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Friday, April 25, 2014


A to Z 2014 : VIDEO GAMES

(An A to Z 2014 Challenge Entry)

After much deliberation, I thought I had finally decided what I would do for my “V” post. I was close. So close. But I chickened out. I was going to make a video to share, but I just didn’t feel completely comfortable with doing so. The Ten Things of Thankful crew would sometimes invite me to video chat. The Ladyfolk and I would be out and about exploring the city, which means usually eating. It was fun, but the invites became less frequent — and I began to lose interest — until eventually stopping altogether. I generally didn’t talk much, and I think I interfered with whatever conversations were actively being engaged, more than anything.


It was a nice ice-breaker for me, as I’m not prone to feeling very videogenic. Huh, that word didn’t flag? It’s real?! Anyway, I thought it was a good stepping stone for me to begin Vlogging. I’ve had my camera for well over six months now (as well as my new mic for podcasting). I’m sure I could even find the post where I enthusiastically talked about the purchase. I just am too gun-shy. I hope to overcome that lack of confidence really soon. New models of my purchases are likely already hitting the shelves and that drives me nuts!

So, what’s all this have to do with video games? Nothing. These were just thoughts that filled my mind as I sat down to write this post. A post intended to highlight a song that my Ladyfolk exposed me to, which I immediately loved. The artist, Lana Del Rey, has an amazing voice. I have found her to be extremely passionate in all aspects of her work, which I highly respect and admire. She even produced a short independent film (which I have yet to watch, waiting for the Ladyfolk) involving her music.

If having a moment or five, won’t you check out her song “Video Games”?

Have you ever participated in video chats? Do you enjoy them? Do you Vlog or Podcast? If so, any tips or warnings for someone aspiring to partake? What did you think of the music video? I highly recommend checking out more of her work!


  1. I am proud of you getting in this post, despite any desire to do so. I know you will vlog someday soon. Or at least start to play around with your new equipment.

    I do love this song, and I temporarily forgot about her short film. We should watch that.

    I do want to point out though, that is song is about loVe, so it turns out my loVe suggestion did help a little. Even if ever so lightly.

    1. Someday I may vlog. I have to use my camera somehow... unless we use it for that new porn Backsies site we put up a few weeks ago...

      I also had forgotten about the short, until I began writing this post. We should :-)

    2. Oh dear, hahaha, I hope Dyanne reads your comment.

      You forgot about the short too? Tsk Tsk! You imply in the "waiting for the Ladyfolk" that the reason we haven't watched it yet was all on me! OH MY NUTS THAT I DON'T HAVE.

    3. I don't believe Dyanne re-returns!

  2. I'm glad you chose to write the thoughts that were in your head when you sat down to write. Nice post and video. I haven't tried vlogging, too technical for me right now, but who knows about tomorrow?
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks, Deb! It's something I have been trying to do more as of late. I kind of feel it's partly the essence of what the blog should be about.

      I get obsessed with researching what equipment and process people use for vlogging and podcasting, but never experimenting and learning hands on, which is what I need to do.


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