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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A to Z 2014 : BREVITY

(An A to Z 2014 Challenge Entry)

For those familiar with The Cryton Chronicles, it’s no secret that I can be a bit… long-winded… at times. Those new to my blog, instead of pointing out specifics, I suggest a simple exploration of my past posts. The Jakker Tracker Favs on the right sidebar is a decent place to start.

Considering a bulk of my blogging solidified during last year’s A to Z, an event in which being brief is encouraged, I’m sure I had many visitors stop by and leave after seeing a wall of text.

TL;DR is very relevant for some.

Have you ever had the TL;DL (Too long; didn’t listen) stare? When talking about something you're highly passionate about and look to the recipient — of all your splendid grandeur — and notice their eyes are completely glossed over?

Yeah… me neither…

I’d imagine many believe I have an inability to be brief. So, for the sake of proving a point (kind of, as this is already running 200 words longer than intended), I shall offer up at least one short post, which barely constitutes as Flash-Fiction!

The End.

You’re welcome!

PS B is also for bubble tea, which I am drinking now. This beverage, being only 1/8th of the original content with a sea of bursting pomegranate bubbles at the bottom, has been in my fridge for days. If it happens to kill me, then you will bare witness to even shorter posts for the duration of the challenge!

That is all.

Are you long-winded, or been told you are such (much to your inability to accept such accusations)? Ever receive the TL;DL gaze? Do you prefer brief or lengthy posts? Ever tried bubble tea from Tea Garden (the only establishment I’m aware of that makes it)? If so, what concoction is your favorite? If you don’t have access to Tea Garden or bubble tea in your area, my condolences.


  1. Oh, god, this whole description describes my husband completely. I am constantly giving him that gaze. In fact, it just happened this morning as he was telling me all about some computer programming codes he learned. Not exactly my cup of bubble tea!

    I haven't seen the TL;DL gaze in a super long time. I remember getting it as a child when I'd go on about my favorite boy band. Now I get too worried about wasting other peoples' time.

    Now onto the big confession. I've never had bubble tea before in my life!

    1. I think I would glaze over with computer programming talk too over time. I could hold out for a while, but just not knowing anything about coding would take over.

      It's likely I get that TL;DL gaze a lot! When I notice it I just shut up... sometimes...

      You are missing out, and I would recommend it [bubble tea], if finding an establishment serving it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Raquel!

  2. LOL! I know that look and, even when I know I'm getting it and should just stop talking, I just can't help myself sometimes. I used to call it the 'screensaver' look, back in the days when we used to have flying toasters and the like moving across our computer screens if we stopped typing for more than five minutes... those were great days, but I'm going to stop there before I get carried away!
    Great to see you A-Zing again! :-)

    1. That is a good name for it too... screensaver look. No worries, I get it a bit too.

      Once, when I was drunk, I was completely captivated by that star wars looking screensaver from ages ago... just those white dots moving like you are in warp speed? Yeah... wasn't even high... *sigh*

      Glad to be back, Kirsten, and am equally glad you are also participating!

  3. I would say that instead of the TL;DL gaze, which I have in fact received -- most often from my parents-- has been more often replaced by "Hon, I am sorry, but I need to focus." Sound familiar? LOL.

    Though, I am sure I have given the TL;DL gaze before, many times, not on purpose, but mostly a reaction to the ADD inside my head.

    The length of the post rarely matters as long as the author captivates me. If it is REALLY long, then it is likely I may not read it all in one sitting.

    Bubble tea exists in many other places -- mostly Vietnamese restaurants. We can go to Quang's to get pho and bubble tea ---yummm. And you did not die from a few days old bubble tea, so there you go!

    Kate at Daily discovery

    1. To be fair, many times when I say that are in anxiety moments lol and if I don't focus we could possibly die... like at the ATM and I have to count money to put into it... if I don't focus if could totally eat my money... and then eat us.

      As it stands, you have witnessed it spitting my money back out at me. It's not good enough! Highly stressful!

      I would like to say my lengthy posts are captivating, but it really just depends on who is reading :-)

      I never knew bubble tea was served many places. This is wonderful news for Raquel!

  4. My husband gives me the TL;DL stare every time I tell a story....

    1. *Stares past you at nothing... shakes head* uh huh... yeah... *nods a little* mhmm...



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