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Wednesday, April 23, 2014



(An A to Z 2014 Challenge Entry)

The Ten Things of Thankful (TToT). This is definitely an entry I should have started weeks ago, as I already knew what I planned to do. Granted, I should have just kept up with the rest of the pack, so this would have never been an issue to begin with. Sometimes I learn the hard way. Sometimes I’m just super lazy. Sometimes I’m thankful for both. Mostly I’m not. As it is, I’ve been out of touch since the TToT’s 25th post and they just wrapped up their 44th weekend.

So what’s all this Thankful business anyhow? If you aren’t familiar, I will allow the creator of the blog hop (which takes place every weekend — unless otherwise specified — so I’m breaking some the rules, but aren’t they meant to be every so often?) to explain it. She is a thousand times more prolific with the whole blogging gig than I, and I would hate to tarnish her event with my butchering tongue… or… fingers?

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  1. Thanksgiving! What better way to start the return to the TToT blog hop than that? This holiday landed just a few days after my last participation.
  2. QUALITY TIME with the family.
  3. Food! Oh goodness the food on Thanksgiving! It’s so good, most of it has the distinct right to have thanks individually established...
  4. Turkey. I’m not sure how many families that skip serving turkey on Thanksgiving are out there, but that would be a crime! Maybe a vegetarian and/or vegan family? Weirdos.
  5. Stuffing. I’m honestly not a huge fan of stuffing, but I always try to take my fill during this holiday.
  6. Mashed potatoes! Now that is what I’m talking about! I love them! OM NOM NOM!
  7. Pie. Unlike cake, the pie is not a lie. My mother usually buys two or three kinds of pie for Thanksgiving. I’m really Thankful when one of them is strawberry rhubarb! It’s sometimes hard to find
  8. Full belly. Sometimes I actually regret this more than I’m Thankful for it. I’m probe to overeating on the holidays. Sometimes this can put me in some severe pain.
  9. I’m Thankful for even having the option of overeating.
  10. A restful sleep, once the pain subsides...
  1. It was mentioned before, but I feel it bears mentioning again. I’m Thankful for not being in my car when it was involved in a Hit-and-Run.
  2. As well as no one else being injured from the impact.
  3. That some quarter crooks didn’t attempt to harm me when I foiled their plans one late evening.
  4. Back to the car. I’m glad it was totaled.
  5. I’m Thankful that the total price payout [from insurance] was substantial, rather than a mere 100$ or somewhere in that proximity.
  6. The Ladyfolk allowing me to use her car when able. This is only done maybe once or twice a week, if. For many weeks I never asked to borrow the car.
  7. Thankful that I haven’t gotten too stir crazy from lacking my own source of transportation.
  8. I’m honestly glad I was carless this Winter. It was a pretty brutal one.
  9. Once again I’m Thankful that I live in very close proximity to retailers offering the bare necessities.
  10. That I love to walk.
  1. Having a place to live.
  2. Despite this property being sold twice over within a year, the majority of tenants I’ve known for years are still around. Naturally, with buyouts and price/rent hikes, you are bound to lose a few.
  3. I’m happy to find that this new company may actually be backing these rent increases with actual upgrades to the apartment buildings and units.
  4. That the increases are still reasonable in comparison to other places in the area. At least once the upgrades are made…
  5. The owner being happy with my work, which has allowed me to stay here. There was a window of about a month where it was almost certain I would have to try to find a new place to live.
  6. Despite having issues with my cat, said owner is allowing me to keep him. There were some stipulations involved, but so far nothing major.
  7. That tenants were excited I was able to remain living at this location.
  8. That tenants continually come to me (even during the last buyout) for assistance rather than calling the central office.
  9. I’m thankful for the skills I learned from my original co-workers. As minimal as they may be.
  10. Being complimented on my duties.
  1. The first snowfall. At this time, I can’t exactly recall when that was, perhaps the Ladyfolk remembers and will chime in, but I think it was around one of the major holidays. Usually it’s around Thanksgiving, sometimes Christmas. At it’s worst, Halloween.
  2. A new shovel. Without it I would have been screwed.
  3. The endurance to actually shovel some of the crazy snowfalls we got. One was exceptionally nasty. I was pretty sure it would be my final shovel before keeling over and drifting off into The Big Empty.
  4. Appreciation from tenants when helping them push their cars out of the snow.
  5. Appreciation from strangers who I helped push their cars out of the snow.
  6. I’m Thankful my Ladyfolk was awesome enough to even assist in some of these attempts!
  7. The Thanks I received from strangers as I shoveled the walks.
  8. The random conversations with some of these random strangers.
  9. The enjoyment of watching people trying to drive somewhere (why people? WHY?!) after a blizzard.
  10. That after a few swears I realize I’m the poor sap that chooses to help those crazy fuckers.
  1. I’m Thankful for the television programming that my grandmother and I have been able to enjoy together over the years. Even if some go to shit during (or before…) SEASON 3. Some of which include, but are not limited to:
  2. The X-Files.
  3. Dark Angel.
  4. Alias.
  5. Heroes.
  6. Dollhouse.
  7. LOST.
  8. Castle.
  9. Chuck.
  10. And, of course, Wheel of Fortune!
  1. I’m also Thankful for many of the new shows (okay, okay, I guess I watch a lot of TV. Don’t judge!) that the Ladyfolk and I picked up. Some of which include, but are not limited to:
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. Sons of Anarchy.
  4. Game of Thrones.
  5. The Blacklist.
  6. The Following.
  7. The Murdoch Mysteries.
  8. Supernatural.
  9. Crisis.
  10. Soon to be LOST (for my official second viewing).
  1. I am very Thankful that I was eventually talked into visiting the doctor. It was a combination of that and very annoying, persistent complications.
  2. The new medication I’ve been on. When I remember to take it.
  3. The new blood sugar tester I received. Though, I forget to test it often…
  4. That my tooth stopped trying to kill me. I really should get it looked at.
  5. Thankful that I began to lose some weight.
  6. Happy that I wasn’t too bummed out, when I started to put some weight back on through the holidays.
  7. And thereafter…
  8. And still some…
  9. That I feel determined to start exercising more regularly.
  10. And also the desire to eat healthier!
  1. I talked myself into participating in NANOWRIMO again last year.
  2. I made myself attend the Countdown Event, where everyone gathers together at a regional location to begin writing right at the stroke of Midnight. It was a lot of fun.
  3. I’m Thankful for meeting a handful of new writers during said Countdown Event.
  4. I started a new story, which had come to me just the week prior to NaNo’s beginning.
  5. Even though I became frustrated, I pushed through it and kept writing. Sometimes I wasn’t as successful as others.
  6. That is until I stopped. The last NaNo season didn’t feel like the first one I participated in the year before. Though, I was proud I still kept writing, even if I no longer bothered keeping track of my progress. I knew I wouldn’t hit the 50k mark without a miracle.
  7. Even though that miracle never occurred, I still believe in them!
  8. Writing NaNo 2013’s story opened up a vast gulf of ideas. I’m incredibly Thankful for that. Not so much the lack of motivation to put those ideas on paper. Or word doc.
  9. I am Thankful beyond words that I was able to see a select few of my past NaNo friends at a write-in before November passed. Many familiar faces, but there were still a few missing.
  10. I know that those people are still out there, doing their thing, somewhere in time. I wonder if they ever think of me.  
  1. Thankful for more family gatherings during Christmas, even if it is more stressful now due to juggling between two families again.
  2. That all my brothers really liked and appreciated my CREATIVE COMMONS gifts!
  3. I appreciate that my siblings were patient with me. I wasn’t able to present the gift until about two weeks after Christmas.
  4. I’m grateful that I found the ability to be proud of myself and my work. This is a rare occurrence.
  5. I’m really glad the Ladyfolk and I were able to manage both family gatherings. It was a bit hectic, but we survived.
  6. That during Christmas I felt welcomed by the Ladyfolk’s family, some of whom they only see sporadically over the course of a year.
  7. Learning a card game called Junk.
  8. I’m Thankful I’m a fast learner. It only took a few rounds to get the hang of the game, which at first appearance seemed very complicated. It’s really not so bad.
  9. For all the great food and gifts shared among both families!
  10. Maybe even more so for all the leftovers offered!
  1. I’ve actually never spoken about it, but a few months back the Ladyfolk and I were almost pummeled by a deer while on the highway. I’m not even sure how to explain it. It all seemed like slow motion, but picture show-esque. If that makes any sense. I’m honestly clueless how we didn’t plow right into it. Thankfully we didn’t.
  2. I’m glad it was dreamlike and surreal. I’m not exactly sure why, but I am. In fact, the next day I had completely forgotten about it.
  3. That perhaps I have minor psychic abilities. This all took place in the very location where the Ladyfolk said, while I was asleep and she was driving, I told her to slow down and be careful. I don’t recall doing this, but it was kind of creepy it’s the spot where the deer tried to carjack us.
  4. Thankful that the no one else hit the deer too!
  5. That perhaps we had someone, or something, watching out for us.
  6. While on cars and accidents, I’m appreciative that the Ladyfolk was able to get help in the matter of a pending court case revolving around a fender bender she was apart of.
  7. Though stressed and overwhelmed, I’m proud at how well she handled herself.
  8. Learning that the culprit who was involved in my Hit-and-Run case had a court day set.
  9. This may seem odd, but I’m Thankful I didn’t pursue any court appearance on my end, or attempting to complicate the process for said individual. I heard they were younger, so in the end, after some contemplation, I was happy that their sentence was reduced.
  10. I’m hopeful they learned from the experience. And if so, I am very thankful.
  1. For my new XBox One.
  2. That my Ladyfolk made it possible for me to obtain said XBox One!
  3. I was incredibly happy to find that a good friend also purchased the system. This is actually what spurred me to get mine. I was certain he wouldn’t have his for another year, at least, but he called me up with a surprise.
  4. That unlike the systems available right at the launch date, my system came with a digital download of Titanfall.
  5. Titanfall. Yes, I’m Thankful for Titanfall.
  6. I appreciate my friend inviting me over to play Titanfall when it was first released, so that I could get some hands on experience. This also greatly influenced my deciding to buy the XBox One.
  7. That the XBox One system is quiet. Compared to it’s predecessor it’s damn near completely silent.
  8. It’s also faster. No longer does it take ten minutes to load an app like Netflix to watch something. It’s a relief.
  9. I’m Thankful I was able to pay back the cost in full to the Ladyfolk in a very timely fashion.
  10. That, soon, I have a date with DESTINY!
  1. I’m Thankful for MOMENTS of all kinds. They allow me to experience, to feel, to live.
  2. I’m thankful that somehow I’ve been able to come up with so many Thankfuls in one sitting. If anyone claims I’m cheating I will cut them!
  3. I’m grateful that, in reality, I wouldn’t actually cut someone if they called me a cheater! Or anything else really.
  4. I love people with a sense of humor. I’m appreciative of those that can take the good with the bad.
  5. That sometimes I’m able to laugh at myself.
  6. I’m almost always able to laugh at myself.
  7. I’m Thankful that I find myself to be hilarious, at least in my mind. Somebody has to, right?
  8. That sometimes others, besides myself, find me to be hilarious too.
  9. I’m Thankful for those who are able to help me when I’m living through a bad moment.
  10. The good days greatly outweigh the bad.
  1. I reconnected with a friend from high school.
  2. For the times he and I have been able to hang out since getting back in touch.
  3. All the Indian cuisine we consume when he visits. It’s our ritual now. He claims to not eat for two days prior, because he knows how much he will eat!
  4. That despite his past health conditions, my friend is doing relatively well.
  5. Thankful he got his Masters in Statistics.
  6. His multiple job opportunities, after a long dry spell.
  7. That he was able to fly out to LA-LA LAND for an interview without having a panic attack. It was the first time he had ever flown. He was prepared with proper medication.
  8. I’m very Thankful that his time in LA was a great experience, even if it doesn’t end up resulting in getting the job. He had a wonderful time. The people he met there went above and beyond making him feel at home.
  9. Proud my friend still turned in his paperwork for a paid internship, even though he is waiting at the edge of his seat for an offer from the company out in LA.
  10. That he and I are able to discuss various opinions about his job/internship situation without the friendship deteriorating.
  1. Skipping back a beat. I’m Thankful for any and all gifts received during Christmas 2013.
  2. I also am Grateful for the gifts I received on my birthday.
  3. The wonderful dinner at Olive Garden, even though my aunt had some bad luck with her dish. They were kind about accommodating her.
  4. I love the teasing of my grandma and her always asking for more meat sauce to go with her meal. She always does. It all absorbs into the noodles she says!
  5. My birthday movie! We went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I thought it was great! In fact, everyone enjoyed it!
  6. The birthday cake my grandmother made for me. Wish I had a picture of it. It looks kind of plain, but it tastes amazing.
  7. In general, I’m Thankful for all the joking and time we were able to share that night together.
  8. Playing cards with the Ladyfolk, grandmother, and aunt.
  9. I think I won once or twice. It was sweet! We play with money! My grandma isn’t too keen on playing for nothing!
  10. Feeling comfortable with the company I kept, even when out and about at busier locations. It may sound odd, because I was with family and my girlfriend, but I’m still prone to anxiety attacks.
  1. Music. I love music! I have a handful of playlists made up on my Spotify account. Most of them are split into writing project categories. So each work in progress (WiP) has a soundtrack. I’m Thankful for when these inspire my pieces, and so I thought I would share some of them and which WiP they are associated with.
  2. “Radioactive” - Imagine Dragons - After Armageddon
  3. “Hey Man, Nice Shot” - Filter - After Armageddon
  4. “More Human Than Human” - White Zombie - After Armageddon
  5. “Leaving Hope” - Nine Inch Nails - After Armageddon
  6. “Imagine” - A Perfect Circle - I, Jak (The Cryton Chronicles)
  7. “Say Something” - A Great Big World - I, Jak (The Cryton Chronicles)
  8. “Time” - Hans Zimmer (Inception) - I, Jak (The Cryton Chronicles)
  9. “Passive” - A Perfect Circle - Demons of Twilight
  10. “The City Surf” - Jamin Winans - After Armageddon, Demons of Twilight, I, Jak (The Cryton Chronicles. I absolutely love this song, if you couldn’t tell. And yes, I have a blog soundtrack! What blogger doesn’t?! Don’t judge!
  1. It’s no secret, I love my snacks and treats. It’s also true that I have severely slacked off on my exercise routine. It went from six days a week, to three, to maybe one, until finally never. I’m not Thankful for that break down, but I am that I was even going at all!
  2. As mentioned above — way above — I’ve increasingly become motivated to finally get into a healthier lifestyle. I’m grateful for this. I’m thankful for this building motivation more than I can express. Now to initiate and take action. Follow through.
  3. Planet Fitness and their 10$ monthly fee.
  4. I realize it’s going to be hard to shift my diet habits. I love, and am Thankful, for said treats. Some of which include, but are not limited to:
  5. Arby’s turnovers.
  6. Arby’s JAMOCHA shake.
  7. Soft bake chocolate chip cookies from McDonald's. They are actually really good!
  8. Dairy Queen! Our personal favorite.
  9. Pretzels. Doughnuts. Cake. Pie… You get the idea...
  10. The belief that I will be able to moderate myself and practice healthy portion control when it comes to all of these delicious foods. All foods.
  1. Magic: The Gathering.
  2. Outpost 2000 and their bulk stock  of cards I’m able to sort through.
  3. The Source and their bulk stock of cards I’m able to sort through.
  4. I’m Thankful I have finished up going through these retailer’s bulk stock of cards. At the same time, I’m kind of disappointed, because I love going through Magic cards. At least The Source regularly buys collections!
  5. For the handful of great singles I found while going through the retailer’s collections. Sometimes you can find a gem or three. Cards like FORBIDDEN ALCHEMY!
  6. The recent Modern format tournament I attended with my brother and some friends. It was a great time! We all hung out afterwards and gamed some more.
  7. Even though none of us played exceptionally well, we all had a fun time. It was great to just play.
  8. The establishment and the other players in the tournament. They were all very friendly. Sometimes at these events, even the small ones, you can get a few pricks in the mix. They really kill the vibe.
  9. I’m glad most of my opponents appeared and/or… smelled… bathed. Another common stigma surrounding Magic players is that they have horrid hygiene. Sometimes it’s true. Very true. All too real. This also kills the vibe.
  10. The fact that I’ve actually been able to play Magic a handful of times over the past two months. It had been way way too long.
  1. Aside from video games and Magic, I also enjoy a variety of other games. I’m Thankful for those that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Some of which include, but are not limited to:
  2. Boss Monster.
  3. Cards Against Humanity.
  4. Dixit.
  5. Munchkin.
  6. Smash Up.
  7. And aside from TV shows I’ve listed above, I am a huge movie buff. The Ladyfolk and I don’t go as often as we used to, but I hope that changes soon. I’m Thankful for those we have been able to see and ones we will be seeing eventually. Even those that may not live up to my expectations. Some of which include, but are not limited to:
  8. Elysium.
  1. I’m so incredibly, unbelievably, unconditionally Thankful that I only have Ten more Things of Thankful to share! Make that nine…
  2. That I decided not to continue my hiatus and ABSENCE from the Blogosphere.
  3. My motivation to participate in the A to Z Challenge this year.
  4. The new friends I’ve made during this challenge.
  5. The fact that the Ladyfolk also decided to participate!
  6. That the Ladyfolk, and most of those who know me, or just met me, are patient with my catching up skills!
  7. Finding new comments on my fiction blog!
  8. My mad skills in placing about 85% of my A to Z entries throughout this massive Ten Things of Thankful. Maybe it isn’t that hard, but I still impress myself.
  9. My Ladyfolk! Today she said she had a headache and that she needed me to distract her. I knew exactly what that meant! It meant EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!
  10. The knowledge that while I may have lost touch with people over time, there is always the option to reconnect!
Oh My Nuts! That was a beast to write. And only an hour past the Midnight mark. I almost didn’t even have to use the cheater “coming soon” post. Not too shabby. There is the very distinct possibility that this post is just way too long for people to read, especially during the A to Z Challenge. I attempted to keep most of the lists brief. Just in case, though…

TL;DR: I’m immensely Thankful for many things in my life! You should be too! Perhaps you should check out the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. The community involved is very active. I will post the badge again for those interested! Click it to link to more information regarding this weekly event!


How Thankful are you? Are you familiar with the TToT blog hop? If not, I hope you decide to check it out and link up soon! Feel free to list the things you feel Thankful for at the moment!



    I love that you broke them up by lists and not by doing a huge laundry list.

    I also love that by breaking them up in lists, you are able to tell a story with each set of 10. Honestly, if you read them as sets, they tell a story.

    And the ones that maaaaay be close to cheating tend to be the funnier ones, so props to you.

    I am SUPER impressed with this, and that you followed through on it.

    1. Thanks! Holy crap, I didn't realize I was so behind on my commenting. I think when I take a peek, and consider my reply, I already believe I've done so in reality.

      Yeah, as soon as I began doing them in lists, it became a lot easier. Hmm they do kind of tell a story :-)

  2. two words: "dude!!"

    masterful listationing, like in the days of knights and such, you get up (with the 105 lbs of armor and shit hanging off your appendages, whack the shit out of the Opponent and manage a bow towards the Reviewing stands…and walk off stage left).
    My admiration for the word-work here

    1. Hahaha thanks, Clark! I like being described as a knight, but I think I would "drop mic" before walking off stage left :-)

      Thanks much for stopping by. I'm hoping to returning the favor soon. Catching up on comments and blogs now that the dust is beginning to settle.

  3. This is quite a list! I did in fact read the whole thing which would make a MONSTER of a comment so I will just say that I'm glad you enjoyed the holidays, I hope you enjoy the XBOX One (my son has the 360-he's 10 so it's Minecraft all. the time.) I just finished watching Breaking Bad finally but am a true and dedicated Sons of Anarchy fan. I'm really glad that the encounter with the deer was a miss, I've heard some horror stories. Finally, I'm glad that you joined this week....this is the first visit I've made to your blog because of it and am looking forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Sandy! Yeah, it's kind of a huge post, so I was worried about people being able to get through it all and commenting. It's amazing a good handful did!

      I haven't played much on my XB1, but it seems to be a pretty powerful machine. I have Minecraft, but it remains unopened (along with like 80+ other sealed games I own).

      Hmm interesting, so you you like SoA over BB? Needing to catch up on SoA, I hate being behind and having to avoid spoilers.

      The deer thing was just odd. I'm grateful no one (the deer included) was harmed in whatever the heck took place!

      Thank you so much for the visit, and I will try to drop by real soon!

  4. Is this ALL TEH LISTZ? Jak this is very, very cool. I'm glad you cheated. GOOD FOR YOU!

    I just hope you danced for the Seven GuardVirgins.

    And I'm glad you're back. We need to know what level of Naked With Cake you require (or do you have another suggestion?) for our 50th...

    1. ALL TEH LISTZ! At least what I missed. I don't think I participated in the "Renegade" weekend as planned, so uncertain that number was counted into the total tally of posts or not.

      Pfft naked cake is so yesteryear! Definitely needing to up the ante, and something which will appeal to Christine yet culturally intertwining. Like... Naked Redneck Rugby? Hmm... I will ponder on it...

  5. hell of a list!!!! Thanksgiving to Cards against Humanity to... I didnt see naked cake although I just looked up and saw lizzi mentioned it! Im thankful to see you here... I missed you!

    1. Haha I wasn't on hiatus for the naked cake, silly! That was back in TToT #25 I believe. My naked cake can be seen by following my special #25 post, which just so happens to be highlighted on my "Favorites" side bar! Guess lots of people like naked things!

      We will see how long I can maintain the run for, but I greatly appreciate the welcome back!

  6. Hello there! Impressive list. I'm new to TToT since you began your hiatus. My guess is you must keep a diary/journal as there'd be no way I could remember back to Thanksgiving! Someone else's list mentioned Cards Against Humanity as well :)! I've stated it to others that I'm so VERY impressed with those of you participating in the A-Z challenge!

    1. Hello, Phoebe :-) Thanks for visiting.

      Surprisingly no journal but the journal of my mind! It was a rough start, but once things began to flow it all just kind of plopped out. I'm sure you could do it!

      CAH is a great, yet highly inappropriate, game! I love it! Not for the timid, that's for sure.

      Thanks, you should join in next year. It's a lot of fun... and only becomes extremely frustrating, to the point of wanting to slam your face into your desk repetitively until passing out, about two weeks in (give or take a few days). We will see which of us survive without any deep mental scarring soon enough....

      Glad you are enjoying the TToT! Keep it up, and hope to visit soon.

  7. Wow, that's quite a list. I'm kind of new at this TTOT, but man I'm impressed.

    1. Thank you, and thanks for the visit. I think maybe you have before? Hmm...

      This is definitely not the norm, in terms of TToT lists, I just had a crap ton of catching up to do. I hope you are liking the blog hop and plan to stick around :-)

  8. Hi, great lists. I loved playing cards with two important people in my life. My best friend Missy, whom I have lost contact with since we were kids, and my adopted grandmother who died in 95. She was such a sweet lady. Great remembrance of the last 20 plus weeks. They were funny and special. ;)

    1. Thank you for hopping over, Mary, I appreciate it! I love playing cards, but honestly don't do so as much as I used to years ago.

      I'm sorry you lost touch and lost those you played most with. Hopefully you have, or will, find more to connect and make memories with.

      It was semi-grueling, but it had to be done. It got easier as I went on.

      Thanks again!


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