. All they said was simply "He's an asshole" Soooo yeah.

      I also didn't know about that mention in the credits for Fargo. That is awesome! Haha I'm really glad you stopped by and shared some more facts! Appreciate the visit! Now henceforth and make Naked Cake!

    2. I went to Bethel College (now Bethel University) and I didn't graduate...only went for 2.5 years. :( But, many of my friends, as you mentioned did stay there after graduating. We (that is, hubby and I) keep saying we need to head back for a visit since I still have so many friends there. It's be really great to see everyone again, plus we'd pretty much have free housing!

      Ever heard of Trip Shakespeare? We are (were?) huge fans. I still follow Dan Wilson and the gang in their other endeavors.

      And yes, I do not doubt Prince was an a-hole. Was that before or after he became a Jehovah's Witness? Oh yes, I kid you not! There are people's stories about opening their doors to find Prince and Larry Graham (from Sly and the Family Stone) standing there trying to convert them to JW!!! I would just die! ;)

    3. Well, I think your friends would love a visit! Are you still in touch with many of them? You must with the fact you'd have free housing! I'm sure you'd find many places to visit/crash.

      Never heard of Trip Shakespeare. I will have to look it up!

      That is interesting... never knew he was a JW either. My father eventually became one, though... I will ask him today if his path as a JW was initiated by attempting to follow in Prince's footsteps! Hahaha I'm really curious if he ever knew that or not. I could see it greatly affecting his life choices if Prince showed up at his door preaching their cause!

  10. I HAVE been to Minnesota, as a matter of fact! I came out for a friend's wedding. I convinced her to move out to Colorado one year later (she honeymooned here). My impression was that it was very green, very wet (flying over there was a TON of water!), and very humid. I had super curly hair there, LOL. Colorado is insanely dry. Also, I could breathe really easily there (once I adjusted to having moisture in the air), because it was so low altitude compared to Colorado Springs. Haha! We did go to Mall of America briefly on the way to the airport. I think I visited the Lego Store and the Disney Store. That was all we had time for. Oh, and I was given a tour of the amusement park portion and the chair on the wall that was from the old stadium. I'm not a mall person, but it was interesting to finally get to see a "famous" mall. And to do so with a couple of MN natives who could tell me interesting information (like about the seat). Oh yes, and I had lunch at the food court before we flew out. Other than that, I got to see a botanic garden (the wedding was there, very lovely) and a little tiny free zoo near the botanic place. And I stayed in hotel that was near a public area that had a lot of train stuff? Does any of this mean anything to you? I forget the names for all the places.

    The Warrior Muse

    1. That's awesome, I know a handful of what you are describing. The gardens, but honestly never knew you could have weddings there. The chair I was unfamiliar with, but assume it's from the stadium that was once at that location.

      The Ladyfolk just told me there is now a hotel directly connected to the mall that just opened recently. That has to be a pretty prime location for visitors! As for one by a bunch of train stuff... no idea >.<

      I've always wanted to visit Colorado, but I honestly fear being able to breath in the higher altitudes. I never knew it would be a reverse issue for someone leaving a high altitude location and dry to somewhere like here. I actually worry about traveling a lot in those respects, especially over seas, fearing breathing issues and then triggering panic attacks. ACK even thinking about it now creeps me out.

      While here you definitely visited one of the best places: Lego land!

      I did leave out the most common fact of MN having 10k lakes (something I myself have wondered about actually being true), but only because I figured most knew that. Come to think of it, a lot of my readers are overseas and may have had no idea! I suck! But yes, there are tons of lakes and ponds and rivers oh my.

      Hopefully you will take the time to visit again some day. I personally would love to visit Colorado!

  11. love Fargo, assumed it probably wasn't accurate. Knew not one single one of those facts! Does Texas have a muffin? I'll have to check that out immediately. Hope it's banana nut. Or lemon poppy seed. Now I'm terribly hungry.

    Fried spam, eh? I'd try it. Sure. why not? I think my mom fed us spam when we were little. I feel like I remember that. I'll have to ask her. It's a delicacy in Hawaii. They cook it with everything. I know cuz I saw it on TV.

    BTW, a lot of cool shit originated in MN! I'm impressed. Have never been there. Cool idea to do a list of facts about your state.

    1. Well I am glad some people didn't take the movie as a direct representation!

      I really think you should... I will take a quick gander if you haven't bothered yet... I don't see a listing with the site I had used for MN, but supposedly our states share the same state insect? Monarch Butterfly? I begin to suspect this sites validity!

      SPAM is a delicacy in Hawaii? No way... that is crazy. Maybe I should hoard SPAM and when the end of the world comes I will have the only stock and I will live like a KING! Well, at least in Hawaii...?

      Feel free to stop by anytime!

  12. HAHA to the naked cake, dressed cake, naked cake in a tire (that's a tire, right?) and then a dressed cake that is an actual dress of cake! Awesome.
    Also, sorry but SPAM? Gross. I had no clue so much stuff was invented/originated in MN! Wheaties? I love Wheaties! Prince (meh) and rollerblades (too scary). Awesome stuff though and you're right. Your time loss was totally my laziness' gain as I'd never have googled that stuff on my own. Also? WHOOT to Fargo. What a bizarre and fun movie. The chipper...ya.
    I didn't even know states had muffins. Like the official muffin. Are there even enough different muffins for each state to have their own or do some have to share? Either way, agree that MN lucked out on getting blueberry.

    1. Yeah that is a tire I believe lol It doesn't live up to your amazing (yet molested) naked cake comic, but it is what had come to mind.

      I thought the same way about SPAM, and still do about the smell. Haven't you heard, though, it's a delicacy in Hawaii! IF you want to visit there you better get to developing a taste for it ;-)

      Fargo is great... need to see if the Ladyfolk has ever watched it...

      I'm beginning to question the muffin business, but I'd imagine there are plenty of kinds, BUT some of those have probably just been created. The same site didn't list one for Texas. I did find that the two states shared the same insect apparently? So sharing of muffins is likely.

  13. Hi Jak!

    It was a great idea to do 25 things about your home state! It was intesting for me to read.

    However, I still don't know what SPAM is (ham but no ham?). Hm.

    Post-its are the best! But what I loved the most was that MN has its own state muffin.

    1. Hello hello!

      Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the list :)

      Try it out sometimes, but trust me about smelling it much before it's cooked.

      I think I would appreciate post-it notes more if I worked in an office. I barely use them. I do, however, enjoy index cards.

      I wonder who decided which flavor of muffin >.>

    2. I would totally try it, if only I knew what exactly to buy and where to get it ;-)


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