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Tuesday, April 8, 2014



(An A to Z 2014 Challenge Entry)

So there they are. The Guardians of the Galaxy. Wait… who? Is that a fucken raccoon?!

“What a bunch of A-holes” is right! Who the hell are these guys?
These are some of the questions I was asking myself soon after looking into Marvel’s fantastical cinema project dubbed Phase Two. Phase One consisted of most of the newer Marvel franchises these past few years (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers). Unfortunately, Spider-Man, X-Men and Fantastic Four are in the hands of different production companies/studios.

Anyhow, this project (I’ve come to find is referred to as the Marvel Cinematic Universe) is to maintain a continuum, a shared timeline, between specific licensed franchises that they own. It seems this includes televisions series like Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (yet to delve into this one… seems a crime being who is behind it).

After the success of most of these movies, especially The Avengers, this highly ambitious project has been set into high gear. Phase Two already began with the most recent sequels of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. It’s been such a successful endeavor for Marvel that even DC Comics is attempting to mimic this process. It shall be interesting to see if they have similar results or fail miserably.

When learning of all of this, I became extremely excited. I loved the very concept and it is much like the comic books. I thought I would see what else was in store. Obviously a sequel to The Avengers!

And there they were… The Guardians of the Galaxy.

I was completely in the dark about this group of intergalactic superheroes, which is seemingly comprised of a wide variety of humanoid (and plantoid) entities, making for one jumbled mess of outcasts. It seems they were first assembled in comics during the late 60’s. They had a handful of appearances and even a series over the next few decades. Then there was a newer, more modern group, which is what this movie is based off of.

At the beginning, I was incredibly standoffish about this movie. I came to learn that they are pivotal for the coming sequels, especially in part due to the special ending credits scene in The Avengers. No worries, I won’t spoil it if you’ve yet to see it. But pivotal? Why the hell hadn’t I heard of them then? It made no sense. I decided I may have to actually sit this one out.

Then I saw that teaser trailer, and I was sold. It looks freaking amazing! I know close to nothing about these characters, I stopped myself from researching too much, mostly because I originally just didn’t give a damn. Now I intentionally avoid learning too much so that I can be engrossed and allow this film to tell me who they are. To allow the film to be my first true experience. Maybe even in 3D!

Maybe the teaser trailer is just so well done that I’m being fooled, but shame on them then, not me. Like I said, I’m sold. Whether I end up loving it, or utterly despising it (I do allow middle ground as well), I am going to see this in the theaters. Part of me even wants to avoid any other trailers released before hand.

If you are a fan of the comics, I’m hoping the movie looks like it will live up to your expectations. If you are a sci-fi and/or a superhero movie fan, you may just want to give Guardians of the Galaxy a shot. I know I will be! Go ahead and watch the teaser trailer again.

I won’t judge.

Are you a fan of superhero movies? If so, which are your favorites? What are your thoughts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Are you excited for Guardians of the Galaxy? Do you think DC Comics will be as successful in their attempts of creating their own shared cinematic universe?


  1. My husband is a huge comics fan. I used to read 'Wolverine' when I was a kid, but that's about it as far as my comic interest.

    Thanks for this. I'll have to ask my husband if he's seen the trailer.

    I have to admit, the word 'plantoid' has me intrigued.

    For the first time in my life, I went to the movies alone, and I saw the second 'Thor'. It was... okay. But I appreciated their use of the 'female gaze'.

    1. Wolverine is a sound experience if you are only going to give one hero a go :) I have #1 of his first mini series, not sure it's worth anything anymore, but it used to be a little.

      I hope your husband has seen it, but if not you can now expose him to it!

      I can't help but feel that Thor is stuck in "fodder" zone. Just filler, and Hemsworth's abs. I like some of the humor sprinkled throughout it, but it began to feel forced over time. That and, in my opinion, a very forgettable villain. I'm surprised you not only saw that movie, but went alone... but then I remembered about Hemworth's abs and it all made sense! ;-)

  2. I wasn't really familiar with GOTG either. But, I have to admit that I am pretty excited to see the movie based on the trailers I've seen and also my love of Superhero types. I am also pretty excited about seeing Doctor Who's Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) as a villain. Not to mention I am intrigued by the character Star Lord, who apparently gave himself that name. A douchy hero might be fun.

    1. I'm glad you are stoked to see it. I am hoping it's great. I was a bit surprised about my 180. I'm not familiar with Dr. Who, unfortunately, so I've no real idea who Amy Pond is. Perhaps I have seen her elsewhere in something else, though.

      I didn't go into the main beef of why the movie began to appeal to me (beyond the great trailer itself). My post was already getting long, and I had forgot what I meant to focus on, so cut it out. The main actor Chris Pratt and many of the others doing some voice overs (Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper) are a huge draw for me. I've only seen a few episodes of Parks & Recreation, but Chris Pratt's character is pretty hilarious. He also did the lead voice in The LEGO Movie, which wasn't much of a change up in character.

      As for Star Lord, I get the feeling he has the whole bumbling buffoon act going, but can be incredibly bad ass. Not an original theme, but one I always tend to enjoy. I dunno, we shall see!

  3. This looks really good! And yes, we should go see it in 3D!

    1. Okay, okay, okay, if you are going to start twisting my arm...

  4. You probably won't be surprised to hear that I have never seen a comic book-based movie, with the exception of the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve in them. Nor have I seen any of the Star Wars movies....

    1. Nope, not surprised in the least! They definitely aren't everyone's up of tea. Some of them are actually really good outside all the men in tights and fighting and explosions, though! The Ladyfolk hasn't seen, or doesn't like (or both), any Star Wars or Star Trek movies... so there's that :-( But she has found she likes a handful of the superhero movies!


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